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U.S. Department of Justice 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Washington, D. C. 20535 

Subject of Request: WALLACE D. PQ RD 
FOIPA No. 351980 /190- 

Dear Dear 

Enclosed are copies of documents from FBI records. Excisions have been made to protect information 
exempt from disclosure pursuant to Title 5, United States Code, Section 552 and/or Section 552a. In addition, 
where excisions were made, the appropriate exempting subsections have been cited opposite the deletions. Where 
pages have been withheld in their entirety, a deleted page information sheet has been substituted showing the 
reasons or basis for the deletion. The subsections cited for withholding information from the enclosed documents 
are marked below: 

Section 552 Section 552a 

H (b)(1) 

I] (b)(7)(A) 


DJ (b)(2) 



n (b)(3) 

M (b)(7)(C) 


M (b)(7)(D) 

[ 1 (k)(2) 


[] 00(3) 


[ 1 (10(4) 

[] (b)(4) 

(1 (b)(8) 

□ 00(5) 

[] (b)(5) 


[ 1 *)(6) 

[] (b)(6) 


(See Form 4-694a, enclosed, for an explanation of these exemptions.) 

Pursuant to your request, 473 page(s) were reviewed and 444 page(s) are being 


During the review of material pertinent to the subject of your request, documents were located which 

DJ originated with another Government agency(ies). 

These documents were referred to that agency(ies) for review and direct response to you. 

[ ] contain information iurnished by another Government agency(ies). You will be advised by 
the FBI as to the releasability of this information following our consultation with the 
other agency(ies). 




• i.-" -i-* --- 


May 16, 1957 



During the recent Chicago Of fid* inspection 
conducted during th* period April £3 /through Mat 10* 
1957* * suggestion nemo was prepared 'relating to th* 

ttmmm. am^4'^1&<* NuimrnkT ad t ot * m to «t^, t- it an.> J ^ _ — 

after reviewing thie file, made the following suggestion*! 

"Prom a review of instant file It doe* not 
appear that there has been a concerted effort to locate 
and fully identify W, D. FARD. Inasmuch as ELIJAH 
MOHAMMAD recognises w, D. FARD as being ALLAH (Sod) and 
claims that FARD la the source of all of his teachings* 
it la suggested that an exhaustive effort be made to 
fully Identify and locate V. D. FARD and/or members of 
his family* it appears that FARD nay have been of Arabian 
desoent , rather than an American Hegro, and may have spent 
sons time In Arabia or the Middle East. Passport and visa 
records might be productive In this regard* 

*It is also suggested that all available Infor- 
mation be obtained regarding ELIJAH MOHAMMAD'S arrest on 
April 16, 193W In Detroit for * contributing to the 
delinquency of a minor.* Inasmuch aa ELIJAH MOHAMMAD is 
the spiritual leader of sub teat *y *t y. - It is 
believed'that this information^ together with Identifi- 
cation resorde, police records and complete b^kground 
data (including activities prior te 1930) on both ELIJAH 
MOHAMMAD and W. D. PASD would be of vala* to the offtee 
of origin and auxiliary off loos An interviews with leeal 
members and efforts" to develop informants., when this 
data has been fully dev*lop*d t it i* suggested It be 
incorporated in an orssniMtional report for dlsseminatic* 
to all auxiliary ofriees . 

"It is further suggested that a separate file 
bo opened on V, D. FARD. " 

i - 100-6989 (EijjAsr^aiaxMM&>) / 

(p~ 100-now (W. D/PARD) 

SA^^HH^Hvill proaptly ooaduot t thorough 
filo mlmr onv^D^raRD and will incorporate In a 
■smorsndun All portinont informs tion available conoaraing 
this Individual, This mmattmfam will too at ills od In 
date raining logical investigative stops whioh should bo 
initiated immodiataly. ^ 

SA^^^Vwill take iiani&dlato stops to doter- 
mine full t aoT»nWrPO\mding ELIJAH MUHAMMAD '8 are at in 
Datrolt on April 16, 193^. 

OFFICE MEMORANDUM # * * # # United States Government 
TO *: SAC (25-20607) DATE: 

FROM ^ WI^I^H^B ^ 


On May 13, 1957 
who has furnished re liable 

past, provided to SA^^^^^^^^^Ba 6 

page written report coneern-LngT^^eWing of the 
Temple of Islam held on May 12, 1957, at 
Muhammad's Temple No. 2, 5335 South Greenwood 
Avenue, Chic apco^ . This report is 
retained as AH|HHH^^^ Cr?^ 

The informant arrived at the meeting 
about two or three minutes after 2:00 P.M. and 
was asked his name, address, and the number of 
times he attended meetings. His hat and coat 
were checked. He was given a good seat on an 
outside aisle. 







SAC (25-20607) 




DATE: ?-/~^7 

PSI,,who has furnished 

reliable Info mat ion In the past, furnished to 
the writer in person on June 5» 1957, a two-page 
handwritten report concerning an NOI meeting 
held on June 2, 1957 at Muhammad's Temple #2, 
5335 South Greenwood Avenue } Chicago, Informant 
also on June 2, 1957* furnished oral information 
concerning this same meeting in addition to his 
written :report which, when reduced to writing, 
amounts to four pages. This four-page statement 
was read to the informant and he initialed each 
page and advised that this oral information provided 
by him was true and correct to the best of his 
knowledge. Informant's wr^tej^jejDort and ore! 
report can be located in A^^^HHk 

Informant advised that he arrived ax. tiv- 
Temple at about 3:l5 where he went through t^e 
same routine concerning b»ing searched. Aftsr 
being searched, he was led into the Temple w\r.i><i 

.ii turnout ATiniU mNTAlNFD 
HLl miu« mnl,u " "~" — 





Indices Search Slip 
J^D-ISO (7-20-55) 


Date 7 ~7 

0 J/'j/j-T' 



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mm* 7 

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I I 1 Not 

I Identical I 1 Identical 

L I Not identifiabl^V-j j 


File No. 

Ann a a 


^jfi ce JA.efnoranduifl • united states government 

to : SAC (100-33683) 


orrelation Clerk 

date.- 7-3-57 


: J£ T n.\ F£ gn r Was. Wa ll .Fair ad, 
tfallabellaEad, walll* D« Ford, 
Walla~c ejDon FarB , Wall.Moharamod \ t 
Farr adTteBanSSe? , F . Mohammed -All > 
Mohammed ,F. All ( ~ 




This msmo contains all identical and questionable security 
and criminal. 

The agent should note that in file 25-5888, it is reported 
that the Detroit office is in possession of a photograph of subject 
W. D. FARD. 



This is a r 
Lake City, subjec 

dated 7-5-1*3 at Salt 

The writer is unable to determine if identical, 


Nation of Islam 

cg 100-33683 

100-6989-16 p.3 

st at omen t 


Mi lwaukee 

on >-14-4d witnessed oy SA's 
at Washington, D.C» advised t 
3 islam, in 1931 at Detroit, Michigan 

a Ian 1m ra.m +■ rs Vi4t« «a U T? A RT» . "TVlrt 

in a signed 

o accepuea MY 
at which time 
Lord of 

he mot 
the Worlds". 

^ WILLIE MOHAMEED, 9536 Cameron, Detroit, Michigan 




andersville~7 Ga. 

amoron, Detroit advised SA' 
on 7-3-142 that he was born 

It should bo noted that tho subject of this file is WILLIE 

WILLIE M0HAMM3D advised that he met WALLACE D . FARAD in 
Detroit in 1931* WALLACE D, FARAD at that time was the leader and 
organizer of the Islam religion in Detroit. In 1933 or 193U» accord' 
ing to MOHAMMED , WALLACE D. FARAD was arrested by the Detroit PD and 
a short timo thereafter left tho community. None of tho members of 
of the Islam Temple #1 at Detroit have heard from WALLACE D. FARAD 
(Allan) since no ioiii u& oruxu oiiu una y nnvo iiv xuoa. mim w uu j. " — - 

the present timo. WILLIE advised that ho had boon acting minister 
of the Temple of Islam in Detroit since 1937 and DIVARD FARD, the 
secretary, had been secretary since 193U- 

A photograph of WALLACE D. FARAD talan by tho Detroit PD 
in 1933 was exhibited to WILLIE MOHAMMED who immediately identified 
the picture as being "My Sweet savior, My All Powerful Allah". 

WILLIE admitted being a blood brother of PROPHET ELIJAH 
who was under arrest in Washington, D.C. under the name of GTJLAM 
HOGANS charged with viola ti on of tho seleotive Service for counsel- 
ing, aiding and abetting evasion of registration for service as 
required under the act. WILLIE refused to sign a statement which 

(no address given ) 
100-9129-2 p. 17 

8-7-1*2 in a signed statement witnessed 
by SA^HI^HH^^^^^HI &t Chicago advised that he joined the 

Moslem Temple in^H^ 16 stated that W. D. FARAD was the Supreme 
Being and head of tho organization. At that timo of tho statement, 
.advised that FARAD wa3 ^ tlae Holv cltv of Mecca and was 

- 2 - 


CG iOO-33683 

100-9129-2 p. 17 Cont'd 

last seen by 
of the First W5r 

oause of the teachings of w. D. FARAD. 

in 1932 or 1933* Ho stated that he was a veteran 
War but did not register for Selective Service be- 

Unknown Source 

100-8458-18 p. 6, 7 

This is a report of SiHHIHH| dated 3-13-1+2 at Chicago 
A review of the file 100-6989 ref locts that^he main chapter of the 
Moslem Tempi© of Islam is located at 10t| E • f>lst St., Chicago. Among 
the officers and most active in this chapiter was listed as: 

W . D . FARD 

6026 Vernon Avenue 

C hi ca go 

( This address was from a non-postmarked letter from 

(no address) 3-1&-42 requesting that 

lis slave name be removed and his original name 
of "X n given) 

104 E. 5l3t St. 

The writer Is unable to determine if identical. 

dated 8-13-^2 at Chicago 

Credit Report 


Thl3 is a memo of SA 

f» ' pnncTC w TwmrTTTr iini? *imh/j nwro Tn _ .„ _ 

In an attempt to obtain further information regarding 
organizations and their leaders who are suspected of subversive ten- 
dencies among the negroes, oredit ratings were checked at Hill's 
Reports, Chicago. The name of WALLACE FARAD was checked with nega- 
tive results. 

The writer is unable to determine if Identical. 

OUSHA AFFACCANIS (no address given J 

- 3 - 


CG 100-33683 

£ 2 100-61458-78 p. 5 

^ OUSHA A PPACCANIS on 9-9-1+ 2 advised SA » s fl^|^H|V and 

^HHH^Bk at Detroit that he was National ExeTWW^Secre tar y 

of the Development of Our Own whioh he described as a "Mohammedan 
Organization". APPACCANIS stateu that his organization has existed 
since about 1935 when he joined the ranks of the followers of the 
organization which was at that time under the leadership of MOHAMMED. 
Since the death of MOHAMMED in 1935, APPACCANIS stated that he had 
difficulty holding the membership of the organization together. 

The writer is unable to determine if idontical. 



This is an ONI Rating Report dated 10-13-U 2 a s furnished to 

the Chicago Office. It contained the following information: 


Mr. PARD, T he I Prophet. 

W. D. FARD, FARATJD ( ? ) , 



The subject was the founder of Nation of Islam, negro 
Mohammedan Cult of which Temple of Allah, pro-Japanese negro organi- 
zation, is the outgrowth. He resided in Detroit during the same 
year 3 as SATAKATA TAKAHASHI, negro organizer and agent of the Black 
Li-agon Society of japan. The exact origin of the subject*s cult is 
uncertain. Reported as "the prophet" and founder of the cult, the 
subject made his first appearance among the negroes of Detroit as a 
peddler. Like other Arab and Syrian peddlers, he went from house 
to house carrying his wares- He sold these and his hearers on his 
teaohings; conduoted small meetings of those interested; and finally 
"assumed the role of prophetf". He is quoted by early members as say- 
ing "My name i3 W. D.' FARD and I come from the Holy City of Mecca. 
More about myself I will not tell you yet for the time ha3 not yet 
coms," The subject lived in Detroit from 7/J4/3O to 6/30/3I4. His 
present Whereabouts is not known. The alias of Paraud is doubtful. 









•9129 -6J4 

See description under 
100-9129-63 above for 
all these references. 

" k - ©0016 


CG 100-33683 

100-9129-163 P*l,2 

This Is a Toploal Study Memo dated 5-17-U3 by the U.S. 
Naval Intelligence Service, 9th Naval District, subject: ALLAH TEMPLE 

The founder of the cult who said his name was W. D. FARD is 
said to have come from the "East* and is referred to as Allah by 
members of the organization. A "peddler" .who "came from the East" 
founded the Allah Temple of Islam in Detroit, Michigan sometime be- 
tween 1930 and 1932. This individual stated his name was W. D. FARD 
but he was more commonly known as Mr. WALI PARRAD. Other names used 
by him included Professor FORD, Mr. PARRAD MOHAMMED and MS?.. P. 
MOHAMMED ALL PARD first presented his views from house to house 
gaining entry by means of the attractive wares he displayed. 

Next, a group of . people was invited to one of the houses 
visited by him so that all might hoar the story in whioh there was 
so much interest. The "peddler" later assumed the role of prophet. 
During the early period of his ministry, he used the Bible as his 
textbook. It was the only religious book with which the majority 
of his hearers were familiar. With growing prestige over a con- 
sistently increasing group, the prophet became bolder In his denun- 

« 4 * 4- 4 4- /-i«,,«n«-t-., a ™^ 4- ^ • 4-4-.. 4- U ~ *■ _ a #» 1~ < „ — r. n-P 4-U» 

» J.a. u xvu vjx mc \j aui/aa laiia olijj uogcui bu auvauiL uuo usauiuugs una 


As the following of the prophet grew, a change to temple 
services and the development of subsidiary organizations became 
necessary. With the crystallization of the cult activities into a 
formal movement, FARD placed the entire organization under a Minister 
of Islam and a corps qf assistant ministers, all of KJhom had been 
aeleoted and trained by the prophet. Then suddenly he disappeared 
from Detroit on 6-30-3ii. f 


The prophet utilized to the fullest measure the environment 
of his followers, most of whom were recent migrants from the rural 
, South. It was explained that reoommsnded books and addresses were 
symbolic and could be understood only through the interpretation 
which PARD himself would give at the teraple services. When, early 
in the organization's development, the Koran was introduced as the 
most authoritative source for the study of the new faith, the prophet 
used only the Arabic text which he translated and explained to the be- 
lievers. Thus, he had sole acoess to their original Holy Book. 

It is generally believed by members of the cult tha.t PARD 
was educated in a college in England in preparation for a diplomatic 
career in the service of the Kingdom of Hejaz but that he abandoned 
everything to "bring freedom, justice and equality" to his "uncle" 
(the American negro), living in the "wilderness of North America, 
surrounded and^obbed completely by the cave man". Of f lcialQQQI 7 

_ C 

— j 

if fit 

100-9129-163 P*l,2 Cont'd 
the cult estimate that PARD attracted a following of 8000 negroes. 
Farm FD-59 


-. ■ * j» . r* f~, J _ J J *1 n, I . *1 ~— _ - fc T — Air fTTE»TffT}T #TEP TOT A M 

TniS 13 a i arm va—ys aauou c— -?-q.p j. o ; /ibLiiin xjzu-lt ±jei va- iouah, 
WA., ETAL, on WALLACE DON FARD, Was. W. D. Pard, Allah; FBI #56062. 

Criminal Record 


This is a criminal record for WALLACE DON FARD, FBI #56062 
in answer to Chicago letter dated 2-9-1+3- The record went back as 
far as Il/l7/l8 through 5/25/33. Following is a description from 
print #1+5158, Detroit PD: 





- White 

- Male 

- 33 in 1933 

- 127# 

- 5'6i" 

Build - Slim 
Hair - Black 
Eyes - Maroon 
Nationality - Arabian 

Additional information appearing in the FBI files include: 

Birthplace — 
Occupation - 
Nationality - 
Complexion - 

flnAMn 0- If AVlVn 


— h^lU LTJL .1- V .t U U**UU 

Blk Mole right aide of stomach 

100-6 989-6O PO 

m 10-12-53 advised SA 'S^^^^HHHVan 

^that AT t meeting of the Temple of Islam^o^^u59^53 , LUC 
described his days as a Baptist minister prior to his con- 
version to Islam under ELIJAH MOHAMMED. He stated that the truth 
about Christianity was brought to this country by the originator of 
islam, W. D. FERRAUD, who then taught it to ELIJAH MOHAMMED who in 
turn risked his life to teach it to the other enslaved original 
people in North America. 


- 6 - 




AL EXANDER T. MoCONB, COLONEL , Fifth Army, Chicago 
25-2060 7- 21 p. 2,3 

AIEXANDER T. MoCONE, Colonel, GSC , Headquarters Fifth Army, 
1660 E. Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago on 12-13-50 furnished to the 
Chicago office a summary of information dated 12-12-50 on MOSLEMS 

In 1930 a roan calling himself W. D. FARD took over a group 
of negroes that had been organized by another negro named NOBLE D. 
QLLTE as a Moslem Islamite group. This group practiced the Moslem 
relig ion. 

W. D. FERAOD claimed that he was the originator of the 
Development of Our Own and the Moslem Temple of Islam Cult and cited 
as proof a book that had been copyrighted by him in the U.S. Library 
of Congress titled "5 Guiding Principals". He is possibly identical 
■with the W. D. FARD of the police report quoted in the above paragraph. 
In 1931+ , W. D. FARD was given police notice to get out of Detroit. 
He left. However, there were reports that he continued to make trips 
Into Detroit to keep in touch with the Moslem movement there.' 

In 193k* a member of the group was arrested for contributing 
to the delinquency of minors by not permitting children of the Islam- 
ites to attend public schools. The defense was that the children of 
the organization attended the University of Islam. 

100-29U81-139 p. 8 

viewed by SA'SB B~ano^| Wf n the 

vicinity of hi3^mpTByi!BnT7 2301 S. Paulina, TfflSS^ff^^Hes t ate d 

that he joined the Temple of islam (NOI) in Chicago sometime in 

the exact date unrecalled. In 1933* he observed a poster on 

the west side or Chicago announcing a mee , cing and decided mo see wmi; 
) c it was about. He said that at that time and at subsequent meetings, 
he met Allah who at that time used the name of W. D. FARD, the founder 
of the Nation of Islam, and h eard him speak and predict that he (Allah) 
would destroy America. ^ Jjstated that sometime in 1934* Allah 
(W. D. FARD) d IsappearecfanTI he does not know his present whereabouts. 
WEBB stated that he received his original name n KARR3EM ALLAH" in 
1934 from Allah. 

- 7 - 


CG 100-33683 

5-23-57 _w aa interviewed by SA 1 

■■■■k He stated the t in about 1930, WALLACE D. FARD, 
Living Supreme Being, went to Detroit from Mecca. While in Detroit, 
PARD instructed ELIJAH MUHAMMAD to be his prophet in the United States. 
PARD later moved to Chicago where he lived until about 1933 » *t which 
time ' he returned to Mecca. 

^^J^^H^ stated that Muslins believe that PARD, the Supreme 
Being, w£^^return to the U.S. during their lifetime to lead all 
true Muslims to the promised land. When FARD returns to the U.S., 
the world will be engaged in the final conflict, the "War of Arraegeddon" 
whlc,h..will he the war with all the white races united fighting all the 
people of the dark skinned races. He stated that when PARD returns 
to the U.S ., the white man will be the enemy of the Muslims and he 
(Hflpfjfe^lll follow instructions of PARD, even to harm the white 
man or Tine white man's government. 

United Committee of South Slavic Americans 

^ 7 ioo-13953-UO 

on 1+-13-UU advised an unknown agent that MEHMEZt ALI * 

a member or the American Hercegovinian Bosnian Musselman Cluo, had 
contributed to the United Committee of South Slavic Americans. 

The writer is unable to determine if identical. 

United Public Workers 


on 5-31-50 furnished to SA ,s lHH|^^^^^^V rid 

a list of members of Chicago pos^uHW%^^^Bnr #248* 
rs. This list was dated 5/49 and contained the 
name W. FORT.* 

The writer Is unable to determine if identical. 

The following file was not available for review: 

- 8 - 






The following FBI record, NUMBER 

, is furnished FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. 


.. X.:. : 
0' V*f 

i ■-; 

L --T vr . , -J. 

..]■ - ■ .- : 




up * 




5-26-33 dlach 
y Supt on chg 
f lnv (dl» 


Notations indicated by * ARE NOT BASED ON FINGERPRINTS IN FBI file*. Th« notations are based on data 
fu rniah ed this Bure au concerning individuals of the tame or similar names or aliases and ARE LISTED ONLY AS 





The following FBI record, NUMBER 









Notations indicated by * ARE NOT BASED ON FINGERPRINTS IN FBI files. ^**" ti °™ a ™ 5?^l£\?*jfS 
famished thus Bureau concerning individuals of the same or similar names or abases and AJxh. lAi>lh.U as 


unMd states department of JUSl^E 





The following FBI record, NUMBER 

, ib famished FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. 




'•A^f&h», for q-i&.3t. *ei 8erit: 
Sot5,fy BPy ; . Chicago 

Div 5"ll-8-f-5« 


Don Fifci, w/as. 9. D. 
In term 1 So curl t 


Fard t 

' Inf 

Xto LOItGSFj WA2JTED i«p lnf rec 


fife #i 00-8123, pe 
;^ tdysn., Also RO'i 



Notations indicated by • ARE NOT BASED ON FINGERPRINTS IN FBI files. The notations are based on data 
furnished this Bureau concerning individuals of the same or similar names or aliases and ARE LISTED ONLY AS 

1»— U1SO-* 

r nBtM (ma 

FD-9 (6-21-55) 


This form may be submitted in legible hand- 
printing . 

Use separate form for each individual on whom 
record is requested. 

Make effort to furnish FBI Identification Number 
or Law Enforcement Identification Number. 

Furnish descriptive data and fingerprint clas* 
sification only when FBI Number not available. 

5. Indicate office for reply in lower-left corner 

only. Also list in lower-left corner all of-, 

fices which should receive copies of available 
records. Include carbon of revised FD-9 for each 
office receiving copies and forward with original 
to Bureau. 

6. Do not fill in block in lower-right corner. 

7. Where available furnish Law Enforcement Ident- 
ification Number and Military Service Number. 


Attention: Identification Division 




Furnish The Known Identification Record of ihje Following 


FBI No. j?bObZ ..ffTT" 
Other No. Detroit, Mich. tu ffhSlSo 


Al iases 


W, D. Farad, Wallace Farad 



Birth Date 

B i rthpl ace 



We i ght 


Hai r 


Compl ex i on 


Fingerprint Classification 

Scars, marks and tattoos 

Also Furn ish: 
1 x I Photo 


'.pviTir-N r OBTAINED 

L 1 Fingerprints 

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SAC, Chicago (1QQ-336B3) ^ 

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July 31, 1957 

m. mmm^X^ em^amtfl 

As a result of a recent inapeotion or tho Chicago 
Offiee, It <waa auggeatad that a ooneecrted effort ba made to 

Of tha Sat ion of islam (HOI). According to speeches and 
vritinma of ELIJAH MOHAMMAD, tha National Loader of tha HOI, 
"Allah" oame to Detroit, Michigan from Mecca in 1930 In tho 
parson of ana V.D. FARD and taught his for 3 Taara oonoaming 
Islam. According to MUHAMMAD, FARD was arrested by tha Datrolt 
Polioa Department in 1933* *nd abortly thereafter vaa a eked to 
leave Detroit by tha polioa department. MUHAMMAD olaima that 
FARD continued to teach Ialam in Chicago until 193U» *t which 
1 tiiaa FARD diaappeared and nothing about him haa bean heard 

ainoa this tine*. ~ 

SAC , CHICAGO (100*33683) 


00: Ghieago 

The fllaa of tha Chicago Of floe indicate that 
V.D. FARD, aa WALLACE DON FARD, FBI # 56062, was arraatod aa 
WALLACE FARAD by tha Datrolt, Michigan Police Department on 
Kay 25, 1933# their number l|5138 ( on a charge of IIV. Mo 
diapoeition was given. ' 

Tha Identification Reoord for FARD also indicates 
that he w&a arreated by the Loa Angeles, California polioa 
Department aa VALLIX FORD, their number 16U4p, on lev ember 17, 

1916, on a oharg* of 

lo disposition vat given. 

2-X»©a Angela a { 
|-ten Franoiaoo t$0i) 




/<ho '35 6f3 - ? 

ca 100-31683 

this mtrd alaa lndlaataa that FA1D m raoalTad 
at tha State Priaon, San Qnavtin, California, aa UAUJS ©. 
FORD, thalv noaha? t>253Jt« an tea 26, 1*26 an a aharga «f 
TOT, MU Aat. Diapoaltian glm ©to a yaara, May 26* X»13# 

Affcar antrlaa an tha FBI Idantiflaation ftaaard 
ara HinUkBi J-aa Angola a. Calif arala, VI. aala, fkOO 
or 180 aajtf WA&KI FPKP7 #Uakft. X*a Angalaa, California, 
WA, POSI, Kara* 4, l|fi©T #1*W or 1 day, March k, W». 
Additional allaaaa Uatad ara MAIiACI FOJtD and V«D. KAIAD. 

Tha fallowing la> a daaarlptioa as fnmiahad by 
tha Datralt Polloo Dapartattntj thalr nvjafear k5l38t 

•ax Mala 

laaa Vhlta 

Asa 33 yoara In 1933 

walght 127 jouada 

Halght 5*6i 

Build Ilia 

Hair Blaak 

Ijaa Maroon 

Slwisiwlit* Arabian 

Aeoordlag to tba FBI Idantiflaation Rooord, additional 
inf carnation In tba f Has of tha Bureau Indlaata birth alaaa aa 
Oragon, oaampatloii ooak, nationality Anaricaa. aoaqplaxlan 
dark, ■ear* and amrka, aaall aoar back of laft hand, blaak 
right aid* of atoawoh. 

Da trait la raquaated to ray law tha indiaaa of thalr 

Offiaa for any vartinant lnformatlon aonoornlng ¥»D. FAJtD or 
aALLAOi man fmRD, VALLAGis famav. octroi t la axao raquaataa to 
rorlcw rooorda of tha Detroit lolloa Department, thalr maahar 
b513&# and aaeertain alreuaatanoes e oncoming FAfUMa arraat 
on May Z$, 1«33 and dispoaltion thereof, and to furnlah Ghleago 
a photograph If arallable. 

- 2 - 

J*h J% A 


CO 100-33683 

Los Ans*l« Is roqaostsd to roTlow Los Angsl*s 

? olio a Department rooord mstbor 161^8, and adhrlso Chicago 
of the ciroumetanoee surrounding the arrsst of PAHD for AXW 
and di a posit ion thereof. It Is alto requested that & photogra 
If ftTftilablSj bs furfilsiisd* 

San Pranoisoo la requested to oontaot officials 
at San Quontln Prison sass reyfev their filo #%231U» and adrise 
Chicago oirouastanoss surrounding the inoarosration of PAHD, 
and if «T«il»ul»^ furnish a photograph* 

It is requested that all Offioss receiving oopies 
of this latter furnishsej the psquestsd information by 

AJ\ n r*. ~* 


Office Memorandum • united states government 




SAC, CHICAGO (100-33683) 

DATE: 8/26/57 

• % JL sac * 1/33 ANGELES (105-4805) 


00: Chicago 


Re Chicago letter to Detroit, 7/31/57. 

Records of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office 
^ and L os Angeles_Eflllc e Department were caused to be searched 
by SE^tt^Kt^KK^ on 8/12/57 and the following Information 
was obtalnedfro^rne Index Criminal Record Card: 

Date of Agency 

11/17/18 Los Angeles PD Assault with Deadly 
#16448 Weapon 

Los Angeies vu 

woolwine Act (uaii- 
forriia Prohibition 
Law) - Possession 
Woolwine Act - Sale 


#1.00 or 1 day, 


$400.00 or 180 days, 


9/17 /<56 



Los Angeles PD 


State Poison Act 
(Pel . ) 

------ w# * ftW W A ¥ W Mi ^ A Will ■ * * i 


San Quentln 

Detroit PD 

State Poison Act 
from L.A. Co. 


To Los Angeles Counl 

1-6 years, San 
Quentln, 5/28/26 

0-6 years. Disc. 


The original records covering the details of the 
arrests of the subject by the Los Angeles Police Department 
in 1918 and 1926 have been destroyed. Before their destruction 
they were microfjilwed, however a search of the records of the 
Los Angeles Police Department failed to locate 

/§)- Chicago (REGISTERED) 
T - Los Angeles 

> it v\ — . 1 L*>J" 



LA 105-4805 

o~— — — - „ ~- — — 

details concerning the arrests by the Police Department in 
1918 or 1926. 

Hie Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles 
Sheriff's Office have no available photograph of Subject. 






3M - HOI 


8/27 A7 



Re Chicago letter to Detroit dated July 31, 1957* 
On August 15, 1957 

able to SAJ 

D. FORD, San Quentln number" 

Records Seotion, 


nformation pertaining to WALLIE 

These reoords reflect that under the name of WALLIE D« 
FORD, indicated as the true name of the Subject, he was reoelved 
at San Quentln Penitentiary June 12, 1926, from Los Angeles 
County, California, where his had been convicted for a violation 
of the State Pollen Act, These .records further Indicated that 
FORD was born at Portland, Ore -cm, on February 25, I891, his 
father beinr ZARED FORD, mother, BEATRICE FORD, both of whom 
were born in Hawaii, ZARED FORD'a occupation was listed as 
operator of the Ford Bottling Works, Honolulu, Hawaii, The 
followln description was noted relative to WALLIE D. FORD: 







Marital Status 

Former address 


* 3/8" 

133 pounds 





One, ace $ - 1926. 
Ore r on. 

kk-01 Mount Eagle Place, 
Los Angeles, California. 

wnen lntenriewea oy uaiirorma stete raroie Authorities 
concerning hlg past, the records indicate that FORD furnished 
information as follows: 

2 - Bureau (REG) 
fV" Chicago (100-33633) (REG) 
1 - Detroit (Info) (REG) 

1 - Los Aneeles (Info) (REG) 

2 - San Francisco (100-1|3165) 

(1 - 25-29163) 

He was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1391, and 
lived in that city until 1913* *t which time he moved 
to the L»s Angeles area where he resided until the time 
of hia arrest* He married HAZEL BARTOW in Los Angeles 
and she was 26 years of age at that time. One child 
resorted from this union. 

According to San Quontln records, District 
Attorney XEXES of Los Angeles County, prosecutor in 
the rubJeot , s case, made the following: statement concern- 
ing the crime, "This defendant had in his possession 
drugs whiob his partner EDWARD Donaldson offered to 
sell to police officers for $22f>. They became suspicious 
when they detected one of the officer^ handcuffs and 
refused to go through with the deal* Officers found 

■hh» (i-riics mt. PORDte of business-" 

San Quentin records reflect that while in that 
Institution, letters were received attesting to FORD* a 
good character from the following individuals: 

Mrs, HAZEL E. OSBORKE (former wife), who stated 
in substance that FORD did not drink, snoke, or gamble. 
He was morally a good man that because he was terapermental, 
their marriage resulted in divorce, 

Mrs. MARY BROWN of Los An~eles, who stated that 
FORD had been "like one of our family for ten years," 

Mrs. FZARl MORTON of Los Angeles, who wrote on 
May 23, 1927, H I have known him for 11 years; my 
mother and I have always been very fond of him., .always 
treated him as one of the family.*." 

was employed in the Jute mill and as a road worker. 

Sari Cuentin records indicate that i^ORD was 
released from 3an Quentin May 27, 1929. 

Information copies of this communication are 
furnished F"etroit and Los Anpeles for assistance in their 
investigation of instant case. 

It is noted that the records of San Cuentin 
Prison are currently being consolidated with other state 




rtoords at Vacaville, California, and oonaequently no 
photograph of* the Subject la available at the pre a en t 
tiaw. Efforts will be ma da in the lwnediate future to 
obtain a photograph of FORD from t ha I tat a leoord'a 
Offioa at Vacatilla, California, whan the so racorda 
are filed and made available* 

Will obtain a photograph of WALLLE D. FORD, 
San Quentin number ^23^4* 







Office ^bAemotundufyi • united stages government 

TO : SAC, Chicago (100-33683) DATE: August 29, 1357 



J l SAC. Detroit (100-26356) 

W. D. FARD, wa, Wallace Farad 

Reference Is made to your letter of July 31, 1957* 
with respect to captioned Subject. 

A review of Detroit Indices reflects that Chicago 
has received all intelligence available in the files of this 

Investigative Clerk^^^^^^^^^Hgn August 9, 

1957, ascertained from Fatrolmai^mi^^^^Hft Detroit Police 
Department, that Subject as WALLACE FARAD ^jetroit Police 
Department #45138, was arrested May 25, 1933, by that 
Department for Investigation at the Fraymore Hotel as chief 
of the Voodoos. FARAD was then described as age 33, 5' 8", 

IOC 1 "Uo, A«nV-t n « „„„,v„.(-„,, _ ,.( „4 IT,-. J-t „ ~„ ~ ■< <-■< ^« 

appeared and no other details were available from the Detroit 
Police Department files. A photograph of Subject obtained 
from the Detroit Police Department is being forwarded as 
an enclosure herewith. 

Clerk^^HH^^ Wayne County Sheriff 's Office, 
Detro^^MicWgan^onTugust 9, 1957, advised Investigative 
Clerk ^|^HBt hat the files of that department failed to 
reflect any record identifiable with instant Sub.lect. 

- RUC - 

Office Memorandum 



SAG (IOO-33683) 






Set forth below are the results of Investi- 
gation conducted in an effort to ascertain the 
whereabouts of captioned subject who Is reportedly 
the founder of the NOI . 


in speeches at Temple No. 2 by ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, 
MUHAMMAD has stated that W.D. FARD came to Chicago in 
1933 after having been asked to leave Detroit by the 
police department. MUHAMMAD states that in 1933 FARD 
was arrested by the Chicago Police Department. 


On May 8, 195? 

Records and Communications' section, Ulllcago Police 
Department, advised that a search of the records of his 


agency contained nc^^iformation Indicating any arrest 
for W. D. FARD. ^H|^B^tated that hisrecocda do 
contain an arrest for one WALLACE FORD. ^IH^^stated 

that FORD was arrested September 26, 1933^cnarge^with 
disorderly conduct, and that either on September 26 or 
29, 1933, appeared before JudeeDUNW, Branch 314., and 
was subsequently discharged.40|H||^^fetated that according 
to the records, FORD listed MsaoSreaa as Detroit, 
Michigan, sex male, race colored, age I4.0, weight 132, 
heleht ^'7". build slender, eves brown. 


stated that his records contain no 

On May 8, 1957,^HHH|^^H Security Unit, 
Chicago Police Department, advised fehax a search of the 
records of his agency contained no information identifiable 
with captioned subject. 

.... I 

KJ^ZV 1S57 

CG IOO-33683 

On July 2i+ , 1957, a search of the death records 
at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, 130 North Wells, was 
conducted. These records were searched from the years 
1932 to 1936 for any information identifiable with the 
subject. The names searched were as follows: 









A search of these records revealed no information 
identifiable with captioned subject. 

On August 13, 1957, inquiry was made at the Chicago 
Public Library, Michigan and Randolph, in an effort to locate 
any information identifiable with captioned subject which 
might be contained in old city directories. It was ascertained 
that the last city directory was published in the year 1928. 

On August 22, 1957* the records for Branch 3U- were 
made available at the City of Chicago Warehouse, 3150 
Sacramento Boulevard. These records reveal that quasi 
criminal complaint 3227l|92 dated September 26, 1933, was 
issued against WALLACE FORD of Detroit, Michigan. This 
complaint indicates that FORD was arrested at 3 p.m. on 
September 25, 1933, at ij.8th and Calumet on a charge of 
investigation as a con man. This complaint indicates 
that the defendant on September 26. 1933 t waived a jury 
trial and a trial was held by the court finding the defendant 
not guilty and the defendant was subsequently discharged. 
This record indicates that WALLACE FORD was described as 
age L\.Q f race Negro," occupation none, marital status single, 

nnmnl ATlnn rlonlr hull H ejlernHftr" Vieltr'hf kI7" vra-lirVit- 11? 
- ~ — r — — • »* " j — — — — — , ■ " s i t " ~ -•- e-->" " j — $ 

eyes brown, hair black, address Detroit, Michigan. 

These records contained no additional information. 

T~,. „ „ 4- A 4- ■? •! _ ~ „ „ 4- < „™ *^ r. f ^^,«4- 4-,-. 

lUVCBLXgaijlUU J-3 ^ VLl \j X LIU. J-llg, ±il £111 OiiUl Ij lj\J 

ascertain the whereabouts of captioned subject. 

aAC (25-20607) 



Information rsooirod fr oa^l^^^^HP who 

has furnlahod roliabls information in th^TIfTThas 

lndleatod that the feast which is scheduled to be hold 
on September 21).. 1957 f *7 Kuhammad'i Temple lo. 2 would 
bo hold at tho Grand Ballroom, 6351 South Cottago Or ore 
Arenue • 

^ l« stated that within tha fait week or 

two, tho exact date unrooallod, ho wai contacted by throo 
unknown indiriduala desiring to ront tho or and Ballroom. 
Ho stated that those par sons indioatod they doairod to ront 
tho ballroom on flaptambor 2k, 1957, and that thoy voro 
aasociated with soma typo of a Moslem group* Ha stated 
that ho had boon informod that this croup had oanoollod 
out and had told tho indiridual who operates tho Or and 
Ballroom that tho plaoo waa not largo onough to aooommodata 
indlTiduala expected at this affair. 

_ and roc alio < 

that tho draft board had had troublo with momDors of tills 
Koalom group orar Sole© tire Serrioe, and that mombors of 
this group_had gone to jail. Ho atatad that •omotime during 
a or Id war u. an indiTi/dual ho deaoribed as tho "top man- 
of this group died, and that tha Atkins Funeral Borne, 1^3rd 
and Indiana, had handled tho funaral arrangements. 

B aaed on this last statement of^gmmmmk tho 
writer and SAAtsaommm^proooedod to tho Atklna Puaaral. 
Homo on tho ahaneo that the "top man", dasarlbed ~ 
might possibly bo V. D. FARD. 

utfftLt^Aft? rv.n. WARnt / _ ~— 

CO 2$-20607 

k309 South Indiana Avenue, 

of the Atkins~?uneral Home, advised that Ms records 

URTXe'ate that ttjanjjr individual hi could associate vita 
the statement aJlHHkwas that he handlad a funeral far 
an individual described as Prophet JfOBLE DREW Reincarnated. 
He stated his records indicated this person died on October 
22, 191^5, and at the time of death resided at Uk7 East l^Oth 
Street. He stated that the death certificate number was 
29303, and that this parson was buried in Lincoln Cemetery, 
123rd and Kedsie. 

— itwu i*umi» »iu« frv 

identical with HOBLS DREW ALI, who is head of a sect 
called the Moor 1 eh American* or Ahmadyla. 

It is noted that Information has been received 
that I0BLH DREW ALI and ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, during the early 
1930*8 in Detroit, were associated with W.D. FaRD and the 
Hation of Islam, however. ALI broke with the 101 sometime 
in the 1930* s and established his ow n group. 

On September 16. 1957 » ' wwememomajmpmamem 
■bTsbsbbMIL Grand Ballroom. &351 South Cottage Or eve, 
advised that her records indicate that on September 3, 
1957 » HERBERT MUHAMMAD had signed a contract to rant the 
ballroom on September 2i|, 1957 1 for * banquet. MUHAMMAD 
had placed a $25*00 deposit at this time, and that the 
coat for rental of the ballroom was $100.00 for the evening. 
BsBMfcstated that on either September 10 ar 11, 1957* 
she received a telephone call from HERBERT MUHAMMAD cancelling 
the reservation far September zii, 1957, and was advised by 
MOHAMMAD that the Grand Ballroom was too small far the 
amount of people expected. 

1 ^ B ^^^ stated that KCHAMMAJD gave mo indication 
as to any other arrangements they might have madia te held 
the banquet. She stated that the Or and Ballroom has the 
largest aoaoeModationa of any building of its type am the 
South Side of Chicago, 








O.O.- Chicago 

/o -3-57 

... mm n\W CONTAINED 


Reference San Franeiaco letter to Bureau 8/27/57* 

For the information of the Honolulu, Portland, and 
Washington Field Offices, as a result of a recent inspection 
of the Chicago Office, it was suggested that a concerted effort 
be made to determine the whereabouts of W. D. FARD, reportedly 
the founder of the Nation of Islam (NOI) . 

According to speeches and writings of ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, 
the National leader of the NOI, "ALLAH" came to Detroit, 
Michigan, from Mecca in 1930 in the person of one W. D. FARD, 
who taught him, MUHAMMAD, for three years concerning Islam. 
MUHAMMAD claims that FARD taught Islam in Detroit, ( Michigan, 
from 1930 to 1933, at which time he was asked to leave Detroit 
by the Detroit Police Department and subsequently came to 
Chicago, Illinois. FARE taught Islam until 193^, at which time 
be disappeared and nothing has been heard from him since 
that time. MUHAMMAD has also indicated that FARD returned 
to Mecca. 

2 - 

2 - 

2 - 

2 - 

2 - 

2 - 


Detroit (100-26356) (REGISTERED) 


Los Angeles (Ub%-)±80$) (REGISTERED) 

Portland (REGISTERED) 

San Francisco (100-U3165) (REGISTERED) 

Washington Field Office (REGISTERED) 





Office Memorandum • united states government 

TO y : 

SAC, Chicago {IOO-33683) 
SAC, Honolulu (100-6122) 

SM - NOT. 
00 Chicago 

Reurlet 10/3/57. 


10/10/57 ^ 

. . « ■ i ■ #* _ _ i_ _» _ _ J_ * r a v v n> I H Tv nADl\ T ft TiT*Y\ 

Tnere la no nscxng or suojecc, w/UjIjJjs i>. Fvru/, £i*wmj 
FORD, BEATRICE FORD or the Ford Bottling Company in Honolulu City 
Directories subsequent to 19^7* 

During the war Territorial law compelled the registration 
of all civilian residents of the Islands. A check of the files of 
th e civilians who reg istered during the war was made 10/8/57 by 
SA4HH a HHHHHBk a ' t the Office of Civil Identification, Attorney 
, General, Terr^oryof Hawaii . No record was found of W. D. FARD, 

On 1 0/9/57 ^■^■^■^■^■^■^■1 Honolulu Poli ce Department, 
and Credit Bureau of Hawaii, advised SI 

the files of their offices containedjjoinforniation concerning 
above mentioned individuals. 4^^^^H-V lso reported that the 
Credit Bureau had no record of a Ford Bottling Company. 

The following individuals, contacted by SA^ 
10/10/57, reported they had never heard of the Ford Bottling Company: 

TOKUTCHI TSUJI, President of Sunrise Soda Water Works 
CO., Ltd., 967 Robello Lane, Honolulu, who has been in 
the bottling business since the 1920' s. 

SATORU TAKITANI, President of Tru-Ade Bottling Company 
of Honolulu, Ltd., 1398 Makaloa, Honolulu, who has been 
in the bottling business in Honolulu since 1931. 

EDWIN H. BARRETT, JVice- President of Canada Dry Bottling 
Co. (Hawaii), 729 Kakaako, Honolulu. 


- Chicago (AM 

- Honolulu 

SAC, CHICAGO (25*20607) 





The following information is m auraraary 
of information appearing in various files and waa 
oompiled by the writer from a review of the files 
in connection ith the investigation of 2. . -.HI', 
The information contained in this memo is relative' 
to the founding of the organization known as tile Nation 
of Islam. The Moorish Science Temple of America will 
be referred to hereafter as tha MSTA. 

At Newark, New Jersey, in 1913* an individual 
calling himself N BLE DtfEV,- ALI or the Prophet NOBLE 
DHEW ALI fo nded an organisation known as the MSTA. 
The person calling himself NOBLF ">R T W ALI was a Nagro 
male, TIMOTHY DriEW, who was born January R, 1886, in 
Horth Carolina. Little is known of N03LE DREW ALI * a 
history. He was reported to have been employed as an 
"expressman" in Newark in 1913* end was supposed to 
have been in Cuba, at one tine. 

There is little indication that NOBLE DHEW 
1LI was aucceasf 1 in obtaining a large following at 
Newark, or that any large MSTA membership was formed 
on a national basis* . 

) < ' 

In 1925* NOBLE DREW ALI appeared at the 
Chicago, Illinois, and preached in empty lota and 
on atreet corners on Chicago'a South siae. 

DREW ALI is described as being a semi-literate 
person although he possessed an elequent tongue, a 
persuasive wanner and a native shrewdness whloh enabled 
him to ivty the poor people who listened to him. DRFW 
ALI always -appeared wearing a filming red fe« similar to 
those wornfby Turks* 

4( - Ch ' o a 

100-33633 (v. "5. 

100-6989 (ELIJAH 
61-19 3 (MSTA) 




fdt - CHI 


CO 100-2^20607 

NOBLE DREW A LI was persistent in his 
preaohing and s lowly began to win dUe^MU* J*"*, 
his banner. DREW ALT was able to establish a 
permanent headquarters and by 1927 vae able to 
hold a convention where it was decided to expand 
proselytising activities to other cities. 

' The philosophy which NOBLE DREW A LI 
preached was a religion based on rafiJfc and exposing 
the Christian ft, 1th. He preached that people commonly 
known In America as Negroes are actually of Moorish 
iexjfeut and are aslatlos, and what the Negroes should not 
refer to themselves as blaofc, but ae w o live -hue d M . The 
Kegoes In America are descendants of the ancient 
Moabites vho inhabited the Northwest and Southwest shores 
of Africa, but that chey had been held in slavery 
in America from 1779 to l86f>. Ihe names used by the 
Nerroes were not their real names, but "slave names" 
and the Moorish ±n America* required to carry a 
card bearing his "real" or asiacio name. Hie "slave* 
names were transformed to real ones by the addition of 

ei?1 «t» "Ubw" of fan +■>!« -no mm nn +-K A A a yiA V>*Bl*4rirr 

UV J Ml *w~ UWWJW w"U WWW W » A u wwvt* wmw 

person's "real name". Ihecard had to be signed by 
DREW ALI who of course sold the oards to those to whom 
he rave their Asiatic names. DREW ALI also began to do 
a "profitable business in oharms and nostrums, among 
them were Moorish healing oil, Moorish urifier bath 
oojjfcpound and Moorish herbs 3 According to NOBLE DREW 
ALI. ALLAH, the Great Gor* of the Dai verse hadi ordained 
ffOSLE DREW ALI as hi a £ifpphat to redeem his people from 
their sinful ways and to proclaim their free racial 
name. DREW A LJ wrote' and published his "Koran" a small 
pamphlet consisting of a mixture of the Mohammedan Koran 
the Christian Bible and excerpt* from the life of Christ 
bound together with DREW ALI*s pronouncements and 
interpretations . 

January 8, DREW ALT' a birthday was considered 
a speoial oA cation for the Moorish regalia was sworn 
In in all temples and there was ^taX&Ua^ and a£tfW-$'u£L*»». 
of optics in a oelebration similar to ynristmas, 
<ftDREW ALI considered MARCUS OAHVEY his forerunner in a 
relationship an e- i o gu e to that of John the Baptist and JESUS, 

- 2 - 


co 100-2520607 

and paid tribute to GARVEY in his Koran and sermons. 
It should be noted that MARCUS GARVEY was a Jamaican 
Negro who organised a rrsovement in 1918 known as the 
Universal Negro Improvement Association whioh advooated 
a back to Africa movement whioh rem 0 bed its peak 
In membership in 1921* olaiming about 1^,000,000 Negroes. 
After that the movement steadily declined. 

By 1929 a leadership quarrel had developed within 
the MS OA between DREW ALI tnd CLAUDE GREEN, a Negro 
polltioian and former partner to the philanthrophiet 
JULIUS ROSENWALD, GREFN < as an opportunist 1 who saw in 
the MSTA a quick source of revenue. Jpon arrival at 

u( . -.--^J * A n ~- 4— 4- V- ^ ~ »i« „ ,- . ^f> 1Q5Q TM7IFW t T.T -Pi-ifm^ 

that CREEN had moved all his furniture outside and . 
had declared himself Grand Sheik. Wttfc this Wk*l&cki*&~y~ 
enlisted sa port in Chicago, as well as in temples in 
other cities* 

On March 15, 1929* GREEK was stabbed to 
death. The following day DREW ALI ves arrested, but 
subsequently released on bond. 

On July 20, 1929 # DREW ALI was baa ten to 
death in a bloody fight between warring MSIA Auctions, 
near MSTA temple 3603 South Indiana, Chicago. A few 
days later another bloody MSTA riot rvscurred, during the 
oourse of which two Chicago polio eraentwe re killed, 
one MSTA member was id lied and numerous members were 
arrested, ^ 

After DREW.ALIie death the MSTA definitely eplit 
into two <aotlons, one headed by a CHARLES KERHAJI BEY and 
the other by JOHN GIVENS EL, wa. , the Prophet NOBLE 
DREW ALI re -incarnated. Several others aspij^gito 
leadership also developed and all . of than, including 
CHARLES KE REMAN BEX claimed that NOBLE DREW A til had 
re -incarnated himself in his body. 

- 3 - 



CG 25-20607 

Beginning In the 1930s JHAitLES a rtKKAN 3H:Y 
was the recognized leader of the predominant section of 
the MSTA which continued to attract membership, teaching 
the philosophy of NOBLE DREW ALI. The organisation 
attraoted membersh p throughout the Uribed States and 
did not becln to decl ne until after World War II. 

{The above information is a surnary of 
information appearing in various files. The bibliography 
for the above" information is 61-29 3-162, 233, 253 and 100- 
8k56'-329i^In the course of the Bureau's inv estigation 

HeVaVHHH^H^IIj^^^^^^^^^^^P^llBk on January 
iqk.3. At .th at t- ime^^^^^^^^^^^Sadvised that he was 

Q^^HJII^ofthe^STATemple at Pontiae, Miohigan. 

ToooraTngto^B(^^HH^ 701,,a l years previously an 
individual by the name of FARD (phonetic), whom he believed 
to be Algerian, was instrumental in having many membrrs 
ibhto tne noi* mu luxiiute taenia ex ves wj/tn a gruu 

whioh he referred to as the "Hoo^Hems 

was oareSil to pronounce the name a as it was spelled so 

distinguish it Jfrom the word Moslem, (61-29 3-106 • page k.) 

as to 


In thia connection it should be noted that 
MOHAMMED ALI, livfe* in Detroit, Miohigan, from July, 1930, 
to June, 193J+* during which time he was Instrumental in 
tha foundine of the latlon of Islam f 2^-20607»lB6 (10). 

A report, dated December 30, 1950* reflects 
that in 193|b, a man calling himself W. D. FAHD took over a 
group of Htfgroea which had been organised by another Hegro 

J txrmr T? r\ ftT T TU 

naia«u nvoun u , v liiii a . 

r\ mm * — _ — j_ _ j a._ 1 

u • r ft \y x b npunou vu uv 

organizer of both the N0I and ah organization known as the 
"Development of Our Own". (25-20607-21). 


An OHfreoort, dated October 13, 1942 t 
lists one ABD^TL MOHAM:<ED a "First Officer" of the 
N01 in Detroit, as having been the host of one 
SATAKATA TAKAHASHI, founder of the Japanese "Blaok 
Dragon Sooiety w . 

Apparantly TAKAHASHI lived with ABD T JL 
MOHAMMED for two weeks in Detroit in the early 1930s 
(100-9129-6U) . 

Jap who was instrumental in the formation of an 
organization known as the "Development of Our Own" 
a N'gro organization through whioh Japanese propoganda 
was disbursed prior to World War II. (61-257). 

UJ. ... 

un June £n t L-> yi , f»ni^w»^* wan nn-eanu xwi- 
illegal entry and attempted bribery of a United States 
Immigration Inspector, Upon interview by aBureau Agent 
following his conviction for Bribery^ "TWuJGj&Lstatsd 
that in 1930, in Tacoma, Washington, he oeefame acquainted 
with a Negro Minister JOHN WHITE. TJpongoing to Detroit, 
from Tacoma, in the early 1930s ,1 ft tftl^ttU . oontaotad 
ona ABDUL MOHAMMED because MOHAMMED had written WHITE 
requesting that the Japanese work a-nong the Negroes 
i n Detroit* " B f^ I ^ i fci resided with MOHAMMED, but left 
because he ooneldered him a ^JHM*^ 61-257-1, page 58). 


ABDTH MOHAMMED is deceased having died in an 
insane asylum. 1 (61-257-1, page 60) V 

On September 9, 19U2, oneOUSH^AppACANIS 
was _interriewed xLJlaAg oit by SAaflJ^eVflp^HHHflk 
£\ and flBBHHBBH^HR at whioh tins he stated that he 
"Y was Hattonal Exeoutive Secretary of the •DeTtlopment of 

Our Own"* A3W3IBE loined the organisation in about 1935* when 
it was under leadership of one MOHAMMED who died in about 
1935* JSMttE stated that MOHAMMED* » wife after his death 
had told hj[m that MOHAMMED had taken one SATAKATA r AM AH A SHI 
into his home when TAKAHASHI was "*Me^**aAaRsTAKAHASHI 
learned the principals of MOHAMMED' s organisation and when 
he^4*%£t£t approached MOHAMMED with the thought in mind 
that the two of them oould utilise, the organisation to 
make a great deal of money. MOHAMMAD * s wife related that 

- 5 - 



OG 25-20607 



ill uni^fiviu > Auij^Hmj 

{uJU Suggest from the above informati -n .concerning 
the identity of WHSSXWt D. FARD and the founding of 
the Nation of Islam will be set forth aeparately**^.*^ 


- 6 - 


lndjces.*e(rrch Slip 
FD-160 (Hey, 6-11-S6) 





Address j Blrlh Date 



Exact Sueltlna I jMain Criminal Cone Files Only 1 [Restrict to Localttv of 
All References f Icrimlnrrl R»f»r.ncm Only 

I 1 I — 

Main Subversive Case Files Only I i Mnln Subversive (If no Main, list all Subversive References) 
Subversive References Only | |um. Criminal (If no Main, Kst all Criminal References) 


File 6, Serial Number 

Remark a 

F>#e & Serial .Number 

Remark s 

• — — 1 f—* ^ — 

y.A A - -r z>/ 

■ W ~- m S 

r'T ' 


r '■y ' m, vu > — — * 


Requested by 



File No. 

Sealed by ^ ^ ? 
^^^^^K (date) 


Consolidated by ^^^^^^^ 


Reviewed by 

(date } 

File Review Symbols 

I - Identical 7 - Not identifiable 
NI - Not identical U - Unavailable reference 







SAC, LOS ANGELES (10^805) 

SGEp^AJjLf D. FARD, was,*-* 
xaci^ord, Wallei BefcT, 
d, Freor Ddd$ 

W. D. 

SM - tfoi r 
(00: CHICAGO) 

DAT ' 

Re Chicago letter to Bureau 10/3/57. 

The title of this case is being marked "Changed" and 
the aliases WALLACE FORD, W. D. FORD and FRED DODD, as furnished 
by his former common -law wife, and the name of WALLEI FORD, as 
obtained from Los Angeles Police Department records, are being 
added to the title. 


\ Records of the LosAnee^^County Birth Index were 
caused to be searched by SE4H^I^^HHHv n 10/15/57 f° r the 
period from 1911 through 192?] and the roETowing birth record 
was located: 


Records 1920, Volume 173, 
WALLACE DODD FORD, male child, born 
Sanitarium j father - ; WALLACE FORD, 

Bureau (AM - REGISTERED ) 
Chicago ( 100- 33683 H AM r - REGISTERED) 
Detroit (100-26356 ) (Inf o. ) (REGISTERED ) 
Honolulu f Info . ) (REGISTERED ) 
Portland (AM - REGISTERED) 
Richmond (Encl.l)(AM - REGISTERED) 
San Francisco (100-43165 ) (info. ) (REGISTERED) 
Washington Field (AM - REGISTERED) 

105-4805 ) 

page 785 0: Birth of one 
on 9/1/20 at, the MacDonald 
South Flower Street, 


Los Angeles il 
(1 - 105-2604) 


1 c ? -fc 



00047 5Ai 

LA 105-4805 

Los Angeles; race white, age 26, born in New Zealand, occupation 
restaurant keeper; mother - maiden name HAZEL BARTON, 347 South 
Flower Street, race white, age 25, "born state of New York, 

riC.mina +-.-T on _ rirtno TH-io Til v>-Kri uro a nonf 1 f 1 o/1 nn Ci /O /OC\ Vnr UflRT.TTV 

E. Mac DONALD, physician, with offices at 1521 South Hope Street, 
Los Angeles. 

Attached to the above birth certificate was an amend- 
ment to the certificate dated 7/10/40, filed by HAZEL FORD 
EVELSIZER of 4776 Hub Street, Los Angeles, mother of WALLACE 
DODD FORD, who was born in the city of Los Angeles on the first 
day of September, 1920, as stated in the certificate of birth 
filed by HARLEY E. Mac DONALD on 9/2/20. The amended birth 
certificate changed the original certificate to read: Full 
name of child, WALLACE MAX FORD; occupation of mother changed to 
read housewife. Affiant of the above amended birth certificate 
was HAZEL FORD EVELSIZER of 4776 Hub Street. It was sworn to 

on V/1 /lXC\ (?T.TTPTt 1 ORn T^VTTT QT^TTP <-if* Ui,V, Qf^Qat- at or, on>, 

scribed to the above information on 7/1/40 before notary public 
in and for the County of Los Angeles, State of California. 

SE^mi^mP caused a check to be made on 
10/15/57 of tne Los Angeies County Marriage Records for the 
period 1/1/12 through 12/31/26, and of the Los Angeles County 
Superior Court Divorce Records for 1/1/14 to 12/31/30, and 
no record of marriage or divorce was found between FARD or 

Mrs. CLIFFORD EVELSIZER, who stated thjat her full 
name was HAZEL BARTON FORD OSBORNE EVELSIZER, was int erviewed - 
atherresidence, 4776 Hub Street, Los Angeles, by SA4HM|^A 
I^H^HH^on October 17, 1957, at which time she fumisnec^Tn^^ 

foTTowing information:' 

Ker maiden name was HAZEL BARTON. In 1919 in Los 
Angeles she met WALLACE FORD who was operating a cafe at 

j-t{ ouuwi riuwr owcct, Jjwo fuigeiei*. rw&r,±j pegon living wj.hi 
him and their residence was an apartment above the cafe. A 
male child was bprn on 9/1/20 in Los Angeles and was named 
WALLACE DODD FORjD. In 1921 or 1922 she moved out on FORD and 
took the child with her. She continued to live in Los Angeles. 
Her second "husband" was OSBORNE who lived six months and died, 
and then she met her third "husband," CLIFFORD EVELSIZER, with 
whom she is still living. CLIFFORD EVELSIZER is a retired 
employee of the city of Los Angeles. 



LA 105-4805 

The child of FORD, WALLACE DODD FORD, later known as 
WALLACE MAX FORD, was in the U. S. Coast Guard during World 
War II and was killed at Linhaven Roads, Virginia, on 8/3/42. 
HAZEL has documentary proof of death of child as set out above. 

Information re subject's criminal record under Los 
Angeles Police Department No. 16447 Is set out in Los Angeles 
letter to Chicago dated 8/26/57. WALLEI FORD was arrested by 
the LAPD on II/I7/18 for assault with a deadly weapon and 

ncio i j. l. U.U i^. u . iic trvcLta 0,^,0.0,11 anco ^cu vjii j.^'t.v/t.j 1 ur vj,uiai/iun 

of the V/oolwlne Act (California prohibition law), possession 
and sale. On 3/4/26 he was sentenced to a one dollar fine or 
one day in jail on count 1 and to a four hundred dollar fine 
or 180 days in jail on count 2. On 2/15/26 he was arrested 
for the third time by the LAPD for violation of the State 
Poison Act - a felony. He was sentenced on 5/28/26 to a 
term of from six months to six years and was received at 
San Quentin State Penitentiary on 6/12/26. He was released 
from San Quentin on 5/27/29, 

HAZEL described FORD as male, white . New Zealander, 
exact age unknown, 5 '8", 140 pounds, slender build, black 
curly hair, black eyes, beautiful even teeth, straight nose, 
Caucasian features, no visible scars, extremely swarthy 
complexion, had the appearance of a very dark complected 

HAZEL advised that FORD had come to Los Angeles from 
Oregon at least four or five years before she met him in 1919 
and had been operating his cafe at 347 South Flower Street, 
Los Angeles, during £hat period. FORD never to I'd her anything 
about his background. He never mentioned his date or place 
of birth, education, parents, brothers or sisters. On one 
occasion she found -an old letter addressed to him under the 
name of FRED DODD in Salem. Oregon. By reading the letter she 
knew without question in her mind that FRED DODD and WALLACE 
FORD were identical; however, he always used the name WALLACE 
FORD while she knew him in Los Angeles. 

HAZEL recalled that a girl, name unknown, told her 
in about 1919 orf 1920 that she, the girl, had helped FORD 
write letters to his parents in New Zealand because FORD 
had very little education and had trouble with his correspon- 
dence. According to HAZEL this unknown girl had been a waitress 
in FORD'S cafe and had lived with FORD before HAZEL came along. 
From this and from the birth certificate on the child HAZEL 
assmried that ffORD (i&iiie from New Zeal and . 



£ A3 

LA 105-4805 

HAZEL recalled that In 1919 when she first moved In 
with FORD he mentioned that he had been married, possibly in 
Oregon; that there had been a bitter separation and FORD 
had been unable to obtain a divorce, and that was one of the 
reasons she and FORD were never married. FORD had a boy of 
this marriage. HAZEL thinks the boy was born sometime prior/ 
to 1914 or 1915 j possibly in Oregon. / 

In 1926 FORD, while operating his cafe, was 
associated with a man who was half Chinese, and the two of 
them sold narcotics for which they were arrested and both 
sent to prison. The other person was paroled, but FORD told 
HAZEL that he would serve out his time and did not want a 
parole as he wanted to be a free man when he was released. .-^1 

After his release from San Quentin on 5/27/29 FORD 
went to Chicago and was in Chicago and Detroit from then until 
1932 when FORD visited HAZEL, her present husband and the 
child in Los Angeles. FORD was driving a 1929 Model A Ford 
coupe with California license plates. FORD had white sheets 
over the seats of the car. He left the sheets with HAZEL, 
saying that he would not need them any more as he was going 
back to New Zealand . FORD gave no explanation as to why~7ie' 
used white sheets. On this singular visit FORD advised HAZEL 
and her family that he was only eating one meal a day and ; 
that this was his new way of life. HAZEL advised that FORD 
was wearing his hair long and full in the back. Previously 
he had always had a shor-^ conventional haircut. 

FORD said tnat since hia release from San Quentin T 

he had been selling doctors' supplies. During this visit in 
1932 FORD gave HAZEL a small box containing self -threading 
needles. This box was postmarked 4/28/30 from the Marcellene 
Chemical Company, 1900 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, 
and was addressed to W. D.'FORD, General Delivery, Chicago, 
Illinois. HAZEL gave the box to the interviewing agent and 
the same is being retained in the Los Angeles file in Instant 

HAZEL advised she corresponded with FORD from 1929 
to 1932. All of her letters were addressed to him care of 
General Delivery, In either Chicago, Illinois or Detroit, Michigan 
She corresponded? with FORD on an average of once or twice a 
year. She tried to get FORD to send money for the support of ' 
the child. HAZEL recalls that when SORD did write he said he 
had no money to send. 



LA 105-4805 

HAZEL advised that FORD never had any unusual 
political, economic, social or religious beliefs, and that 
he had never indicated any interest in such things. 

Mr. and Mrs. EVELSIZER are leaving Los Angeles on 
10/21/57 for a winter vacation in trailer parks in Florida. 
They will return to Los Angeles on 4/15/58. In the interim 
they can be contacted through P.O. Box 42-554, York Station, 
Los Ang#les 42, California. 

Enclosed with thiB airtel to Richmond is a copy of 



Copies of this airtel are being furnished to Detroit, 
Honolulu and San Francisco for their information in view of 
the pending investigation in those offices. 


Will check marriage records in an effort to locate *^ 
a marriage for FORD sometime prior to 1914 or 1915. 


Will contact the Marcellene Chemical Company, 1900 
West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, and obtain any background 
information they may have concerning the subject, noting that 
they were in contact with him on 4/28/30 and that he was 
allegedly selling doctors » supplies during that period. 


Will check INS records for any information concerning 
the subject, noting that he allegedly came from New Zealand. 






SAC, SAIiXl&NCISCJ (100-^1$$) 



W.D. ¥aRD 
(00 Chicago) 

Re San Francisco letter to Bureau 8/27/57* and 
Chicago letter to Burea u , 10/3/57 * 

On 10/4/57 HH^^H Identification Officer, 
Guidance and Reception Center, California MedlcaWaci 1 ity, 
Vac a vi lie, California made available to SAV^HA a 

photograph of WALLY £>. FORD, SQ/42314> wh*ch photo nictated 
wa» taken in June 1926 when the Subject was reortved at the 
reception center. 

stated that his records indicate that the 
Subject was arrested in Detroit, Michigan^iuBirnuiiiber 45*3" 
on 5/^Vl3Lgr^a charge of Investigation. ^^^^suggested 

that flc V^UrYi -authorities might have a more recent photograph 
of the Subject, The aforementioned photograph is enclosed 
for the Chicago office. 

On 10/9/57, >|r. ^H^^mHHk Record* Section, San 
Quentin Prison advised thattheprTsonrecords contain no 
Los Angeles addresses for MARY BROWN or PLAftL MGRTO... The 

1 . . ^ J J - - - * A /vn^ n Ua^ t rt f he £ar* t">l**ri t In ft I» f f»T H A 7 - L 

OSBORNE, nee BARTON, was listed as 4401 Mount ^agle Place, 
Los Angeles, California* 






Will attempt to locate through the files of the Detroit 
PD under PD /45133 a More recent putograph of the Subject. 

- RUC - 

g.,.- Bureau 
J./- Chicago 
2 - Detroit 

1 - Los Angeles 

2 » San Francisco 


(100-34 156 J 







SAC, CHICAGO (100-33683) 




W*JD* ,Ferd, "Allah", 
^Mohammad A ll. Frejd^ Dodd, 
Wall Farrad, Wallace ij Farad , 
W. D.~"Fe>gud, Wallej^qriL 
Wali.Mpha/iLnad, F, Mohamriiad_All , 
Farrad Mohammad 
00 - Chicago 



Re Chicago letter to Director dated October 3» 
1957* L03 Angeles airtel to Director dated October 18, 1957« 

The title of this case is being marked "Changed" 
to list the subject's true name as WALLACE DON FORD and 
to include all aliases by which he has been known. This 
name and list of aliases was obtained from a review of the 
Chicago files, however, documentation for each of the above 
aliases is not being included in this letter. 

The subject shall be referred to hereafter in 
this letter as W. D. FARD. 

2 - Bureau (REGISTERED ) 
2 - Baltimore (REGISTERED) 
2 - Detroit (100-26356) (REGISTERED) 
2 - Portland (REGISTERED) 
1 - Richmond (Info) (REGISTERED) 
2^ - Washington Field (REGISTERED) 
- Chicago 

- 25-20607 


336 fB- ! L 


CG 100-33683 

For the Information of Baltimore, the following 
information concerning the Nation of Islam la being supplied: 

According to the speeches and writings of ELIJAH 
MUHAMMAD, the National leader of the NOI, "Allah" came to 
Detroit, Michigan, from Mecca in 1930, in the person of 
one W. D. FARD, and taught MOHAMMAD for three years concerning 
Islam. MUHAMMAD claims that FARD taught Islam In Detroit, 
Michigan from 1930 until 1933 t at which time he was asked 
to leave Detroit by the Detroit Police Department. He 
subsequently came to Chicago, Illinois, where he taught 
Islam until 193^, at which time he disappeared and nothing 
has been heard from him since. MUHAMMAD has indicated that 
FARD returned to Mecca. In the current philosophy of the 
NOI, W. D. FARD is referred to as the founder of" the NOI 
and the Savior of the "so-called" Negro. 

The following information was obtained from a 
review of Chicago files: 

The Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) 

J. X ULlI'4.aU O U. XII OlUtdgU Xil bU6 XUM X7CU'B UI1U.OJ.- 1>I1<3 XO ttUOX' an x p 

of a Negro calling himself NOBLE DREW ALI. During World 
War II the Bureau conducted extensive investigation of 
the MSTA because off the possibilities of Japanese influence 
In that organization. 

.:. f 

The attentionof^the^DetroIt Division is drawn 
to the report of SA^IHHH^|H|^ftdatf^^arch 16, 19^3, 
at Detroit entitledl^HiHIH^^HHHH[^Has ET AL; 

100^6603. Page I|. o f_ this report reflects 
.nterviewedi - " 

MjCrolt, MicM gfen. on January h. 1Q[^ . At that time* 


of the MSTA Temple 

- 2 - 


cg 100-33683 

Fontiac, Michigan. According td^H^^^^^^^^^k several 
years previously an individual by tH^nffl^^ffARD (phonetic), 
whom he believed to be an Algerian, was instrumental in 
having many members leave the MSTA and affiliate themselves 
with a group which he referred to as "Mooselems" . 

Also the Chicago Office is in possession of a G-2 
report dated December 30, 1950, at Detroit, Michigan, which 
reflects that in 1930 a man calling himself W. D. FARD took 
over a group of Negroes which had been organized by another 
Negro named NOBLE D. OLLIE . W. D. FARD is reported to be 
the organizer of both the NOI and an organization known 

« n 4-U A Wn»Trftl ?\r\ man 4- n "f 1 Ahyi Hun ft 

The Chicago Division is also In possession of an 
ONI report dated' October 13, 19^2, which lists one 'ABDUL 
MUHAMMAD, a "first officer" of the NOI in Detroit, as 
having been the host of one SATAKATA TAKAHASHI , founder 
of the Japanese "Black Dragon Society". Apparently, 
TAKAHASHI and ABDUL MUHAMMAD resided together in Detroit 
in the early 1930' s. In this connection, the attention 
of the Detroit Division is directed to their file 62-?09 
on an individual named NAKA NAKANE, wa., Satakata T^gh^hi . 
Detroit should further refer to the report of SA^H^^^HJ^ <j 
m^Atated March ^0, 19l|0, at Detroit in this case which 
report reflects that NAKA^IE was instrumental in the formation 
of an organization known as the "Development of Our Own". 
Page 58 in this report reflects that on June 29, 1939, 
TAKAHASHI was arrested for illegal entry and attempted 
bribery of United States Immigration inspector. Upon 
interview by a Bureau Agent following hi3 conviction for 
bribery, TAKAHASHI stated that in 1930 in Tacoma, Washington, 
he became acquainted with a Negro Minister, JOHN WHITE. 
Upon going to ^etroit from Tacoma, In the early 1930' s, 
had written WHITE requesting that a Japanese work among 

- 3 - 


CG 100-33683 

th© Negroes in Detroit. TAKAHASHI resided with MOHAMMAD 
but left because he considered him a fraud. Page 60 
of this report refleots that ABDUL MUHAMMAD is deceased, 
having died in an insane asylum. No source is shown for 
this information. 

The attention of the Detroit Division is further 

~ A. ~ J 


1 r\n L 1 Cn 
1UU"U I Ul 

.J 4 

sura i/U nio i-opurii 

of SA i^^^^BH^H^^ dated October 27, 19lj-2, at 

this report reflects that on September 9, 19^2, o ne, 
OUSHA APP ACA NIS was interviewed a t Detroit by SAsC^ 

m^^MB^ ani: 4li^^HHHHHiHk ai: 'which time he state< 
that he was National Executive Secretary of the organization 
known as the "Development of Our Own". APPACANIS joined 
the organization in about 193$* when it was under th» 
leadership of one MUHAMMAD, who "died in about 1935. APPACANIS 
stated that MUHAMMAD ' s wife, after his death, had told 
him that MUHAMMAD had taken one SATAKATA TAKAHASHI into 
his home when TAKAHASHI was ill at which time TAKAHASHI 
learned the principles of MUHAMMAD'S organization and 
when he was well* approached' MUHAMMAD, with the thought 
in mind " that the two of them could utilize the 
organization to make a great deal of money. MUHAMMAD'S 
wife related that MUHAMMAD refused this approach. 

A copy of this letter is being directed to the 
Richmond Division for information inasmuch as investigation 
is presently pending in that Division. 
Request of Bureau 

The Bureau is requested to review their indices 
and furnish Chicago with all information appearing concerning 
the subject undter the known aliases listed in the title 
of this letter In view of the implications furnished in 
this letter that Vi. D. FARD may possibly have been instrumental 

- k - 


In the founding of the organization known as the "Development 
of Our Own", the Bureau is requested td consider having our 
Attache at Tokyo determine If NAKANE, who was reported 
deported from the United States to Japan, is still alive 
and If so to interview him for any information he might 
possess concerning W. D. FARD. 

Undeveloped Leads 

The Baltimore Division 

Will check the files of G-2 for all information 
appearing concerning W, D. PARD and especially for any 
Information appearing concerning his founding of the NOI 
and the "Development of Our Own". If the source of the 
information appearing in the G— 2 report dated December 30, 
1950 at Detroit, mentioned above, is shown, should determine 
if that source is avai^ble and be contacted by the Bureau. 

The Detroit Division 

Will attempt to locate and Ijnt^^^^^^^K/^^^^^^Kg 

who was reported In 1943 to have been^^^^^^^^^^^^the^^^^^/f ") 

MSTA Temple at Pontiac, Michigan. IfH^Hns r 
located, he should be thoroughly Inter vxewe^^roi^il information 

Vs a r\r*tasAaaAtf r* rtvtr* awril T\rr a fVi of a T7 1 A D "Pi ~\ a A e* «» ^»V-* 1 am 

from the MSTA. He should be shown a photograph of W. D. PARD, 
Detroit Police Department Number ^5138, to determine If 
this Is the person that led the schism from the MSTA. 


CG 100-33683 

The Detroit Division should thoroughly review 
their file on 3 AT AK ATA TAKAHASHI to determine if the ABDUL 
MUHAMMAD mentioned In that file could be identical with 
W. D. FARD and attempt to identify further this ABDUL 
MUHAMMAD and to locate the source of the information 
Indicating that ABDUL MUHAMMAD died in an Insane asylum. 

The Detroit Division is requested to attempt 
to locate the OUSHA APPACANIS mentioned in this letter, 
and, if they are able to locate him, he should be interviewed 
for all Information he possesses concerning MUHAMMAD, He 
should be shown a photograph of W. D. FARD to determine if 
W. D. FARD i3 identical with MUHAMMAD. In this connection 
it is noted that the Detroit Office was formerly office of 
origin in the investigation of the organization knovn as 
the "Development of Our Own". Detroit Office should review 
this file to determine IT W. D. FARD was actually instrumental 
in the founding of this organization as was reported in the 
above mentioned G-2 report. 

The Portland Division 

Reference Is made to the lead set forth to the 
Portland Division ixi referenced Los Angeles airtel. The 
Portland Division is requested to attempt to locate a 
marriage for w. D. FARD sometime prior to 19ii|» and to 
locate a birth of a male child born to FARD sometime prior 
to 191i|-. In this connection, it should be noted that 
referenced airtel reflects that W. D. FARD may have used 
the name FRED DODD and may have lived at Salem, Oregon. 
If any information concerning W. D. FARD's marriage or 
the birth of his child is located, Portland should conduct 
logical Investigation to locate the former wife and the 
child and then should interview them for any information 
they may possess concerning W . D. FARD. 

- 6 - 


CG 100-33683 

The Washington Field Division 

Will check the records of ONI for any information 

"KVi a tt me-ir nnaaago n.nnAAnnl no U J) 'PART) onH frir> omr 

information that might be shown concerning his founding of 
the NOI and any indication that W. D. PARD might be identical 
with the ABDUL MOHAMMAD mentioned in the above mentioned 
ONI report as being a "first officer" with the NOI. The 
sources of ONI's information should be determined if 
possible and should be determined if they are available 
to be contacted by the Bureau. 

- 7 - 

flf\ n tr 

Director. FBI 

October 22, 1957 

SAC, Detroit (100*26356) 

W s D. PART), 
SM - 101 


He san rranciseo letter to Bureau instant caption 
and Lot Angela • airtel to Bureau lnatant caption 

Referenced San Francisco letter sets out a lead 
for the Detroit Office to locate a file at the Detroit 
Polios Department on captioned individual under Detroit 
PD No. h5l38 in an attempt to obtain a recent photograph 
of the Subject. 

on A 

Por the inf orsta t lon of^he Bureau and San Francisco, 

let 9. _1957. TCe^flH|HsseBSSsW 8cert * ln * d fFom Patrolman 

Detroit Folice Department, that Subject as 

WALLAiid ^ AHA Li, Detroit PD Mo. U5136, was arretted May 2$, 
1933* by that department for investigation at the Fraymore 
Hotel as Chief of the Voodoos. FARAD was than described 
at age 33, 5' 6", 135 lbs*, Arabian ancestry, occupation 
listed as minister. Mo disposition appeared and no 
other details were available from the police department 
files. A photograph of the Subject was obtained from the 
Detroit Police Department and was forwarded to the Chicago 
Office, it being noted that the photograph was one taken 
of the Subject in 1933. 

Therefore* the load set out in referenced San 
letter tvflooat* the above-mentioned rile will 

aoVbr vsajo ee It tea previously boon bsmdlad, 


2 - Boroau (RsBlSTSBSD) 


1 - Los Angeles ( 105-6805 ) (R*H STHtBD) Him is UNCWSSlQEft 
1 - San Francisco (100-43165) (WISTCRKD) m&M ' 

1 - DttMlt 





. 7TAHQMD mM m. •* 

Oj^fttf Memorandum • united states government 

SAC, CHICAGO (100-33683) DATE: 10/29/5?!; ' 

: cc 
-j s 




SAC, PORTLAND (105-544) 

W s D s PARD 




- o 

Relet from Chicago to Bureau, 10/3/57. 

City of Po rtland 
advised SA 

Bureau of Health, 

Hall, Portland, Oregon, on 3/7/57, 

that a review of birth records 

pertaining to the months of January through April for the 
years 1890, 1891 and 1892, failed to reflect any records 
having been filed for the birth of WALLIE D, F0RD 4 There 
was no birth recorded during theaboveperiods checked for any child 
of ZfiRED and BEATRICE FORD, ^^■■■^advised that around 
the time of the alleged birth in question, records were very 
poorly kept, that in many instances the births took place in 
the homes. In a great many of such instances, there was never 
a record made of the birth. She stated however, that in some 
instances where a record of the birth was later desired, there 
was a "delayed filing" of such birth, the records of which 
are maintained at the State Bureau of Vital Statistics, State 
Office Building, Portland. 

State Registrar of the State 

Bureau of Vital Statistics, 979 State Office Building, Port- 
land, on 10/7/57 advised that the number of "delayed f iltgs " 
constituted but a small proportion of the actual number of 
births. He noted that in addition to delayed filings, there 
are also some records of births, which by state statute, may 
be filed on the basis of a court order. 

2 Chicago (RM) x 7 

1 Los Angeles (105-4805) (RM$ 
1 Portland 


PD 105-544 

Clerk, St&te Bureau of Vital Statis- 
tics, advised 10/7/57, that there is no record on file of the 
birth of anyone named WALLIE D. FORD. She stated that her search 
of records included both delayed filings and those recorded 
through court order. It is noted records of the State Bureau 
of Vital Statistics do not date back to 1891. £>j 

On lo/t/57, a check was made by SA^HH|of the 

R, L. Folk and Company's Portland City Directories issued for 
the years of 1890, 1891 and 1892, on file at the ^Central 
Library, Portland Library Association, S. W. 10th and 
Taylor Streets. There was no record in any of the above 
directories of anyone named ZARED or BEATRICE FORDv 

On 10/10/57, 1. C'VHH||B^BB ascertained from 
the persons listed at the agenciesinaRaTea/ that there was 
no record on file for WALLIE D. FORD or either ZARED or 


Records Bureau, Portland 

Police Department; 

Detective ^§■■^^■■1 Security Detail, Portland 
Police Department ; 

Mult nomah 
Retail Cre 

ty Identification Bureau,' 

Portland, Inc., 

Identification Bureau, 

Portland PD, on 10/10/ 57, advliSU 1 that there iB on file a 
fingerprint c»rd on WALLIE FORD, Los Angeles PD #16448, 
reflecting his arrest on 11/17/18, for As sault with 
DEadly Weapon. Ho Disposition is shown, AHHHH^^^tated 
there" is no other record of WALLIE FORD in the files and there 
likewise was no necord for eitherZARED or BEATRICE FORD. 

631 N. E, 

Special Agent, School District #1, 

rackamas Street, Portland, on 10/22/57* advised 




PD 105-544 

that he had caused a check to be made of all school records 
for the City of Portland for the years 1897 to 190 1, and no 
reference was located therein for WALL IE D. FORD. ■■■MHIfc 
pointed out that up to 1900 local laws did not require attendance of 
children at school until they had reached their 8th birthday. 


On 10/22/57, 

Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, 

X Ul'll 1CU1U , 

records for the years 1906 through 1916, failed to reflect 
anjf record of the marriage of anyone named FRED DODD. 

On 10/22/57, a search of the Mar riage Indices for 
Multnomah County, by 3 A m^^^^^lB^HHfc revealed a reference 
on page 224, of the Marriage Index for the Period July, 
1910 - October, 19$$, to the marriage of one FRED DODD to 

Book "35. page 240 of Marri age Certificates, made 
available to SAfMBfe 10/22/57, by< 
Clerk, Marriage License Bureau, reflected that Marriage 
Certificate #28247, was filed May 9, 1914, for FRED DODD, Marlon 

wmiuj , ui cjjuu , cuiu ianiui nnuaii ui roux uiiujjkui tsuiuiiry , vxeguu, 

who were married by Circuit Judge, KN. GATENS, Multnomah 
County. Witnesses were listed as F. D. HENNESSY and MARY E. 
MORENO. The certificate reflected that the application for 
marriage license was issued 4/l4/l4. 

ide available Book 20, Marriage Affi- 
davits, page" 49, injwhlch, under #28247, is set out an affidavit 
by "MARK E. MORENO, • 313i lot", In which MARY MORENO states 
she knows PEARL ALLEN, 313i 1st Street, that PEARL ALLEN 
is a resident of Multnomah County, over 18 years of age, to 
wit, about 18 years of age, and there is no legal impediment to the 
marriage of PEARL ALLEN to FRED DODD, resident of Salem, 
Marion County, Oregon, age about 23 years. The Affidavit 

i« j -i 3 

na» ij.xeu nay 

auu contains a notation 

"Married by W. N. 0ATENS. " 

if lie uuidfviuj 

idvised that the above two 

documents are the only records which were required as of the 
time in question and there would be Xio other records relating 
to this marriage. 



PD 105-5^4 

On 10/22/57 a s earch was made of the Divorce Indices 
for Multnomah County by S^Bim^fe ror the period from 1/2/14 
to 12/37. No record was located or any divorce action involving 

Bureau of 

cs, 979 

Oregon State Board of Health, 
£ate Office Building, 

;al Statis 

Portland, on 10/24/57 aavzsea tnai no cuvorce recorus are 
maintained on file by that agency prior to the year 1925. 
flHHHHHft^vlsed after a search of files that there is 
no record of a divorce of FRED and PEARL ALLEN DODD, between 
the years 1925 and 1930. 

On l0/24/57^(HHB^Bbs L l3o made a check of birth 
records for the period 1903 through 1920, and advised that 
there is no record of the birth of a child to FRED and PEARL 

records of births in Portland prior to ly^S) are not main- 
tained in the State Bureau of Vital Statistics. 

On 10/2V57^IHHHBHMiHI^HBIB> Bureau 
Vital Statistics, CltyBoar^ofHealth, Portland City Hall, 
advised that a chefck of the birth records for the period 
from 1909 to 1915, failed to reflect any record of the birth 
of a child to FRED DODD and PEARL ALLEN DODD. 

Concerning the witnesses to the marriage certifi- 
cate of FRED DODD land PEARL ALLEN, namely F. D. HENNESSY 
and MARY E. MORENO, the following is noted. The 1913 Port- 
land City Directory lists FRANK D. HENNESSY, lawyer, 701 
Chamber of Commerce Bldg., residence 410 - 13th Street. 
The 1915 Portland City Directory lists FRANK D. HENNESSY, wife, 
THERESA, Clerk, Circuit Court, Department 5> 410 - 10th 
Street. The 1956 City Directory does not list either FRANK 
D. HENNESSY or THERESA HENNESSY, The 1913 and 1914 Portland 
City Directories do not list MARY E. MORENO. However, the 
1915 Portland City Directory lists "Mrs. MARY E. MORENO, 
360 Front". Tshe is not listed in the 1916 or the 1956 City 

Since divorce records are not maintained by the State 
Bureau of Vital Statistics prior to the year 1925 » and since 
FRED DODD listed his addiws as Sale,m, Oregon, further check 
is being made of divorce records at Salem, for any record of 
divorce°proceedings between FRED DODD and PEARL ALLEN DODD. 




•AC, WO ftOO-3k|f9) 

1. D. FAK>| VM. 
9M *» MOST 
(OOl fitttettg*) 

M OkiaMO l*ti«r ite Dtiwrtw 4»%U 10/3/57 vfcUh 
ttrt ImjoIjt ba aftfe tt tht FittMrt Offiot fir «7 mart twaUfiiblt 
wltfc f. 0, F«D, V* 0. f AMD, «r W* FARD HUM €T MtUMK). 

^ <\ Ob 10/18 *flHH|^Hfc UWUlMd tt*t tt» «bOT» 
mm «U Mt tun* mt tmuffllr^ra In tat Paupwl QttUm, 
T*pwr%mn% tf fft*t«, film. 

Cm IQ/1B&7 ttw Ift* Offie* tlrtol %h»t BS 

•taMk M*t Mi lnflM «rmll*l», Ad to«r will m w pt rt t * mmd *• 

i -iro 



Prni a i 


<S NOV 0 1357 






Office Memorandum • united states government 


^SAC, Chicago (100-33683) 


November 15, 1957 


Director, FBI (105-63642) 



Reurlet 10-30-57 

A summary or information appearing in uuixies 
concerning subject and his known aliases is presently 
being prepared . You will be furnished with a copy of 
this summary upon its completion. 

A review of Bufiles reflects that in 1942, 
Naka Nakane was 70 years of age, almost blind, and had 
been hospitalized during the past three years because 
of stomach ulcers. Therefore, the Bureau does not feel 

. i_ " 

tnat efforts snuuiu ue expenueu st this time to determine 
if Nakane is still alive and to interview him for any 
possible information he may have concerning the subject . 



fl~l /*/? ~\A o/brstrMA siAn s$/§t/wt t -,-kt T ^„^ . 

nibni/vt wrH*Wffi> • uimiihu MATES (iUVERNMENT 

T ° 1 SAC, Chicago (100-33683) DATE: 11/18/57 

from '-.// sac, Richmond (105-2000) 

subject : y s D. FARP, was, 

Re Los Angeles airtel 10/18/57 ; to the Director. 

A search of the 1938 Richmond city directory lists 
the Marcellene Chemical Company, Inc., in Room 209, 1900 West 
Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, with THOMAS D. STEEL listed 
as president. No directory subsequent to 1940 listed this 
company . 

On Octo ber 25, 1957*. Ifc w - A ."rANDLETT of the CT F. 
Hauier CggBH^gS^ IBBMiiBMbad i>*taeet, was interviewed by SA 
^HHHHHBife and ne informed that his company owns and 
rents space in the building at 1900 West Broad Street . He 
related that the Marcellene Chemical Comj>&ny,ls now out of 
existence and that its former president , THOMAS^ D. ST EEL, 
now operates the ThoroayrD . Steel advert ising ^elH^tg^l^t 13 
ESlst Franklin Street, Ria*WtoTWy J Vi^±Tiia~ 

^Mr - jr £a |> s STEA 4 -^-East Franklin Street, Richmond, 
related to SaSHHHHBH| on October 25, 1957, that he 
formerly operated the ^UftSfrllene Uhewical Company. He stated 
that he hired no salesmen but sold his products outright to 
door-to-door peddlers, who' in turn sold them to consumers. 
Mr. STEEL advised he has no records of any of these door-to- 
door peddlers and that he could not remember the name of the 
subject or any of his aliases. %Mr. tSTEEL related that he 
would not be able to supply any information whatsoever concerning 
the subject as he had no personal contact with these door-to-door 
peddlers; they w^re not employees of his; and he maintained no 
records of them: RTJC. 

i^ST - Chicago (RM) 
1 - Richmond 


tWOKfr b 




SAC, ffO (lQ0-44*lt) 

WALU01 BOH fQBD, aaa. 


la Ut Aafalaa Ifttiv with laa« far 110 to rarl«v 
ra aaajaat. 


^ t fca fa lUmimt laforitioa ni attaiaa* traai i*a 

ai UU«a, iWxaat, tfcita* autm 

At Baa Padra, Cal if araia 7/18/37, kATlag iMt mlM la 
Laaaaa, ftaflaa*. |a fiiaa Katarallaatlaa aatltiaa *>. v7UM 
•a t/ta/43 aa* ama aatarallaad is VSDC, Laa Aaa+laa as 
t/B/al. aa aaa Mtarallaatlaa Cart if iaata Baaaar ftSOUtt. 

This aaraan iiuMtar aaa raalaad at Cara all. Qalifaraia 
with ala vlfaaaaaaaBaatf AMuktoaaaaaaaaaal a*** torn ia 

(MX filaa ara at ill aalag aaaroaaa ra taa aabjaet. 
lta will aa faralaaad afcaa avalUala. a. 

Caiaaca (10P- M M3) (Uf) 
1 • wo 





Koveaber 29, 19: 

SAC, DETROIT (10O-26356) 



It* Chicago letter to the Bureau dated 
October 3, 1957, captioned as above. 

Investigation thrcfugh appropriate aources 
at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, fa Had to 
prouuoe any r«oora or an jwajtunn imhra dmim. 

A review of tfnlvereity of Micoi^n Faculty 
and Staff Directories pro duo ad the nam of an ERDMAKN D. BEIXON, 
who In 193U was employed a* a teaching fellow In Sociology for 
the ttilveralty of Michigan and whose home addreaa at that time 
waa Hated as flt*75 Dearborn Street, Detroit, Michigan. 

^\ flHHBHHH||HH|[HV Alumni 

W«» r» * * » * W a » ^ » e»J # ** w ■ ■ at Qwm.~m p vm hv » wmww — ■ p ~ ("^ I f 

produoed an alumni reoord for ERDMANN D. BE71T09 who attended 
the University of Michigan fron 1931 through 1933* obtaining a 
PhD Degree in the latter year. He waa born August 17, 1*92, at 
Thornton, Ontario, Canada. During his enrollment he lieted aa 
acquaintance* who would be aware of his addreaa the following: 

Boon hlk 

Federal Building 
Detroit, Michigan 

0, J, MOORE 

Seme ' addreaa aa above* 

The alumni recorda also tarried a 1932 
addreaa for theee two named Individuals aa Roe* U25 Lafayette 
Building, Detroit, Michigan. 

2 - (fiXOISTKRED) ~ $ 3 (> f3 

/!> Chicago (TkFORMATIOM) (HEGISTBRKD) (100-33683) 
T - Detroit 

DOT) 6 9 


DE 100-26356 

The University of Michigan alumni reoords 
carry as the la at known address for BEYNON, 232 Chandler Street, 

H1(nV ~i u4 flKf ivkn uhloh m A rl i»*t a m . m f r>ri 1 nrr t n q Itimnl wnnrdii. 
rJiinv j| n*vu«Qnti) m*^v>* — ■*» r — — ~- -a — — — — — r 

was valid aa of March, 195>6. 

^ ^H^^^^^^^H provided a current Flint, 
Michigan, Telephone D?re^^^^^Wtlng that it failed to carry a 
Hating for ERDMANN D. BEyHOKj however, it did contain a 
Hating for a Mrs. ERDMANN D. BEYNOH of 212 Chandler Street, 
Flint, Mlohigan. 

Invaatlaation is continuing in this Division 
at the Flint and Detroit addresses noted in an attempt to 
locate end interview BFYNON in accordance with referenced letter, 

- 2 - 



Mr. Miihamrnad 



/ Who Is Mis father if God is 
not His father? God Is His 
father, but the Father is also 
a man. You have heard of old 
that God prepared a body, or 
the expected Son of Man; Jesus 
Is a special prepared man to 
do a work of redeeming the 
lost sheep (the so-called- Ne- 
groes). He had to have a body 
that would be part of each side 
(black and white), half and 
half. Therefore, being born or 
made from both people, He is 
able to go among both black 
and white without being dis- 
covered or recognized. This He 
has done in the person of Mas- 
ter W. F. Muhammad , the man. 
who was made by His Father 
to go and search for the lost 

EDITOR'S JfOTB: Jfce opinions 
_ expressed in ' thla column in mo 
manner reflect the editorial poU 
icy or beliefs- of the Pittsburgh 
Courier. The \siews are those of; 
the author. 

Kiembers of the Tribe of Sha- 
azz (though you find them 
among the Infidels, return them - to sit them in Heaven and His 

enemies in Hell. After His con 

lost. I There are no historical 
records that there was ever a 

i r ' J l - ^ . . w j 1 1 11 ■ 1 1 u Liici n>i 

400 years other than we, the 
so-called Negroes. We have 
been so long separated from 
each other that we have lost 
the knowledge of each other. 
Even today the white Ameri- 
can slavemasters are ever on 
the watch to keep out any Asi- 
atic influence that might come 
among the so-called Negroes 
to teach them the truth. They 
are our real open enemies. This 
Is no secret. The Son of Man 
Is after the so-called Negroes 

to their own). Master W. F . 
[uhamma rt j s that Son of . .Man 
.has been loo frjpg 
<&foe.M ZQOp _jieajs. 
king to save that which was 

ojhita neople.l His 

turposelTto iakeine so-called 
|S Ind kill their enemies, 
»ueh many of us will suffe| 

the good end is for tho* 
'ou who wiU hold fast J 
h ana His Telv^Km, wiani, 
(the devils) are now plag 
n^nv tricks, to *eep tW 
^ with-them to a* 
hVfire of hell which thT 
devils) cannot escape. " 

quest of the black nation's en- 
emies, tiie world will' know and 
recognize Him (Allah) to be 
God alone. There Is no prob- 

"v>ms 30*<*.h cookie*, 

solve as 'the p^oblerj^of uniting 

They are Wke a flead man 
totally without life, "ttbey have 
lost all love of serf ana kind 
and have gone all qttHn- ipyhig 
their enemies (the devils). They 
do rwit seem to Want *oy Gt>d 
to do anything like blessing 
them unless that (Sod blesses 
their enemies, too. FEAR of 
- their enemies is the real cause. 

The time Is now ripe .trjat they 

ciiiuuiu ^iavc;iiiv .*ni2p vile 

fear of Allah, who is In person 

. among them to save them, from 
their enemies. By all means, 
they must be Separated from 
the white race (the devils), in 
order that" the scripture might 

"be fulfilled. "For I will take 
you from among the heathen 
and gather you out of all coun- 
tries and will Bring -you into 
your own land" (Ezekiel 36:24). 

The so-called Negroes have 
no home (country) that they 
can -call their own. They have 
helped the white sace (the 
devils) to own a free country, 
but they have nothing for them- 
selves. This is the purpose of 
His coming: to give everyone 
that which is rightfully theirs. 
The Son of JMan (the Great 
M a h d i, God In pefcson) has 
power over all things. \ You 
cannot find a defense against 
Him in a war. Jtour weapons 
mean nothing. Tfee powers of 
Heaven and earth today will 
be ordered to fight on the side 
of the Mahdl (Son of Man) 
against His enemies. He is the 
' friend of the so-called Negroes 

sh i may look inslgnlfi^a 
>g r y ol will And Ration 

u8 - The white race to 
excited and caKnbtthhikl 
for themselves. The 
Negroes, MusliTp) 
L&st are h shelter! 
s io they taiow It. 


1*0, «K> (100-^329) 

MALUOS PO» FOfiO, Mfca. ; C 0 

SJf - SOX 0 
(00 1 CKXC&OO) 

Ba ftbloago lattar, 10/30/57 » wltfa I«ad far WTO 
ta •hack OBI r« aubjaet. 


On 12A/57 SE VH^^^Hk" *J Oil 

parabasal that AO raoorl ©FtEeTH^aot waa jfovud is GHZ 
fllas. HUC. 

2. - Buraau 

£ - Chicago ( 100-33683) (HM) 
1 - WPG 


DIRECTOR, FBI 12/9/^7 


3M - KOI 

(00 1 CHICAGO) 


Re Chicago letter to Bureau dated IO/30/57. 

The filet of 0-2, Central Reoordi Facility, 
Fort Holabird, Baltimore, Maryland, were 0 he eked threngh 
the Comnandlng Offic er. Colonel flKBATJ) H, PVXN, on 11/^2/57 
through 12/2/57 by ICl^^^H|^^MRwithout locating 
any record of the ■ubjlW^^T!WfJJf B H5KF Indices reflect 
information concerning the following individuals, all not 
identified, located in the Intelligence Records Section, DA, 
The Pentagon, under the following t 


2 - Bureau 


<£> ChioagO (100-33683) REGISTERED MAIL 
1 - Baltl »or« 1 

BA 100-20656 

Re t 


Re i 


JRP Xndieea alio reflects information concerning 
T . not furt er identified, ia located in the 

3£ Jit?^!L^?y ,,,ent " U* 1 * »• Pwttgon, under 

tne following file numbers s 

- 2 - 


BA 100-20656 

VfPO is requeated to review the above aroas- 
referenoee at AC SI, DA, The Pentagon, end If they are 
determined to be identical with the aubjeot, to report the 
pertinent lnfomation. 

VPO la aleo requeeted to oonaider Making 
appropriate Inquiry at the Intelligence Jteoorde Section 
concerning 0-2 "Organisational Filet" concerning the HOI 
and the "Development of Our Own* for any information re 
the eubject. RUC. 

- 3 - 



_ . . 1pA0/S7 

DIRECTOR, FBI U05-©3b4ZI ■"' " 

SAC, GHIOAOO (100-33683 


W. D, Fard, "Allah", <Q 
Mohammad Alt, Fred Dodd, I 

W. D. Feraud, Wallei Ford, kll ^formation cammed 

00 - 0HIGAGK> 


Re Chioago letter to Director dated 10/30/57J 
Portland letter to Chioago dated 10/29/57 *nd Bulet to 
Chioago dated 11/15/57* 

It is noted that Portland hae located a marriage 
between a FRED DODD and a PEARL ALUS at Multnomah County, 
Oregon, on 5/9/lif. . It it further noted that the subject's 
former c anaon lav wire, HAZiL SVKLSIZKft, when interviewed 
on 10/17/57 «t Los Angeles advised that she and FORD had 
never married beoause FORD had previously been married in 
Oregon and that there had been a bitter separation after 
which FORD had been unable to obtain a divorce. 

Portland should conduct all logical investigation 
to identify FRED DODD who was married on 5/9/14 i& Oregon. 
Portland, while conducting investigation, should bear in 
mind the faot that the subjeot's true name may have been 
FRED DODD and that he changed his name to FORD when moving 
to Los Angeles^ because of former marital difficulties. 

Xn this •onnection, ii' is noted tha¥ the child 

ooni t» jtviw ;ura mtmuoj-hjui ma 7/a/«v » v «wi — 


Las Angeles should determine the P^»«|ft l ^^| L M8 , * r 
of Sim XTXLSXZSR and set ©is* a lead to have b*i^IeWr*Ine 
the origin of the name WALLACE DODD FORD given the child of 


2 * Buroatf r ----- 

2 - FortUnd U05-5M*.)r 

v «d,b«^^ ^,1^,1^ 0007e 

00 100*31663 

the subject, Los Angelas should determine if to* ehild 
was possibly named after soma relative of the snbjeet. 

It Is noted that the iMt known appear**** 
of the subject was an arrest In 9/33 by the Ohio ago 
Polloe Department. In this oonnection, Los Angolas 
should determine as nearly as possible the exaet data 
mi tarn subject*! last visit to his former cowman law 
wife at which time he made the statement ha intended to go 
to lew Zealand, 

For the information of Portland, Ohio ago possesses 
photographs of subject taken in June, 1926 and July, 1933* 
If these photographs are necessary to oonduot investigation 
In Oregon, Portland should request Ohio ago to forward 
eopies for their use. 




Office Memorandum • united states government 

s SAC, CHICAGO (100-33683) DATE: 12/31/57 

^ SAC, PORTLAND (105-5Vf) 





00: Chicago 


Remylet to Butte dated 10/29/57. 

On 12/6/57, WHBWiVi for 
Clerk* s Office, Salem, Oregon, advised SA 

_ that a check of the records of that office 

failed to reflect any record of a divorce involving a person 

by the name of W. D. FORD, FRED DODD, PEARL ALLEN, or PEARL 



2 Chicago (RM) 3^ /ftt** *^ 
1 Portl and 3 


0M r 



Office Memorandum . united government 




SAC, CHICAGO (lop-33683) 
SAC, PORTLAND (l0$-$kk 


DATE: 1/9/58 



Re Chicago latter dated 12/30/57. 

3*5 / 

On 1/8/58 It was again verified that Marion County 
maintains no birth records, and that all records for Oregon, 
other than Portland, since 1903, *re at the State Board of 
Health (already checked). 

On 1/8/58, a careful check was made of the following 
without locating any record of the subject ot hia family: 

1909 Salen City Directory. 

1909 Marion County Tax List/ 

1910 Salen City Directory. 

1910 Marion County Tax Hat. 

1911 Salem City Directory. 
1911 Marion County Tax List. 
1913 Salem City Directory. 
1913 Marion County Tax List. 

1915 and 1917 City Directories for Marion County, Including 

Salem, Woodburn, St ay ton, Silverton, Turner, West Stayton, 
West Woodburn, Aumsvllle, Aurora, Brooks, Chemawa, Detroit, 
Donald, Gates, Gervais, Hoover, Hubbard, Jefferson, 1<4 arion, 
Meharaa, Mill City, M*. Angel, Niagara, Pratum, St. Paul, Shaw, 
and Sublimity, as well as all rural routes out of these towns. 
1915 and 1917 Marion County Tax lists. 

No other directories were available for period 
1918-20. io c 

On l/6/57,^^m^^HBredlt Bureau, Inc., Salem, 
adviaed their recordsgoDacT^nTyto about 1931. 

On 1/8/57, the following could locate no record: 

Marion County Sheriff's Office, Salem. 
Salem Police Department. 
Salem Water Department. 


2>Chicago ZtfM ^fj' ,^J^ Utt 

""1-P ortla nd ^^I^^^. 

*> /,/6 


6 S3 


*AC, CHICAGO <**-10*07> 

18 *> SOI 

«? _ 

f^^^^M who hM furnlahad wUibl* Information 
la tha puVmoWtf la aloaa aontaet vith KLZJAH KTJKAHHAP, 
tha lational Ltodar of tha *OI, an January k# 1W» fuamlahad 
tha following lafotamiioat 

Informant t4ri««d that ©a januaj^jB*. r>5$* «n 
individual who id«ntifiad hlaaalf uHflpw Detroit, 

Klahiftan, aoataetad CLARA HUHAMMAT) (wifo of KLIJAH). Ha 
•tatad that hi It in artist and the p«r»on who draw tha 
platura *with tha 5 avals and af Brother ELIJAH thout ton 
yaara a«o". Ha atatad, "X a* a food Kuali* and I h*va had 
a whola lot of toraant tha last fav days and ■oma thing la 
trying to kill at to kaap aa froa halplng hla { poaaibly 

KUrfAo} | ana iqjlu no) i wmm wupp&mwv w a» 

raiaa him up baaaaaa I mi good Kuall* tad I gat aaaaagao 
froa V, D, MOHAMMBP (ah) (W* t>0 FART») t 

Dotrolt la raoaa atod to fwnlih idoatlfylns lafor- 
nation aonaomingl 

Although it appaara thatfBHHBpaar ho a payeopoth, 
Dotrolt it raquoatod to a on duet lnraTugitlon to dotomina 

«4» fcW^M . * » mmm v m f*fm Jjifi gtS*t MBgll t %>*St hO Iff 1*0* Iflng 

aom-ago* from**. £ . *moh ahhe^" ( v !T"r> . riStoU 

f»troU rapl* ahaald ho dlrootod to Chlaago £ ilo 

k ~ S^lSLSl fVOX) ^ INFORMATION CMffl O ^ 

3 * Chlo»__ ^ . <^? r <^ 3 p 

jj^ 5S-)w? (KLUAJT KQESAMHAt)) 
jQ}> l*M)36d) (W # D. WH!)) 




3^ ^ 






VZKEGXM, FBI (105-636*2) 


SAC, LOS AHOXUES (105-4805) 

an - 101 
00 1 Chicago 




Re Chleago letter to Bureau, da tad 12/30/57 . 

adviaed on T7TT755 - t5at Nr. and Rrs. EVEL3IZKR advised Loa 
Angela* Feat Office on 1/13/58 that effective l/H/58 that 
their addreae would teeporarily be Sun Crest Court, Lot 1 , 
Stoek lalandj Key Weet, Florida. 

To aid Miami in conducting Interview, there la 
enoloaed to Mlaai Chicago 'a letters to Bureau lO/jj/57 vA 
12/30/57, Portland letter to Chicago, a 0/29/57. Loa Angelee 
alrtel to Bureau. 10/18/57, 

Miami ahould expedite interview of HAZEL ETELSIZSR 
before aha aoves j - K9C - 

* Chicago (IO6-35683) 
t • Miami (Knels . I) 
1 - Loa Angela* 




if 1 EL 


DIRECTOR , FBI January 17, 195ft 

SAC | DETROIT (100*26356) 


Si D .-^ KD ' "-• liiss^ 

00: Chicago 

ReCOlet to Bureau 10/30/5? ia captioned Matter. 

This is to advise that the Detroit files and 
rftfarane a^aje been carefully reviewed by Correlation Clerk 
efl^HlH^^^^^^MI^ajid a Correlation Menoraadua prepared. 
jnflratostlxl^^o^^W earn* is be tag transmitted herewith 
for the information of Chicago. 

Investigation Is continuing in Detroit to cover 
the regaining leads set^forth in relet. 

2 - Bureau { ftEUISTSREDjF 
1 - Detroit J 100-263 >6) 


JAN 2 2 1 


Office Memorandum • united states government 


SAC, DETROIT ( 100-26356*) 

Mill December 11, 19$X. 


'ORD, was. 



Re Chicago letter to the Bureau, October 30, 1957. 
25-3670* - 

Photo of WALLACE D. PAT? AD, in 1933, contained in 1-A 
Serial 9 <£\ 

Report of SA VH»HHHL&n<» 1, 19142, at Washington, 

cc Ctiieago, re -w. i uj.iT MO h ArcMUD , was. WILLIE MOHAMMED stated 
he was born near Sandersville, 0*., on August 5. 1^91 and 
nis slave name was WILLIE POOLE. WILLIE MOHAMMED advised 

n^n T\ i r"\ ,4. ji. j -1 ^> *s -» 

Serial 10 

Report Of SA^|HHimB| at Cnicago, June 13, 1%2, re 
GULAN BOGANS , was. This report states that a teletype was 

received from WTO on May 11, 19lj2 stating that GULAN BOGANS 
had been apprehended. Tne Chicago Temple of the moslems 
was located at IOI4 East 51st Street. This organisation (not 
further described) was founded in 1931 at Detroit, MieMg&n, 
by W. P. ?ARD. PARD was reported to have been arrested on 
tares occasions in Detroit for teaching Islam. 

Milwaukee teletype on May 19, 19U2, reflect that the records at 
the Temple in Milwaukee reflect that W. D. PARD was reported 
to be the "ALLAH" of 1 3 J. an and in all probability could be 
located at 6026 Vernon Street, Ctiieago, Illinois, 

, Serial 1U 

Report of SA^HBHHH| at Detroit. July 10, 19fe2, 

This report reflects that, WILLIE MOHAMMED was born August $. 1691 
as MILLIE POOLE. WILLIE "MOHAMMED was under Indictment on two 
counts because ne refused to register for the draft, 
» MOEAMT-lKp cd vised he net WALLA CK D . PA RAD in Detroit In" 1931 
and FARAD at tnat time was the leader and : organizer of the 

T a 1 Am w« I 1 r< An -t n T\A 4- «*a 1 + n ^ ir ^ — s <4 4- n 4- T«B/n i — *» *. t% — *- J 

in 1933 or 19-3U ana nad no iaea wnere had could be located at 
tne present time. 


HftywT R^ P pr|. riQi-Ari November 26, 1950, re the "Moslem 

;\-.oly Temple of Islam - Detroit Branch. 

This report states the "LLVi,LOPMZJIT 0? OUR CWN" and the Islam 
Temple cults came In Tor some Intensive investigation by the 
Detroit Police Department In 1933-35 and tne following infor- 
mation was obtained rrom the Police Department records: 

i — * — - — p — — — — ' — — — — " " — — * " • ^ • i±s j V v V A " w 

of negroes that had been organised by anotner Negro named 
Nobie D. Oille, as a Moslem Islamite group. This group 
practiced the Moslem religion. Meetings were aeld at tne 
hemes of various members of the group. This group claimed 
to nave been originally ««t up in 1913* At some time in the 
year 1932 or 1933 aMajor TAKAHASHI became active in the group. 

i • 

According to a "Handbook of the Detroit Negro", published by 
the Minority Study Associates', editor ULYSSES BOYKIN, an 
organisation which called itaelf tne "DEVELOPMENT OF OUR 0W1* 
was started by a negro named GEORGE GHDtBS, a elty worker, 
at a legitimate political organisation in 1930* A Japanese 
named Ha J or TAKAHAyi tock over the organisation. 

V. i>. fBtAUD oeeimed that he was the originator of the •DEVSLfiPKUT 

OUR OWV" and the, Moslem Temple of Is lest Cult and cited as 
proof a book that hkd boon copyrighted by aim in the U.S. Lierary >■ 
of Congress titled "5 Oalding Prlaeipala*. In 193it V.D. PAW) 

yv» wr v*. jjotroi* ana oe aors 

[ J - 


In Detroit between 1931 to 103it tnere were approximately 7on 
members of an organisation called "The Nation*™ iK2 * Z 

organisation purported to be allied with tne Monammedan pelicion 
This organization waa establisned by V. D. FORD. religion 

gS-Hli3 3-l-1 ^ 

Report of sa «^HBHi August Bf 1%2f at Chicago, re 

ne pro was jir>nr»«n«r>ri»H 

trotted he 

rS£Y S S J° re «iater under the Selective Service Act. 
r & or Vi a S ^.p^ 0 a a S e : KU3llnin ^ ^ «"€lon rorbia r. a I.SH 

adv?^d^Ji° nftd !\ the ° mcia ^ of the organization 4 ^^— 

advised the prophet and original leader was V. ^AR^u^h* 

local leader in Chica r o was ELIJAH MOFiAMKLp . 




fe2-709-t>U *T 

Report o? 5Afl^^^H^^|B Marcn 20, 1%0, at Detroit, 

re NAKA NAKANE^^^^^^^^^ 

'NAKAH3, a Japanese, emigrated to Canada in approximately 1900 
where he married ANNIE CRADDOCK. In 1921, NAKANE emigrated 
to Tacoma, Washington, witn nia wife ana family, remaining 
tnepe , until 1926, wnen he cisappeared in financial disgrace. 
In 1933 he appeared In Detroit, Michigan, using the naae of 
TAKAHASHI where ne became active in promoting the negro 
organization "Development of Our Own." NAKANE married 
Mrs. PEAJ*L T. SfiSRHOD, negress, (DE File 100-li?357) on 
February 2I4, 19 3U, who waa active in above organisation. 
NAKANE was deported to Japan April 20, 193*4 by INS without 
funds. On Aupust 29, 1931* , NAKANE arrived at Vancouver, B.C. 
Canada, in possession of $2,000., subsequently residing at 
Vancouver, B.C., Windsor and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from 
wnlcn points ne directed policies of DO00 through his w^fe. 
In September, 19>P, a marital rift caused NAKANE to appoint 
CA I. C. B/.TES, negro, as executive. 

Strife wltnin the D0O0 causeM NAKANE to illegally re - enter 
trie U.S. at 3uffalo, N.Y. , on January 11, 1939 using the 
name of KUBO ana after coming to Detroit, reorganized his 
loyal followers into the "Onward Movement of America." On 
June 27 1 1939 NAKANE >**» arretted for Illegal entry and 
attempted bribery of U.S. Immigration Inspector. On 
September 28, 1939 NAKAHE was' convicted for attempted 
bribery in Federal Court at Detroit, Micnigan, aentenoed 
to three years' Imprisonment and $1^00. fine. 


NAKA NAKANE stated tnat wtien ne firat came to Detroit at the 
Insistence of Reverend JOHN WHITE of Tacoma, Washington, ne 
resided wlta ABDUL. MOhAXMED for approximately two weeks 
NAKANE stated ne left the residence of ABDUL MOHAMMED because 
tie considered MOKAHMED a fraud. Poxiowlng this he attended 

. several colored churches and frequented tne YWCA'a in this 
city and at tne insistence of the colored people whom he met 
was instrumental in organizing the DO 00, which was incorporated 
in tne State of Michigan. He alleges this f organization was 

t started in 193^ although throughout the investigation no one 
could remember Its existence before tne latter part of 1932 
or tne early part of 1933* He stated trie D000 nad become 
inactive after nis deportation to Japan in i93i*. 


"The speech, 'Japan's Divine Mission* was admittedly written 
by NAKANE but he states that ae did not give this at any of 
the meetings of eitner organization sponsored by him. Tne 
speech 'Tne Sinking Ship and the Life Boat', was written by 
Mrs. CHEAH2R MC IK TYPE and was read at several of the meetings 
but according to liAKANE was too complicated for the people 
to understand. ABDUL KOIIAMK-iD mentioned hereinbefore is 
alleged to be deceased at the present time, naving died in 
an insanfe nospital." 

Tne foregoing paragraph was set out in the report between 
two paragraphs setting out information fumisned by NAKANE 
during an interview. I t is not known whether or not NAKANE 
fur nished tne information re the death of AHdUl IpRAJWH TJ^ 

On August 9* 1957 V City 

of Detroit Housing Oti iaisslon, ^St Tg^JfEWTT^idviaed 

^reeldej at^ Detroit, 
a*» res IBM^BimW&m Afril 27 , Wj. !• related that 
her nwab^d^^^yj^j^^^oiea^a^ fie* deo**< 

V J,';-. >. 

* 100-3703* 


December 10, 19^2, at 

Report of TV 
Detroit, re 

Information was received that S^^^^H*) wrote a letter to the 
CoTernor of Michigan statin^JfoS^^^^" 1 * 1 * 8 "ere mistreated at 
Fort Oglethorpe, Oa. ^HHLe stated to his Local Board he 
would never take the oath to defend the United States. 

at eflllHiA *nd requested 
Office for interview. 

waa contacted in hia hone 
to come to the Detroit Field 

On September 10, 
and was intervi 

young ana met a 
dark and was als 

*0HAK-Il£D founded 
it in about 1930 
out of business^ 
1921 Hindle. 
told him tne fol 

t *^^n^< 

the Detroit^, 
and SA 

advised tie came Tb Detroit wiibh very 
man Dy une nam^ofABDUL MOHAMMED, who was very 
o a Moslem. 4ssVH|^Hfe tat ed that this 
the Developmento^JTfr Own and that he Joined 
. He stated he uisMj^^to MOHAMKiiD and that 
either 193t> or 1937^afl^tn^organization went 
He s tated tne ABDUL MOHAMMED had lived at 

advised he had heard a nan by the name 
akfln over the DOOO and tnat MOHAKMiD aad 
lowing story before ABHJL died: 

MOHAMMED advised that TAKAHASHI net him, MOHAMMED, 

around 1933 or 193^ and MOHAMMED had met TAKAHASHI as he, 
MOHAMMED, was always interested in Orientals who came to this 
country, and TAKAHASHI, for some reason, knew about 1 MO HAMMED 
and looked ham up upon ajrrival in the United States. MOHAMMZD 
advised that TAKAHASHI was sick and that he, ABDUL MOHAMMED, 
and his wife nursed TAKAHASHI back to health. TAKAHASHI 
told MOHAMMED that MOHAMMED would never Make any money on the 
DOOO and that ne should follow TAKAHASHI «s ways and they would 
both make money. MOHAMMED then allegedly told TAKAHASHI 
that be would not rob the Hegro people, as the organisation 
was founded to nelp the Megroea and that the majority of He gross 
were very Ignorant. MOHAMMED advised Subleot that TAKAHASHI 
then got quite ajngry^ with hia and left and that be _fcold_ 

ptart hia own 

The 1957 Phone Directory list* the follow 
known if this la identical with the 
you are Interested. 

and It !• not 

: i ' 


This serial Is date stamped Ootober 21, 191*2 . 

'MOHAMMED, Abdul I deceased J 
Detroit, Michigan 


Kef: {a) 9ND card, PAKRAD, Wall, Mr. (witn aliases), 

dated 10/13A2; 
(b) 9ND card, Nation of Islam, dated 9/23/1*2. 

Rating "3" report: Subject, negro, a "first officer" of 
Detroit "Temple" of Nation of Islam, negro -mohammedan 

CUlt, Was nOSt OI ail<lKHtB ibilaubsiu, sgmiv ui wsk' 

tragon Society of Japan, at time of latter' a arrival in 
Detroit* in early 1930s. In 1939 TAKAHASHI advised FBI 
that he came to Detroit at instance of Rev. John WHITE, 
colored minister in Tacoma, Washington, who had received 
communications from Subject, encouraging "some Japanese 
in that territory to proceed to Detroit to work among the 
colored people." TAJLARASHI said that ha left Subject* ■ 
home after two week stay because he thought him a "fraud. 

WkAa^a ^* m/*m*m**1 TiViHi^HT . 'K* r 111111(1 tkA gja APeaA> 

liatlon really for the beet Intereat of negroes, called 
Development of Our Own. Meanwhile it It reported that 
Sobi*** is opposition to the doe trine of the latleml mt- 
Is last (ref • b) that ■egro-^olia— iidsws 4S4 not be lea*; to 
Amerlo* and that tfesyi vere slttitM of the Holy m%7 of 
" tly ta SAe Mealesi flag, » e+e*e4 

>sie» ms* 0t M* own in jmUeh 


100- 33b>b3-y- 


Main rile Wot 103-63642 


8tt Also - 100-6583 (not rteerdttf fttriaZ, 

dot«d 8/T/42, filed Date Searched t 11/14 /S? 
above ft* rial 3? J 

it a summary of information obtained from a 
review of all "see" references to the subject in Bureau files 
under the »om« and alias ee lieted about. Mo attompt ham boon 
mado to oxhauat all possibilities at to tht names and aliases 
by whioh tht subjtot nay havt bttn frfcowft. All referenoee under 
tht abovt bomi containing data identieal or possibly identical 
with tho eubjeot have boon included except those litttd at tht 
tnd of thit summary a* not having bttn reviewed* Iht torn "ST" 
preceding a ttrial numbtr thown in tho block indioatot that the 
•trial to designated o on tains tht same information at tht fort" 
going atrial, Boweuer, it thou Id be realised that tht <i/tor«a- 
tion in thttt ttrialt may difftr tone what in detail although 
tht faott art batioally tht mm, 

fhit tummary is designed to furnish a synopsis of tht 
information sti out in taoh rtftrtnot* Except where stated 
otherwise tht original ssrial will contain tht information in muoh 

Also Searched Ast See Page # 2 

Sub foot t Wallaos Don ford 

mora detail. 


fund Ait rmllav D*» frd, HIU\ T*rd, HlUt D. 

y^ra. w*iiff if, /fro. /»ro, muai «r»t 

r. J. r$r%wi, Tr§4 D*dd, 0ftt <42IiA, r. Z>. 
J%rd, F»Il»£r# JT»rd, F«2It« J*r$ # till«0« /?• 
Jfcrrf, Jkllaotf £■>• Ttrd, 0u Ifcrd, J. FcIIco* 
/tontfj iI2«U Tfcrtf, F. D, Jfcrtrf, fb22*a« J)»» 
Mrftrf, r. D* T*rr%d, f« jP t JfeJUftMtf, f. J. 7. 
ifeJUaftttf, r. fi m Hrd Mthmmd, r. JJ. J*rr#i^ 

Tfjrd JfttJblBMtf, r. /. IfefrawMrf, F. D. Jfcrard, 
Jterrfrrf. F. J). fWi*)*Bto. F ; * t Fgrr^rd. 

Mmhtdtih,' 0** itohkwmtd/ Hrd Muktnmd/ 
T> Uutnu*, Alt M»hmn**d t Mohamd Alt, 
Hit Tmrrmd, Hit M»h**mmd ( Jfhammad Hli, 
A Jt»h**&ad Alt, /. Alt JftftOMttad, /«rr«d 

i2«« £«aroh«d i«i illafc. Folly Ttrd, Hlkir r»rd, W, ftrd, 

Mfhtnat Alt, Mohtuid Alt, Mhsuui Alt, 
U*hm**d Alii, Alt M*hmmm*d t Hit Jtohdmd, 
M22«y JTchsWHtf. *22< M*h*m**d, Miho**9d 
Hit, F«22«o# JfeHftMAd, F«22«e« U. Jfefctmurf, 
J*rtf Jfr h*mm*d. Mthamd Hrd, MUkmmmmd Jit rd, 
f. r. JftioJmuG*. 


Thi$ oummmry Mrt*f*« ** fmllmoo Don /»r<J, 
*22*y«tf ftundmr of *** Jattti •/ I*2«» fJWJ, »*• m* *■•»» 
«• tho M«b«ri 0/ tMt er?«B I m* Allmh, tho Supromo 

B*t ng. 

Duo to tho fmnotful nature of thm Oi/jrutUR <1U- 
oI***rf # tht X»12frrf»9 ** $*t*|r itft forth to mid tft* r**4*r, 

fhf* ttmftry Ms* proper ed on tho mooumptton Met 
ffeZIto* Don ford m* *4*»tf *a2 wtth tho mubjoot of TBI Mo, 


Tho Btogrmphioml Date on ford &mry obviously coutatno 
dtooropmnotooj howovor mil information, r&gmrdl*** of tho 
validity, rmportmdly pmrtmtntng to th* oubjoot, hmo boon 
inoludod to bin* fit tho rmmdor, 

Tho mm /, A Mohammed mmo not o*mrohod during 
tho pr operation of thio mucry, Tht* na»o mm* re f looted in 
numtrouB rofmrenoo* pmrtmtntng to tho oubjoot of thio oummary$ 
hom*v$r $ tt oould not bo d*t*rmin*d mhethmr tho r. /. l/o hammed 
mentioned refmrrmd to lord or Elijah Mohammad, Tord't prophot 
in tho MOI, mho mm* ml*o knomn mot f,r. Mohammed. Tho 
informs tio*, tho ro fore, mm* not incorporated into tho nummary . 

Alio excluded from tht* oummmry worm form lottoro 
mppamring tn vmrtou* rmforonomm mhtoh more dirmotmd to tho 
Temple it Chtomgo by momboro of tho dmrk rmoo for th* purpooo 
of obtmtntng thmtr original mm* otnoo tho dmrk pmoplt 
mllogodly po******d only o lotto mm**. Tord'o main film 
indtemtmd thmt thooo lottoro m*r* filod mwmiting hto return, 
mnd thmt ponding htm rmturn, thooo Me** 2*tt*r* hmd boon 
mpprovod mmrm mlleiaad to use thtir ftrmt mm* fo Homed by tht 
lottor t} z*» ! 

Th* mmjartty of tho rofaronaoe found tdontioml mith 
Ford oontminod thm mm 422* A, who omm mlto tdontioml with 
ford* Zn thooo (Miw««i tho information on ford mm* inoorpo rated 
tn thtm mummmry, but thm inform* Hon rof loo ting th* mm ill** 
mhon m*od mo m doiftod pormonmgt mnd «• *uoh mmtttng forth hio 
temohtngo mnd pemmre mm* not inoludod herein, M—evmr, m lt§t 
of ouoh reforeneoe may b* fund on page* 4V, 49 omd 49 mf thi* 






R*P»rt9d Birtkdtttt 
mnd Birthplace* t 


Matia na lityt 



Hllao§ DP* Fprd, •*•, *2I#< frd, 
¥*lll i D; JHsrd- WmXXy Tmrd. dt 
Tord, ml lea 4 Farad,* W, D, ft'rawt, 
rr*d DPdd, 0s« Allah, *♦ D* Fard, 
miao9 ford, 9il It* JT§rd, Pallac* 
D, Fard, fulUo* P9n Fard, Om Fard, 
At WaltaoP Fard, Allah Fard, 9 % D* 
J*r«<f. f*lUC9 Dp* I*rmd, r, D, Farrad, 
r. D, Jl9hau**d t Alt M«Hm*m*d, 
Jfrhammad Alt, Pali Arrtd, W. 2. Fprau 
tali MPhawmad, Uthtmmad Hit, F. 
tfrhmad Alt, F, Alt ifrh*n**d, Far red 
jfohamwad, Mohammad farrad, r. D. f* 
V»hanm*d, W, D. Fard lfeha**4d, F* i), 
Farrov MahamMpd, r. D. Far rod Muhammad 
Wallaop Fard JiUhammad, r, /. Uuhamnad, 
r# i), Far+rd, F, D, Farrard, W u D. 
Farr&u, F. D* FPrrard, 0*9 Maha&tah, 
On* MthamMd, Fard MiiMft. T. D* F, 
tttfcau*, Uahdt*, F, F* MuQk Itucl*, 


ml lac 9 Fard Jfefcamrf*, i« to 11* 09 
M$hamm*d*, F, Terr Muhammad*, W, F* 
Muh****d* t F. /, Mahamnad*, 

2/2S/91, Pprtlamd, On, 


a /ok frrrf it**.** 
1894, M99 Zaalamd 

Whit 9, Bagro 

Amarioan, Arabia*, Maw Z*alm*d 

S'e 3/8, a 5'5" 
133 Ibm., 13S lb*. 

iiriti, Blaok 

• Wit aaarohPd 



Stair t 


Marital Statu* t 


Slack/ tn 1932, reportedly mere hair 
long and full in back 

Zared ford and Beatrice ford, both born in 

Motel Barton (around 1920 to 1936 j no 
record of marriage or divorce) 

Wallace Dodd Tord* changed to eallace 
Max rord (b, 9/1/20 in Ice Angeleef 
in Its Ceaet Quart during World Mar iT/ 
killed at It nhaven Road*, fa,, on 8/3/43) 

Tbrd wae reported to have been married prior to the 
abovo time, mhtoh marriage ended in a bitter reparation, and 
ford wae unable to Obtain a divoroe. It mat further reported 
that a eon reeulted from thin marriage eometime prior to 1914 
or 1915, poeetbly in Oregon, (Mamee not given) 


Criminal Record t 

Lee Angelee PD 
Mo, t 

3/4/96 t 

2/13/96 t 
San Quenti%i Met 

m /« n /ha 


Public eoheole, Portland, Ore, 

16447, 16446 

Arreeted for aeeault with a deadly weapon 
and released. 

Violation of the Weolwtne Aot (California 
prohibition lam), poeeeeeian and tale 

Sentenced to a 91,00 fine or 1 day in Jail 
en count I and $400*00 fine or 180 dame 
in Jail en oount a 

Arreeted for violation ef the State 
Pot eon Aot. 


San Quenttn Penitentiary for violation 
ef the Calif, State Poteen Aot, 


✓ * A 

0 f u 

Criminal Rooord (Oin't)t 
Dotroit PJ> Mot 45138 

3/26/33 t ArrooUd on ohargo of imoootigation at 

tho rraymoro B0UI a* Ohiof of tho Voodoo 

Ford ni roportod to haoo arrootod 3 tt moo *n 
D»tr»<* prtor to 5/39/33 /or toaohimg I* la*. (Mo detailed 
aoooumt oot out,) 

Jfo Dat#* 

May, 1933*1934t 

Sapor tod Jitatdoneooi 
7/4/30 1 

Wpr to 2933* * 



Subaoquont to 
1934 1 

Wo Datat 


Auguot, 1943 1 

Portland, Cr«. 

Loo Angoloo, Galif* 

947 3* TloiDOr St., Loo Angoloo 

4401 Mt. Saglo PI., loo Angoloo 

Detroit- Mioh. 

(probably Mation of Tola* Tomplo) 
Ohioago, ill, 

(probably Mation of lolam Tomplo) 
Who r 9 ab on to untnown 

Arrtvod tn Morth Auorioa from Moooa, Arabia 

Botvrmod to Moooa 


6026 3, for rob AvO., Ohioago 

(poooiblg addrooa of Motion of lolam Tomplo) 



5 7/ 

Reported Beetdenoee (oon't) 

f Q.I fir 


4u?tt**, 1953/ 


Oooupatf OMf 

About 1913 to 
about 1923t 

Prtor to 1926t 
1930-May, 1933 1 

May, 1933*1934 1 

Sopor ted Oooupatt one t 
Around 1930 1 

MuBlim Cult of Tola* Tempi*, 
115th 8t, t MTC 


Alive f mhereabout* unknown 

Proprietor of cafe at 347 3. Tlover 8t*, 
Loo Angelee 

Goo * ( no locality) 

Teaohor of Ulan at th$ Sation of It lan 
Tenple in Detroit 

Teach* r of lelam at the Motion of Ialan. 
roup I o in Chicago, 

Door-to-door peddler in Detroit 

Teaoher of I* lam at the Mation of lelan 
Head of tht Japan*** Amy 

July, 1942 1 
Organisational Affiliation* t 

Development of Our Own, reportedly Organiser 

Mation of lelan, reportedly founder and their 

ft I Zoo • Don ford ft not on the Security Index* 





JfCT.t •»•»••••#•*• ••t»Jfti«2f» Cult 9/ I»la* 

JT0I.. .............. ..JTa« on e/ XtlaR 

Jt «^ould &• not«6 that tfc* ifctltn Cult of I 9 Ian 
mat alto known at tht Jfot<on 0/ J* Ian and tht Allah Ttnple of 




On 8/19/34 
womb or of MOT fonpla 

M. 0/ unknown raliabtlttv* a f ormar 

fruit of X§lam g adrtoJdthat tha 90X waa fowa wont IPSO 
fa D#tre<t »y in r. Jferard, X»/«rMiit advtood that ¥. 
D* furard bm taovs is th# a* Allah* So oontinuad that 
tho Prophot, Elijah Mohammad, and tha formar miniOtar of tha 
97 and fa* king ton tomplot, Sultan Moh ammad, mart ntrma nallv 
taught by Allah in DatroiU (T»lt a*f^ 

99£f A mam a* . 
w m * may / 

On 9/3?/54 t ^ka\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\*** intarviamad at 
mhtoh t<»« h« aduiood that tho ***b«ro of tha MOT boliavad 
in tho divtno nature of Allah, who waa known aa W* 2?* farard, 
and in tho divino poworo of Elijah Mohammad* 

On 7/87/54, durin 

mgabo r of Mr T omplo 

ontifiod a$n3mWam^a\\Pf tho MOT in MFC, 

MT rpt., 10/88/54 (00 85-30607) 
Bat MOT, akaj X8-MQI 
2S-330971-417, pp. 3, 28 \ 

(6) (3d) 

ST par 1 abova U 
100~l3S~16-5 t p. 3 (Dotroit )ni$o) 


of tho MOI of Detroit wao 
timo Lloyd X, tha Aaaiatant 
Daring thio moating, Lloyd 

a groat 

On 11/3/58, a mooting 
hold (plaoo not givon) at whioh 
Mintatar, man tho main apaakor. 

I gava a briof hiafory of r. D. Mohanmod*. and talked 
doal about alavary* and tha "mhito dovilo" prejudiooo, 
following thio, Lloyd I had paoplo from tha audtonea tootify 

■v vv amw v m **wt nm*» »wmw J v i *mm ;irf • » v*«l>i »» 

tootify waa an oldorly man (not identified), who atatad that 
ho had believed in Ohriatianity until r. D. Tarrad (ph) oamo 
to Detroit and adviood thorn about tha la lam religion* Thio 
individual oonttnuad by atating that ha had aaan tha ltght\ 
and had dinad with 9*1. In addition, ha atatad that Ohriet maa 
born at 3408 Mae tinge 8t*, Datroit, and ralatod how Mary map 
looking for a plaoo to hava ha r ahild. ( 9o furthar data oot 
out)* m\\\\\\\\\\m ^ ^ 

• Xt maa not dafinitaly datarminad whether 
idanttoal with tho aubjaot of thia aummary 

thio individual maa 


It wae noted th&t ?« 27* Parr ad mas believed to be 
identical with W, D. fraud or lard, mho, according to G-2, 
assumed the leadership of the MCI in Detroit in 1930* 

OQ investigative Summary rpt, 

4/8/53 (CO 3S~90607) 

Ret Elijah U0haUB9d t 909/ 

MQX, aka$ 

Seleottve Service Act of 194 9 $ 

Conepi raayt 


(6) (IS) (25? (3D 

T~2, of unknown reltabiltty. advtssd that ho mas 
present at the annual convention sf the MCI held on 3/36/52 
in Chicago,* Th§ convention mae called to order by obi Sultan 
Mohawnod, the leader of the Temple tn Washington, D* C, Be 
explained that the celebration mas being he\d on 2/36/58 because 
that date narked the arrival of Allah ** tn person to the shores 
of Worth Avert oa and also marked the date on mhioh Allah oho 09 
Elijah Mohammed to be h's apostle tn Sorth America. The informant 
advised that Sultan Mohammed mas then followed by Jamil Diab, 
mhon the informant Ascribed as the teacher of Arabic tn the 
Mumber 2 Temple of islam***, mho spoke on discrimination tn 
thie country. The informant continued that following Diab, 
the prophet**** addresssd the group. Bis talk conststsd of 
a descrtptton sf the arrival of Allah *****, under the name of 

, (con't en next page) 

* Sxaet address net clearly indicated 
** Tear of arrival net given 
*** Located in Chicago 

**** This apparently refers to Elijah Mohammed 
***** Mo date eet out 


r. D. torrad, in forth Amtrita and wtth tubtoqutnt dttouttton 
of tht ttaohing of Mohammad afttr dtttgnattng htm ao tho prophtt 
9S Allah, tn thta oouhtrs. Bur tup thto talk, tht tnftrmant 
ttattd that Mohammad point ad ta 4 blackboard on tho ttago 
on «Meh *o« a rfraviiff */ tho fiqa •/ **« W?. With thit gttturt, 
Mohammad ttattd to *A# M«ff»Alp "Tt do not ragttUr with thtt 
mi. nor do wt ttrvt htm* tho dtotlt probably hav* a rtaordtr 
taking damn all of tht** X don't tart* X mat gtvtn tht truth 
to opaak and that I will do." <O c 

<* 4%l26<f*Ij>Ala o» 4/14/34, Brothar Malaolm I (Ltttlt), Mintttor 
of tht fhtladtlphta mci Ttmplt, ttattd that tttjah Mo haunt d 
had boon ratttd up by Allah to taaoh who tht tntmy mat* Bt 
ttattd that tho Mttttmgtr (Elijah Mohammad) had boon oho ton by 
Allah who una no "tpook" but a /lath and blood man who earn* 
to tht wildarnaat of Worth Amtrtoa* to rattt tht 17^000.000 
(Mtgrttt) from tht doad and put thorn in thttr rightful plaoo 
on top of oiviliwattou* 

0» 4/18/54, 

* Dot* not pi von 




Det roit. Ml interviewed ill Ml uttroi t jt# 

Jtotpl* 0/ lelam «f ftatflB^asd ttt ll gtf »d« d »«ttf»;« at 
IrrtfiwZar f »*#r?;aZ«. Jooordi*? tsl^PH^ W, £• ibrd «a* 
fit charge of *h« r«y>I* in 1933 and wat known at the Prophet 
and alto at Allah, Be advited that Fard predicted the prettnt 
gar. m -betting that 0* runny *nd the dark raoet of th* world 
would be fighting against all of the white rao'ee torn* time 
at a future data, At to th* outcome of th* mar. ha predicted 
that tho white raoet would bt beaten dovn and that a^dark 
race would take complete control, According to 
lard alto etated that th* member 9 of the Tempi* of Xe\ 
would bo better off if th* darker raot a won the war, 
etated that Fard predicted that in the war to 00m* all ptrtont 
In the P3 would be called upon to rogitter in order that th*y 
might fight for th* PS, Fard told tha people that inatmuoh a* 
they ware not cititent of th* US but oitieent of I* law, there 
would ae nothtng that would require then to regit tor, that 
eaoh individual would have to make hie own deoieion, 
aleo advieed that Fard told the people to line up nith the 
darker raoee when the war oawe, ^emLmmWm^ further ttated that 
he had not heard the Japanete peopli mentioned in the Temple 
tinoe approximately 1933 when *, D, Fard left the Temple, 

DS rpt, 10/23/43 

set Allah Temple tf it la*, aiaj 

Elijah Mohammed, watj 

IS-Jf Seditions Seleottve Servtoe 

100-6362-137, p, 3 


vn 2/21/oTf 

boo# aval Lao ie a copy oj a 
86 page booklet entitled "The Supreme 9ttdont,,, m by Mr, 
Elijah Muhammad, Thit booklet oontai ned portion* of the 
wattage being taught the totalled Segroet by Elijah Muhammad, 
the following vat one of the teaohtnget 




ill 1930 * 

"The Coming of Allah" 
Ullah oame to ue from the Boly City of Ueooa, Arabia, 

'Be ueed tht name of Wallaoe 2>, Xard, often eigning 
it ¥* Dm Tard* In the third year ' 1 933) Be eigned Si 9 name 
' 1 W, f,l/uhammad , 'mhioh eiande'for Waliaoe lard" ituhaumad. 

'Bo eame alone. 

mm ' m in term / nm » fin\ \ 

rpz», r/o/or (uv iw—oavitj 

He: Elijah Poole, mat Elijah 
Jfuhanxad, Elijah Mohammad, flu lam 
Bo gans, Ths Meeeengor of Allah, 
Elijah Muck Xaok, Tho Prophet, 
Mohammed Raoeoulli Z8-W0I 
105-24822-24. p. 19 
(Sot Indexed) 

1 - 

On 7/6/84, f^^HadirUtd that on 7/2/54 a mooting 
mo hold at tht Toungetmwn, Ohio, MCI Temple on Elko St, At 
that tint, thoto in attendance mere taught that Allah same 
9,000 milee to tht holp of Worth America in tht ism of T. D. 
Earard to teaoh tho oe-oallod Segro hio religion and that Bltjah 
Mohawmod vat trainod for 3$ yaare to toaoh tht people, 

On 7/80/54 and 7/37/54 JL^kW^k^kWadvioad that a 
mooting mat hold on. 7/18/54 and 7/25/54, rtepedtively, at tho 
Toungotomn Ttmplt faring mhieh time Theodore X etatod basically 
the eame above information, indicating that Allah arrived in 
1930s Tmformant taentified Thsodor* T am the owner af ths Meroury 
Shoo Cleaning and Dyeing Store, Toungotomn, 

the lounge to vn in rectory refloated the owner of thte 
store mat fed E f Boot* 

QT *pU (00 25*80607) 
i Set The MCI, «*aj 

' I3~UCI 

85-330971*994, pp. 8, 4, 5 



-23. S 1% 

On 3 /SO/5 8, the Detroit PD telephonteally advised 
thateTf^g/ggftM^khai been arretted for investi gatten of 
armec trofioerym^ mat eubeequently interviewed at the PD 
during mhtoh time he advieed that he was »t If -empl oyed at an 

w» r v r v v w rr\* v §mwm r vt* a iww am ^wwhb^h^^p w w 

Jndioattd that At Aai reoeioed thte name from. D* fard mho 
Uft it for him in Detroit in 1983* 4nm%*%furthor o toted that he 
believed in the Moslem religion but that he belonged to no 

organised group praotiotng the Moelen religion, 

DE rpt. 3/11/5Z (CQ 25-2060?) 
Res Elijah Vohawr.ed, was/ 
et alf XCI; 

Selective Service Act. 1948/ 
Conspiracy $ Sedition 
25-330971-99. p. 7 

Thie rtferotoe tot out interviews with members or 
former members of the HOI in Detroit, Theee interview* as a whole 
reflected that the individuals mere registered mith W, D, 
Pcrd during 1930-19331 that Pard mas Allah, the Supreme Being j 
that MOI menbere owed allegiance only to the NOIj that Hard 
left Detroit in 1933/ and that at meetings eubeequent to 
pard's departure, diaoussions mere held regarding literature 
left behind by Fard. The following mere the individuals 

Alleged Date 

Mot given 
Mot given 


Mot given 
Sot given 
Mot given 
Mot given 




Alleged Date 

sr uurvitw 


" — r w ~" — 




This referenoe further eet out a dieeertatton on 
"Ibe fatten of lelan," eouroe unknown, which, reflected Fa^d 
leaderehip in the organisation in the early 1930 

n wi 


Be: William Poole, 
Selective Service t 
Sedi tion 

25~90417-22, pp. I, 2, 4-28 

Thie referenoe wee a JT airtel t dated 5/28/57, captioned 
WOt* Snoloeed with thie airtel were oopiee of a blank memo 
which contained a brief hietery of the MOT, Thie material, 
which revealed no aouroe ef information, vat to be furnished 
the MTCfy' JPJ>, me resume ted bg them, pending Bureau approval* 




Aoeording to tht blank memo, tht VOX jo* startsd in 
Detroit around 1930 by an individual known as r. D, rard, Fard 
ma§ a door-to-door peddler mho in hit sontaots with If grot* 
in tht Dttroit vtoinity oonuinoad iktm of hi* mtatsttrtal abtltti 

tht Btbls~as a guide ti 6ut «• M« /»22ewfft? £*r#» 

2ar$tr h« fc#gas at too king tho Bible and the mhtte raos in hi* 
spsoohoo. When the number of follomtrt bo can* to larfft that 
ho tit o» mart not largo enough to joooo mo date thorn, Jhrd began 
preaching in a Detroit "temple,* mhioh twmpli mat SUrriii* y 
knomn a* Temple I of tho BOX, 

Tho mono furthor stated that in Hay, 1933, lard 
mas ordtrtd to leave Detroit by looal authorities* Elijah 
Muhammad then aaounod tho leadership of tho organisation* Tho 
mono noted that throughout the on It tht disappe aranos of Sard 
and the resultant leadership of Muhammad was explained ast 
"fard, tn reality Allah, himself, left Dttroit to travel to Meooa 
and loft Muhsmuad in ohargs* n 

25-330971-1660, enol* p. 1 

At tho time Quia* Bogans mas arrtstsd, on 5/6/42, 
ho advised that he first mat Allah tn 1931 and that this parson 
mtnt by thi mams of f. D. lard* St Stated that I. £• rard 
had bssn arrtstsd in Dttroit on throe dtfftrtnt oooasions for 
teaching islam and that rard mas removed from Detroit by tho 
authorities on 3/36/33* Bo olaimsd that he rtooivtd all of 
his information oonosming tht ¥01 and the Moslem seat from 

Btf ttlttypt datsd 5/22/4*. ths Dstroit Of fiat mat 
requested to oho ok tht rtoordo of tht Dttroit PD at to r. D, 

graphs as mell as any information oo no e mi ng lard's mho reab outs, 

WTO rpt 6/19/43 
Ret Sit /ah lfohammsd, aka, 
&uian bo pa ns, mass 


ieotive Ssrvioe 
100*4583-33, pp. 1, 9, 12, 15 

(9) (19) 

j mi^jtgant, 



Several Seleotive Servic9 delinquents claimed to hav9 
bein registered with Wallace D, Ford. who nae known me Allah, 
th9 Supreme <h& 9f the Universe, with the fMtmfttUl that 
allegianoe b9 pl9dg9d only t o tfcf MOT and to no othm^agoerntie nt . 
Among theee individual 9 MrfSaB|^S^^^^I| 
»&<^#o*A*#r»d tn 2932/ inilVHIBHBI^BPs 
MBH^^^^Mho regtetered tn fwHH,* 

The Fifth Army, itegienal Office, Detroit, advi99d in 
a report, dated 11/98/50, that the Development of Our Own and 
the Islam Temple oulte oaueed tntenetve investigation by the 

D9trott City PD in 2933-2935. In 1930, according to these 
police records, a man oalling himself w. D, Fard tools over 
a group or Negroes which had been organized by another Wegro 
Baud Moble D. Ollieww a* a Hosier, lelavttte group* This 
group practiced tha Moslem religion and held meetings at the 
home e of the various member », 

The above report aleo reflected that in 1930, according 
to the "Handbook of the Detroit Ifagro," an organisation which call9d 
itself the Development of o u r Own was started by a Segro named 
George Grimes, a city worker, as a legitimate political 
organisation. Source indicated that tha handbook was publiahed by 
the Minority Study Associates and was edited by Ulys 99 a Boyken, 
Further, a Japanese named Major Satoohaai Takahaohi took over the 
organisation and attempted to make tt into a national group 

vr ynnt*0u uu j t y/i i irrtv rni »«o vj wiw wvij.Lt* jtj itmi » 

raid in which the headquarters ef the group was raided and a 
9 point program for the organisation of oolored people over th9 
world was found, Uajor Takahashi was deported, fhe report 
continued that Mrs, P. f* Sherrod, a Megro mud allegedly 
married to Takahashi, continued th9 work from 1934$ however, 
in 1935, there was a echiem and three different cliques in 
the cult branched out independently. 

The earn* report mfmtsd that w* d. Termed olmimed 
that he was the originator a f the Development ef Our Own and 
the Moslem Temple of Islam cult and etted ma proof a hook, 
which had been oopyrightod by him, in the US Library ef Oengreee, 
entitled "Five Guiding Principles.* It was meted that he wae 
possibly identical with the ¥• D. lard ef the police raporte 
mentioned above. (Data mot wet out) 


* The source ef this information was apparently Detroit file 9. 
Probably refer* to Moble Drew AH. 



Thi* r*port f»rth*r r*fl*ot*d that in 1934, T. D« 
Turd mi git*h polio* no Hot to ld+o* Datrtit, wktdh h* did, 
Ih*r* Mri rtjwrtt, fcovttrfr, ttet to *P*tf $»«<f *o Nkl trip* 
into Detroit to fc»«p la oostaoi with th* »»!?#»•»* 4Mr«« 


VS rpU, 3/13/51 (00 96*90607) 
&*t Slijah M*hammad$. 


10 of 1*1** j 

3*l*otiv* ~S 0 rvio* Aot */ 29*S| 
3fdttto»J C»Mp<r«oy 

S5^3309Tl^2. pp. 8, 10, 11 

(14) (si) (ca assoeor) 

SZ pur SmS ***** 

isMovn-tisi, pp. s* 4 (cm 

rot. dmUd 18/12/30) 
(6) (14) (OQ $5*30607) 

In th* Satrott IXviotou, thr*» organi Matt on* of 
oolorod poopl* war* i nvo* tigatad prior to V/8/43 to d*t*rmtn* 
wh*th*r Japan*** propaganda ma* bting di*a*ainatad through thaM* 
Th*** tkrf* m*r* th* Baoalapmant of Our Own, nor* raoantly known 
a* th* Oomard Uov*%*%t of Amsritas th* liooHt* Saino* T*upl* 
of Amor i oaf and th* Allah tampl* of I* lan. 

In oonnootio* with th* lattar orffanioation, it Wl 
no tod that it wa* found** in Latroit in 1931 bit r. B, Tar ad, 
aHo known a* Tall*** Son lard, r» & rard,] and Allah* It 
wa* further notad 'that IWrad 9 * TBI **• wa**86068 9 that h* 

Uft P*tr*it about 1934/ and that him pro 

Inv**ttgmti*n of th* Allah 
rtvoal a** $vi4§no$ 6/ pro "Japan*** in/1 

M rpti 9/i 
i Bat **r*l 

1 Agitation 

Amarioan , 
th* 8a trot 



addrwaa wa* 

•W I*l*m failod f 






It wat atotrtaintd by WTO prior to Junt, 1942, that 
tht Motltn organttation* wat founded in 1931 at Dttrott by r. 
D* Tard who wat dttoribtd at 65 ytart of agt, tall, 135 

ibt», a Mtgrt, with black hair and blaok tytt* rurthtr, Fard 
mat rtporttd to havt ban arrttttd on three oooattont in 
Dttrott for touching It lan. 

On 5/16/42, tht Detroit Of fiat advittd tht Chicago 
Offiot that a raid had boon oonduottd on tht ttuplt of Itla* 
and that 6 man and 5 womtn mart taktn into out tody for 
qutttioning. It mat Itarntd frt» quttttoning thttt indi vidua It 
that Wallaot Don lard, known at Allah, organtmtd thit group in 

7 OPT hn-k kflrf 

- ■ v r - 

T\m+.iM\ < + In 1 0<U n nti 4hm ■«nh«r« did. ■« * Irmni* 

hit prtttnt addrttt, 

for rtfuting to 

tit vnt un f«RV 

organt nation thtrt. 
ttnplt at 104 E. 51tt. 
htm and oould not give 
whtrtaboutt. (Mo datt 

who wat in tht Qook County Jail** 
'or Stltotivt Strviot, vat inttruitwtd 

J fir ii » t»tu _ 

' ttattd that tht ltadtr of tht 

wat ¥• D» fard but that ht had not tttn 

tnformatton at to hit prtttnt 



It wat nottd that ttotral othtr fit Id offiott *** 
had rtporttd that W* D, Hard wat tht ltadtr of tht Motltn 

or gani ration and wat tuppottdly rt tiding at 6026 S, ft mo a 
Avt t (Datt not ttt out) 


at addrttt wat addrttt td 

jr»* 2 y to "Jf0hflBs#d* * ^^^^^BBsj^j^advi ttd that ht did not kno*t 
any of tht ptoplt w ho ltvt^rinthat koutt tr tsaetly how ma ny 
livtd thtrt 

_ advittd that tn* of tht 

ehtldrtn, a n\) if lit, rttiatng at tht about addrttt wat known 
at *w.DT it wat nottd that r. D. wart tht tnitialt of lard, 
(Datt not ttt tut) 

• Thit tvtdtn^ly rtftra to tht MCI 

•ft Apparently <• tht Chicago art a . 

#** Mot tdtnttfitd 



Tha Chicago Offio§ wartainad oonstdtrablt information 
aonoarning tha about addraaa, including tht laaaaa, allagad 
ttnanta and matt uiti a* .ov a 

Chicago, 0all»d at tha Chi o ago Offioo* At thia tima, tha adviaad 
that tha mtubtrt of tha Motltm organisation btlitutd iniht 
living dad atllad "ilia*** Ska atatad that tkay did not 
otltbratt any of tha Anuria an holiday txctpt July 4th, tha 
rtaton batng that Allah vat tuppottd to, havt bttn in Chicago 
tan yaara prtvioutly on July 4th, 

V^HIHBI oolorad, in tha Goo* 

County Jat^an^^9t9^1943, alao furntahad information ragarding 
tht Motltm organisation, Ea adviaad that at ona tima (datt 
not gt van) ha ma* a mambar of thia organisation and atatad that 
W, D, rard mat tha ltadtr. Ma rtlattd that lard advoaattd 
that ntnbtrt thou Id not rtgitttr for Salaativa Strvtea inaamuoh 
at Hhit mat a mhitt man 1 * mar. 

On ll/3?/41,WaWammmmm\\\\\\\\ olu%taril V *t 

tha Chicago Offioa andosplMnodnTo^&tluro to axaouta and 

raturn hit Salaatitta Sarviea quaationnatra, Sa atatad that for 
tht paat thrtt 6r four yaart, ha had baan a loyal mambar &{ tha 
Motltm organisatian. Ma advittd that ht maa^praaantlyt a mambar 
of tha organisation looatad at 104 I, Slat 8t, t Chicago, y** 
atatad that w, D, Ward mat tha Arabian laadar of thia organisation 
but on furthar intarvtam advittd that ha had nauar ttan lufd 
and *U*jo nothing oonoarnimg hit mhtrtaboutt, A 

CO rpt., 6/13/42 (CO 100-6989} 
If/ OulajL B o gang, mat) \\ 
moat A > 

t Saditi on) Salaativa Sarviot 

100-6888 •IB, pp, 2, 8, 6*9, 11, 
(If) (99) 

Oorrtlator ** Wo tat It mat not dafinitaly dtttrmintd mhathar th 
individual rafarrad to in paragraph 5 obovt mat idantt ami with 
tha aubjaot of thia aummary, 


tkt* I «/"•"« tl«» it ft tut tu dtttil. 

00111 &s 

On 3/1/54. W^^^Madvi tod that^^^K^Km attended 
an MCI *t«ti»y I a PhtlattwTfm (esaot plaoe not g\vfl) on 
2/28/S4* Inform* etatod thai at tht* meeting. Brother Willie 
Sharretff told how Allah (w. 2. torrem Mohammed) ha,d taken 
Slijah Mo ham d out of tho gutter tn the atreete of Detroit 
and had taught htm tn three and t>*o~half yeare the knomledae of 
Zola*. Sharretff stated that Allah had boon born on 2/26/77* 


j» n * I sit Pebruar" 1954- Villi* Sharrt oft wan <o 
Minister of" tto^jWJa'dtlpMa'MCI Temple, according to 

On 3/22/6$, WsWs^sWadvisod tftit 


ait MOT mooting in Philadelphia on ^3/10/54 johioh moo 
over by Brother Maiooim £. mala vim wiatwd thai the 
thooo mentally do ad, mutt all hear the teaohtng of W, b. 
through Slijah Mohammed bo fort tho oomtng doatruotion mould 
bo gin in thio country* 


wrv vitvi m f 


an t 

Ae of 3/25/54, Brother Malcolm Z{Ltttle} mas tdontifiod 
tnteter of tho Philadelphia MCI Templo, aooordtng to 

On $/aa/$4-^Kjjj^^adui*td tkat^L^^/jtKjt attended 
an MCI mooting t n Ph't ladeTpnTa on 3/14/54 at mhiok'^rother Malcolm 
I gavo a opoooh on "What to tho Supreme Being*" Informant 
4dvtsed that Malcolm atatod that W. Fard, mho oamo from tho 
£aot ( moo tho Supremo Being. Me advioed further that fard came 
to in w pianot earth for thm wxpTmmi pUTpvmw of raising one 
Slijah Mohammad from tho dead in order that he might be a 
"marrtor" and "Savior" to hie people. 

PS S ummary rpt». 9/ 29/54 y 

SM-UQ1 f 
; 105*32265-1, pp., 6. 13 

, fa (IB) (3\r(32) \39) 

furniehed a signed 

* m 

* m 

On 5/14/42, 

1931 at Detroit and that Allah had taught Mm until the 
departure in 1933. The etetement further reflected that 
had not registered for the draft and would not beoauee of 
religion taught htm by Allah. 






7* mdditi on to thm ftitfMiitHHi^** mdotmmd 
on or prior to S/U/48thmtAllmh wmm known it htm mo *. 
/»rd, Aomordtng Um\mmmmmm\%m\ Allmh tff*tpp««rttf fa 1934 1 
further mddod Mat *# JUd to *»#*2<rf?« •/ X9rd 9 9 whmrtmboutt 

Xt wmm notmd thmt mtnmm Allmh* 0 dtomppomrmnot, Mohmnmod 
hmd boon thm lmmdmr of thm IfrtUm mult tn Dotrott aid ftad toupfct 


Sot on\\ m Wm\\\\\\\\\\\\\ /fcff *tW, 
m/ Smlmotium Strut 09 » 4#<Mtf»B 

TH9 Ghiomgo film M^Hp^BtltOtf Strict, rtfltetmd 
thmt hm wmo «rr#*t»d • « *b# !*•■/> I* 0/ Z*Z«« .< » £&£0*po 9/30/42 
without m rmgtmtrmtton omrd. A# /(I* fmfUet9d thft whos *# «t« 
UttrvUMd fd«t# m« fiwaj, m advUtrf thmt km hmd mot 
rmgintmrnd undnr th* Smlmattvm Smrotam Act mnd would not do 90, 
Mm'mmnmrtmd thmt hm would rmthor m to jmil thm* rmgtntmr mm 
"Allmh hmm told mm thmt I do mot hmoo to rogtttmr, mud thmt I 
•a Bot « mttimmn of mho Sntt6d Stmtm9 e mud X mm mot U tmko mnv 
pmrt tn thio govmrnnmnt." Bo fnrthmt mdvimtd thmt hm rmgmrdmd 
hi moo If mm m mittamn 9/ Amin mnd would rmturn to thmt country 
whmm Allmh mo dirmotmd htm* £^ 

Thm Ohiomgo film o^9\W mmm \\^\\\\StUottvo 8$rv\mm t «Z«e 
rmflmmtmd htm mrrmmt tn 9/30/42 /or mot hmptngm rmgtmtrmtton 
omrd mm wo 11 mm him oubooquont intnrvimw est 9/21 /ma* At thmt 
timm, km furntmhmd ,a mignmd otmtonont whioh rmfloottd tn pmrtt 
"X hmmm hmmrd mhtui -thm Smlmottvm 3mrm4o9 Amt, mmt £ mm mot 
rmgiotmrod umdor thmt mot* X did not frogimtor undor thmt met 
bmemmmm r # r. ****** mdotmmd mm %m*\tm mnd mmt to hmwm mngthing 
U do with it. Bo Hid mm x wi not m bittmmn of thm Unttmd 
8tmto9 t but thmt X wmm • cittaon 9/ Mmmpon mmd m 100% rt ghvmouo 
Motion rmgiotmrod tn Ammmmu" 


The Allah Temple of lelam me founded tn 1929 or 1930, 
exact date unknown, by V* D* Tarad of Detroit* farad mi 
arrived by the Detroit PD tn 1933 tn connection wtth the cult 
aetivtttee of the Temple of lelam. tn that city* farad had been 
eervtng a ehort eentenee* Be dteappeared and had not been 
Wj.j +rcx m i ~cs 1934* Be the title of Allah and prior 

to" hie' dipar turt , deei gnatedTsii Jah Mohammed at Ohtcago a«" the 
"Prophet*™ Templee of the organisation ware founded tn 
Milwaukee, Wtec.j Cleveland, Ohto$ Waehtngton, D, 0*1 Chtoagof 
and Detroit, ( Source not given) 

It wae noted that all membere of the Allah Tanple of 
Ulan had a belief tn Allah, aleo Mr. w* D* Farad*, and 
contended that thie individual would return to help them 
liberate themeelvee fro* the yoke of the white man *e rule* 

CO rpt*, 10/16/43 (Off 100*12699) 
Re: Allah Temple of I«2awj 

SM-Jf Sedttton 
100-6563-139, pp* 1-C, 6, 7 
(24) (44) 

* Thie evidently etgntfiee that Allah wae alec knoaa ae Mr. 
W* D m Farad. 

On 9/22/42, Sit Jah Mohammed, WmWwmwmwmWm a " tf1 
ire interviewed at Chicago tfurl upwRTW^Ww they 

% ttforwatie* regarding w 9 D- All were queetioned 
concent ng the whoreaboute efTard, whom the Moo 1 erne oo net do rod 
to be Allah, but all etated that Tard wae laet coon tn Ohtoago 
tn 1934 and had not been eeen or heard from etnoe. 

105-63642- Not Recorded serial, dated 2/31/57, filed beneath 
aerial 1, pages 3-7 and 12-16 


Fhotoetate •/ numerou* mUrtal atlxlv r$gar4t*g the _. 

M#*aru o/ a< f »#r# #Rffl»ftd »*tA reference. JT» 

th# sum re ut Mt«r<c2, r, A Jtor<f'« Wrtfc r#/lMtid to fc« 
Jfl9T # <* Meooa 0 and hie arrival in Detroit to be on V/4/30* 

£W rp**, 9/30/43 (aa 10M129) 
He t Al lah Temple 0/ 

Xtfj- Sedition/ Selective Serviae 

100-6582 Ja&, pp. 11*14, 18*31, 

24, 25, 31 and *»c2 

pp. 2, 3 


Correlator Soft In reference to paragraph 2 above, the 
origin of thte Photostat material wae not olearly Indicated) 
however, it apparently tea* obtained durtng a raid of 104 £. 
Slat St., Chicago, on 9/20/42* 

On 2/20/43* at Jeraty City, jr*«T»J^^H^^^p i eeued 
a aignad statement whioh reflected -that he did not regleter with 
Selective Servioe in April, 1942, mhea he should have, because of h 
religion, Islam, Me eta ted that he had been advieed by Allah, 
the Almighty Supreme Being, Mr, r, D. Fard, Mohammed, not to 
take part in any vara - not evsn.a holy war* 

when m mxs intervie wed on 2/20/43, he advieed that 
he joined the Temple of Tela* fs^BBkn Ohioago and attended the 
ffntvsrsttp of lot am at Temple headquarter o, 9336 state St*, 
Qhtoago* Be etated that w, D, Tard t founder of the faith in 
thie country, taught them, on a few eooustone whan ha appeared* 
all about the Uaeonio Order, iti degree*, htetorisa, etc e\Wm\% 
advieed that he proneitnoed w* D* Tar&'e name a* *Farard, n atatJng 
that thte was the Arabic pronunciation* 

a « Apparently a Ueal+m or ^Muslim vsrei on 

— Location ojr the Allah Temple of lelam 


0D115 Q \ c 

5 0 

tonttnued that lard found** the Temple of X*lam 
tn Detroit anS told hie follower* that h* cam* to thi* country 
on 7/4/ 36. According to gg^Fard Ml luppoitd to hav$ been 
or year* 01a ot t/iot ^B^ Mf •** »* »*• v»»w«yw 

when lard lift "to return to Mecca, " 

^mWL%al*o eta ted that among the thing* taught by 
lard at the Tempi* in Chicago mi that the Qauoaai an race ma* 
etarted "through grafting" performed by an Arabian *oi*ntt*t 
Mild Taoob on th* To land of Patmoe, JPard al*o told tho Temple 
member* in Chicago that tho time would cow* when thoy mould bt 
arretted, put in Jail and have all of their literature taken 

seamen ti . 

j Among tho item* found f»V|HHkP< 

6~)Q followinat d framed picture of D, Fata c 

>oe****i on mart tho 

and an Jelamio prayer 

'whioh$smmmm^etated ha had typewritten htm* elf and framed mtth the 
picture / a Utter, dated 7/82/42, from Sioter Pauline Bahar, 
6117 Rhode* Ave., Chicago, whtoh had enoloted the above mentioned 
picture $ a yellow eheet of paper on which Shah had written, under 
the date 2/24/34, Chicago t "When ma* the prophet born, - the 
prophet me»ter t F s 2>« f&rd wa$ horn 8/86/77 in the Boly City of 
Ueoaa"t and two printed paper • covered Temple of lelam leeeon 
book* containing 94 problem*, purportedly written by Prophet ¥• 
2» fard, finder of the Loot Nation of Aeia. 

Allah Temple of I*lam} 
Selective Seruioe 
10Q-6582-117, pp. 1, 4-5 

On 5/14/48, a warrant ma* eervod en the headquarter* 
of the Xalam Temple in Milwaukee, 9%*o* t and it* Milwaukee teacher ^ 
Sultan Mohammed, 



Among ths sffsets sf ths Islam Tsmpls srgmnitatism ware 
three ltdfftr bosks* One was ths membership and attendance book 
Sf ths ir^nifctUn, <f«*td 5/1/37, T1U first pmgs «»ii*Md *ft« 
»*rrf« *r Mil *nd a* to mv Tether Mr* f. D t Jmrd." !%M - 

fc»o* eoMMilfd tft« itr#«M, 16 M» «mi Iff mmr. «IZ 

•/ wftea ftad ft« their itrMU or "Bey*" It was »**td Mat 
*0 o/ t*« 55 »«r« known 4« be aotivs in the «TnIa» ftmplt «t 
**et Mm. 

i ©»py •/ « «»tft2«d, "Ifc* «mI f%II *• JVJ«», 1 

dated 8/16/34, Detroit* imdiosUd that w, D, rard mm\§ ths original 
organiser of the I* la* cult* 

Temporary Confidential Informant T-M, reliability mot 
given, advised, in regard to the lalam o rgani *ati s n t that ¥, P. 
Fart was the living Allah, thmt Elijah Mohennod was his prophet 
and that Sultan Mohammad was ths temeher. (Date net pi van) 

rrom eorrespondsnoe obtatnsd at ths Islam Tempi*, ths 

following address vS< Sat fv r in* 

"¥* D* Fard 

6025 Verne a Ave*, Ghioage" 

It was nstsd tha^thisaddrss* was from a nsn- 
postmarksd lsttsr frommnWsm H«c addresi) 3/19/42, requesting 
his Slavs name bs renovsd and his original nam* of 'X' given. 

Ut r»*.. 6/1/42 
~ R et r Qulan Bo pa ns, was/ 

™ U nWsmWsM —i 

i JXtgi ti oof 

Sedition? Selective Ssrvtss 

ioo~es8a~xr, pp. s, 4, a, 9 

SI par* 6 above 

100-133-9-4, pp* 6, f jSsuros 

mat olsarly tndioatsd) 



Correlator's Mo tot It was mot definitely determined whsthsr ths 
individual msntionsd in paragraph 5 above wms identical with ths 
subject of this summary. 

* Mames mot sst out in this rtfsrenos* 




Do trot t PD raoorda raflaotad that *n 11/80/38, B*b*rt 
Sarria, allot S*b*rt Mar ri ton, *«lf~*tyUd king *f XaXom, 

mmttmt M.t%mA 



4449 Dubot* SU, Jtotroit* Karri $ wo* *mb**qu*ntly triad far murder 
Judged (uou and 00% ft Md ta tha Stat* Inaana Aoylum at Ionia, 
hah. an 18/6/32* Worn* * lot mad tiat 4iir(ei m« « notion 
*f iotatf oo and Wgan Alta wo* 0*d *f tftt 4«f atf of . /o# 
JfefcaMOcf, aM 0/ M« $7 #rroot#d fit *onn*otton with tht* tilling, 
elaimad it b* ana of th* laadara and a***rt*d that ha maa born 
tn Mtooa tn 1855* Anoth*r Magro laodar mho elaimad to ba an 
Aaiatio a/ thia org*nt*mti*nm wo* folloo* Farard* 

On g/PV/ISftM Mattandod a matting of tha Moorish 
Sot ana* Tomplt of Amarftttt 9316 Oanlmnd Av**, D*troit t 8* 
atatad that at thia tim* ha maa giwrn aavaral mathamattoal 
problom*. In ana of thoaa prablama tha following mama maa 
u**dt "fho unela of F a rd (Mr* F. 2>. lord),"** 

f A mono from tha Vtoh, St* to Polio*, datad 6/16/42, 

1 raflactad that a r, D, Ford, alia* Davi* SI, 9316 Oakland Ava*, 
JO*troi t, ma* Jcnom a* th* Grand tfh**w of tha Mooriah Setanoa 
iwmpla of Amarioa and thai h* mo* b*li*v*d to bo from XohMO* 
City, Mo* or from °hioago, Thia m*mo adviaad that tha Moalama 
mar* vary pro~Japana*o and that tha oult mo* originatad in 
D*trott by Rob*rt D. Olli* in 1913 and that tn 1929 OUt* wo* 
run out *f D*trott by th* Datroit P£* It wo* aotaa that tt 
maa b*lt*v*d that Bobart D* Ollia mo* th* d*o*oaad laadar, B*b*rt 
Draw Ali* fh* r*port furthmr rafl*ot*d that on* S* 2>« Ford 
r*m*rgant**d tht* group tn 1930 but ma* run out of tomn by tha 
polio* tn 1934 and r*tnrn*d in 1936* Aooordtng to thia r*port, 

M ##t y f tommrt tart *\ m ttu* v* m **\4t a m y+m /iM*t«IV ms+ <Ak« 1/a a v*4 m K ft **A tin mm m 

v ^ V ih A W P **Jjf V V IS WW * VV Vf V If * W ^11 F " *} f*jy WOWW 'V V t WW** y I V M £F WW 

raoatvadt *Th« whtta davi 1* or* doing avarffthtng tn ih*ir pom*r 
to dtaoourag* u* and -that io why th*y out u* off th* walfara* 
Thay l*orn*d that w* or* XoJan." 


, ISmjf Cu*t*dial D*t*nttonj 

i 3*dttt*n 

' 63*83809-80 pp. 9, 18, 19 

(4) ! 

Oorralator $ * Wot*t It wo* mot d*fintt*ly d*t*rmtn*d wh*th*r th* 
abov* individual ( *r individual*) wo* tdanttoal with th* *ubJ*ot 
of tht* aummary* 

a Probably rafara to tha Zalom argmtmtton 
** Th*** pr*bl*m* ore *at out ihjmll. 


As of tarty August, 1948, tt was notod that tho 
Allah Tomplo of Islam mot at 104 E. Slat* St., Chicago, on 
Wtdnoadayt, Friday* and Sundayt, It mat alto notod that tht 
Suprtmo Boing of tho organisation, r. L* farad, was rsportod 
to' bo in Msooa,' 

On 9/97/42, 
inttrvitwad f At 
at two Motion msottngs in Chicago* 
tht Motions prtaohsd at thtir mo o tiny W ihUl thsrt 
but Allah, that tht whttt ioi'i Sod mat rtallg tho 
that tho truo Allah was a living individual who 
tho hoad of tho Japanooo army* 

On 6/7/49, 
at Hook County Jail 


ota tod that 
mat no Qod 
Dtvtl and 

Aot of 1940, 



who was in quo tody 
ho Solootivo Sorvico 
sd a otgnsd ttatomont rtgardi ng his mombor* 

ship tn tho Uoolom Tsuplo, So adviood that r. D. Farad, who 
wao tho Supromo Boing and hoad of tho organisation, was in tho 
Boly City of Moooa and wao last soon by him in Chicago in 1933 
or 1983* Eo statod that ho was a votoran of tho first World 
far but dtd not rtgitttr for Solootivo Servioo booauoo of tho 

+mnf\ht RA» A F W. n. ftt-nmA mm m—r\l ml mm* Jk •« *» w-4 ^ m lf« m T m<m. 

ministor in Chicago, 

CO rpt., 6/15/42 
(CO 100*9199) 
Rot AL 

Iolam. akag 

nation j 
Solootivs Sorvico 
100*6589-99, pp. 1, 9, 4, If, 90 
(17) (24) 

On 5/15/49, Spooial Agsnts ontsrsd tho houss at 623 
Modbury St., Dttroit, whtro a masting of tho lolam group, Mi oh. 
Mom 1, mat baing hold. In atttndanot mors ois msn and ftftson 
tomon, all oolerod. All of thttt portono voluntarily aoaompanitd 
tho Spooial Agents to tht Patroit Offiot for qutttioning and 
our rondo rod al^ of thotr boohs and rsoords for tnspsotton* 




Among the material was a book containing a letter, 
dated 12/3/34, from the Dipt, of Supreme Wisdom* 5830 S, Fabaeh - 

Htm 1m**mr mam mrilt-hmn bu Mil Ink Mohammad and WCO 
di rooted to' Yho Ministry' Claeo at Temple' Mo, 1. Mi oh. In this 
lengthy letter, Elijah prateed Pro phot Pard Mohammed ao tho 
Savior and stated that tho world weald ooon know hi*. Bo 
related how tho Savior had oalUd him, Elijah, into tho ministry 
in August, 1938, oo that Elijah oould teach othoro tho To lam. 
reltgton, ffe also oot out oortatn qualifications expected of 
mint stars by tho Savior and oortain evils of which to bo 
watchful, (Lottor sot out in full) 

Thio book aloo contained "Lams Governing tho Officials 
Of Islam and Thotr Respective Puttee," Prophet f. Z>. /. Mohanmod 
was rsfsrrsd to in thsso laws, (Laws sot out tn full) 

It was no tod that tho schools for tho boys and girls 
of the Islam group vers separated. In one of tho instructions 
taught to ths girls was "Moslems' Principles are built upon 

rtghteoutt which was taught to uo by our Saviour Prophot W, D, 
Pard Mohammed," 

Another book which was obtained at that ttme was the 
first term examination for the Loe* Pound Moslem, Lesson Mo, 1* 
Questions 9 and 10 mads reference to Mohammed, and Question 14 
made reference to W, D Pard, (Lesson set out tn full) 

Another examination written by Prophet Elijah Mohammed 
whioh was to be studtsd by all of the studente of the Untveretty 
of Islam also made reference to W, D, Pard, 

f ICyfim MM+. »»!•* } 
, ~-— — . - - / 

As of 8/$/42, it was noted that aocording to beliefs 
of Vie Islam group; the black "man had hie first contact with the 
Devil when he was brought to this country as a slave, Ths slave 
name which was gi ton to htm at that time was not his trus name, 
and hie true mams aould only be found en the roll ef Allah at 
Mecca, The only way the individual could find hts true name mas 
to become affiliated with the Islam group, be a sincere belt ever 
therein and make a written application for knowledge ao to his 
true name to r, D, Pard, who was Allah, At that time, tnaemuoh 
as the pmwemm=t ^whereabouts of Allah was unknown, the written 
applications wfre betng received at the Detrott Temple and 
reeerved for action by Allah upon his return to Detroit, 



It mas further noted that tfto entire aeafteraaije 0/ tfca" 
Detroit Temple at t%la ti me, »»itA t&e exoeptf on 0/ Miner children, 
beoame affiliated with tush betmsen 1931 and 1994, when W, D. 
lard mi in Dttroit orpanioiny aid aettualy Isadi ng tat group* 
Thau vara a aaai-illitarata group, unable to understand tfce 
written inetraotione and teooM nye furnished thorn by f. 27* /inrd. 
Oenaeouently, tftair teaoM npa &are aonoernad largoly mtth 
furnishing ths ohtldrtn tht ssssntials aa to reading, writing 
and figuring* 

Rsoords of ths Dstroit PD indioattd that Wallaos Farad, 
alias ford, Detroit PS Mo, 45135, mat arrootod for conversion and 
that hio TBI Mo, mat 56062* It mat no tod that thtt individual mat 
idtntioal with r. it. Farad, alias Allah, (Mo date set out) 

It mat no tad tAat a photograph of ¥. D. Farad mat 
being formardod at an enclosure* 

SE rpt., 8/6/42 <1 

Bet Quia* Bogans, mat at a2/ 

\ Sedition/ Ssleetive Servioe 

] 100-6582-36, pp. 4, 5, 14*16, 13, 

\ 22. 23, 25, 31, 33 

f*\ /a\ fiv\ fia\ n>o\ Yoa) 

Correlator 'a Motet In reference to paragraph 3 above, portions 
of lams pertaining to Prophst 'f, D, /♦ Mohammed art aat out 
slssmhsrs in this summary (23-^330971-579) as furnished by 

In refer a not to paragraphs 5 and 6 abovs, both the 
lesson and exam are aat eat fa entirety in r» D, Fard's main 
file. 105-63642- Mot Bseorded serial, datsd 2/21/5?, filtd 
m ^eneat^aartal 1, pages 40, 4%, 44, and 50, as fumtshsd by 

tI m rsgard to tne ansa Jfeftaftaad, it soa not defini tely 

daiaratnaa wfcatinar tfcia individual waa idontioal vita tat auo/eat 
of this summary. 

In rsfsrsnos to pafagrop h 10 above, no photograph of 
Wm JJ* Farad mas enolosed mitp tthis rsfsrsnos, 

? / \ 

! i ! 

Oonfidontial Informant ■ 1 mhoit identity wan known 
to the Bureau, (not further tdantijTwaJ furntehed a report 
concerning a netting of the Allah Temple of lelam in Chicago, 
held on 8/23/42* According to the report, 004 $p$aker (not 
tdontiftod) gave a talk lasting for about 35 mtnutoa concerning 
tht coming of the Son of Man, Th$ report eta ted that r. D. 
JTarard, aloo known a* "Uuok-Uuok", apparently mas the Son of 
Man who wan thon in the Maet in the Boly City of Mecca, which 
wan the one and only Staven, lurthor, thte Son of Man cane to 
the wtlderneea of forth America by htmeelf, becauee he wan all 
powerful. Be held the power of the untveree in hie right hand. 
Thin report aleo indicated that he would come again toon. 

M rpt,, 9/11/42 (Off 100-9129) 
let Allah Temple of Tel am. akat 


100*6562*45, pp, 16, 17 


fhie reference woe a publication, the cotter of which 
contained the following caption, "Thte book teaohea the Loot 
Found Motion of Xelam, A thorough knowledge of our mieerable 
atate of condition in a mathematical way, when »e were found by 
our eaviour r. i?, Tard," The cover aleo refloated benaath the abov 
caption that thie publication wat for regtetered Moeleme in Worth 
America only and man by Prophet W, D, Tard, Finder of the Loot 
Matt on of Aeta, 

Thte publication woe a pamphlet containing 34 
mathematical probleme only. The name of f» JD* Tard wae need 
frequently therein J x 

y ' 61*7569*2*4490 V 


Oorrelator'a Motet Mo date wae net out in the above publication, 
however the following inked notation appeared on the covert 
"100*9129, SMM 9/20/42. * 

When iltjah Mohammed wa* arretted on 9/30/42, a 
•taroft mm conducted at hi* hom* t 6096 S, Tor no* Ave*, Chicago, 
the following mere among the nunerouo exhtbtte ait nod at that ~ 

Mo, 3tf- Typewritten copy of publication, "the final Oall 

to I*lam," Tolume 1, ft, 1, dated 8/11/34, at 
Detroit, Affii I '.and 4} containad theee quoted 
remarks* "So they sent a m**$*ng*r, in th* p*r*on 
' of Prephot J»rd JfeAamtd, to teach u* §f our own, 
tht$ ti betng dona, "Th* tnlp way tfcat 
Proph*t Fard, can make u* believe that ho to our 
Deliverer, to to ftrot ahow u» how utterly 
ignorant me art of oureelve* and how vain the 
morehip of any 0cd beetde Allah," 

(Remarke oat out tn further dotatl) 

wo* 57- Handwritten minuttt of Zola* Tonplo maoiing in 

Chicago on 2/3/35 ro fleeting tho following etatement 
by Elijah Mohammed t "Tou had bottor got unto your 
own kind. If you join onto tho devil you will bo the 
loeer, Tho Asiatic Wation ha* th* Exektel wheel 
ready to do 0 troy thto devil in 6 hre, tint, Thoy 
art jutt watting to hoar th* nam* of tho Prophet V, 
B, Fard Mohammed," 

IF* J .9a ? m*i**4 mm m # m mmmtm.m1m + mm*t*tmtt " ^•l 4 m K A A lh 

ttaofcta tht I©*t Found Watt on of To lam, A thorough 
knomledge of our mioorablo *tate of oondttt on tn 
a mathomattoal way, whon w* mere found by our saviour 
r. D, Fard," 

Mo, 158* Two typemritten page* containing instruction* giuon 

by 9, J>, Tard fvr lebororc of Zelam, 

Mo, 1?6» ' Steel out ion moodon frame. Print of *t**l out 

reflected a picture 'of Pro phot Fard addreaetng a 
ao ngrogati on, a 

Mo, 177- Pan and ink akatahnntttUd "Galling th* Four Winde" 

mhtoh ma* a ptotur* of a US map containing a figure 
tn th* a*nt*r identified ao Fard, tone, bearing 
.the nam* Mia on the barrel* , pointed to the US 
]frem each at do, Th* drawing bor* th* aignatur* of 
It, Sharrteff,** 


* Alleged * poo oh not out 
** I* lam Temple m*mb*r 




Mo. 304- Handmritten letter, dated 1/11/48, from Mat tie 

Bullock*, St. 3, Sox III, MlythtutlU, Art., to T. 
ZU fard Mohammed, 104 S, 52ft. St., Onioago, asking 
that Mohammed a**iet in preventing her eon Samuel 
from going to mar, 

Mo, 346- l)io eopie* of booklet containing the eame oaption on 

the cover a* Exhibit Mo, 147, 

Mo. 353^ Billfold of Li nn Xarrie* found on ht§ person when 

taken into oostody en 9/30/42. billfold oontained 
hit identification as a member of the Moaleme and a 
photograph of F. D. fard, mho woe Allah, 

Mo. 365- framed picture of W. J). Fard 

«v* era,— wv j. *. » v v» v » i/j ^/UHf/'iJLf is op u is »y • unv w//(r*wi* v » 

the ooy«r at fn JErMAft iTo. 147. 

Mo. 383- A red oanuae eign ineeribed "There te no Cod but 

Allah, Maeter W. J), fard, Elijah, hie prop het. " ^ 

In a eigne d statement, dated 9/30/43***, 
furniehed information regarding hie membership tn tTTe lelam T&mple. 
Be aleo etated hie belief that the preeent tear mould be mon by Jape 
at mhioh time Japan mould free all of the black people on earth. 
Me advieed that in ouch oaee he mould aeetet the' Japaneee gouemmen 
in any manner mith the exception of bearing arms, "a* the Japaneee 
have been designated to do the fighting mith arms by Allah r. D. 
lard. n 

00 rpt., 1/14/43 (CO 100-9139) 

■ 5ei " 


s*a% trffwj Seleett x>e~ Servi oe 
100-6533-106. pp. 80, 96, 47, 43, 53, 
54, S3, 65, 66, 66, 70 

71 63 
(17) (33) (31) 

Correlator 'e Motet Tn reference to the individual mentioned tn 
Sxhibtt 804 above, it ma$ not definitely determined whether he ma* 

iu**«ivnt mi ttn wnw wuvjwvv vj fnif iiiwpr[f. 

It ehould be noted that the above exhibit* mere not net 
out, only their d§*oription*. 

*** Probably at Ohtoago 

00124 5^ 


J* »aa kot«d that anm mby the San Dftpo 

Qffto$ of Joseph Siley Barnes, tnemiElTWr^f -the <Sto» iWtffo M&- 
femple, reflected oertain statements made by htm. On 10/11/50, 
he etated to San Xttego congregation that Allah ma* a man who 
was at that time tn the US and that Allah roa§ going to rult tho 
world. On 10/13/50, Barnes stated that in 6 years Allah mould 
destroy the white dovil and that tft» iiueli me would thon rule* 

fit , 
Oil 2/24/51, o%0 

Mumbsr 7 Allah Tomple of Islam. 

a member of the 
mi m* 9 *%m> 'arretted at Stiver 
Spring, Md* At that time, he had tn hto possession eertatn papere 
referring to the beltefo and teaehtnge of the Muslin Tenple of 
Ulan* Among these ma a pocket sine eptral notebook containing 
the following itemt "The first Tenple of lelan was opened tn 
Detrott, Mtohigan by God Almighty htneelf, Allah. The ftret 
tiooompltshment was 85,000 member*, Allah taught Mr* Elijah 
Mohammed for 3$ years* Bistory says there will be eome wise 
men ooming out of Temple Wumber 7«* 

09 Investigative Summary rpt, 5/11/51 
(CO 35-80907) 

Re: Eltjah Mohammed, vaej 
MCI, akaf 

Selective Servtoe Act of 1948 / 
Sodtttonj Coneptraoy 

25*330971-51, pp* 1, 4, 13, 15, 19, St 


On 8/31/53, W % a known Muslim, 

voluntarily appeared at tnexr offiQOTJ*tthat time, he advised 
that tn 1951, he earn 0ed All Mighty Allah tn MTC at the MCI Temple 
on 115th St, Me pointed out that he oould not desortbe Allah but 
said that he would oertcst nly be able to identify kin if he taw htm 
•gat »• 

k*%L ^//M further stated that Allah someti mes made his^\, 
appea ranees under the name of f. B* Fnrard. then s\\ *V 
shown a photograph of larard, he was visibly startled and stated tht 
he would not pesttvoly tdenttfy tt as Allah or furard but did 
tndioate that I t quite possibly was a photograph of htm* 




Moaoa, wh 

Itff 9 forovor* 

aduiaad that Allah raatdad in tht Boly Otty of 
Iwaya had livid, and whtrt ha would ooBtfBtt* to 

BT rpi. t 10/86/33 (00 83-8060?) 
Bot Bltjah Uohawd, -***/ 
MS, ahm, at al§ 
0*X*«*tv# tftrirtof Jot, 1W6; 

OtoltpfWi'i * Sm0 
83*330971^819, p. *0 

Ob 9/88/83, T*3j 9/ hnom reliability, advtood that ha 
attended a ma9tinga on 9/80/33 at which Lomuol z, Baneon^ um 
Mtati Mini* tor**, mtatod that vhrimtiitn* do mot m&rohip tmS right 
flod. According to the informant, Sato on atated that 0od wo* a 
oolorod man and that thta ma* wa« r. 1 j t j&rd, aj*o_jri»o»» o* ,4 II ah. 

0b 0/9/93,^1 fetu'v^^Mttt ho attended a owattuff*** 
on 6/7/33 at which «(m fsuoi «4«Mtf\ tfcat to no tamo fro good, 
auah as traffic and aanttation lam. hut that lama pertainitd to 

ooBttiutd tAat t*t Jfefltat •fcould that Allah waa with 

than and that the m and looal palihe anew that thay ##rt\pr##ofc*»j 
tht o hut did nothing about it beoauef they wara afraid cf Allah* 
Baacon further atatad that thooo who \ restored mould J>o *hiohod 
out" 9/ the SOI and mould dio with mo '^khita devi io* m 

/ 88 rptL 8/18/34 (00 83*90307, 

Sot BUJah Mohammad, waaf 
1 uoi* mkat at hit 

SortktOO Act, 1946$ 

■ .7. ,. . ■ ■■ j * - * T^l 

• Bat farther peoonbodj evidently a mJlim n\ating tn Potrotu 
— Apparency *i£d Mfniater of Mat te^plo # 1 i\*\j>otroiU . 

*** Not further described, evidently d\ Muslin tokening in0etroit t 



On 11/29/53, a trash cover maintainad at 2006 I3tk St.± 
WW. Washington. J). Q t . the rasidanaa of tho Temple Mo* 6 Mini star* 
ra'f looted that th* Minister of tha Muslim Tempi's at Boston, Ma**.', 
had rsoently stated that Allah, the Supreme Being, wao Master 
w* D* Turd and that Ma laat meesenger ma* "the Ltttle Lamb 
mho was without Spot or Blemish," known as Elijah Mohammad, 

BA rpt*. 3/11/54 (<& 35*30607) 
Bat Elijah Mohammad, mas/ 
the MOT, akaf 

Selective Service dot, 1946$ 
Oonapiraoyf ZS~G 
35=330971 -844, p, 17 

THi* reference ma* a Baltimore letter, datod 3/17/54, 
which enoloeed a 25 page tranoortpt of tha eeoomd gonaral menber*hii 
m*wv\ng of snm mm, mpim o, »* aaxv^morw, ma*, on s/o/om* 
It mat no tad tha^j^L^za&Mprtpt was obtatnad through the 
utili Motion of*an ^ ^ 

Tho transortpt reflected that Speaker X gavo tha opening 
pro iff r whtah stated in partt "In tha mama of Allah, beneficent and 
marotful, all holy prataaa arc duo Allah* Tha lord of tha untveree* 
Beneficent and marotful, Maatar of tha day of Judgment in which 
ma now liva, Thaa ma eerve and Thee ma baaaaoh dtvtnely****Mor 
OB bshs ' ' 0 r th&SS Who n 0 Q9 tm " nf-tmr th*** hsv* heard or th u 
kin'odcm? w* D* Tard to" one* There to no hod beetdoe Allah.* 

It ma* noted that a aorta* of data ma* plaoed in tha 
text whore oo vara} word* or a phraaa ma* tnaudibla* 

Aaoording to tha tranoortpt, Speaker X than mada a 
0 pa a oh. Ma raad tha opantng instruction* of tha Mualtm Tonplo 
of To lam, atattng thay war* ordara of tha Savior, Boater W* 2* 
lard Mohammad* Ma stated that tha student must study and 
qualify himself end ttet an asaignmant of offioa mould ba mada 
immediately of tar examination and upon aomplation of his source* 
Ma assartad that oonstdaratton of tha laborara of Xalam would bo 
taken and analysed in tho maar future by tha Savior, W* D. Hard 
Mohammad* Ma oonttnuad that the mi ni star's class must study and 
prepare for examination as soon as possible* Ma also statad 
that everyone'* final oxaut nation would ba bafora Master W* 2>* 
Ward, Mohammad* 




$poak*r X thon road problsn* from a mathomatteal 
book. Tho nams ussd tn on* of thsss probloms mat Mr* W* D. Jfcrd. 

^6?o £ Balto a **•»<*#<* tho abovo masting and on 3/13/54 

tdsnttfit^^f^Sfn spsaksrs* Spaakor X was tdsnttfisd as 
Assistant Mtnistsr Alvin X* Johnson* 

95-330971-2*9, snol* pp* 1-5 

?<W 85-8060?) 
ST par 8 about 
85-330971*33?, p* 81 
(%8) (OV 85-8060?) 

Qorrslator f s Mo tot It mas not dtfintttly dstsrminsd mhsthsr ths 
individual rsfsrrtd to at V* Z>. JUrd tn paragraph* 8 and 5 abovo 
was idonttoal with ij*a subjoet of this nummary* 

On 3/4/54, 1 Itacft availablt Qirtatn dooumonts* 
mhtoh, ho advtood, oaWJWWJd th* foundation and tsaehtngo of th* 
MOJ and mora aonttnually sxpouudsd tn mholo or part by tko mtntstsn 
and tsaohtrt of tho various MOT tomplts at ivory MOT matting* 
Among thoso man a dooumsnt containing th* Mulaa of In lam "By our 
Savior, Maatsr w* J>* Jford Mohammad** On* rulo otatadt "Saoh 
atudant must qualify hto or hsrsslf for poattion awaiting thin. 
Asstgnmsnt of offioaa mill ha mad* tnmadiatoly of tor anamination 
and on oomplttton of hi* or har laborar courts* Oonstdtratton 
for tho labort of Islam, mill ba takan undtr analysis tn tho 
Mar futurs by our Prophst, 9* Dm lard Mohammad* " Anothor 
rulo ota tod in partt ™Tho Mint star** Class, must study and 
pr spars thsmssloss for taumi nation as soon as thsy ars obis to* 
Svsryons's final omi nation mill bs bsfors Msstsr w* D* tmrd 
Mohammad** T 

• Dsoumsnts ss*t out tn full 


Aleo among the above material *o« a doounent labeled 
"Actual FaoU." pnder thie heading, the following** appeared t 

"9,000 year* Tacob'e GiPt ligation 
8,000 year* Moeea'e Oivtlteatton 
yeare Stent'* Qivilimation 
yeare devil'* oivili nation 


"8,400 Taeob tea* born 

,6 00 Completed the devil 
9,000 year* and 6,000 year* to 15,000 year* 

"13,000 yeare* Saxrtor, Master r. D* Fard Mohammed" 

Thie document under the tub-heading of Birth Record* 
reflected that the Savior wae born en s/so/77 at the Holy etty, 
MSoea, and arrived in Amort oa en 7/4/SO* 

At a meeting of the UGI hold on 3/84/54 at thm Tomplo 
of lelam, Philadelphia, Brother Oharloe I (o'Seal) talked about 

°#o-ctfI2#rf American Negro" had been robb ed of hie wttdon and 
knowledge of hie true n*lf^.m M 9/25/54) 

On 6/11/54, JM Midenttfied Brother Gharlee Z as 
Oharloe O'Neal, fornerTfrffffer of the Philadelphia MOT Temple* 

At a meettng of tfc« JfCX ei 4/9/54 at the Philadelphia UOI 
Temple, Brother Gharlee O'Neal read the 0*1 leeeon which woe 

MttirtHAmmti mp^mh mtimhtt 14 a**1 T ti' +hm mi<m mP JTtiiJh -tut -khtt 

wilder nee* of North Amerioa an d the rat ting of one from oaoa^ 

1 M^m\ne\\mm<A9M' 

the dead, LA ^ 1 ■ 4/19/54) 

At a meeting of the MCI held at the Temple ef Telam 
tn Jhiladalphta on 7/84/54, Brother Oeerge I eta ted -that they 
had eufferad nothing hut hell while they had been hare beoauee 
they had been hounded by thair enemy, but that Allah had oome 
te North Amerioa himeelf and rained en* up from among them* Be 
etated that Allah had aiven this one the task of rateina the 
entire IT, 000*+*, the loet~round Nation here in the nJtld*rn*§* 
ef North Amerioa. Brother Jeeeph, the next epeaker, advited that 
no on* except *ne who t* under the direct aid ef the Supreme Being 
himeelf would dare te *tand up in the midet ef thie, the etrongeet 
government en the planet, and teach that it would he deetroyed, 

* m*m e/4/s J 

*# This evidently refers to the MCI version of the chronology of 

■shhs- Indicated elsewhere in the summary as 17,000,000 QQ^JgQ 



As •/ B/ll/54, Broth* r Osorgs X was identified by 
* tat Assistant MUftsr of «fct J»««4«pM* JfGT fli»p2#. 

l.fl h»i tft« 0/ hit export onoe with tho 

r the MOi as ths mast unorthodox and w«ttfft<#»«y 

it •/ 6/11/54, Brothor Joseph (XJttj) wo* identified by 
as tho Captain of «*• /rui* »/ I*Xo»«Hi#* in JfciXo<f#lj»fcto. 

Pi X/M/M^fl 1°/ **o Phtlsdelphta^ 

Branoh 0/ the Addoj " J - 

WJ« fRt«rof«B#d< 

MCI, olassified 

1ho Uaot aoosptablo Met lorn group tn tho US, Mo adxttsed that 
"Allah to 0od, wtthout shape, without for my and it to unoonooivable 
and against -tits teaohtng of tho to ran to preaoh that Allah took 
human form, 10 ' appsarod to El ijah Moh ammed* and dosignatsd Elijah 
as his pro phot* Aooording torn fcthft oonospt of tho MCI 
r of loo tod thstr look of undorT^anarng of tho prinotplss of tho 
truo Moolom faith* Tho Xbran spooiftoally re jested tho Christian j 
oonospt of -oho Boly Trinity and its attsndant bolt of that Qod J 
onoe assumsd hitman form* 

This rspart also contains* ssts of questions need tn tho 

teoohinge of the MCI* Swo of tho questions sot forth mads 
roforonoo to Mohammad ♦*•»»« 

PS Summary rpt,, 8/31/54 (GO 25-2000?) 
Sot MCI, 0*0/ IS+MOI 
2S~3309?1»S98, pp, 6,?, U, 15, 16, 90, 21, 


(IS) (31) (32) 

SI pars,, 1, 2, and 10 above 

PX^XX/VVA -AA 1 . nn. ftM. .Itt. AA. AM. AA_ M _ 
rr w / - -f — / — t — r 


(15) (32) (CQ 20*2060?) 



em— Military 3ootion of ths MOX 

««hh> Am sue otto no are also set out tn yard's main ftls, 
105*63642 on pause 40 and 41 of Bet BeoeMM^MziaU dated 8/21/57, 
ft led beneath serial I, as fumtshsd bpm Bon 2/19/8?. 

Xt mas not detormtned whether ths mams iPoiSSmaar^forrsd to tho 
subjsot of thts, summary or to Elijah Mohammed. ^ 



/2 ^ 

On 9/9/54,\ %adviaad that an MGX matting vat 
A#Id • » 5/14/54 at *J5«WTOf2f*U IVw2# •/ Xf 2«B« 0m 0/ 
*&• ipiahri *a« r Oaorqa x t who Jbdgan hi 9 apaooh by^ 

pointing it a Jiioittrt 0/ vm lynonad Magro whiah mt%g on thm 
wall in tho front of tho room* Oaorgt tndtaatad that tkit bom 
had Mod tailing to Aiut for holt not mho wing that Jaaua man 
doad and that no daad pawn aould holp him* Ooorgo omphaaiaad 
that "tn a fampU of Man wo off or you a living god, Mr* w. d, 
tar ad, mho to tht Sup r out Boing htmatlf** 

According to tho abov informant^ ffoorgo X had boon 
dattgnattd an Aaaittant Mt Motor of tho Philadolphta fonplo ao 

On 9/4/54, ■ ■ advtood that a mooting of tho MCI 
in Philadelphia mat ha Id on 9/3/ 54* At thta ti no, Brothor Sugono 
X (Bat) dioouoood tho origin of tht mhtta man and horn Allah had 

X«2a» *ft Mat Elijah oould waho up tho 17,000,000 Muslin* tn order 
that thoy mould not bo daatroyod by Allah along with tho white man 
Judgonont day. 

PS Sunmar 

>34) (99) 
SJ par* 1 about 
105*39090*1. p* 20 


On 9/9/94, % %advtood that at a rogular mooting 

of tho Trutt of lolam^tWujmo. 9, Ohio ago, on 9/8/54, Bithard 
X road tht tnatmttttns (not t don tt find) mhtoh ha aaid mora at 00% 
to tho Muslims by w* J>. Jmrard, taaahar of Xltjak Mohammad* 



A Mewgrk atrtel. dat»d 9/2 3/54. reflected that on 
9/23/34, wWmWi Hi inter viewed. So matt 

oonfi nod to thestooMa &e^a^rt . Ms, S.J., awaiting court 
martial at that tins. flBfl^fctduitci that ha was a weak 
Muslim when ho attar** tha Army but that ha presently preferred 
Jail to tha Army. Bo atatad that according to a Muslim minister, 
whom ha wo uld not tdsnttfy, Allah had atatad, "Don't earns in 

MB i — If M^H^&'t''^*' — - -J. *.J _ U4k. <• ««p»(M h 

faith had boon stranghtensd and ha waa t rvnma to be a good Muslin, 
mff^tm admit tad that hia ahurah nana waa am m\and e toned 

that Allah had aaaumad tha noma of r. A Fdrara. mj ^said 
ha had only aaan pictures of Allah and that ha did not want to 
aaa Allah no w becaus e ha waa ashamod for being t$ tha Army, 
According te4H ft- Allah claimed that black man had boon 
a lave 8 for 400 year* and that whito man vara supposed to have 
boon deotroyad in 1932* So daairad to ba a Muslim at this 

M wtM 4 ti nmmm mfti man m • Am»+nAnmA mn h.m Oftuld hm Matted 

vw mtm w w t»w V WW wi« * «rw mnmwm b w WWWffwjjww w w - w » — ^ w » — ww ww--" — - 

6y ill-ft rfto would forgive 77 timas 7. 

By lottor, datod 9/30/54, tha Buroau furntahod ths 
above information to Assistant A9 William F* Tompkins. 

Serial dasortbad aboua 



On 4/36/55,% ■ Detroit, 

adoiajs d that ha was _ wR5#^T^^»»™flWJ-™J™^Wn»*i» Detroit. 
sM m explained that tha head of all of tha Temple o of Islam 
waa Mantar r. D. rard Mohammad, born in 1677* This individual, 
who aama from Arabia, o tar tod th mm Te*plo of Islam in 1930 and 
then dieappeared around 1933. sm aXntated that this person 
was considered ao being Allah. mmammw 

It was noted that in 19S5, the leader . Mohammed*, made 
the statamant that r, x». rard was still alive, however, hte 
whereabouts was not mentioned. 

DS rpU, 12/13/56 (09 23*20607) 
Met MOT, okat I3-MCI 
25»330971»1361, p. 2A 


« Slijah - first name 



I .Ai. 

Oft 4/»9/86 $ \ ■ ■ **nb*r #/ *h« JMrtt* 

flt«p2# •/ i»2«a # mm <»f«rvf *t wkieh Mm ki /wr»<«JUd 
filling t*fwrm*tt9*t 

m t%* %*«d ♦/ mil •/ «*• ftop2«« •/ illw S« luWr r. 
JPw f*r4 ifrkmmmtd, Urn 2fTf* 'fei* iwdivttml, **• MM /t*» 

»UrU4 U» iW»2ff •/ J*2«ft ?» X990 •** 4t§mpp*mr*4 «r»»»d 
1*M# A l« itu««r«d m **ftjr Allmh •%& <*♦ 2«*tftr #/ #j 

AlMM f $ M&gfdgrdd 4Jk* ju<f>i4ul 2«£d«*> • * « «f»*ktm. 

MM •«22^*H*« *»* W« NUfr*tft«Stt .MM M* at»**tM4«" 

V p*fttfft*#d h§ 2«#fctd MJM* JfefeUNMd, *«rft 

/■rtfctr t«p2ctfttd «s«t AIM mm «*• Knti IltrlM «t «{[ 
jwr*lan2«r «»* «*• Kmd tfc# Mftttt ****Udg9 t/ J»2«». *# 
MfftMd •»* tWt 4k* ffr+mp U mktoh ft# fr*2*ftp»d mm #m •■2ir 
«uo» §i+%p HlHottg tkmt 41Uh w* fU*h mid ml$$4. 

t/wr*fc#r t*«t 2MfV k* hmd «*««»<! #<1 

jwid* W*I«M# • Mtultm Umm$* •»*f*2«d 
m L*m*<*J+um6 mmlim *•»••« !•* lit* 2****n «*M€#**d •/ 
14 «»***<•»* mmd mmmrntrk «*<** m+r* to »• MMrtm fry tft« 
•t»d*ftM. 4M«***jU 1 *fttf 20 ■•■**•»** JMcOMtf* 1M OtVtr 
«• ftt**tf*ft 14 Mid* r*/*f»*M* rtrd. 

— 00 tA3^. 

On 2/28/55. 4 Wfurotohod a oopy of tho Hot 

n L&so vcvsrii ^"tnsuff^idls of Soldm and fh$ir BoopootiVO 

S«ti." Tko^fiYlomingiro partoTof tho'aivon lamor 

"1* Tho Supromo top tat* Zallott Mohammad of Zolam tn forth 
Amortoa moo ohooon by our Savior and Prophot W* D* 1*. 
Mohammad, *• onforoo tho lama of flam upon all that 
roootvo tho anomlodga 9/ hio or kar • »»/ mhtoh to 
rf£fct*ou«»*o Ia*d dori 6jf i*»Ia» to «c«ry At*««a «*<2<f 
tfcat <• born, 

"8* i?«or«tar<f« art ©/to««* by our Savior* Zn hto aboonoo 

thoy aro ohooon by tho Supromo MintotOr Elijah Mohaunod. 

"4* All contributions or outotdo donatio no rnuot bo gtvon in 
tho nana of our Savior, Pro phot f* D* F* Mohammad* fho 
Troaouro bolongo ontiroly to our Savior, mho providoo 
for uo all that mo noodj and blooo tho oo mho givo and 

"7 f Throo and ono half yoaro ago at rtmplo # 1, Michigan 
ovary Rogiotorod Moolom agraad to givo our Savior ono 
dollar ( $1*00) par month for tho upkoop of tho Tomplo 
and for tho Pro phot and hio LabororU travoltng oxpo$o*», 
mho aro do voting thoir full tt mo to tho rioing of tho 
Daad Matt on (Loot-Toundo) in Worth Amorioa* Sooryono 
that oo mo in To lan and bo It ovo in hto Potion and our 
Savior, Pro phot W* D* T* Mohammod, to raquirod to oontrtbuto 
at loaot tho aaid amount and mora if ho to ablo, and 

mill bo ramardod doublo by B$m$ for what thoy gaoo* n 
>n (tamo not out tn full) 

On 8/88/55, %J W fumiahod a copy of tho minutoo 

of a tpootal mooting hold by^ho WT MGL Tomplo on 18/18/54* 
Informant otatod that at tkio mooting, Prothor Maloolm (l) Littlo, 
MinUtar of tho WT Tomplo, gavo 8§vont§§n lam to bo followod by 
all momboro •/ tho JKXtY Lam 7 otatod tn fullt *Our Tomplo 
to going to roootvo a groat romard on tho Savtouro Birthday* 
Mo orotkor mho mtotoo tho FOI botmoon mom and that timo mill 
bo ablo to parti ot pa to tn tho good tt mo tn otoro for uo, " 
Lam 18 otatod tn fnlli "Any Ituolim found with any moapon or 
gun in hio homk, mill bo put out of tho Tomplo, amd mill not 
bo allomod in until tho Moaoongar or Allah gi voo p*rmiqoton. H 

119 tamo oot out tn full) 



On 2/98/83, ■ Wfurntahai • otpy $f a 

MtttMtfnl prooloa ujm^KT Mi^in 0/ t*o JAM 21k 8irla 
training and QirU OtviltaaHa* Ola**. 1*0 nam* •/ 2>« 
Jterd ni tuod <■ «*• proMo»«( /rtM#» ttt cut in full) 

FT rpt.. 8/6/88 (09 98-8089?) 


S5-330971~5W, pp. 18,90,81,28*99, 

^ K * v/ (91) 

(18) I 

it* *0» rO/01 

Oprr*lat0r'i ffotot Thm ffcooon rt/arrad to t% Mr. 1 about MO 
alto oot out in antiraty i* Jhrd ma im fil** Mat 8*oord*d 
**rtal 1, a« /umf •fttfct Mm 8/18/87* In royard to 

mat idtntioai wt th' th* auijtoi o/ tfcit otiBMrp* 

Til paragraph 3 above, rox *o Fruit of Jo lo«. 

J* »ao not definitely d*t*rmin*d mhatha^th* individual 
T. D. fard in paragraph 4 about mas tdantioal wtt JS$Hkem $»bj«ot 
9/ tkU *umm*ry* 

no *T adttten o/ tkt »«*t00ttr.7» flouri^r," dotod 
10/8/38, oi /Mpo -9 0/ tfeo MagaMi 00 £ootfon, OolfjMO 2 through 
5, oarrtod «■ ortiolo oejottoiod *ifr, Jftihanaod iSfoalro, " eubJoot 
matter §m titled "Th* Mag and Mia Jfctor." Jfr, MoiMd ooooo 
0/ tko aupari or* ty j#/ t*o »ft*to rsoo and 0/ tAO #wt2 treatment 
o> **o Magna* bp m« «*it*«. *o ototod tftot fco fcad roooto** 
**o truth from the i22»too on*, oAo «ad oono attnotit oooorya«oo 
end had appeared under th* name o/ Jfr. Jfcrd Ihfcgioarf. Me added 
that meet o/ th* time, Muhammad was knevn only to Mia entute* so 
Jfr. r. D* Jfcrd. 

Pittsburgh OeurUr" 10/8/88 



On 10/90/SdM Madvtnad that at * maating in 

tola* TompU Mo. I* Mairoit, on 10/21/36* Uuuil X. Maroon, 
MtninUr af that lfc»»2#, bpoba tha bubjact 9 MkO Myotory 

Aaaordtng to tha informant, Andaraon ramarbad that 9od 
man not a myatary hut a mortal man in tha pornon of th« 
Monorabla *¥. D, Marrad Muhammad*' Ma OtaUd that thin wait* 
man mad* 9§d 9 myotnry dimply it daaaiva tka Original Man who 
man tan ao^aallad Amarioan Maaro* Informant tontinmad -that 
And*ra*n*a dattbarattona n+ra' aontradiotory bioauaa ha atatad 
at tha and of kin aarman that tha only tod mho oxibUd on tho 
plonat Marth man "tha daiatio blaa* man, ownor and Htir, 
araator of tha Mgrth, fathar nf civilisation, and Ood of tho 


DM rpUl 
*#* ~ 


St 105^63709 
(Mot Tndoxad) 



of thtaa 

On 3/1B/S?, tha Dauto uWD mada gpai la bia two notabooba 

mhioh mam in tha ponnoioion of am — — 

by tha: Dayton PD on 2/32/57, Tha 
notabooka oontainad f* Homing t 


tha Groat Mahoi 

W m JO* ford 

r» /. a*n >i * m ma>i 
Son of Han , 

tard-Cuar 422 
Jdhovah - Mont Mtgh 
tko Mighty On* 
Moly (HtyafMaooa 
Xolam d fka Maltgto 

Muoaaading paiaa of tht* no taboo b 
addroaoto* Might of t ho$« namao 

mm* m*« iAmm+t P4.mA Jktt ~ ~ 


of Ulan Mo. 19, in 

tmoroun urn and 
at in thia rafironao 

¥ — 

Tn January, 1057,1 hdviood that durtng that 

month (tlaaat dato not givan) Slijah l»IH»«tf #*«t*tf tfcat J22«A 
«m t*# I*ffr* fi Jatrtaa t» thd ptr«*» •/ r# rarr 
Muhammad and that ha. r. J*rr Jto*a«wd. m **♦ 'Uptng &od* an* 
jaundar of To lorn Iwmpla * tft Chtaago* riiJah furthar §tatad 
that r. Arrr Ifcft— — <jofty#r*#rf *<■ to **# X»I«Bto /ftitfc «»d 
addttf that ha, r. J*rr # •upjlUd tha maada and protaoUd hta 

On S/83/9f, 

Chioa g*, •tftrt#*d~&4t W frteaw* a M0ir •/ **• jrax m 
HBk « that ha waa taught that tn about 2940, 

ona fb21«0« ' J>. /fcni, illaA, t*# 2<trt*# Supramo Being, want to 
Datroit from Maaaa aad inatruetad Slijnh Muhammad to bo hi o 
maaaangar in this muntry. rard la tor mooad to Ohio ago and 
raatdod u ntil about 1933, at whioh ttma ha roturnad to Moooa* 
^■■feftatttf that Mualtma boliooad that Furd mould roturn 
tbtktooountry during thair lifottme and roturn all truo 
Mualtma to tha promt aad land* than Tard would roturn to tho 
US, tha world mould bo ongagod tn tho final oonfliat, tha 
*var of Armagoddon t n whioh would ba a war with all if tho 
ohtto raooo, unitad^^tphttng all of tha paoplaof tho dark 
§k% raoa* *S ^ttatfd that thim would ba w»# Vila 

of tt mo fo r tho **%t * rooo, for tha whtta raoa would ba 
daf oatad* flHp^brt&ir advtaad that tho Mualima baliavad 
tn paaoa and did not aduooato or taaoh ouarthrow of tha 03 
9ovt* t and that ha would follow tha tnotruationa at tha tima 
rard roturnad to thta country, avan to tha avtant of harming 
tha whtta man or hta Qoaarnmant* Mo indtoatad that posatbly 
ho and othor Muoltma might givo up thotr Itaaa for tho JT0X. 
but all aurvtvtng mombara would go to tha promiaad land, whioh 

»wwri»«» *»w mm* mt 

09 rpt*, e/3/Sfi(09 *S-aOQOV) 
Mat 90 f t formarly rofOrrad 
ta ma tha MOT, abaj 

$3^30991*3093, pp. 3, $0 

At n**tto»0<i t* tht prtfao* to tht* summary, tht 
following r«/«r«*c«c art thou found tdtnttoal with nllaet 
Do* r§rd whiok ooitaiMBd imforwation rofUetimg Allah, identical 
with rord, o9 * doijy* 

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o r gwinMi m — — i o g» rr i a 1 a 1 rr on oi so O) 

e^»tJOi/jf i»ru^ PP* *j **, v $ r $ * m t * v # *'# •* , " v ) *" 

86, 30 

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25*330971-244, pp. 2, 18, 14, 15, 17 
23*330971-250, pp. 3, 6, 16, 30 

*5«Jra>d7I.£7d. »». I. 0 9-12. IX. 19-45 

— ._ - . - 1 rr - — f — r . ■ — j — , _j . — - 


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105*89033*3, p. 6 

Thw follevtnff rt/»r«ac»# an the** f$umd ip b* p9&*ibly 
idintioal with Wallace Dob Ford which m*t*i**d information 
ruf looting AIM M a 4§tty. 

aSmSS6991~l&3. or>. 12-14* 33*35. 37*39. 41. 42* 44. 46 

— ' — — - — — r rr~ r " ~ * * * w s 

100*135-9*4, pp. 5, 9 


t F 


\ , " 



f 11* wing r0/0rg»9« mhtak km* a* t rmvttmmd 
oiitilw fa/t>*Mtf«» whtoh km* »#•» pl*o*d under r**triot*d 

%64-330-25l-l836 ^ 

8*mroh Slip Pmg* ##, 

U •#* /»rtA fa tA« 00rr*»p9Mdi*g •triml #/ *A« Mf D /<2« 105-63643 
•ft WMllmo* $•% /#rd, Sxoipt whir* iudioufd • tfr#r»i«« / thm 
furot ft Mf IIM (■ btth •«r(fl2«. 




*l t S3 




Mr Hrm i 


8> p. 8 
ftfiJ #•« 

i « 

8/91/8*, ftUd 

2, aa. 4«tf 



»r< tlaa 






Ifct f9lU*i%g r*S*r*no*t taatafa fa/eraatfta whioh *U* 
UMiri is (70 rtaart daf*d 9/91 /&* *mt JfflJV m mbh * /» a£**£ Ajl* , 
ftt'tt a2«otd fa jfrrd't Mia >«a'f20M3M*) «♦ ~ i*' *JT» * JimpM' 
•«r««2 /I2td fttatat* #tr<«2 2. 

flirgrtMat ffi? g # i&a * 

93-30441 -8 _ --u. - * * 



5 p. 9-9, 11-14, 
9-93, 95, 96, 
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J>. 3 

p. 99 

p. 99 





9 t 16, 31, 
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96, 37 

aatil i i 


3-9, 11-14, 
16-99, 95, 
96, 90, 99, 
36, 43, 30 






Jun*-July 19, 30 
1956 i««u« 
•/ »U§mU* 
World mnd 

In-btrvt •» 3, 4 


•ft 13/14/56 







«ftrf 6M/*4#fe«fc2 

Trurni»h»d relt&bl* 

OoUbtrS < 

t9$U4 •/ 

Wrl4 m& 

!*» *•?*»<•• 

»*>#• , . i 
• * 9/9f0[ 





p. 2 







(3/8/49) M 
4+Ur*9 Wh* 

h*d Jur*fk$d 

in th$ pft 

amftdfttml 42 
(net idtntifttd) 
mk§ h*d 


in th* pmtt 

3, 4, 11 
3, 4 




Ojjic& ftAetnorandum • united states government 

to :SAC, Chicago (100-33 683) 

date: January 21, 1958 

from ; Director, FBI (105-63 642) 

subject : i/fALLACE DON FORD 


Reurlet 10-30-57 and Bureau letter 


Enclosed herewith is a copy of a correlation 
summary dated 1-15-58 prepared at the Seat of Government 
relative to the captioned individual. 

You should thoroughly review this summary 
and conduct any necessary investigation in an effort 
to further identify the subject and to determine his 
present whereabouts. In the event you use any 
information in this summary in a future report, investi- 
gation should be instituted to contact the original source to 
verify the information, obtain further details, identify 
theai with the subject, and to obtain any necessary 
documentation " 



January 17, 195$ 

SAC, DETROIT (100-26356) 






ReDElst 11/29/57 to Bureau and CGlet to Bureau 

On January 9, 195* » BRDHMVN D. BETHOH, 212 
Chandler Street, flint. Michigan, advised that har husband. 
SRDMAHN D. BKTm6n, who 'was formerly associated with the University 
of Michigan, bad written the article entitled *The Toodoo Cult 
Among tfegro Migrants in Detroit"* She advised that he had died 
to 19V3* She adrised that he had obtained the Material for hie 
article by interviewing Members of the group himself* She adrised 
that It was his idea to rrite the article aid en "some ef the 
interviews he took either her or hi* daughter. She related that 
the notes that he prepared while he was in the process of writing 
the article were either lost or destroyed* She stated that she 
could not re camber any names, addresses or places mentioned 
during the interviews when she was present* 

She stated that her husband* s article was the 
only one written by him concern lag the Hat ion of Islam (MOD* 
She stated that her husband was close to a sociology professor 
at the University of Chicago named LOUIS VIRTH. She Stated that 
WIRTH and her husband were both interested in the KOI at that 
particular time (1937) *Ad it was her recollection that the 
leader and founder of the SOI was a white person going under the 
name FARD and FORD. She stated that as she recalled wIRTH had 
-met this individual and knew that his name was either FARD or 
FORD* She stated that It was also her recollection that this 
pereoa was actually of Jewish origin and his real name was a 
Jewish name, unknown to her, but not similar to either FARD or 

Z - Bureau (REGISTERED) 
£ZV* Chicago (REGISTERED) 

d> 10O-336S3 v 

1 - 25-2060* 
1 - Detroit (106-26356) 


DE 100-26356 

On January 10, 195 S, Mr*. XARION KIKBBR, 609 last ~ 
Baker, Flint, Michigan, advised that aha did aeoompaay her 
father, ERDKAKN BKTKON , on many of the Interviews that he conducted 
relative to the HOI . She stated that she remembers the leaders 
nan* as being FARAD, but could not remember anything else about 
hi*, and she did not know anything about his being of the 
Jewish nationality and having as a true name a Jewish name. She 
went on to explain that LOUIS WIRTH had died in 1952* She stated 
that her father and a detective frosi the Detroit Police 
Department who was in charge of the investigation on the group 
conferred with each other quite frequently and swapped 
information concerning the group. She advised that to her 
knowledge her f ether had gotten all of his information from 
interviews with HOI members or' through the Detroit Police 
Department. She stated that she had never seen FARD as he had 
already left Detroit. She stated that she had visited the 
University of Islam which was located in Paradise Valley in 
Detroit and had seen a photo of FARD which was hanging on a wall 
in a room on the second floor. She advised that this house was 
located close to the police precinct although she could not 
remember the name of the street. 

The Chicago Division should attempt to attempt 
to locate any notes or material formerly in the possession of 

«- ho 1*t.« I-AHT^ to TttTH .* w< fK »Ka 9(u<4a1am D.nar^Minf #»f 

the Univerelt7 of Chicago that might help to Identify the man who 
went under the name of FARD in Detroit, and attempt to locate 
any close associates of WIRTH who might be in a position to 
furnish information concerning FARD. 

On January 17, 1958. Sergeant L 

e/ Department a Subversive Squad, advised SA 

that the records of that agency fall to 
reflect any such investigation or lnoulrv with recard to Subject 
or collaboration with the late Professor" BSTUOU, 

- 2 - 

00146 ^ 

A X 1 T I I 

1 1 tin l 


tot BmcTQft, rax ( 105-63^2 ) 
raoMt t*c # HUja (105-1*59) 

ttALLACI POX n>K>, vw. 

Ill - HOI 

(00 I Chisago) 

IsLAsirtsl to Umtof, 1/13/58. 

On 1/17/58* **! Imtimmd 

Mrs* WAUL BWAXXn at GOSllinKiir flA, 
Stock Island, Kay wast. Florid*. 

Mrs. IVSLSXZIt statsd that ste MMd tte ohild 
born to nor whila sho wss living with FOsD, vaLUCI MOD 
FOKB* aftor its fatter. Jte said actually tte child 
was aaaad KALUCB DQSD FOaD, Jr.* hut that ant naund hi* 
attar his fatter and not aftar any of har ralativas. aha 
aald aha sould not hava aawad it attar any of subject* s 
ralatlvas, baaauaa aha savor knaw tha nana af any of than. 

Mrs. IftLSXUm aald that* to tha hast af har 
rasoUaetloa, tha last tlaa aha aaw sub J sot waa la tha 
tuawar of sitter 199* nr 1933* nten ho ahowad up at har 
plaea in Lsa angslss. tha aald ate halloa* it waa in tha 
■ii— ir t possibly august* hut that ate doss rssall that a 
largo air show of saw* typn waa than la prograas la Los 
Ananias, tha said a*a is wnahla to say w h atte r it waa 
1932 or 1933. Mrs. wmspm Mid it was an this visit 

Mrs* XfEUXXn aald that sha found a lft toy in 
aubjast** trunk ana day whlah waa addraaaad to FftD P0BO, 
and although aha navar disa ass sd it with bin, ate took 

4> SSS. Wl&mw) W^^f 4 

IS 0 " a 


m 105-1*59 

It for mnt«4 that ha ted «n4 tte aawa fffJD BOM) 
prior to hit ooalng to Los angolas* ate said ate it of 
tte infinite opinion that subject actually roturaed to 
tew tealand, lnaaaveh aa always provloualy te ted tean 
faithful in writing to ter whan te waa in Detroit and 
Ch1oago» aha said subject aaad to te sonaltteat about 
sending aoney to ter for tte hoy exeept for ana 6 to 
8 Month poriod whan te did not writ*. Later ate aald hi 

_ wr m» r«Mun twm mmnk wv »i.iv*u ah »w 

long waa that te had no aoney to aand. Ate aald ate wrota 
hla and told hi* to write anyway whatter or not te always 

lira. gfSLftlSBR said ate will te at ter praaant 
addrees until aftar which ate and ter husband 

Slan to taka a lalauraly trip up through tte north and 
j>rth eentral p art of tte^.^S,^ ate aald regardJLess^of 

Offlee in Los Angola a of ter who mahouts. B9C. 


- 2 - 


DIRECTOR, TBI (l0£-63*42) 

February 3, 1958 

3 AC, CHICAGO (100-33663) 


8H • HOI 

(00 i Chleago) 

wrfiCtN IS UNCLASSIFIED. _ h^taesSfl 


Re Portland letter to Chleago* 1/9/58. 

Aooordlng to the spesebee and writings 
or ELIJAH MOHAMMAD, the national leader of tha 101* 
"ALLAH" came to Detroit, Michigan, from Maooa in 

lain « u n Pisn. uhn ts<>"^^ 

MUHAMMAD for three years eonoernihg Islam. FARD 
taught Islam in Datrolt from 1930 to 1933* at which 
tine ha was asked to leava Datrolt by tha Datrolt 
Polios Da part as nt and iubssqusntly oane to Ohloago, 
Illinois* whare ha taught Islam until 1934# at "blah 
tins ha disappeared and nothing has bean heard from 
him sinoe, MUHAMMAD has indioated that FARD returned 
to Meeoa* 

Tha philosophy of the jroi ta ashes that FARD 
srrlyed in the United States from Haaoa on July k* 1930, 
and that he returned to Meooa after bringing the knowledge 
of their true identity to the lost-found latlon of Islam 
whioh had been held in slavery in tha U* S. for 1*00 yaars. 
Tha philosophy of tha X0I has deified FARD and has iden- 
tified him with the Ood, ALLAH* 

In now of this* any information doraloped 
eonooming the aetual origins and lift of w. D, FARD 
is extremely important to the investigation of tho KOI 
and should bs pursuad rigorously and i mag inat ively. 

i f 

In this eonmsstion, it is pointed out that 
FARD, as WALLACE D0I FORD* FBI lumber 5406*, rasided 
in Los Angeles. California* from about 1917 to 1926* 
In 1926 ho was sentenced to serre six years in fan Qwantin 
Friaon in eonneetion with tea illegal sale of narootioa 

w » AM 

prison u 4.7*7* ow m rn n mt n 

as February *5Tl891» 

rooords listed F0RDU data of birth 

2 - Bureau (Regie tar ad) 
_1 - Portland (105-5^4) (Enel. ) (Regis tared) 

;6 o - 53t^3- v 

00149 W3 

ca 100-33683 

at Portland, Oregon. The HOI philosophy teaches that 
FARD'a birth date was February 26, 1877 » at Mecca. 
Other records hsve listed FARD*s year of birth aa 189* 
and 1900* 

The Los Angeles Division haa located HAZEL 
KLVELSIZBR, FORD 'a aasnion-law wife from 1919 to 1922. 
3ho baa atatod that FORD had uaod the nana FRED DODD 
In Salam, Oregon, prior to hla coming to Loa Angeles. 
Also, ELVSLSIZSR rooallod that FORD had told har that 
ho had boon married in Oregon around 19l4» and that 
thia narriage had been followed by a bitter aoparatlon 
after which he had been unable to obtain a divorce. 

Alto, Detroit haa located an indlridual who 
once interviewed FARD and who recalls that he etated 
that neither FAHD nor FORD was hla true nana, but it 
was aoma thing quite different from either of those nana a. 

It is noted that Portland haa located a marriage 
between a FRED DODD and a PEARL ALLEN Married on May 9* 
1914, in KultnoouuL County, Oregon. DODD » a ra si donee waa 
Hated aa 3 clem, Karlon County, Oregon. 

From this the possibility presents itself 
that FORD was actually born FRED DODD and changed his 
nans to WALLACE FORD when leaving Oregon due to aarital 
difficulties. Chicago feels that this possibility should 
be thoroughly explored. 

The philosophy of the SOI also states that 
FARD's father was a "devil" (white man) isaile Ida maths* 
was one-half ■original." this sould indicate that his 
mother was half Vegro, Chinese, Eiwelian, or Indian* 

Portland haa conducted inveatigation attempting 
to locate a birth record for WALLACE FORD. It la requested 
that similar inveatigation be conducted to aae if a birth 
of a FRED DODD can bo loaatad. 

lit la noted that P. D. HEKRESSr, a witness to the 
marriage of FRED DODD and PEARL ALLSX, la probably identical 
with FRANK D. HEHBSSX, a lawyer. It la requested that 
Portland chock with the local bar association to determine 

00150 , 

CO 100-33683 

If it posaeases any record of HENNESSY and eould possibly 
direot Agents to any member of his family or to former 
partners or associates of HENNESSY. If ao, they eJhould 
be interviewed for any recollection they night hare of 
HKHHESSYta knowledge of DODD. 

It is alao requested that long tine residents 
in the legal field in both Portland and Salem be contacted 
for any information they might p oases a concerning DGDn 
and/or PEARL ALLEN. It is pointed out that FORD atated 
his Oregon marriage was followed by a bitter separation 
after which he had been " unable to obtain a divorce ," 
which might indicate aome other form or legal action. 

It la not clear from Portland's letter of 
January 9, 1958, if the check of the Salem City Directoriea 
and Marion County tax lists was only against the name 
FORD, or if FRED DODD waa alao oheoked. If the above 
were not checked against the name DODD, they should be 
Checked against the names WALLACE DODD and FRED DODD. 

If any further record of, or information eom- 
cerning DODD or FORD ia located, it should be thoroughly 
and imaginatively pursued to ita logical conoluaion from 
all available records and/or possible witnesses. Any 
information developed concerning the actual origins or 
identity of W. D. FARD will "tend to disprove the philosophy 
of the HOI and can lead to a better understanding of that 
organisation by Agents investigating the HOI. 

Enoloeed herewith la a photograph of WALLACE 
FORD taken in. June, 1926* It should be returned to Chisago 
upon completion of Inveatlgation in Portland. 



SAC, Detroit (100-2635$) 

January 28, 1958 

Director, FBI (10<C-^.6U2) 


Reurlets 10-22-57 and 1-17-58. 

Relet dated 10-22-57 advised that a photograph 
of tho subject was available to your office, Helot dated 
1-17-58 advised that Mrs. Marion Kieber, 609 East Baker, 
Flint, Michigan, adrlsod she had accompanied hor father 
during tho time ho conducted aany interviews relative to 
the Ration of Islaa (HOI) s She also stated that she had 
observed a photograph of the subject which was hanging 
on the wall of a building which she apparently visited 
with hor father* 

. A. M .A- _ % A 1 

xou snouxa vxniDit a pnotograpn 01 sae buujici. 
to Mrs. Kleber to determine if ho is Identical with the 
individual she knew named Farad, who was tho leader of the 
HOI at the time hor father was interested in this organisation, 

1 -/Chicago (IOO-33683) (For Information) 


January 29, 19£8 


During the o our as or the Inveatlgatlon by the 
writer to determine *% D. FARD's activities In Chicago in 
the early 1930 » a the writer lie determined that the 
following information la available to be reviewed by 
agent ■ of thla office if they ao desires 

Information compiled prior to X9kO by the Illinois 
Writer* a Project of the *PA under a grant from the 
Roaanwald Foundation la filed In the Hall Branch of the 
Chloago Publio Library, I4.801 South Michigan under the 
caption of *«a*aroh into the Hiatory of the Negro in 
Illinois. This information la rough material and has 
never been compiled into a book format*- it la aeparated 
by categories, In four file cabinet a at the above 


Agents ae siring to review toe aoovi 
ahould identify themselves to the librarian,^ m r 

as] fend she will make material available to ihew^ - ^ 
Thla material contains some reaearoh into the early history 
of the -.jJ48a i i jueC the KOI. The writer has received for 
photostating a portion of thla material and it will be 
filed in the 1«B Motion of the W, D. TIED Gaee. 

The above la being made a matter of record in 
the event that agents In the future desire to do any 
reaearoh into the history of the Negro movement in America. 

I 1 

1 - 61-293 (MSTA) / 
(ly- 100-33683'' (V. D. FARD) 

■TMaMRO raw ho. •* 

Office Memorandum • united states government 

to =SAC (100-33683) 
PROM ; 3A 

date: January 28, 19?6 



On January 

^Inter viewee 

^stated that he is 4 

one of th e sections of the Moorish Science Temple 01 
America. M Aras interviewed to determine if he 

possessed "anyTn7o"rmati on concerning W. D. PARD. 

advised that he was aware of the fact 

that an individual named ELIJAH MUHAMMAD was the head of an 
.organization which he referred to as the "Mooslems". 

^stated that he first "became acquainted with this 

organization through articl es by ELIJA_H_ MUHAMMAD appearing 

in the Pittsburgh Courier. 4H ^tated he was not 

thoroughly familiar with thisorgan^atWn but that he was 
certain that no good member of the Moorish Science Temple 
of America would have anything to do with the "Mooslems" 
because the rt M**^#*D n preached hate whereas the MSTA 
preached love, truth, peace, freedom and Justice. 


O'CONNELL, 139 NorTh" Clark 
work for various branches 
4| ^tated that he had nev 
or any_of the alia ses whic 


BEY, who 
possibly be in 

concerning the 


d that Attorney PHILLIP M. 

Street, currently hand les^ legale 
of the MSTA in Chicago, 
er heard of the name W. D. P? 
h had been known to be used by 
that possibly Colonel C. KIRKMAN 

Number 1 of the MSTA would 
of more information than he 
or possibly concerning W. D. PARD. 

- 100-6989 (ELIJAH MUHAMMAD) 

or 1 r if\i.r\ r 7 txir\ m r\ 

1 - 61-293 (MSTA) 


/(H) -33 



J8» 1998 

6 ( 

kOllitlill! oaytlMMi WIQI Of 2SUK, 9 - 

vlth r— yet to oaptli tt uatvltol.^ 

Ob ^> tea w^f j la g svlUM* 

U th» pMt «rt «bQM Itatttri Mli protott**, 

•Ml tha itfMHt «tanet«riM« fc*>et m "» Mt". Ii~«ki4 Mfcjtet is 
«a 11. artist. «ko ft a ta w rta 1ml wttl hi'i 

•f ftopl*. Htfwmnt MIA «»t Iftteljr **>et tw 
t» fMBX* lo. 1, Brtrolt, 



January 31* 1958 

- SAC, DETROIT (10Q-263$6) 


¥» D. PAID, was* 

SK - «OI 

00 I Chicago 

8e Chicago letter to Bureau, October 30* 1957 # end 
Detroit latter to Director. January 17, 1958. 

a * , ***i**s to loos 
vara unsuccessful* 

On January 20, 1958, SB 
records of the Identification Bureau o 
nent through the cooperation or Officer 
results* On the seme data, no record 
tion Bu reau of th e Oakland County She: 
Officer*^ ^ Also, on that date/ 
tK* n^p0y fciwi pSparfent of the Font lac 
record en4H ^ Loenj^^elephone and street 
were negative uponfl m 

t Pontlae. Michigan. 

searched the 
c Police Depart- 
with negative 
n the Identifies- 


directories at Pontlac 

if th^^gatii 



At Detroit, local telephone and 
failed to reflect the present whereabouts of 

On Jam 



Bureau and 

Credit Association, 
negative results* 

and caused the records 

lye Cle) _ 

of the Michigan Cr< 
Michigan Merchant *s 
to be searched with 

at Ion, 

23, 1958. SK 
j of the Bureau 
Detroit; Police Department, for a record search 
found* On January 27, 1958, he contacted Off! 
•f the Subversive Squad, Detroit Police^ 

results* Similarly, on January 22, 1958, _ _ _ , 

rapher in the She riffs ©frtee, Detroit* found no record in cue 
of that agency e 

2 - Bureau 

<Z>- Chicago 


25-20607) ( 


files \ y 

00156 left 

BE 100-26356 


and hla family ot* 
a bouse la a duplax, 
Tbay further stated that 
t address for the past 2U 

On January 1 7. 19g8. BaJ 
_lnt err lowed 

Thay aa 

the othar half being known aa 

thay hare oontlnuoualy rasldad a 
years and to thalr knovladga no one by tha nana of 4 
J^^ver raaldad there! nor did thay know tuoh a parson or have 
any Information about hlsw It was asoetftalned from thasa people 
that tha neighborhood la a mixed raolal one and that no one in 
tha area had lived there very long, or would know of anyone back 
as far as 1943* 

^^^^^^^^OnJanuary 22, 2i+, 195&*_3A3 ■ and 

SAfl LsV Interviewed* 

^ under suitable security conditions 
La resldanoe. He said that ha waa bom aa 

He i 

his race was Bogro and that his oguoation waa io IK sllth grade*. 
Be aaid he Joined the Development of Our Own around ea saVln 
Detroit and immediately baa ana acquainted with ABDUL MOHAMMED, 
whom he also knew aa 7, D. ABDUL, He did not know what the 
letters "F.D.* were for in letter's name. Be aald that ABDUL 
MOHAMMED was tha founder, leader and had of the faraa olna 
organisation, and that he himself after a time became eaaaasflaamsV 

He aald he worked In such eapacltr 

the home of ABDUL MOHAKhKD thenlimeeted at 96}2 Hlndle, Detroit, 

4 mvtQt on to aay that he mwer found out 
•ay background information on ABDUL MOHAMMED and i« mew unable 
*c eupply any. Ho aald that about If/tt/toiUUDotft booamo ill 
with tuberculosis and died in the same year* Be said* that 
bo was burled by tha Strickland Funeral Home of Mltehell and 
buried in the Detroit Memorial Cemetery, He waa unable to \ 
supply the exact date of death of ABDUL MOHAMMED. Ho OOttld not 
recall ewer saying that ABDUL MOBAMMSD died in a mental Institu- 


DE 100-26356 

t wfcs ehcwn the Detroit Polio* Department 
•umber U5139 of SubJecPi Ro aaid that Subjeot ia not identical 
with ABDUL MOHAMMED, go said further that ho himself had never 
seen PARD; He did say? however, that he recalled vaguely 
hearing that FARD tried to join" the Development of Our Own but 
ABDUL MOHAMMED refused to allow it. He aaid that it ia hia 
preeent reoolloetion that the refuaal waa predioated upon the 
faot that FARD waa allegedly of a violent and revolutionary 
mind, where the Development of Our Own waa eatabliahed for 
the general betterment and uplifting of the Negro race, wholely 
without any aubveraive objectivea* 

fl fceeorlbed ABDUL MOHAMMED generally at 

the time of hia hospitalization aa Negro) male} age 60 - 70; 
£*U" to 6*| 230 pounds; dark complexion) married, wife SARAH 
(phonetic) J no children. 

in conclusion, indloated that the Develop- 
ment of Our Own in Detroit area numbered around 2,000 member a in 
1936, but that after MOHAMMED' a death that It aoon fell apart* 
He aaid he had no idea if FAKD ia alive nor had he any infor- 
mation about latter 1 a whereabout a* 

_ 11371 

Mitchell, Hamtramok, advxjod on January za, j.f>o, mqm.t, aha 
has been in that bualn^aa for 27 yeara* She aearohed her 
recorda and advised that ABDUL MOHAMMED of 1^38 Hague, Detroit, 
died October 23# 1939, at We at Fort Hoapltal, 3W Weat Fort 
Street, Detroit, of tuberouloa* • She aaid she burled him 
on October 29, 1936V at Detroit Memorial Park ia Section £, 
Orave 843* *ae aaid that hoapltal has been closed for years* 

V ftin the Bureau ox Vital 

Statistics, Department ef Health, Olty and County Building, 
Detroit, en January 29, 1956* produced the Death accord on 
ABDUL MOHAMMED, being number 10t80. fhla reflected that 
he died October 23, 1938. in toe Olty of Detroit* Hit addreas 
appeared ae 11*38 Hague, Detroit* lis age waa acted aa 
"about 5£«* Hia, physical description waa act forth aa male. 

- 3 - 


DS 100-26356 

Hegro, widower wife, SARAH BROWN. So other background infor- 
mation appeared on thla Certificate . fhe oause of death waa 
pulmonary tubereulosli. the Certificate was signed by EDMUND 
SSGB&CCfi, n»D« $ the Coroner* 



DIRECTOR, FBI (105-6361^2) 


SAC, CRTCAOO (100-33683) 


Re Bureau letter dated January 21, 1958, containing 
as an enclosure a correlation summary prepared at the 800. 

Page 50 of referenoed summary reflects that Buflle 
6^-330-25l"lo36 was not reviewed because it contains informa- 

ifion witicu xiKa udou pxnoou wiuoi- ri»D nuu i.ou uo.iBwi-i.iia uauih 

In view of the fact that the subject has been 
virtually dziiicA in the current philosophy of the NOI 
and since Chicago is conducting intensive investigation 
concerning the subject, the Bureau is requested to consider 
furnishing Chicago with the essence of the information 
appearing in this reference, if it is pertinent to this 

2 - Bureau { RM) 
1/ - Chicago 

HEREIN IS Sf^ir * 




via/ 5a 

•AC, WO (100-S43&) 

(00 1 CMICAOO) 

la*4 far m'So'rSrlS^rSmnoM^St IaMlia^m' ftaearaa 
NetlM, ft*, *ad tet^ltjMPt P eo — i n t titnry, ACM, PA. 

Tha rtfcrtDMi itbttmfiHf iMerdl faetlaa 
mUnd «i 1/M/ftt, iqr tMH *H »•* rattact 

&*7 lafana»tlan,ldantlf labia will IU aabjaet, art la r 

Ubrarj, rarlava* •» Wat, hjr 1B< 

failad ta Alaclaaa aar iafaramtiaa LdaalllllHr i WTanB53act, 



FEB 1~3 13 


00161 ^< 

STAMPWnP WOK m r*>. •* 

Office TAeinoranduiTi • united states government 

TO / : SAC, Chicago (100-33663) 


February 14, 195S 

from director, FBI (105-63642) 



ALL »^«— -- 

Reurlet 1-31-5S and correlation summary 
dated 1-15-5S. 

Reference to subject listed on page fifty 
of referenced correlation summary has been reviewed 
and found not to be identical with the subject. 



DIlSCTOa, FBI (105*63642) 

february 26» W* 




SSCU&ITI MATTSK - HOI n^-^od p^jinl 

OQ i Chicago 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ 

ft* Bima letter to Detroit dated January 2*, 195*. 

On rtlmiry 11. 195*. Mrs, MARION IIEBfiR, 609 K*st 
Baker, Flint, Michigan, wa« shown a photograph obtainod 
froa the Betroit folic* Dopartaont bearing the date NaT 
1935. and Detroit Polios Departaoat bomber 4513* by SAf 
e^BfceVs* *M»SH stated thai this photograph was idenl 
to tha photograph of aha paras* sha knew to h* aasjad FABD 
whosa picture sha had saaa on tha wall at tha Baiveraity 
of Ialaa sows twaaty ysars ago whils with har father inter- 
viewing persons who wars is t loo of Ialaa (101) aeabers. 

sdvised that tha photograph of rAEB at / 
tha University of Islsa aithar a 5" x t 9 or a 10" photograph 
in black aad white sad was a "glamorised" or touched up 
picture. She stated that aha recalls that the picture was 
taken fron a 45 degree angle instead of a fall face or a 

Mrs* %Xmm was aaked If ahe was poaltiTe of the 
Identification ahe bad aade and she stated that there was 
no doubt is her aiftd that the two persons ware the sa s» « 


2rr Bureau (iUSfllSTBiUED) 
Chicago (REGISTSkBD ) 

ll - 25-20607) 
2 - Detroit 

DIRECTOR, FBI (105-63*42) 

HNKb 10, 1956 

SAO* CHICAGO (100*33663) 

V« D* Pta^/ *AX3jA1 Noh 

u # Prod Md; wait ram*, 

illiM Farad, V t 9* Fovaud, 



•«ho Or* a% MttAlft, FV NthMMd * 
All, Parrad MohOffinmd 

bbcdriw xatusi * vox 




IkaBulat to Chlaago January 2d, 1959* onolaalng * 
©orrolatlon ataautry pr ogarod at tho aaai of tirovtanuMnt* l^or 
tho information of Bow York, tho following infoao&tloa Is 

nMi t 

According to tho •pooohoo and writing* of ELIJAH 
MOHAMMAD, Rational Loadar oX tho Ration of Xalam (SOI J, "Allah" 
aaiot to Dotroit, Jttohigan fron Noooa in 1930 in tfao parson of 
ono W. D« FARD who taught MOHAMMAD for throo yoara oonoomlng 
lalanu FARD taught lalaa la Dotroit from 1930 to 1933 at whloh 
tint ho vat aakod to lam Dotroit by tho Folia* Dopartaont and 
aubaoquantly oaao to Chleag©, TlUnoU whor* tea taught Xalaw 

until 1934* *t wnioh tint ho dlaappoarod and nothing hoa boon 
hoard fro* hin alaoo* MOHAMMAD haa taaAoatod that FARD raturnod 
to Moooa. 

Tho philosophy it tho 101 tooohoa that FARD arrlTod 
la tho flnltod itatoa froa Naooa ah July k§ 1930, and that ho 
roturnod to Mooea aft or bringing tho fcnowladaa of thai* taw* 
Idantlty to tho loaWouod nation of Xalaa vhloh had boon hold 

*T ssifS^^hil^^^ with tho go* 

Zha nhilooophy 

*stlga«ian oonduotod ay tho FBI haa ifastiriad FARD 
ft tothe itetlaaX with too aubjout «f FBI Buahar fioU whooo 
laat known anpoaronao waa as arroit la ftaSooaa, 111 Inula la 

£ ♦ iupaatt ( 
Z • Dotroit 

9 mm* VMI 

($)~ OMoago 




00 100*33663 

page 27 of nfiNBOrf eorrelatlon 111—117' refloats 

inf oroatlen eont mlnod la & fl+ trstt wtnaa>fe dated XeVOBfeer 12. 
C 19l»2* entitled* i Vu* Ft al* Mevrleh 

Selenea Tenple of AatrtM» IS * J, Custodial Dotontlonj SodlUon." 

This report eentalned inf amotion which wo* given to 
the Detroit Offlee by the Klehlgan State PoUoo la a oeaorendura 
dated too 16, 19lt2« Sila aoaor aafcm refloated that a V* D* 
FARD* alias Doris XI* 9316 Oakland Arson** Do trait* was known 
as the Orand Sheik oi the rtwriah selenee Temple or Awarlea and 
that ha was believed to bo from Xanaaa Oitfr* Missouri or from 
Ohieage* This nsatorandun advised that tho Moslem* were organic od 
in Detroit in 1913 by ROBERT D« QLLIE who waa run out of Dotroit 
ia 1929* Report refleoted E. D. FARD reorganised tola group in 
1930 but waa run out of town by tho ?olloo in 193U and returned 
in 1936* 

Fage % of rafaronood eorrelatlon suaaary rafloata 
information appearing in Raw York roport of October 26* 1?53» 
regarding 1ELIJAB MOHAMMAD, was*, MCI, aka* Et al* osa 191$. 
Co n sp i r acy, ia » e +* * *Mw»»fc rof lootod that on August 31* 

1953* •new' nV a known Moslem* voluntarily appeared 

in the low York Office, It that tin* ho advised that in 1951 

l*. M± L —J * V ¥ * r* M » M a A — A- A-k ^ - * « 4 r<*.l^ 

no mot we gOa *i*u#ux in wr xotk vivx *» io» nux iwm «n m^wo 
Street* Be pointed out that ho oould not doaorlbe ALT AH hut that 
he would certainly be able to identify aim if he eap/hia again* 

4| ^ further stated that A UAH always appeared under 
the nana of W. D. FARAD* VhondHMoTowoe ahown a photograph of 
FARD. ho waa visibly startled and atated that he would not 
positively identify tJt as ALLAH or 7ARD but, did Indioate that 
it mite possibly waa a photograph ear him* Vtaat adviaed that 
a TT-Xtt Mglgad in tH* r$w *ij%y *> !t:rt- where ha always had lived 
and where he would^oontinne to live fonsvor* "* 

She Detroit Division ;|>eai the information reported 
la Ihia letter it would appear that too mohigan state felloe 
had confused the Korrlsh Selenee tempi* of Aaorlea with the 
lotion of Xslamf however* Detroit is requested to eontnet the 
Wehigon state roliee and determine the source of the Information 
appearing in their ■amorsndiiw of /una 16* 191*2* whlah rafleeted 
that vTD, FAR) alias DAVIS EZ., 93iToakIand Avenue was Oread 
Sheik of tho Harris* ftaionoe Temple of Aneriee* 

• I • 


00 100*33683 

Dotroit shoal* sttoapt to rosolvo wfeotho* or not tho 

DIVTft IT. *11*m4 4u» 1»* *n jrf V* D- PARD ijl UontlOSl 

with ths subJoot of this isrostigatisn. If It is ostovniiiod 
that that individual is idsatlosl with ths swsjoot oX this 
imstigatlon* loglosl investigation should b« ooaduotod to 
fellow lis atawats sinoo thst dots and to dotormtno his 
prosa nt loostisn* 

*** "TV I V* filalilfla roqoo s tod to sttoap* to 
rolntorriov WiHH «ad dstswias flm kU til 

information oonesmiog ths appoaroneo or Aujlh or w. »• fakd 
st tho MCI Tmapl* in Row *0rfc In 1951* 

low York should sdrlso If ths photograph shown to 

twos tho photograph of tho swfejoot of Potrolt^ Polios 

Dopartaant number U5136* Vow Toartc aftould aon duot oil logical 
lBT«atlgatlan to vorify or disproiro^| mitstoasat thst 
FAHD or ALLAH appears* st ths low XOric Tompio ill 1951* Xf 
this information is yarlfiod, jr«w York should oondnet oil 
iuraatlgatlaa noeaaaary to leosto FAKD or sny lnfomatlon 
oonoarning hiau 


• 3 • 


DIRECTOR, FBI (105-63642) 

sac, Chicago {100-33683) 


\jAT.TiAOK\pfiPt> rOBfl. Waa . 

Re Miami hlrtel to Dire* tor dated 1/21/58. 


The title of this case is being narked "Changed" 
to 11a t the aubject'a true name a a WALLACE DODD FORD aa 
supplied bj the smbje*t f s former common-law wife aa 
it a ted In reairtel. "The Great Mahdi" ia being added aa 
ii alias due te the feet that V. D* FARD is identified as 
ameh in rsrious writings expounding the philosophy of the 

Preyious lnreatlgation has Indicated that the 
subject may have been of new Zealand origin and that his 
parents may hare been residing in lew Zealand around 1920. 
Pre y low lnTeatlgatlon has also lndieeted that the aubjeet 
probably used the name FRED DODD in Oregon prior to 1915. 
This opens the possibility that the subject may hare boon 
born FRED DODD and inres tigs tlon has recently been directed 
to Portland to explore thia posalbllity. San Quentin records 
Hated the subjeet'a parents as ZARED and BEATRICE FORD of 

Reairtel reflecta that the subject's former common- 
law wife last aaw him in 1932 or 1933 at which time he made the 
atatement that! he intended to return to low Zealand. 

TW mmtlm^M <^*> *-L- J — Ttk~. M _ A. . ~l X _ J .1 — _ 

the following Investigative a tops in Vow Zealand through 
appropriate lialaoni 

2 - Bureau (RM) 

SHkkl- i . . ... 

i"**' 2/28/58 

Classified t»y -J H" . 

co 100-33683 

The fingerprints of WALLACE DOI FORD, TBI # 
$6062, should be searched against any central repository 
of fingerprints Maintainor In lew Zealand. If no amah 
central repository exists, the prints should be a earshot 
against the police reeords in the Major oitiet of lew 

Any reeords of emigration or immigration should 
be eheeked against the following names t 


The records of appropriate intelligence and counter 
intelligence agencies in lew Zealand should be checked for 
any record of the subject or any record of an organization 
with a philosophy similar to that of the 901. 

SAC, LOS ANGELES (10$-k&0$) February 28, 1958 

SAC, CHICAGO (100-33683) 



(00: Chicago) DAlUuSJ^ 

A review of the file in this ease reflects 
that the subject as WALLIK FORD, Lob Angeles Police 
Department #1614*8, was arrested February 15, 1926, 
by the Los Angeles Police Department for violation 
of the State Pftison Act. As a result of this arrest, 
he was subsequently sentenced to serve icro to six 
years in San Quentln Prison, 

was associated with a man who was half Chinese and that 
the two of them sold narcotics for which they were arrested 
and sent to prison. 

O /■_« 4.J_ _J_ — _ 4.Y.-.4- DADFl 


his partner, EDWARD DONALDSON, were arrested in 

connection with the sale of drugs. The pros ecu tor 
in this case was listed as District Attorney KETS 
of Los Angeles County. 

Los Angeles is requested to determine if 
any court or police records of the details of the 
subject's dealing in narcotics exist, and if so, to 
obtain all available information. Since WALLACE DODD 
FORD has been deified by the N0$, it is felt that 
these details /would be useful in the investigation of 
this organisation. , 

Los Angeles la also requested to determine 
the Los Angeles PD number-.and description of the 
subject's partner in those dealings, EDWARD DONALDSON . 
His identification record^ a T-tftf lA then be secured from 
the Bureau so that investigation may be directed leading 

+-A Vi4 • 1 n**f1 r\n < v» nrtAmT +Vi ■ +■_ Via mav Via 4nf***1*w^ friT 

any information that he oan furnish concerning the back- 
ground of; the subjeot. 

2 - Los Angeles t--< — 

*TANtMJtf» PIMM NO. ** 

Office 2A.emorandum • united states government 



SAC, CHICAGO (lCO-33683) 

SAC, PORTLAND (105-5^) 



DATE: 3/6/58 


Relet from Chicago to Bureau Gated 2/3/58, wherein 
certain additional leads are set forth for the Portland 
Office, seeking to develop additional background data 
concerning FRED DODD., who according to Marriage Certificate 
#282^7, on file in Book 35, page 240, Marriage Records, 

Clerk, Portland, was married U/20/lk, 
Court House by Circuit Judge W. N. 

Office Multnomah County 
at the Multnomah County 



'1 m H 

CL 1 JVl 

ma oav 

Bureau o 
those in 
after ch 
file of 

Bureau o 

Oregon State Board of Health, 
f Vital Statistics, 979 State Office Building, on 
advised that the records of births on file at this 
ion did not go back to the l890's other than in 
stances where there had been what Is term ed a 

filing" of record of birth . tfHBH|^advised 
ecking such records that there was no record on 
the birth In Oregon of anyone named FRED DODD. 
noted that the Portland City Board of Health, 
ital Statistics, City Hall, maintains some 
of biths which cccured in Portland, prior to 1903. 

On 2/19/58,^ ■ Bureau 

Vital Statistics, Olty Board or Heaith^^TOTand City Hall, 
made a check of those births recorded in the period from 
June, 188M to December 31, l82^^JTjaa£^^ as no record of 
birth of anyone named DODD. M ^pointed out that 

the birth records on file were llmited^T number inasmuchas 
during thet period there was no requirement that same be 
done, ^^^y ^r. 

■2 -Chicago (RM) § m ^ * f 4 \ ~~ M- 

1-Portland ,< ,U ^ v ~ 





PD 105-544 

With reference to F, D, |ffiNNESSY,_who was a witness 
to the marriage of FRED DODD and PEARL ALLEN, as it is 
noted in Portland letter to Chicago 10/29/57 , the 1913 Portland 
City Directory lists FRANK D. HENNESSY, lawyer, 701 Chamber 
of Commerce Building, residence 410 - 13th Street, Portland. 
The 1915 and 1916 Portland City Directories list FRANK D. 
HENNESSY, (wife, THERESA B. ) as cleric, District Court, 
Portland, he being shown as clerk of Department 5> Circuit 
Court, m 1915. 

* n 1*1 r\ 

_ i_ 1 3 nil T\J - A. ~ 1 Jt _ J-_ TJTD A vr v UTJiinraorv 

rne ±y^t> ronianu oiby i/ireui/ory iisuo rnr-nn nwincoci , 
wife, THERESA E. t as an engineer , with residence same as 
in 1915, 410 - 13th Street. The 1950 Portland City 
Directory lists THERESA B. HENNESSY^ widow of FRANK HENNESSY, 
residing at 627 N. W. 21st Avenue, Portland. Mrs. HENNESSY r s 
name does not appear in subsequent Portland City Directories. 

On 2/19/58 M M Multnomah 

County Clerk's Office, Multnomah County court House, advised 

+ Vi n +■ V\& Viae hflan em n^ro In f ho Pnnfl 4~\r P. 1 ^ r»lr ' » Pv f'T 1 r>P» In 

various capacities since 1921. ^| ^recalled that W. 

N. GATENS, Circuit Judge, (who married bWl) and PEARL ALLEN), 
died a few months after Judge GATENSwa^dglfiated for re- 
election to office in about 1923. ^ ^recalled that 
whil e GATENS was a Circuit Judge he was assigned to Department 
#5. 4| ^stated that he was unable to recall F, D. 
HENNESSY^o^KRANK D, HENNESSY as having been ei ther a 
Circuit Court Clerk, or a practicing attorney, 
pointed out it was quite likely .from the facts reiai 
that HENNESSY was a 'circuit Court Clerk in Department 5, 
in which department W. N. GATENS was Judge In 191^. 

^ further stated that it appears quite likely 

F. D. HE(JTJHyS¥ was called upon by the Judge^^^^c t as e 
witness to the marriage in question, stated that 

this has been a common practice over tn^years^^In the 
case at hand, he noted that MARY MORENO probably accompanied 
the couple being married., Awhile HENNESSY was afcked by the 
Judge^to serve as the..|rti^Ond witness to the merMafre. A A 
■ ^stated that «|«n»tlf has served in similar capaTfty 
tffl^^similsr eircuml^Knces on a number of occasions, he having 
no knowledge of the persons being married other then when 
being introduced to them at the time of the ceremony. 



PD 105-5U4 

Prom the facta outlined above there is no reason 
to believe thet any purpose would be served in attempting 
to locate any acquaintances of HENNESSY to ascertain 
whether they have any knowledge of FRED DODD s Further 
effort in this direction therefore, Is not beinc 

It 13 noted there la no Indication in old city 

director* e? that FR*NK T). HE XT NESS V «"~r p prved in » la™ 
nffioe vi th o^h<=>n attorn^*. Tt is al«o noted that th p 1926 
Portland City Directory, lists *FANK D. HENNESSY , wife, 
THERESA B, , as en e ng in e er, Butn=°u oc w *t°f '-Jerks, Portland. 

Reference i? made to the reouert thet long time 
residents In th* 3 I****! ^I**!^ *n >^oth Portland and Salem be 
contacted for =ny information they might possess concerning 
DODD »nd/or PEARL ALLEN. This request I* rp5» H npon the 
alleged feet that WALLIE FORD had 'staged his Oregon rrflT>r <9 j;e 
was follovor' by a bitter reparation after which he was 
"unable to obtain a divorce*, which might indicate some 
other form of legal action. Any consideration given to this 

lociri urcMiIrt Vie hflcft^ nrir»n t*VsA a A * 1 iwin+ F . 1 run fhn +*. "RfYnTj nr* 

ALLEN had instituted a^ion under the name of DODD, since 
this was the name under which they were married. As was 
Indicated in Portland letter dated 10/29/57, a complete 
/ ^ search was ma de of the Divorce Indices for Multnomah 

Cx County by SA ^| ^°n 10/22/57, covering the period 

from 1/2/1** to DecemTer^^^^^ There was no record whatever 
of any divorce action having ever been instituted by or 
against a FRED DODD, It is noted records of the Bureau of 

IN fa 1 Qfs *-4 m *- < r\m iDrusnn da4-a Una y+A ftf U*al fh v»» flaunt- nnlw 

actual divorces - granted father than the filing of complaints 
for divorce. It 'is pointed out in Portland letter to 
Chicago, 12/31/57, a check made of the records of Marion 
County Clerk's Office, Salem, Oregon, failed to reflect any 
record of a divorce Involving Vf» D. FORD, FRED DODD, PEARL 
ALLEN or PEARL DODD, Since there is no item of record 
Indicating any divorce complaint was ever filed against 
or by FRED DODD Inquiry does not appear warranted among 

"bitter separation" of DODD and PEARL ALLEN, which separation 
would have taken place some 35 to 40 years ago. 


« " T ™- 


PD 105-54^ 

Concerning the check of Salem City Directories &nd 

Marion County tax lists, reference to which is made In 

Portland letter dated 1/9/58, it is pointed out the check 
of records Included the name FRED DODD. 

It is recalled the records concerning the marriage 
fo PEARL ALLEN to FRED DODD on 4/20/1*1, indicated that PEARL 
ALLEN of Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, was then about 
eighteen years of age. It is assumed PEARL ALLEN was the 
maiden name of this woman although this is not specifically 
indicated. Examination of Portland City Directroles issued 
during the years between 1912 and 1929, failed to reflect 
any woman was listed under the name of PEARL ALLEN. The 
directories were also checked for the years 1915 to 1929 
for any record of PEARL DODD without any results. It Is 
noted the Portland City Directories issued for the years 
1952, 1953. 1954, 1955, and 1957, likewise were checked for 
any record of either PEARL ALLEN or PEARL DODD hut no such 
name was listed. 

It is noted as to MARY E. MORENO, one of the witnesses 
to the marriage of FRED DODD and PEARL ALLEN, Portland City 
Directories Issued between If 13 and 1957. contain only one 
possible reference to her, same being the 1915 City Directory 
as indicated previously in Portland letter dated IO/29/57. 

.Retail Credit Association 

of Portland, Inc., on y/21/bb, aMVlsed that the rec^gds of 
th at age ncy contain no reference' to MARY E. MOREN 0 >^ A 
__!tated that the files of the credit agency are - 
periodically checked and in the absence of any credit 
activity, files upon becoming 10 years old are destroyed. 


In the absence of further logical leads, this 
case considered RUC. 



*TAMDA!tO rOHM HO. t» 

Office Memorandum • united states government 



SAC (100- ^//^iL^ 

date: March 7, 1958 

subject: W. D. FARD / n > 
SM - NOI wv 6. 

who has furnished reliable 

information in the past, orally advised the writer 
on February 21, 1958 of the following information. 

Informant advised that in conferences that 
he has had with ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, MUHAMMAD has stated 
that ALLAH (God) is WALLACE FARD MUHAMMAD who was born 
February 26, 1877 in the Holy City of Mecca. Informant 
stated that he asked ELIJAH how this man could be God 
and ELIJAH replied that this man was a reincarnation 
of the original MUHAMMAD who founded the Islamic religion. 
ELIJAH stated that WALLACE FARD MUHAMMAD lived with him, 
ELIJAH, for three years after which he was told by 
ALLAH that "he had completed his teachings and was 
going away and that ELIJAH could call on him at any 
time for help ." According to ELIJAH, ALLAH told 
him "You yourself can become God because you have 
all of the teachings." 

00174 ^ 




SAC, PITTSBURGH (100-55^5) 

Date: 3A/5& 
Dictated: 3/7/58. 


IS' - NOI 

Date of Activity 
Date Received 
Snployee Receiving 



who has furnished reliable information in the past, 
he folbwing written report t 


"A Moslem Convention was held in Chicago, Illinois on 26 
February 1958 at 1400, celebrating the birth of W. Frad 
Muhammad referred to as the 'Great Mahdi or the Almighty 
God Allah 1 . The opening prayer was led by James X 
Shabazz, Assistant Minister at Muhammad's Temple #2, 
Chicago, 111. Minister Shabazz made a short lecture 
concerning the birth of W. Frad Muhammad and the sending 
of his Messenger who is no other than Elijah Muhammad. 
Minister Shabazz acttfd as Master of Ceremony., introducing 
Ministers from various Temp le 1 s In the UniTfSu States. 
Each Minister gave short talks on the birth of the 

Mahdi, Frad Muhammad all of whom were outstanding 

speakers and seem to be well educated. 

"The Elijah Muhammad arrived at the convention about 
1530 and was greeted as he walked down the isle by a 
fanatical standing ovation, which lasted at" least 
fifteen (15) minutes. He greeted the congregation by 
the saying of *As-Salaam Alaikum 1 and began to lecture 
on the Birth of -Jesus,' and explaining that Jesus was 
not a Jew. He stated that if Jesus was the 'Son of 
God', how could he be bjjjjh by Mary, the wife of 
Joseph. Christianity teaches that there is a Spiritual 
God, yet the Bible states that there is no other God 
but the Son of Man, but Jesus was the Son of a Spiritual 5 


PG 100^55^5 

God. How could Mary be a heavenly women when she was of 
the world and gave a son to the world. Jesus could hot 
have been a Jew because he was born in Palestine, 
Elijah Muhammad said that the Jews are not God's choosen 
people nor the seed of Abraham becuase Jesus said the 
Jews did the work of the devil and not the work of 
Abraham. He stated that it's clear that something 

Jesus he still worship_ him. He stated the Jesus 
who died two thousand years ago would never return and 
that we must follow the teaching of W. Fard Muhammad 
who is our God (Allah) and that he was born on 26 Feb 
1877 in the Holy City of Mecca. He warned the audience 
not to denounce Islam before studying it.— — if we 
hadn't been taught Christianity we would not believe 
about Jesus ascending up into heaven, or that all the 
Angels and Christ are white s Elijah Muhammad stated how 
he had been bl ess a fter excepting" Islam and that several 
members gave him^helr cars and he beg^n to receive 
things that he needed. He told how prior to the 
excepting of Islam he was forced to live in a three room 
Splirtment with a wife and six (6) children. 

"Elijah Muhammad said if we follow him we would be in a 
state of heaven right here on earth which is the only 
heaven we 1 will ever see because there is none after we 
leave here. 

"Elijah Muhammad stated if we could except Abraham, 
Moses and Jesus as prophets why coul"dn t t we except him. 

He stated that he is here to do as Moses did to 

tell Pharaoh to let his people go. He mention that 
all prophets before his time was prosecuted ancFf inally 
killed but no one,' **ould lay a hand on him because he's 
protected by Allah. Elijah Muhammad mention _how he 
was hated because he is trying to help his race. 

"He stated that all other prophets had seen a revelation 
and was only revealing what they saw but none besides him 
was taught directly by God. 

- 3 - 


PG 100-5545 

"Elijah Muhammad said If you ask a devil if they have seen 
God he would admit that no one has ever seen God* 

du nujf puuvuu mc nui BUJ>^ a uvu «»e i«* w <s ooeu uuu wiiw 

we have been calling u p on and he has never answer and 

has permitted the devil to keep us in bondage for over 
four hundred yearB. This should prove that It's not the 
right God so we should exc ept a God that looks like us 
and quit iir shipping a Jesus with long curly hair. 

"Elijah Muhammad stated that people call Father Divine 
and Daddy Grace God but he made it clear not to call 
him God because he was only a Messenger of Allah sent to 
save us and that after him" there would be no other prophets. 

n He warned the Masons to Join Islam or he would reveal all 
of there secrets. He stated ~ — why pray for secrets when 

JUU VVUJtU ViiCIU J-ll XSMUI J. X ere » JUiJ-X.jciii nuuaiuuiau a vu vwvt 

that he wasn't asking them to Join a religion but to go 

back into there own "the Nation of Islam. He asked the 

audience not to cling to the 'Old Rugged Cross 1 because it 
represents suffering, death and shame. 

"Elijah .Muhammad stated that just about everyone 
misunderstood the quotation 'Honor Thy Father and Thy 
Mother* because this actually means for the white man to 
honor the black man because the black man is his father 

since he wsb drafted out of the black man. He mention 

that the Bible was a beautiful book but you have to 
understand ^t^s^ meaning . iuuiiauiuia u oaiu wiidi uvsc^ui san ^«cj.v<= ovaxa vm« 

emerged into one this was a symbol of the twelve (12) 
Islam Leaders of tie East coming to Elijah Muhammad for 
leadership. He stated our God Allah is turning us to 
the east and the brother of the east to us and now for 
the first time we have brothers from the east loving us 

and shaking our hands greeting us as brothers. He 

also stated that the verse In the Bible which mention 
*A Women clothes with the^Sun and the Moon at her fe~ 
represent the Nation of Islam, 


PG 100-5545 

"Elijah Muhammad mention that he asked Allah for good 
weather during the eonvenTion and he warned that the 
weather woulcTchange as soon as the convention was over* 

"Elijah Muhammad said" that this would be the last 
convention held at that church and he ridiculed them 

Ministers before they are qualified to preach, 

"Elijah Muhammad also mention the FBI questioning 
him about being a Messenger oT~~Allah and wanted to 
know if Allah gave him any Credential and he replied the 
'Holy Qurar^ 1 . 

"Elijah Muhammad stated that he could ask Allah to 
destroy all the darker races. that are non-believers in 
Islam but that he wouldn't because he love them and 
wanted to give tham a chance because he's Here to save them. 

"Elijah Muhammad stated that Daniel had faith in his God 

i i i j S v_ 4 * . _ J — .1- 1~ _ T J » « *T n ... *»* <4-Wn 4- 

he also have faith in his God 'Allah* because he's 

protecting him not from the four legged lion but 

the two legged lion, 

"Elijah Muhammad stated that all Musligjived for Islam 
and would die for Islam and that they should respect and 
treat their brothers right but in the event that a Muslim 
killed another Muslim he. must also be put to death. 

"Elijah Muhammad said that it should be easy, for one to 
see that since God made man in his own image and man was 
made out of black clay then how could God be "White or a 
spirit ---- he would have to be a black God in the form 

ui a man — — — — uu uwci' wwu m • r ^au juuucmuuau* 

"Elijah Muhammad warned the Muslin to protect their women 
because they wasn't able to protect the Irs elf. 


PG 100-55^5 

"He launch a nation wide drive for a $3,500,000.00 
project which he have blue prints on and plan to built 
in the near future. This project included Kindergarten 
School j Administrative Building of the University of 
Islam, Auditorium of the University of Islam, She 
University of Islam, Library of the University of 
Islam, Res traunt and the Temple. 

"After recruiting the lost found Elijah Muhammad turo_ 
the Meeting over to Minister James X Shaba zz for closing 
and he departed swiftly thru Guards consisting of the 

^4nfe^na an^ Hanffinflni'O fr»Am fill rtf* ^^mr^l & O 

"All doiniz the meeting even while Elijah Muhammad 

was speaking the so called lost founds continue to leave. 

"Minister Malcom X from New York made a speech prior to 
the arri-vfl. orElijah Muhammad. He asked the congregation 
how could they worship a man who doesn*t look like us 
doesn't act like us, doesn't talk like us, doesn't walk 
like us or even smell like us. He stated that there are 
over IT million Negroes in America but still we had to 
look to the white man for everything. He asked where 
are our stores, factories and etc. He stated all this we 
could have if we would unite. 

"Wallace Muhammad, the son of Elijah Muhammad 0 explained 
about different Gods and the reason why our God is 
reffered to as Allah, He said the work A llah means the 
true and only God and by calling him AxLab~"there want be 
any mistakes about what God we are calling on.. He also 
stated that the devil knows about Allah and he knows that 
all. toe prophets/were black but.he kept this a secret 
from us r— this he accomplished by taking our 'name and 

"A secret meeting was held on the 27 February 1958 at 
11 o* clock A,M, Ten minis tej^and Elijah Muhammad 
attended the meeting. The Ministers didn't know the , 
place of the meeting — They met at the University of 
Islam and when Elijah Muhammad arrived they rush^out to 
their cars a£d proceeded to their secret place or meeting. 

- 6 - 


PG 100-55^5 

"Robert Davenport, Minister at Terapfe #22 stated things 
would be different at Temple #22 and that he would see 
that there was more unity and friendliness- However 
Albert Everetts and Margie Everetts felt that most of 
the lack of unity and friendliness was due to the fact 
that the Minister, Robert Davenprt showed favoritism 
towards Fred and Clarence Moorefield, and seem^to take 
away from them their ability to think for themselves. 
They alBo mention how Robert and Dorothy Davenport 
refused to chastise their daughter when she shows 
disrespect for her elders. Albert Everett is stated that 
the mini stepdaughter was the Minister's God since he 

submitted to herT Albert Everetts also mention how 

the Minister, Robert Davenport teaches that the man 
should be the ruler of his house yet he permits his 

wife Dorothy to make the majority of the decisions* 

"By the way all of the men were searched by forty men 
prior to entering the church — they had to remove 
everything from their pockets and carefully patted 
from their neckline to their ankles by all forty men. 

"The following members from Temple #22 were present at the 

Albert Everetts Margie Everetts 

Dorothy Davenport Robert Davenport 

Roosevelt Peay Otis Williams 

Clemson Williams Geneva Williams 

William X / Dorothy X 

Helen Woods Alimous Woods 

DeWjE^yiie^ X and wife 

!i The meeting lasted about five and a half (5-1/2) hours 
and the church was approximately three fourth (3/4) full. 

- 7 - 



Office Memorandum 



SAC, Chicago (100-33683) 

from : Director > PBI (105-63642) 


jw.nrrRTTV mattrr - -mot 

D ATE: March 12j 195 s 
a til 

Re Chicago letters 2-3-58 and 2-28-58 and 
Detroit letter 1-31-58. 

consider requesting investigation be conducted in this 
matter in New Zealand. 

A review of subject's Bufile reflects when 
interviewed by the California State parole authorities, 
as a result of his arrest in Los Angeles in 1926, the 
subject advised he was born 2-25-1891 at Portland, Oregon, 
where he resided until 1913. The only information in the 
possession of the Bureau indicating subject was a 
New Zealander is that furnished by subject's former 
common-law wife, Hazel Evelsizer, She admitted she knew 
nothing about subject's background and considered him a 
New Zealander from hearsay. Further, she advised the 
subject visited her either in the Summer ox 1932 or 1933 
at which time he made the remark he was returning to 
New Zealand. In t^is connection it is noted the subject 
was arrested 5-25-33 at Detroit, Michigan, at which time 
he was describe' as being of Arabian ancestry. After 
leaving Detroit he was alleged to have taught Islam in 
Chicago until some time in 1934 when he disappeared. 
Actually, it ie not definitely known if Ford or Dodd is 
subject's true name./ As yet, his birth has not been 

«avi1 iPViAytcf ftno T3i ir>aaii foal c Inffeatlo-aUnn "In 

New Zealand should be held in abeyance pending further 
investigation in this matter, especially investigation 
requested by the Portland division by re Chicago letter 



Re Detroit letter 1-31-58 n 

also known a: 

__,a0VTsed he vaguely reoalled hearing that the 
was interested in the Negro cults of Detroit in . i 

2 - Portland (105-5^4) ( Inf ormation^^KTrT^^ 

2 - Detroit (100-26356) 
1 - Los Angeles (105-4805) (info 

Letter to Chicago 

x\c i Tin t ii rfn^xi jjvjjjl* r urvL? 

105-63642 ^ 

the early 1930's. The Bureau feels thatfj | should 

be re interviewed for names of individualfT"wT5o^5r"e members 
of the "Development of Our Own 11 cult during the early 
1930's and any additional information he can possibly 
furnish regarding subjects activities in Detroit during 

■h>n»+- non ! r\r\ 

Further, Bufiles fail to reflect what investigation, 
if any, has been conducted to locate Edward Donaldson, who 
was arrested with the subject in Los Angeles in 1926. „San Franclscc 
letter dated 8-27-57 reflected Donaldson as subject's "partner." 
This Individual could possibly furnish background information 
concerning the subject . 

The Bureau should be advised of the results of 
Investigation conducted by the Honolulu Office as requested 
by Chicago letter dated 10-3-57 concerning subject's family. 

The Bureau realizes that investigation in this matter 

j. j.o iwi iiuogxiia , j.ijj.i/xn uxyCj auu rcsuui'ucj. uiucsd • jv&cm us 

handling this matter should not be content to merely cover 
suggested leads, but should thoroughly and logically examine 
this case and pursue every logical lead. In this connection, 
the Bureau is closely following this investigation. 



DIRECTOR, FBI (105-636I|2) 

March 17 » 1958 

SAC, CHICAGO (100-33663) 



The current philosophy of the Hatlemtof Islam (KOI) 
teaches that V, D f FARD arrived in the United States from 
the Holy City of Mecca on July k t 19>0* Among some of the 
older writings and teachings of ELIJAH MOHAMMED, Rational 
Leader of the NOI, is found a statement that W f D. FARD 
arrived in the United States in 191iu 

In this connection It is noted that previous 
investigation has established that W, D. FARD may have 
originally come from New Zealand, Also, Investigation has 
established that FARD probably used the name, FRED DO Dp, 
in Portland, Oregon around 1911ft 

She Washington Field Office Is requested to check 
the records of the Immigration and naturalisation Service 
to determine if any record can be located for a FRED DODD 
or a WALLACE DODD who arrived in the United Stater from 
Hew Zealand sometime prior to 1915* 

2 • Bureau (REGISTERED) 

2 - Washington Field ( 1 00 -3U 329) (REGISTERED) 

- - - — -;»gw 




TO : SAC, CHICAGO (25-2060?) 





fs> _ 


person to 

who has furnished 
in formation in £hs__t>ast. furnished in . 
SA^H frm March 1^, 1958, a five page 

handwr^Ter^'epor^concerning his activities at the 
University of Islam, 5333 South Greenwood Avenue, 


rn_ « „_ 

Til* <- 

17 a -r\ no -rvrr 



information concerning the NOI annual convention held 
on February 26, 1958 at the Tabernacle Baptist Church, 
4130 South Indiana Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. This 
report was signed by informant and can be located in 

Informant stated that during the morning on 
February 26, 1958, he went to the University of Islam 
where he met and talked with a large number of out of 
town delegates to the convention. 

1 - Baltimore 

1 - Boston (97-1 

2 - Detroit (RM) 

1 - ioo-55ii9 

1 - 100- 
1 - Miami (105-$ 

1 - Minneapolis 

2 - New York (RM? 

1 _ 105-7809 

1 - 100- 
1 - Philadelphia 
6 - Chica 


1 ^ m 

- 100^989 

- 10O-3 J68 3 


Inf o)TRT 




(W. D. FARD) 

00185 ( 



TO : 



SAC, CHICAGO (25-20607) 


fc who has furnished ..reliable information 
In the past, furnished in person to SA fl| ^ on 2/19/518 

a six page handwritten 

It is to be noted that In the event any information 
contained in this memorandum is uped for reoort nuruoses. 
extreme care should be exercized in order that the identity 
of this high olaced informant is not jeopardized. 


2 - Milwaukee (105-337) ( RM ) 

11 - Chl cBCTQ _ fajq 



100-33683 (tf. D. FARD) 


TO s SAC, CHICAGO {2p-20607) 




IS - NO I 

fl B who has furnished 

in the na ^^^rxirn^^ie d In person to FA 
a three nace handwritten report concerning) 

Lnf orma tion 

m 2/19/58 ^ 

be located in 

In the event any inf ormp tion pet out in this memo 
If used for report r)urocfes , extreme csre should be taken 
in order to fully orctect Informant's identity,, 


33683 (VJ. D „ FARC) 

SAG (25-20607) 


15 - WO I 

4* 00 



who o«t» 

AT TalM 

27/58,1 |« 

On 2/27/58, 

to SA 

"In tha 

. ftnnth 

end on 3A/50# 
oraatlon in too 

ona copy of • broahura 
pablishod by too Uhiwsity 
OManvood Avanua. Chieaffo 15. Illinois, 

••as Ion 

obtalnad tha broehmra at^ 

laxhlbitad as 25-20607-1 32-209) andff Lfc<H> 

at tha 2-23-58 oasslon (axhlbitaa' as 25-20607-1B2-217) £v 
or cm Annuj. noiim wonvau wtoa u*** «./ t.jr^ v / J** «» 
Tofcomaolo Baptist Church, Auditorial, ip.30 South 
Indiana Avanua, Chicago, Illinois. 

Tha broahura contains photos of KLIJAH MUHAMMAD, 
OTHAMMAD's residsnaa, MUHAMMAD 1 s TOaplo #2, tha University 
of Islaai #2 and tha Temple #2 buslnessee. It also contain* 
a bin* print for the bla«k*an*s future—with ska tab* a of new 
so tools, t basins is tenter and Mosque. 

In tha center of tha brochure is a program for too 
convention, 2/23-26/58. 

On 2/23/58, tha opening prayer waa sehedule* to ba 

— M 1 M* _ J _ J — T 1 t£m m V ■ttlBi'7'7 m *■ m» ¥ U4«4 af Alt _ 

Tompla #2. 

Professor F. R. HAMMURABI, Chicago, waa -chadded 
to show movies and slides on 2/24/58. 

2/26/58 waa scheduled as tha aalabratlon of too 
birth of tha Xahdi, PARC MUHAMMAD, Savior of tha so-celled 
>s in America. 


1 - 

1 - 100-648? (ELIJAH MUHAMMAD) 
IOO-33083 <«. D. FARD) 

1 ftA„»r)C(W /Thi(«M4 W T.1 

... ,^ jy \ VtMf**.»1f W* 

/CM) - 


GQ 25-20607 

It la reflected In the brochure that MUHAMMAD*s 
Teuplss, Isd by Mr. ILIJAH MUHAMMAD sad i«itt«rt< throughout 
the sountry, is today eaa of ths largest sad aest soheslre 
Me ilea groups la Aaerlest la at tract lag people from all walks oi 
Ufa It hss estebliehed a eoananlty of aatloa sal interest 
f»r tk# »1 t liia ta end ©f a "united front of blaekaea la 
Aaerlea" , 

Mr. MUHAMMAD kaa sals', "The blsskasa la Aaorlaa hss 
boon too long traatal as a pariah, isspised, neglbeted 
snd loft to Seapair, la ■ country whose soiltda blood* tears 
and swsat hare nurtured, la aast therefore begin builAing 
enterprises as his owa ss s first stsp toward tha eventual 
anlty of blaekaen". 

According to MUHAMMAD, tba solution to tha Aaarlaaa 
Wegreesf rfileama la for tka blaakaaa to taka tba effensivs 
ana* carry tba figbt for Jastlaa and freedom to tba enemy. 
7ar no people, oppreasstf, exploited and tlssriainste* agalnat 
ean win a plaaa in tba ana on tba defensive. 

To sehleve tbls and, MUHAMMAD adToaatas * 
■unites* front of blaskaan of Aaerlea". Ha adroaataa tba asa 
of tba Aaarlaaa Megro's parabaalag power aa a weapon. Briefly, 
be beiieireB tbat the American negroes will dissever themselves, 
elevate their edaeated aen and woaan to exalted positions, 
giTS oatlata to their talented yoatb aad assame the sent oars 
of a nation, onae given opportunities for self •expression beyot 
tha whits world. MUHAMMAD believes tbat tba main antf basis 
responsibility for effeatiag a aolatloa of the blaekaaa*a 
probleaa raat apoa tha Amerlcaa He gross themselves. They 
should sapply/ibo aoaey and pay tha prise, aake the seerifise 
sad endure the suffering to realise full manhood aa blaakaaa. 

DE 100-5 5U9 

1 - Atlanta (NOI ) (REGISTERED ) 
1 - Baltimore (NOI) (REGISTERED) 
1 - Boston (HOI) (REGISTERED) 
1 - Buffalo (NOI) (REGISTERED) 
Charlotte (NOI) (REGISTERED) 
(1 - 
(1 -J 

■ NOI^^^^^^^^^ 

-Cincinnati (REGISTER EST 




(1 - NOI 


(1 - NOI) 

Philadelphia (NOI N (REGISTERED) 
Pittsburgh (NOI) (REGISTERED) 
St. Louis (NOI ) (REGISTERED ) 





*^ 'Searched "~ 

' /Filed" 



DIRECTOR , FBI (105-63642) 
SAC. CHXCAOO (100-31663) 


Ra "Baraan lattar datad March 12, 19£8* 

This li to adrift* tha Bureau that aansldarabla 
inroftlgatlon oondoatad by tha Fort land OItUIoq haa 
railnd to xoaata any vaaard of a birth or aarly 
alatory af tha aubjaat oadar aithar tha aaaa DODD 
or FORD, Portland haa pointad out that birth raoorda 
around th* tint of tha ■ubjaet't rap or tad Mrth art 

m - - - - 

Tha only raoord Portland haa loaatad la a 
raoord of tha narriago of a FRED dodd to fMML ALLEN 
on April 20 , 191U at Kultaoaah County, Oragon, Sxttaaifa 

aonoamlag those individuals. 

For th» information of tha Bureau* b/ latter 
to SAC, Los Angalss datad Fsbraary 20, 1958 » Chicago 
raquMtod investigation ooactrnlng EDWARD dohaldsOH, 
tha aubjact*a partnar In his 1926 arrest in Loa Angel* «. 

By lattor datad Oatohar 10, 1957 » the Honolulu 
Division raoortad that it eould loeata no reaard af 
individuals who bava been aaeoeiated for a long tine 
with tha bottling Industry advised that thoy had never 
heard of tha Ford Bottling goapany* 

Ohioapo das Ira* to point out tha (following faetet 

'" ^ Although tha eurrant philosophy of the B0I 
atataa that D, FA&n arrived in tha Waited St* tea 

J the Beiy «ity of jMoeoa on Jnly h, 1930* aragr 
earlier statenentf of KLWAE MURAJfHAD to found tha 
•neat that v* D* FARD arrived in tha felted disatas 
Hlu 9ha rneores af tha birth af tha *abJe*t*s 
wIlIAOI fiODP FORD an Bantadha* 1- 1020 *fc Lea Angelas 

veriest that bit father, UAlLacz ford," age S6 una 

a-Bnraau (KM) 

v# 7 

) (Xafo«) (RM) 

00191 fefrs 

CO 100-33663 

A review of the Information recording interviews 
with HAZEL EVELSIZER reflects that she made tho statement 
subject was a Hew zealander* This also reflects that a 
girl who was formerly employed by the subject helped him 
write i«tt*rg to his parents la Hew Zealand* 

The faot that the subject taught Islam in 
Chicago until 1934 is based solely on the statements 

of ELIJAH KUHAittttD and it is noted that the records 
of the Detroit polioe Departwent reflect an arrest of 
ths subject on Hay Z$, 1933* Also records of the Chicago 
Police Department reflect an arrest of a WALLACE FORD 
on September 26, 1933 for disorderly conduct* From 
physical description that individual appears to be 
identical with the subject t Mo further record b are 
available at the Chicago Police Department to further 
identify this arrest* 

From this it appear* that the last recorded 
appearance of anyone possibly identical with the subject 
was in September, 1933 at Chicago* In this connection, 
HAZEL EVELSIZER has stated that she last saw the subject 
in the summer of 193 2 «• 1933 *t which time he said 

us mil iai iu.o yv nan ^vhjjun* a. u a «wuaduw«*vu 

probable that EVELSIZER 's recollection could be in error 
because of the time lapse involved* 

It is felt that the above information furnished 
by the subject to a woman with whom he wss living might 
tend to be mere truthful than statoiwnts he may have 
me. do to police authorities at the time of arrests* 

Chicago speculates that the sub lee t may have 
been a New ze slander, and it Is felt that'the above 
facts warrant, this ooneluaion at this time* It is felt 
that the leads set forth in Chleago letter ef February 
28, 1958 are a logical avenue of exploration* The subject* 
if alive today, would be in his late 60U and Investigation 
in Hew Zealand eould possibly locate some farther record 
of him, or determine that ha is it 111 alive* Information 
developed concerning the sub J set is of importance to 
the investigation of the JfQl and can help In a better 
understanding of that organisation. Therefore, ths 
Bureau Is requested to consider having the loads covered 
which were set forth for Hew Zealand In Chleago latter 
of February 26, 19£S» 

- 2 - 

00192 fc>6fc 

*m 9* X958 

00193 Un 

Jpril 18, 1I8B 



ncmxrr mm - iox 

mm t, iAi/«. 

fha Bureau feel* that eoatljmed eajliiil tin « 
of lnreetigattYe tiM U tkla aattar is aet untttM. 

The Betrelt, bee Angelee, lew Totrk UtIsIoo* 
and the fsablagtoa Meld Of flea efcettld diaeoatlaaa 
lRT«rti cation. 

ma la to adrlee tea Bureau tfcat tkla aaaa 
is balag placed la a closed statu* la the Cfcleaffo Office, 
aad ao report will ba aobaltted. 

f - Bureau QUO 
B • Bctroit QM-MU*)QU0 



1 - Waahlacton Field (left-ad***) CUD 
gp- Calaago 



DIRECTOR, FBI ( 105-6361*2 ) 
SAC, WFO (100-34329) 


«i - 101 

(00: CO) 

Jtalat fro* Cbloago to Ruraau da tad 3/17/56* 

WALLACE DODD In thair file a* 

FR£D DODD, who aay b« idaatieal with Individual Id this 
oaaa. This FRED DODD vu bora 2/14/69 at Maanbaatar, 
England. Ee arrived la tba Unitad Stataa on 3/1/09 at tha 
port of Riagra Falla, I. T. , by awaaa of tba OTRR fro* 
Toronto, Canada. Ba gava bla wifa'i nana aa BLAICEE KAY, 
born 5/1/71 In FannaylTanla (alty not glw). Thay bad 
ona daughtar MARGARBl born 12/19/06, at Fblladalpbia, Pa. 
fia raoaivad bia CartlfioaW of Baturallaatloe Vo. C- 1.84 3 ,107 
at a tar* of tha 0. S. Dlatriot Court, Baltiawra, Maryland. 
Ba raaldad at that tlaw at 34<*7 Liberty Ralgbta Ava»V 
Baltlaora, Maryland. ROC. 

2 - Boraau 

Cbleago ( 100-33663) (RK) 
1 - WFO i 

■ } 




Office Aiemorandum . united states government 

TO • SAC, CHICAGO Jfl ") -! -33&^3 ) 



DATE: li/23/i?Q 


subject: 'WALLACE DODD FORD, was. 
. SK - NO I 

at the 
at the 
Mus 1 im 
name fr 
at t he 
( ^? ta 
other t 

een a 
the HOI 
a^. devout 

that he is a member^of the Nation o] 
since approximately ^j^k^ a^which time he joined 
insistence of his father, •^stated that he was 
and believed in the teachinif^of ELIJAH MUHAMMAD . 
that when he joined the NOI he received his "original 1 
offi ALLAH himself, W. D. FaRD. ^ Bpadvised that the Temple 
time he joined the NOI was locatea st 34-th and State Street 
ted that he was very young at the time that he joined the 
and could furnish little information concerning W. D. FARD 
han that he resided at a hotel with ELIJAH MUHAMMAD . 

r freer 

^stated that the only individual he could recall who 

was an officer of the Tenrale at that time other th an. the Prophftt 
ELIJAH who is s till alive, was an individual named^^""™^^ 
(phonetic) whom^JJ^believes now resides in Detroit^ _ 

^B|Rcculd furnish no further information concerning 
W. D. FARDand stated that he occasionally still attends meetings 
at the Temnle of Islam. 





4> Ap;OT.95a 



Indices* Search Slip 
FD-160 (Rev. 6-11-56) 





ffitrb ^fc^b UOqjlt FaKRp& LP AnarF F/&/Lb. IQftLLArg r^ai? 

Birth Date 




Exact Spelling 
All References 

Main Subversive Case Files Only 1 I Main Subversive (If no Main, list all Subversive References) 

Subversive References Only [ZZ^Maln Criminal (If no Main, list all Criminal References) 

1 I Main Criminal Case Files Only 
I I Criminal References Only 

ct to Loealltyjjl . 

File & Serial Number 


1 ^cL£^ 

1 1?JtLM&£jL 'Pa^os* 

—/.'/* 7-/3-7 




Requested b 

File & Serial Number 









Consolidated by 


Reviewed by 

File Review Symbols 

1 • Identical ? - Not Identifiable 

NI - Not Identical U - Unavailable reference 



File No. 

r 1 




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FD-160 {Rev. 6-11-56) 


| Date 



Birth Date Birthplace 

Exact Spelling 
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Restrict to Locality of 

Kffujn ouoYersiVe i*aae r lies uilljr \_ 
Subversive References Only 

jMmn ouoversive in no Main, list an bucversive nejerences) 
J Main Criminal (If no Main, list all Criminal References) 

File & Serial Number 

Fiie & Serial Number 


0 ^S->*f t 


^ Requested by £j 




Searched by 


Consolidated by 


Reviewed by 

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I - Identical 7 - Not Identifiable 

MI - Not Identical U - Unavailable reference 



File No. 

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FD-160 {Rev. 6-11-S6) 






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Main Subversive Case Files Only Main Subversive (If no Main, list all Subversive References) 

Subversive References Only LZZZJ Main Criminal (If no Main, list all Criminal References) 

estrlct to Locality of 

/ - ' ~ s\ 

~r~? — — : -r 


^ , r. 

^ C£ - , _ 

Requested by 


Searched by 


Consolidated by 


Reviewed by 

File Review Symbols 


I - Identical 
NI - Not identical 

? - Not identifiable 

U - Unavailable reference 


• 00§00 

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FD-160 (Rev. 6-11-56) 






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^Main Criminal Case Files Only 
J Criminal References Only 

I Restrict to Locality of 

Exact Spelling 

All References , 

Main Subversive Case Files Only I I Main Subversive {If no Main, list all Subversive References) 

Subversive References Only I I Main Criminal (If no Main, list all Criminal References) 

File 4 Serial Number 



3 rJ3 

File & Serial Number 

/(Hj " 3 3 6 ? 3 

■i* Requested by 

/6 ~ 5 ~7 


Searched by 


Consolidated by 


Reviewed by 

File Review Symbols 

1 - Identical 7 - Not identifiable 

NI - Not Identical U - Unavailable reference 




File No. 



Office ^Aemorandum « united states government 

to : SAC, Chicago (100-33683) date. April 15, 1958 

^from : Director, FBI (105-63642) 



Reurlet 4-4-58. 

The Bureau feels that continued expenditure 
of investigative time in this matter is not warranted. 
Therefore, this matter is being closed by the Bureau and you 
should take similar action in your office. Naturally, you 
should advise all auxiliary offices, having leads outstanding, 
of the Bureau's action in this case. 


TO SAC, CHICAGO ^ DATE: g—ti/-gf 


Date of Interview: 

April 3, 1958 
Place of Interview: 

Residence , 

Interviewing Agents : ~ T 

SAs ^ ^end 

The original FD 302 containin 

Dictated : 

.s located in 

nl'ortna "cion 




•AC, CHICAOO (15- SOtOT) XO/ftS/M 

atatod that vhra tha fcmmr iwt to prlaoa, MD imand 
to f» alao. Am atatod that ho oat hiaaalf iavnlrad la a 
altuatioa ahara a alaor aharon aaa filad acaiaat hln, oat' 
that ha aould ha aaar tha Hwaaatw aad ooaaloto hla toaohlnga 
ta aia. 

Znforaaat atatad that aha said that MD aaa atill around 
aad that ha oaaaa at aifht ta vialt tha aoa«tnga> and ta elva 
hia lnatructlnaa. 9mm atatad that tha hiiwiir had told bar 
that ha aad kla mother out of kuaaa curlonltr of tan aaod to 
look to aoo la shot alroetioa IBRD aould on ahaa ha laft. Sho 
atatod ttat thoy vara aorar ahla to fallow Hhla, that ha vaald 
J oat aooa to dlaapaaax. 

9AC, CBICAOO (loo-iM 

£aauaarjr 90, 1909 


zimiiL hcrxtt * sox 


""taacilar^It hStMd' tali 

aba baa faraiaaad rallabla laf 
90. 1999, faraiaaad ta 

Bacaa baa 94, 1999. «Si 
by tba laiaraaat aad la lacatad la 

M t 1999, 
llty *t I»U », 

Gala pa, MdMM 
"9batava* baaaaaad ta 

ILIJAI njaaMKiB?" 9j| luiwNd that ba did Mt xaoi 
and atatad t bat ba a y ba la Vaoaa «r Sgypt ar avaa bara 
la Chicago. 9BaVM09Vatatad that aba had mm a picture 

of him tad addad that a« laakad Ilka aa ladiaa. 
OXaaaaarapliad , "Wall m kaav aaw aa la aat blo nd 
blaa-ayad aa tba davila pictara hia. M 9J9J a^n 
aa ta afey aa bad apaat aa much tla* with M9M9B4P, 
tald bar that aa bad aalaatad Mr. MUBiaVAi) bacaaaa aa 
aatralaad, a na da ca tad aad bla a&ad aaa aataralahad. 
atatad tbat la thraa raara aa bad cbaatad UWUmUD tnm 
ilataly ignorant ta tba wiaaat aaa at all tlaa*. 

atatad tbat KPKAMHAP'a alaaioa aaa ta taaab tba 
dart paapla a* tbla aatlaa aa that la aaatba* 90 yaara tbay 
aaald ba praparad ta craw aa d taaab atbaw data raaaa la 
all oaraarn of tba war Id. OaaaaaaaaaWtatad tbat tbaaa abo 
fallaw ELIJAH nUttU aaa will ba aaat blaaaad. 

Xafowaaat adrlaad tbat ba bad aa addltloaal 
<M tae 90Z ta fmlab at tbla 




FER 2 1059. 



SAC. CHICAGO (100-35635) 

y»hrnifY q. 1959 



HEREIN IS. ur"^'"^ 

On January 27, 1959, J | who h u furnished 

reliabl e information in the past, provided to 8A^ A 
SJBj ^a written raport containing questions and answers 
•ight through forty of Laaaon So. 2. These questions and 
answers sere obtained at Muslim Oirls Training (MOT ) a> 
classes. This report ia exhibited as AfJ 0 

The informant advised that queation and answer 
Humber 88, which is omitted, is a duplication of one of the 
other questions and answers, number not recalled. 

Ho. 8 What makes rain, hail, snow and earthquakes? 

Answer The earth is approximately covered under water. 

Approximately 3/4, of lta surface. The Sun and 
Moon, having attracting power on our planet while 
our planet making the terrific apeed of 1,037 1/3 miles on its 
way around the Sun. The Sun draws this water up into the 
larth rotation, which is called gravitation, in a fine mist 
that the naked eye can hardly detect. But as this mist 
ascenda higher and increasing with other mists of water in 
different currenta of the atmosphere until when she becomes 
heavier than gravitation, then she distills back to the larth 
in the form of drops of water or drops of ice, which depends 
on how heavy the miat was in the currenta of the air real 
cold, and wars and some very swift and changeable so when the 
water strikes one of these cold currants it becomes solid 
ice in small round drops in forms or in a light fluffy form 
which is called snow, but this water is mot ever drawn above 
six miles from the larth* s surface by the Sua and Moon; the 
reason it rains back on our Planet is because it cannot get 
out of the larth Sphere with its high speed of rotating 
around the Sun makes Jt^sposslble. 

No. 9 why does the devil teach the eighty- five per cents, 
that a mystery God brings all this? , A r , -s / ^ ^ - / J 


£>- 100-3Jt?3(l. D. PAID) 

00206, ^ 



TO : SAC (100-35638) 




DATE : mar 2 5 1953 



Date received: 

Agent i 
toe at ion ; 

2 - 

2 - 

2 - 

33 - 

Boston (RM) 

1- 97-145 (NOI) 
New Haven (RM) 
1-100-15927 (NOI) 
1-100- (Minister) 
New York (RM) j 
1-105-7809 (NOI) - 
Chicago , 

1-100-6989 (ELUA 

rtio has furnished 
reliable information in the past, 
Oral on March J, 1959. 


tinued on ii page) 





SAC, CHICAGO (100-35638) 



OO: Chicago 



Date received 



DATE: MAR 2 5 7959 

-7S 1 1* 


who has 

furnished reliable 
information in the Int. 

Oral on larch 3, 1959. 
Later authenticated . 


j j 

l1 J 

11 is noiea max xiyers aisxriDutea to tne public on 
the South side of Chicago reflects that the Annual Muslim Convention 
would be held at the Metropolitan Community Church, 4100 South 
Parkway, Chicago, Illinois, with daily sessions f*om 2:00 p.m. 
to 7:00 p.m. on February 27, 28 and March t, 1959. 

2 - Boston (Beg) 
1 - 

2 - 



v — 

2 - 

1 - 

New Haven 

1 - 100-15927 (NO I) 
1 - 100- (Minister) 
New York (Reg) » 
105-7809 XM0I) 

to d.7 0 






TO; : SAC (100-35638) ^ DATE 

FROM SA^[ ^ 





MAR 2 5 1959 


Informant s 

Date Re ceived ; 

tocatiori i 

2 ~ New York (RM) 

1-105-7809 (NOI) 

who has furnished 

reliable information in the past 
Oral, on March 3, 1959. 
Later aut henticated . . 

43 ~ Chic 


1 - 100-33683 (W.D. FARD) (Info) 
(Copies continued on ii page) 











SAC, CHICAGO (100-35638) 


^^^^^^iwho has furnished reliable 
information l^^ft^oas^^ri March 6, 1959, orally 
furnished SA ^ with the following 

data regarding the February 26, 1959, Session 
of the Annual Mu slim C onvention. This data^was reduced 
to writing by SA4M|fcand authenticated by \ 
o n March 19, 19 59. The original is located^aT 
A, ' 


copies continued on A Page 





OFFICE M. B K 0 k a fi. D. U.. M.. 

SAC,. CHICAGO . . ( 1QQ<}2.94,0 ) 




fu rnl shsri b tftti fc, .inf jaiaaa.tiian.-.tOL 

Sauik-rTblrago, ..S.trAei; — JoIIac^. TIHnM*, h^l a Wft rinA«ruf . Hay; £7 
19$9. . W , 

appr axlma taly: 

4?-»au , on_ Jfednasdis^ Jfey_ 2.7^ IS&a-. _,Ha Mfca 
at tha-doat i^. th^e. jnBDjJj^luUlnfi onn Ja3fl»Ji..on1*i 
; -.«ho-4,«..Mplay«l.^t... .tha. CatBrp 11,1 .ftp,, -Ir& a tak. Po mpanau- ...lalle 

VtmY &laio. -aaap.clioA^hljtt J ^)JiyaJxAlJLy,,. J X£UC. *nnfr-«1«ri wpptm, a^tnjpg 

X ^.ttaa h l n flfc o, .UfrC.-- ...... r ) 

lfaihitg-ton D^..^ V ' 




TO: SAC, HEW YORK (105-7809) DATE: 

FROM: SAC, CHICAGO (100-35635) 

00: Chicago 

Re Baltimore letter to Chicago dated 6/9/59. (CG 100-35636-49 

ted thaijfj B was interviewed by 

SA^| ^and advised, that be was studying the Islamic 

Religion and had Joined the AHMAD I YY A MOVEMENT in Islam at New 
Yelrk, New York; that he had learmed that ELIJAH MUHAMMAD was once 
a member of this movement bat had been expelled for organizing -o 
a hate group in Chicago, MMMfJUfecontinued that MUHAMMAD reportedly C 
studied under Dr. MUHAMMAD ZAFRULLAH KAHN, Vice President o f the 
International Court of Justice of the AHMAD I YY A MOVEMENT. edHsmmfe 
was of the opinion that Dr. KAHN had early background information 
concerning ELIJAH MUHAMMAD and W. D. FARD and that Dr. KAHN would 
be willing to furnish it to the FBI, 

3 - 

2 - 


New Yo. 



1 sV Ln< 


- 100-6989 (ELIJAH MUHAMMAD) 
100-33683 (WALLACE D. FARD) 
100-35636 fNOI - Other than Chicago) 







SAC, NEWARK (14-169) 

SAC, CHICAGO (100-35635) 





^WW.bu£ XUA J 



who has furnished reliable information in the 
fe dates indicated; 

On July 28. 19 59 
contact vith^BI ftand aske< 

MUHAMMA^^ut was told he was busy. 

asked #J B to tell ELIJAH that the brothers returning 
f ro» Pittsburgh have had cartroubleandhaje*pne 
back to Pittsburgh; tha*™ ^ 

TeapTe^o. 22, Pittsburgh) 
had called ana stated he would drive the brothers back to 
Chicago today. 

2 - Newark (Info.) (RM) 
X- New York (105-7809) (Info.) (RM) 
1 - 105-8999 (MALCOLM X LITTLE) 



2 - Pittsburgh ( 100-5J 
1 - 100- 

2 - Washington Field (10 0-2282 9) (Info.) (RM) 
1 - 100- 
13 - Chict 

i mm. -v 

^ ; 

1> 100-33683 (W. D. FARD) 
1 -100-3259 0 (UNIVERSITY OF ISLAM) 

1 — ' 
1 - 

2 s 



SAC, fASUBGTCRf FIELD (100-12139) 

Jaanary 90, 19*0 

SAC, CHICAGO (100-SM35) 

IS - 501 

** letter froa ALBKAEBKa T. WC CONS, CtI*Ml, 6. B.C. , 
AC af 1, O-S, Headqaartere flf th Aray, 1M0 Bast Hyde lirk 
Beulerard, Chicago IS, Ultaela to SAC, Chleftco dated 11/11/10, 

Befereeeed ltttor forward** to the Chicago Of flea a 
of laforaatioa" regard! ag the tfuallaa af Ialaa. a 
of Sta "fcaaaary of laforaatioa" reflected that a 0-1 
t, aot othorvloe ldaatlfled, reported that eae W. D. 
elalaed ha vac the ariglaator of the "Developaoat Of 

aad the tfealaa leaple of Ialaa Colt aad el tod aa 
t book that aad boaa copyrighted by him la too 001 tod 
Library of Coagreee aatltlad "B Galdlag Prlaelpale" . 



proof i 

too poaelblllty exlate that tha f . D, fBBAOD 
raforrad to above la ldaatlaal with V. D. *A1D, who la tha 
"Allah" of ELIJAH MOKAhHAD* a wmtit. 

faehlagtea flold Off lea la recreated to aoataot tha 
SAbrary af Ceagrcee aad aaoortala Af tha hook **• Oeldlag 
friaelpale" exlata aad to cheek at tha Copyright Off loo la 
faehlagtoa, D. C. for amy laferaatlea aval labia regardlag thla 
hook or Its aathor. faehlagtea Flald Off loo la farthar reaaeeted 
to fvameh Chicago with a copy of thla book If available. 


- f eaklagtec flold 




00214 lo*?' 

SAC, CHICAGO (100*39635) 


SAC, UFO (100-22829) 


(COt 08) 

RaCGlet dated 1/20/60, instructing WHO to 
contact tha Library of Congress to ascertain If tha 
book, "Five Guiding Princ ipals . ■ by *. D. FERAUD was 
noted in their indices t orTwhothtr any information was 
avail abla concerning saw* in tha Copyright Office, 

Tltlt and Author indices of tht Library of Congrats concarnlng 
tha above undax tha nana* FERAUD, FARO, and FARAAD, with 
negative results. 

On 2/5/60, SA also reviewed both tha 

Author and Author - Claimant iff&ices of tha Oafcyrlght 
Office, Roon 1025, Library Annex, Library of Ctngrasa, 
with negative results concerning sane for the years 1898 
to 1959 inclusive. 

On 2/5/60, $ 

reviewed the 




SAC, WTO (100- 


c 0 

ft»d th« I«v Tm* Blrlal«a hftAdlM SALCOLS X. (bXYtU). 

£4^ Chl«ftf* CSS) 

S«v 6uft 


<i- it*- > (siLDoiji x. unu) 

1- 170 

/od- 3 3 1*21 

Classified a* — , — r , 

_ Anna — > c~ / O \r LJ 

irT. tW 1.-1^ ?"«TM>*,. 


nnoi A 


TO SAC, CHICAGO (100-35635) DATE: JL/^-^O 







m ma • KEomnaD 


macro*, fbx (105-63642) 

B * MS 

tttJAH HfiAMUD, Ala 

00 « CRX0AO0 

At Ian JtUttp Radio* 
Xdmtlf leatlaa BLvlsion r»f la 
CtUfoniU, (Muaititf photos 
VALLACS B. MRS, tfc» and XLXJAH JtffiWNAJ), aka.. 


•ounty Bmittt 

•atioo vteords of aaoh subject 
Burglary a»t*U, 0*at*e 


fir j 





LA 105-4805 

~~ advised the Sheriff *• Off lee had apprehended 
a somber of the NOI several weeks ego* This individual 
became obnoxious and unruly. Zn due course he was transferred 
from the Jail to the county hospital and in turn to a mental 
institution. MHfc said that because of this he had decided 
to do sons research into the back^vound of the BOX In 
order that he might have a better understanding of the 
A r problem. Be said he directed inquiries to the horn Angeles 
u^x folioe Department eoneerning the MOZ and received whet 

background the Los Annies Folioe would make available, m 
reviewed this material and teaed on the information developed 
from it directed his inejferto the Identification Division 
for photos and Identification reoords. 

4Hfl8e said he had no personal knowledge of either 
PARC or MOHAMMAD and no information as to the location of 

No further action being taken with respect to the 
Orange County Sheriff's Office Inquiry. 





: SAC, (100-35S35) 



Date: j — f $ — & 3 


° n D «cemb«r 17, 1962, 1 | who has furnished 

J©^^gJ^^nfojj|||tion in the past, personally provided 
SA ^ |^with the following written information 

concerning I WJi meeting held on December 12 , 1962 at the 
University of islam No. 2, 5335 South «Sr**n,AoH Ayj aue 
Chicago. The original is located in m m ^\ 

Opem <sas« oxfl v 




CG 100-35635 

li - 


Chicago, Illinois 
December 12, 1962 

A Meeting of the Nation of Islam was held at 
Muhammad's Mosque No. 2, 5335 South Greenwood Avenue, 
Chicago, Illinois, on Wednesday, December 12, 1962. The meeting 
was called to order promptly at 8:00 P.M. by Min. JAMES 3X 
(ANDERSON), fie led the group in repeating the Muslim prayer. 
Min. JAMES commented that the crowd was one of the smallest 
he could recall opening a meeting for in Mosque No. 2. 

He praised Allah and his Messenger, ELIJAH 
MUHAMMAD. He said there are some who question whether or 
not ELIJAH MUHAMMAD is a true Messenger. He said that this 
is foolish, because no man could have been transformed as 
was ELIJAH POOLE an ignorant individual Into one of the 
world's greatest thinkers. He pointed out that it was on 
July 4, 1930, that God in the person of Master FAfiD MUHAMMAD 
first contacted ELIJAH. He said that ELIJAH recalled whispering 
to the Master „ "I know that you are God", and that God 
answered, "You are right, but you must never disclose my 
identity." He said that God spent three years teaching him 
facts never before known by man, and divulged the messages 
he wanted ELIJAH to deliver to the Lost -Found black people 
here in the wilderness of North America. He said ELIJAH 
kept his promise. He also vas a good student, and God then 
designated him to become his Messenger. 

Min. JAMES said this proves beyond any question that 
Allah is the greatest God, and that he is in fact a man. 
Min. JAMES said that America's greatest intelligence 

w|»uiBsvivu, vjuw xBji. t uiu uu i> vveu ncoguuv MBl«r IAAV 

MUHAMMAD as pod. 


He stated that God left as mysteriously as he came. 
He said the FBI has looked for him ever since, but haven't 
found a trace of him. Min. JAMES said one of the most important 
things that God taught ELIJAH was that the devil is the white 
man. He said the white man is a murderer, a cheater, a liar, 
a rapist, a thief and is always corrupt. 

He mentioned the Mayor of Gary (CHACHARIS) as a 
typical corrupt individual. 


- 1 - 


Be said, "The <thite man has even stolen the black 
man's music, and Is making millions of dollars from it." Ho 
stated that the black man was food, honest, and untainted by 
evil until he was exposed to evil by the white man. He 
claimed however that the Messenger is fulfilling his mission 
and today is cleaning up the black race. 

Min. JAMES then played a tape recording of a talk 
by the Messenger entitled, "Why Mot Join Tour Own." In this 
recording the Messenger stated that the black man has every 
advantage because he is one of God's chosen people. He said 
all that is necessary is to heed the advice 1 and mess Bflp es of 
God, as divulged by him (the Messenger). He said that all 
of his followers will receive earthly riches while they are 
alive, while those who follow the Christian religion must 
wait until they die to be rewarded for being good. 

The Messenger said that all animal life of a kind 
stick together. He asked is it not, therefore, right that 
black people should stick together. He further pointed out 
that Japanese, Burmese, Indians, Chinese, and even the devils 
stick together. He then plod for unity among black people. 
He declared that the black race is the oldest and the best 
of all. 

At. th* Aminlat.lnii ftf tha nlavlnv nf +V>* +• a n* If In 

JAMES urged a long and continuous applause. 

Min. JAMES commended Bro. HARYSY 4X for being the 
champion salesman of "Muhammad Speaks. " Ho said that Bro. 
EABtaY averages 700 papers per week. He also complimented 
Stud. Min. ROBERT 18X (EDMUKDS) for an article ho had written 
and which appears in the current issue of "Muhammad Speaks". 

Min. JAMES urged all members to give freely to 
charity. He said the Messenger and h$s family have many 
expenses . He also urged that all TO I try and sell more 
than their quota of 300 papers. 

H« a 1 an rn -I nHaH all amKar o nf +tin ft a* ft 14na */»■»• 

completing their Saviour 'r Day gifts. 

Of the 61* persons present, they were divided as 
follows: 47 FOI, 8 MGT and 6 men visitors. Only one 
visitor accepted the invitation to join. 

The Minister stated he hoped that cold weather would 
never again cause such a small attendance. He then turned the 
meeting over to Lt. ALBERT 81. 

Lt. ALBERT issued a call for all FOI to report at 
7:30 P.M., Thursday, December 13, 1962. He said paper sales 
were lagging and an intensive campaign of selling must be 
started at once. 

The following members were observed: 

Hational Secretary JOHN AXI 

Min. JAMES 3X 

1st Lt. WALTER 4X 

Lt. JOE 3X 



Lt. LOUti 3X 




POI Secretary CLIFTON 2X 



Inv. HEAL X 

Stud. Min. THEODORE jO. 

Stud. Min. ROjdaRT 1b& 

Membership Sec'y. OS IE 











JOHN (85 years) 




- 3 - 


niMCTO, FBI (1S-3S0971) 


uc t encioo <ioo-js«si - tab s) 

wnm or mxjw 

18 . 


B» Chica g o lottoro to Boroaa, datod t/M/M aad 
4/4/M| &*d Borata lottor to Chi«a«o, d*t*d 4/11/50, ootltlod 

Xa oooaoetioa with offorto to dlorapt aad oarb 
growth of too WOt, oatoaolTO roooaroh boo boos d— Ouafd 
iato various flloo aalatalaod by tbio offloo. iowag 
too flloo rorlowod waa tbat of WAUJkGM SOBO POBD. Ia 
tbio rorlow it wmo aotod thoro wmo ovlooaoo iadloatiag 
WORD, or ALIA* ao bo lo haowo to tbo BOX, woo loot 
oooa la Sootoobor 1*31 at whieh tlao bo. or a ftorooa 
bollorod to bo bio. waa arrootod by tbo Chloago Polloo 
Boaartaoatj that bio foraor a— oa loo wifo otatod obo 
bad oooa bio ia oltbor tbo ouaaor of IMS or 1033, at 


wbioh tlao obo aald bo told bor bo oao goiag to 
to bow ^ fao*»aa 

froa baa qooatla ia lOttj that oa tbo birth of fOftD*« 
by tals woaaa bio, _fOBP'o, birth wao liotod ao Vow loalaad. 
ft lo also aotod FQKO aloo olaiao to havo oooa bora 
oa Fobmary U. 1M1 la rortlaad, Orogoa, to «**» aod BAffia 
IDID who woro bora la Bawall. Xavootlgatlvo offorto to 

Kd^jb % Bi io^A m^ma ^^^^Mj^^^^^dl 
o^oVMWI IVIf oV| ^PJflilii 

all lofioal Loado _ 

t - 


^Tl"lS-«SMt ClaLLaOB 


C al a aga , aftor mmh aaaa lsanUaa » ftols It 
WJJJJ^W ayyraariato a»* Jjf* _ j^f J ^f^.^J*****™ 

S'tiSSuTti EaTirirn, *itIiC*~ it la Sit "Sat****" 

if tto iktmkHtl af AUJLH SM14 to ItoSaOlaal lalj 

tfatoralart, tto iifMt •* ILXJAl WnttMAP ud his follsvara raid 

to trmi <o m am* m*ml4 mil mm to Mkt WBUMMAD tiNtf 

Ckica#» r*aliMM tto toaas v*r«, to a togm, 
t tovrra, arldaaaa stroaglj' latfleatos fOBD 
ta*aatf to tow KtlnW tm4 #hU Mil to •till 
tto livlag, aa his birth la aratohlj 1*91 aa* tot ltT7 
tto 101 alaiaa. 

far laXavaatloa of tto toraaa, VAUACS MMD raw 


miiap musus, mis*** alx, »*uii*, m moat sum**. 


t/ll/tl, IwrtUatf, Orsgaa. 


f»if%t ' US to 140 



- 1 - 



nvrcn iz, 1x63 






DIRECTOR, FBI (25-330971) 


Sap . mxf*Aeu\ finn-ssfiSR - a»K m 

— *— y MA* m v \ — www**- ^rwv *■* / 


&e Bureau letter dated 3/12/63 (oopies act se&t to 
Los Angeles or San Francisco). 

For information of Los Angeles and San Francisco, 
WALLACE DODD FORD is "Allah" in the Nation of Islam, He 
has utilized, or has been referred to, as follows: FRED 
"ALLAjte , '* 'The Great Mahdi." offices should also be 
aware MOHAMMED is also spelled MUHAMMAD, Based ca 
Information available FORD is described as follows: 







2/25/91 at Portland, 
Oregon or New Zealand; 
2/26/77, Me oca, according 
to NOI teachings 

5*6 3/8" -5* 8" 
133 to 140 pounds 
Dark, swarthy 
Maroon, black 



— . / ■ 

Dure iu \_ mci i) \ KM) 
( 1 - 105-63642 WALLACE DODD FORD) 
Los Angeles ( 105-2604) (RM) 
(1 - 105-4805 WALLACE DODD FORD) " 
San Francisco (100-51473) (RM) 
(1 - 100-43165 WALLACE DODD FORD) / 
Chicago / , 

£L V 100-33683 WALLACE DODD FORD) 



^--'•_r v >■ • 

9 £-6 



CG 100-35635 

Hair Black 
Build Slender 
Characteristics Beautiful even teeth; 

straight nose 

Referenced Bureau letter instructed the following 
investigation be conducted in an effort to locate FORD: 




As regards the first lead, Chicago is enclosing 
for the Bureau the following: 

Portland letter to Chicago dated October 29, 
1957- entitled "Wi D« FARD, SM - NOI;" 

Portland letter to Chicago dated December 31, 

1957, entitled as above; 

n »-~] — -1 1 .L. _ J ^ — _J _ J_ 3 <r — ^ 

rurtiii llu Acinar vvj uuiuugu jHuusry y , 

1958, entitled as above; 

Portland letter to Chicago dated March 6, 
1958, entitled as above. 

As is noted Portland verified the marriage of 
FRED DODD, a resident of Salem, Marion County, Oregon, 

- 2 - 

Furnish the Bureau with details of Pert land's 
investigative efforts to locate baakgrcniixd 
data regarding one FRED DODD who carried 
one PEARL ALLEN in Oregon on May 19, 1914. 

Attempt to locate EDWARD DONALDSON, 

VjtlrvAWI n«i4nAn 1T«*mWav» 1 RQAQ wttA WA «-* 

arrested with FORD in 1926 and who may 
have been a business associate of FORD 
and who may be able to furnish pe^t^ae&t 
information regarding FORD; to furnish 
DONALDSON ' s fingerprints to the Bureau. 

To set out other logical leads which 
should be covered. 


CG 100-35635 

age about 23, and PEARL ALLEN of JluUhomah County, Oregon, 
on May 9, 1914* Subsequent investigation, which Chicago 
considers to bare been extensive, failed to develop any 
further leads as regards FRED DODO. It is believed all 

logical leads were conducted by Portlands 

As regards EDWARD DONALDSON, San Francisco 
letter to the Director dated August 27, 1957, entitled 
"W. D. FARD, SM - NOI" set forth data regarding the 
incarceration of WALL IE D. FORD at San Quentin, California, 
and ascertained that San Quentin records noted "This 
defendant had in his possession drugs which his partner, 
Edward Donaldson, offered to sell to police officers for 

Los Angeles letter to the Bureau dated April 9, 

In this connection the following leads are set 



AT LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA . Will review records 
at the Los Angeles' Police Department and the Los Angeles 
Sheriff's Office in an effort to obtain a fingerprint i&rd 

CG 100-35635 

for EDWARD DONALDSON and forward same to Bureau. Will 
also conduct appropriate investigation in an attempt to 
locate DONALDSON for the purpose of interviewing him as 

w vvai wr mm m^iyii *- VMJJ mi s* w w** »* W *-»w a » w w * 


records of Folsom Prison and the San Francisco Police 
Department and Sheriff's Office in an effort to obtain 
a' fingerprint card of DONALDSON and forward same to the 
Bureau. Will also conduct appropriate investigation in 
an attempt to locate DONAIJDSON for the purpose of 
Interviewing him as regards WALLACE FORD and his present 

As regards other logical leads, Chicago has 
completely reviewed the file on WALLACE DODD FORD. It 
is noted that outside of the above, the only other logical 
lead not covered is as follows: 

On October 17, 1957, Mrs. CLIFFORD EYELSIZER, 
4776 Hub Street, Los Angeles, California, who stated she 
was WALLACE FORD' s common-law wife from 1919 to 1921 or 
1922 in Los Angeles, advised she last saw WALLACE FORD in 
1932, at which time he was driving a 1929 Model A Ford 
bearing California license plates. At this time Mrs. 
EYELSIZER stated FORD told her he was going back to New 
Zealand. , 

In this connection the following lead is set out: 


AT SA&ffl/WeAtto;. CALIFORNIA . Will review 
automobile registrations covering tne years 1932 to 1935 
in an effort to determine if WALLACE DODD FORD registered 
a car in California during those years. If located, logical 
leads should bey set forth in an attempt to locate him. 

- 4 - 



CG 100-35635 

For information of Los Angeles and San Francisco, 
information indicates FORD was last seen in Chicago in 1933, 
at which time he, or a person believed to be him, was 
arrested on a minor charge by the Chicago Police Department. 
This person was not fingerprinted or photographed. It is 
noted that on January 17, 1958, Mrs. EVELSIZER was interviewed 
by Bureau agents in Key West, Florida. She stated she 
could not be sure whether she last saw FORD in 1932 or 

Upon conclusion of the above leads, Chicago 
will again reconsider, in light of the results, setting 
forth a request for having appropriate authorities and 
records in New Zealand contacted as regards FORD. 


Office Memorandum 
United States Government 

TO : DIRECTOR, FBI (25-330971) DATE : 6/17/63 

FROM : SAC, SAN FRANCISCO (100-51173) „ ( ,\ 

RE J^fATION OF ISLAM SJ*^***^^^^^ 

IS - NOI \ 

ReChicapo letter to Bureau dated 5/2/6 3. 

Relet instructed San Francisco to obtain a fingerprint 
card for EDWARD DONALDSON, former associate of WALLIE D. FARD in 
Los Angeles, and forward it to the Bureau. Additionally, San 
Francisco was directed to conduct appropriate investigation in 

3 - Bureau (ENCLS . 2) (REG.) 

1 - 10 5-P36U2 - WALLACE DODD FORD 
3 - Los Angeles (105-'2604) (PEC.) 

1 - 10 5-4 805 - WALLACE OOD FOPD 
3 - Chicago (100-35635 - Sub B) (REG.) 

1 - 100-33683 - WALLACE DODD FORD 
2 - San Francisco (100-51473) 

1 - 100-43165 

Motor Vehicles, advised that she is unable to locate any auto- 
mobile registered to WALLACE DODD FORD. She explained that auto 
registration files are purged in the Department of ^otor Vehicles 
two years after the last registration of any particular automobile 


SF 100-51U73 

No further information of value was shown in this file. 

No further investipation is beinp conducted in the 
San Francisco Division, 



FD-36 (Rev. 


F B I 

Transmit the following in 


(Type in plain text or code) 

A I B T £ L 

(Priority or Method of Mailing) 

TO : DIRECTOR 3 FBI (105-63642) 

FROM : SAC P CHICAGO (100-33683) f " 

SM - NO! 

Re Chicago letter to Bureau 5/2/63 captioned 

"Nfir TS _ NOT " =o*-t-in^ #«t=+ h a loaH HP .-.». T.«-,.= An^alsm 

review records of the Los Angeles PD and Los Angeles County 
Sheriff's Office regarding an EDWARD DONALDSON. 

On 7/29/63^ p who has furnished reliable 

information in the past provided the following information 
of interest in the matter of WALLACE DODD FORD the "Allah" 

of the Nation of Islam (NOI) ; 

An unidentified sister from Los Angeles and 
ELIJAH MOHAMMED discussed an article which appeared in 
a Los Angeles daily paper, name and date not mentioned 
concerning one " FARRAT" (phonetic) . MOHAMMED referred 
to the article as a false report which had been published 
foolishly by the Lcs Angeles paper. He added that the 
FBI knows "FARRAT" is not in Los Angeles cr they would 
have given the information themselves. He referred to 
a Federal prison being involved and felt that the article 
referred to a movement other than the Muslims. 

4 - Bureau (RM) 

(1 - 25-330971) (NOI) 
3 - Lcs Angeles (100-4805) 

(1 - 105-2604) (NOI) 
' 3 - Chicago (100-33683) 

(1 - 100-35635 Sub B) 

(1 - 100-6989) (ELIJAH M&LSJ 



Special Agent in Charge 

M Per 


CG 100-33683 

Subsequently on the same date a female by the name of 
RA SIMMONS of the "California Eagle" and ELIJAH MOHAMMED dis- 
cussed a story which had appeared in the Hearst Newspapers regarding 
the founder of the Muslims. Their conversation is set forth verbatim 
as follows : 

"E, It. is not- the picture of Mr. Far&rd Mohammed. 

B„ It is not. 

E. It is not-! I know the other person well, and it is 
net his age. 

R Wot h * b e.ct-a Hnw nl H -i £: hfl? 

E. It net fa^ard MoStaaaad • Bf ~s 86 years old and he 
was born in the city of Mecca and he is an Arab. This is 
not an Arab and he speaks 16 different languages. 

R. Then the whole story is false. 

£, It is completely false. 

R„ Speaks how war- y languages. 

E. 1.6 and writes 20. 

D Qrt*^ r. L « Id n rl * foa Ifl a nrt xr.-~\>i fla u + Vi a .£ .ft**** 4 c ant l^olv 


E« C"j».plst3l5f .false. We didn't mention off its ll&el when 
we give $100,000 to pxove them a liar. To put such a false 
statement in this paper they can not do it. We will give 
them a $100,000 to prove it. 

R. To prove it. 

E. To prove this man is Mr. farard Mohammed, f izard Mohammed 
is an Arab. 

R. Do you have a picture of him. 

E„ I certainly do. 1 have lots of them. 

- 2 - 



CG 100-33683 

B. Could I get ome from Minister John. 

£. Ah, I cculd send him one if he does not have one. 

R. Think that he has one. If he has one, I could get 
it from him and you would release it. 

E. Yes avadait. And I aJ so was with Mr. Farard Mohammed 
for three years and was with him when he was arrested 

in Detroit, Michigan, there. 

R„ Good. 

£ Not for no such thing as no murder, they arrested him 
there because he was teaching us. By the teachings and not 
for no murder or Qothiiig like that. 

R. Was he ever in Li>s Angeles „ 

E. Pardon me, 

R„ Was he ever in Los Angeles? 
E. I don ' t know. 

R„ "he sic: v say* thai he was here and had a son, do you know 

E. He wa.s aat married. 

R. Was not 

E 0 No, be was not married. 

R. Has he ever oomnunicated with you since the early days 

in the thirties, 

£. Slnze the ea^ly days in the thirties. 

R. Has he communicated with you since then. 
E. Yes. 
R. How often. 

E. How often. Oh I-X-l don't know, well— 

- 3 - 



R, Has be appeared In person. 
E. No, no. 

R, How does he communicate with you? 

E. Well, he communicates with me just like I am talking with 
you, I hear him in my ears, just like I am listening to. you. 

R, I see. 

£, I know him perfectly well and we have pictures of him and 
it they want to prove this why don't they write and get his 
picture from the Detroit police Court there or sen<& for it 
from Washington,, And also ask him if that was the man, that 
they have in their paper today, I don't see why the Federal 
Government would not have told us time again. We are telling 
them almost daily who he is. They don't ASaafow *i stuff as that 
in our fare. This is ail just propaganda to try to prevent the 
so-called American Negro from accepting Islam. That is all it 
is for as far as I can see. 

R. Uh huh. Are you going to sue them. 

E. Well, I am not saying* 

R, Uh huh. Did 14/. Mohammed ever go to New Zealand or 

W1HV jL ft. VJU iivw MVt»>a <wt-ii ~* j 

E„ Never heaid netting about that. He was an Arab and he came 
from Mecca. 1 think the California University , I do remember 
him saying, well that was about forty years ago I guess now, that 
he went to the California University out there. 

R. Uh huh. That was forty years ago. 

E„ Forty years ago now, I think or more. 

R, Do you know where he is now. 

E. Well ah-I would not say if I actually knew. 

4 - 



CG 100-33683 

R. You have not seen him since the thirties have you? 

E. Ah the-not since the thirties, not since thirty four, 

R. When did you hear from him last? 

E„ Such times a-s-iLRybe about-a-a-a few days aga. 

R. A few days ago. Did he give you advise. 

E 0 I have commuoi ration , liiLe I told you. 

R. Uh huh. Did he give you advise on the present struggle 
in this country? 

E. Well-a-ah-a well a~that is well no. 
R„ Does he give you guidance? 

E. He has certaialy done that and continue to dd so. 
R„ Does he come to you when you are asleep. 
E. Nc ( 

j* o }Hq } while vou sa & awake. 
E. That is right, 

R, Did you say that you are offering $100,000. 
E. To prove that — that this New Zealand — >- 
R„ If they can prove this man is Mr. Mohammed. 
E. Mr. Faxard Mohammed, that we are following. 
R a I see. Okay, 

E. I would like to have them to ask do we know anything about D. 

This is all a lot of propaganda and it is not worth our 
time to even fool with it. Because I think that the Federal 
Government would certainly like to know it themselves, if that we 
the man. 

- 5 - 


r / 

CG 100-33683 

R. Okay, thank you very much.. 

K. You are perfectly welcome, goodbye,, 

B. Goodbye. Thank you. " 

Los Angeles is requested if not already dene so to 
provide the Bureau and Chicago with newspaper clippings of 

this matter. Los Angelas sr..auld also alert NO I l^formsmts for 
any pertl&emt is.f oran&i itm regsTdijag; tfeese articles whi-cA anight 
have beea dlsz^zssed &t the NO I Tfimple or by isdlvidin&l members. 

— o 


FD-36 (Rev. 12-13-56! 

F B I 

Date: ? /j>/ / & 3 

Transmit the following in 
v ia AIR TEL 

(Type in plain text or code) 

(Priority or Method of Mailing) 

DIRECTOR, FBI (105-63642) 

SAC, CHICAGO (100-33683) 

SAf - NOI 

Re Chicago airtel dated 7/30/63. 

On 7/30/63^ who has finished 

reliable information in the past, provided th& fcllowini 
additional information regarding an article appearing 
in a Los Angeles paper concerning the subject: 

ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, in a discussion with Brother 
Secretary (JOHN ALit) , refers to a call t^<M a Los Angel* 
paper and instructed the Secretary to see abcat getting 
a good lawyer vha is "one hundred pea* cent f or us" 
to sue the paper and prove their sts>ry. The discussion 
between the Secretary and MOHAMMAD indicated that ELIJAH 
was quite riled up about the story and Of implications 
which h© stated- had the purpose of stepping tie black mi 
from believing in Islam. 

The ably?® is furnished as additional informat 
for Los Angeles and the Bureau supplemental to> the 
information contained in referenced airtel. 

4 - Bureau (RM) 

1 - 25-330971 (NOI) 
3 - Los Angeles (RM) (100-4805) 
1 - 100-2604 (NOI) 


i ^ooSI^^^Kr^^^^k 

1 - 100-35635 (SUBS* . ;,*-'" ,,K ei 

/-> <lH 1 




. . . . ft 1 ) 

u ^ '. v 

Special Agent in Charge 

. M 


00242 1 

mnm m nam 

13 - JKtt 

fti tetter to few 





AUG 3 1 1963 

7 + 

ift ttm abow amtl«M4 letter t* *** Bmni 
tutf 0tp*«* *»i$»3t** f or yotwtg » «a* 

tkSfl tot IHHHK 

TiM ift «tt9t?t 

mi tit i 




ao&t mm 

ttltfc ftfitftf# i WI~f^~ ( 

l*tt*r 4tet«* 6/17/65 to to* BuMt&ti* tail inwrt C 

Hrt»Ni «f Dotutaso* m» jfcttia* Ins tarn 
fnWm JMBftftatat* It 1ft M6ti ttaftt tat 

KM* W- 



"rant moim« ft. 

14* ia imv f»Ti 

- Tuiiilkbii 

AUax ft*tt*r »** tfctt HUB tea n i —wi to 

XMNMttt&iB nii x*» fitty fttstft npfc«# mhmm af Ht*x 

*mm «f 44116 - ■ftTJ.ftffl BOW MBL Mil 1$ 
vmo in ti» flit* «ni duartr af laa Mnte. hollt . tt NjBmmIA 
flftfttttxu*^ I5& *t* M&kat+, ie* >»»rt— ■ Mil ■ » autjw>r »» 
#7*90, ****** - wife, wm •»* n*«** *%• In tm m&m* 

mitm, am t6» toe* in Iftw te«fnp»W — ■MP>tl«K mmm y —ta utttnt. 

m tut ftm»r«Mat «r mui a»*lt& jfiiiiBgn «o# mm •# m* 
movm m» ton* «* kimi rai. as* »**» 

*M»ult a±tfe a amAjt ■moms* Atiklaa* vma to ini 

muvmni m imr wJStmm mm Wt 
Si * NHNNI •* < 

%qr MU 


*at» Jammtf HO, BufcjBBt «i nJBBOUd tor 

BUgf.t ' A«t jMMit*, (ftBBBaittaft of •» *l«j$aoa£« bom*ge 

BBfcJOOt 19* *4W*Oto4 t*» «# 

atat* ftttMR A«t» * lilBBf* tarnation of amtt «** 3** »♦ 
«a* vbbobwb n*o» is too *a«ftlo«* *t too uao of &mit 

g*B» bl* 'BBB&tBBO* fttitMBBB *0 7£2 V* $00 St s> lot *»tg»l0«. 

At tnlo tiao of tnut, OUhJoo * otototf tint 
HamuLsm cni tt**t ho wm bom in PartlfctieV i5»ogoeu &&j*et 
mb oanvlotod of thi* offBooo «ot w titta w l to 8*6 joaio it 
a*o Quowfcla. aufc^oot jbtbmI *B»amiaatoaj 2 jo**** prior to 
tet* xolo&o*. ^ 

"IWtomtdoji ttw*% W(lt is xoqtatBtoa tt«»t 

tut* laftaomtloB fmSnWiMuliiA£7f 

**mo bhm vaLLaCS ft- H» *a* mo m&oui aU&oft* 
obookod vita too Ettorqgw MLloo muiqmptm* m& 

turn tamtt. It bob ootoi toot tso mm AB*ooto4 bb 
by u*o fiotva&t «d oaoiso* oith im**tl&*tUm of 

«*ap *t to»t Uo s*o* as* *#* *b 33 *bb a** 
*0 itdto. B* babb ob tdo un i t mart 1* D« 

Mm* a» ckw &*« l ii io o o *b a» Tiunwe acsm* aotiedt* 
Montana* tti Mr 86, m t*> m oXotfioi^d By W styoB* 
Ut 100001 of yo&lo* »t too mwm*% of Uowioatat g»£fiB*B of t;* 

*IafwoAtloo fPM lbb aq@o1oo Ot*orty # fUoo of tt* auoBoior 
-mo #e7»$ «m *t» 

*&BJtoBBa*t* wusar ». warn mmt mmsm m&ftexsi 
mmmsmi noUUoo of %to> atat* iwlosd *ot (torn ooubu). 
fount x - fob* not *a* la ni* p mon i ti on « noBBitBtlan of 
■pfWtloo OBBj&ilniBc bbbb tnoa bob oju*jtov cv^ln of bobb&Ubi 
to ttw oooioiaolo oubob, iMt 2 » OB op «boat t±w lk%z of 
of lotvuuqr» ho iM« lo too inm oi oln « pmo*o*tloo of 

tmrvlm tout . i UtJift oooo tttao w oi^Ui e*o4* Of Mnto to 
tbo aoodJ^Mpolo oaoo** «o«t 3 - OB or *tM»t tfto of 


•tf mala *attfc*ftob*£ m* ttwa ant mmW^m** t» 

otfiertlfttttf Kiut • p«ii*» ofttw («uwt tt* temH a 4m 

tut Utft**** «mdUX f«tltt«) Mr ti* to *** «T <****U» 

»M«»tl— , At tfwt ti*»* MKtMdR «**t#4 tft *&• p*ll«* of£UMT 

that tiw mrmtXm *blm tm mprt t» Mil* «nt 1» t*» 
gwi<» •# rae. ttmnnaii muEMK» «* fcm m% tt* 

•T*fcl*rti«»» *?*•*> tat arnii^jiTwifri *br 'i^lUmtS^him 
fullj flf h«tMMn tt» ^wptiw, Ki© too w g* fcm*t hi* 

tmm tooth FO© «aA MlAZt»a 

"ib**t turn mm %sfm> urn wtHim vtnmv art tm 

to «tw vm** #f *a* lii tou w wfc y « f*t«lP — ilaw it* a mw » m »i r 

that It «M tftt •tul* fcS»t Ml dtmtf t» Mil* 

. 7, 

1*63 »t e f»— M l—f ly Wit* &«K»f 

•Ulf • In t*t~4*Ojr M itttil that too/ 


l£wt tmmtrnar tut MjMMlMfeeiljr $ Mum fcwfe. mm 
Mm mm tJMt M wmv mm MtLw t»lr < HMMttast ft* mtt 
a*t to* ** ni9 wmtamm WaW WBTimmMm «t «3 *» ]avi it 
4M 4*14 #ubkUk %m Mm I^mf mm H Htoc tmriprthnr m# 
M& MMtlM fc* Mm MMMMMmIM W M if* ! Wt MS* M ttbi I& 

tat Mi Mm rae uliTii «♦ fit tua* mtmmmm 

SMhni mwb a MMdLlaB of a hkmrIjmmi An IMPfclLttML Mmm nl <xf 

* ma mitt mm tm wma % mt ti&m mtamsmm Warn MB mm 
«*•***•*» *** WMLfOflPl Mt 1&& dm Mi ***** MM&M 
ion Ja tosfca am* feitttemta* MR* ite* tlx mm 

*»«m»* ma* Mjiwa m «uam» wbhw *» lm miw 

in M Ut* 19^1 mm Unqr mm tefcfe mHrg tM mm 

MMMT* •* 1#MV MM Mill fel* » MV K«*t «M MSVSM 

iO« M Immmm 1999 in fete* mmmIwmiU* 

'XuAwnati^n JtoM IMwlMriU Mtt®M NUM Mpt*# MfeM 
11* IgfifiN 

fKUM fiMfMrt mm mmm m 
mm*? >> m#Sum mSmb^SS^ 
#• »♦ mmmmm mmwm s. 

4mmm Mt yjttut • MM gto Mfck ..... 

M ttOJi 


ft* l«r**fc* 

•f Mm %f TStiSi tltZi ***** 
H&9MB 0. fUOEJGQM. torn to TlfiMHlMliMi HI 


•t %X0 foot tag im, 

u urn? «***• w»t «r» vm* §m mrU la mm 

00250 7^ 

*(Pa#* 99&U l*ap*»t «nd tommv of tuo ouit 

ftftd* ftl» fl*Ot oppdaPftJMO MW| tfco Nogrooo of lotfwu ** « 
podtlo** at fU»v mam to our aottdoo oollii& niMMtt aad 

tftomado ollko. Tnlm wur tm tor Id i»u» tte 
poo t>ld +d aoatt to dots? mm oo«or to mm tm wbm 
tftlog* tm poddloro tm4 for owlo, *dkft4 txU to toUu* 
•o«>vt »*r two •euatiy. if «t at* na* t» a*v vitn %m m would 
•At onatootr oo had to to* to&fco but aftor urn »mml m fco^afe 

♦a r-allri * - a** tt.ii AuJ If***. au*> u^.. 

wif » wiiii ' w * him tw i * - m ^tM m m* «w /wi» 

Tao poop&o 1a jour «mb tountry Oo not oat it. sunt thd? oat 
tt» jrl^tit kind of ftooda ttmy nam tm feoo* of noaltn at all 
tin*. If you would Uwt Stmt Utat thd poopl* la jw*tr hoti 
oowotm J*** aooor bo *4ofc w odio*"* 

CdL* J104-3 tloo noO* «**ll*fel* artwot roporto or 
tyfcj/oj, for u* thro* XAM> a»»dtd sooitoO in too tboto 
tdport. TUo mart Iter tot U/17A8 irmit for tddoylt rtotdo 
t&ot oltoodooo ** gawnrr and ajnuungRjy© wm% lato 
otoi*uMtBt at 6oi witi 3*0 fttpoot *ai oodorod • oto** to* too 
•Mk (ML POT) (book** to tOT) tel. tt*» t£*y Mould 

not* to put i *£.Q0 dtpooit boffcrt bo oottW out t&o ttot* 
••^JMi oULrtod oil u^iowt tad POT puUod « g«n^oo tnotw 

oouotor'^'attdo T MfwTot 2ttlS!Ia£r ariJZoTtooTioo 
*o* u mm A out oo u>o «Uom1]| oat Jwrt 00 m iot to too 
ourt pot otvook tt h&o «oolii| tnio tte an&£BfuXB oUppotf 

«ff tft« «yH» m4 otvuolc hlO aood o» %tm POT Ji.iwport 

««t«Lit hJUi oot cMVood Ma op tod t&pott «M koat Oo faood 
do U io otroot. Qfflooro wtmM to tho io«t«mdt to loo* to 
POT Wt bo n»d gooo ad toogr oould not loo* to tOd booo 
•ddlOOO* If* M il l PGdP> OMI OiwOOVOOtlr ihmUI n4 0S12 do«>u» 

t oi #l» loi^'oi to > W "o»ad^ — — — 

liMfdfMMrt of too l^H^Mt inm dtvooo 00 wo 
• di o tt o d o t 60S Idiot |di tif to t ^ tod *i^oloo > dp offldod orart to 

«Q9 *•* !*• ** * ** * 



ft* iMwt wgurt 4*t«4 *mx*sm %m 

^I^J^* IfcB^J^^^J SflUflMMKl^ ^(fc^P(Wfc^p f 

«M JJ» 

MUHi »» Mr* 

■si lia# 


***j«*t unit », ponbw * J*****/**^.. 

aaaB flMI^RfeataaaVal ^ppa^ IttflK^^^ ^^^^tj^^p p^^J^tlaiaa^ a^a j(^QHB^ 
ps*a> la nttaelt $m tJQKfc ttet at 

aaaal ffH l fffl ft wrf 
tta> alalMta tat nu^ t iinf H tfr fti 1 ttet 

IfcW, tail 1 ma lata it nit mm parlti apt *Ia» tlilaaf 
tdst tbt Ifltyt tpnafl of fu hi in IJQfcaiaak tat aflaaaaafcly' iaft 
Bttjptt oat la&UPttaf tfeat &a lataaaaft lafcaaateti tt law But 

aap^p^a^aa^paa^ J3aa^a^^3(ftap^a?^Sppp'flp^a^ a^ppp^tfltap^flail a^ka^ ^^HHp^a 8pa*fc a 
flat* JJUSSKPfSt aa* ajteU**& *t " Till aaa llflm ttlOllwr 

*2to*ui*u* mm tim mm •% tm ptfttt af «* 
Bultt an a? Sirt&a* ma t tut «at a£i«&acaa* ta out nati lit 
m ******* taaert 4*tad I^Mw^ idtfe tbt aaault 

t&ftt at aafla&fea jjafacwtfciaa aaa tllaltaa att&aa aa*dUI aaaftaM 
tfc*fc ttiii Miaila teat baas la aw pMlaat, or tan at mj 
■flirt la ant Banian sffear last. It la aantftlaal bamw* 

^^^■^^^^^(^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^v ^^^^^^^ ^^^a^a^ » ^» ^^^^ ^1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ bi 

i taaa la aaw saaljuat at alJaata tat* 

itMapi a* atat fetal aJj 
lattata altataaUat «f 

t* taat 
X taouH tftteat tt»% tti&a 

a avtu trau 
m MiaTi 
aawal it) ataa 

aat au 

atlll liataa 
tnt taHal 

aaajr taaa aa aaaaai pf autb a 
alg aBalaaapr « ar 

la pttaaai* at* %ta ^^tt 
%taai* aat plat aaat id 

tart at ia 

taat Ida 

aaa l?iSS5taa paapaaSfal^ 4 
tat mm mmm m w, aaaa* at f prpai 



\mii r«ialau*aaf tS"fSQr 

tar ta# tlMMMMI ft&laa aatitilf aaart 

ttet ltd* mm mm Mttr m& " ' — - " " 

la now p»i«Hn at iW(3 
■feaw&aMaA vfeMBtly aa saaa fcaa 
hU bmttiin Mil aaa» - vafctaa Havl 
*f «tlt*T JKKG) - MB at tbMM In MOlMVj 

to <— m ■■ ttavt um% aa iaiaal *t» 

afevftas Urn Wik~X& *ert4 *»n 1* 1*57 aa wrtM»U w 

ttv mimuAtar Hbm tlx mousib} H'timwA to «* 

galwttl t» a Jfcataar alx mm%m tx *S5to »• mpted «na 

aaa&dleu: afc 

'ttalfear « «*, aaT'tSft teia'aotlSantiaftl wttfa'fCBB, 
alia* FjUUB, But it aaul* ha Oat ba aval* poa^rlaai 

laaaft* Ja* vlaw a# it aanlii aa atMaastaA fcaat ttiXtfi 
aa aaan ay tua MUaa in «*uP6NBfc, 

IV, NMCam ajr 

tea i£ai«r 
aa- atafeaA Matt aa a&aa lajaajUhaf 
jjl g aj nji aj l^fc'lgivttijaj 



DI*fcCTQR t F*X (2&-IJ99T1) 

%AC t 3A» PKMCISCO (100-11*73) (P) 


■euee Ang«i*» letter to oir*«tor v •/zf/si. 
Relet requested Sen Francisco to contact the 

Intelligence Unit. S*n rMaelieo Frills. rWn*i>»—»», fcr 
results of their interview with _ | m 

feattft*i»i>i»g hi a 

knowledge <jf WAULACt FORD* aka* t founder of th« *0I t 
and also to consider en interview withl l*by this 
office. ^naa» 

is apparent that th« records of m 
, inasmuch as Inquiry at the Into 


la n***s 

on » /</tJ ralhets 


art in error t 

Unit, Sa« rraoeisco Police ftepartstent . 
this agency has never interviewed 

^ a»***SSS»SBSBB| 

On »/i>/«i v J B»dvl«ed that the Xntelli* 

genee Unit, Oakland 1*olle« &*p*rt»ent, at tJ»« re 3 west of 
tha Loa Anjelos Police Porartnont. Intelligence Unit 
^jjJflgMiry of a ~~ 

^^■| sSK l« lata ll&J relative to any fcoowledge^!^^^"" 

WALTE* S-rp*B # aka. a* Wellington* Sew Zealand, ^neetien- 
i*C ^||| WM United* ««« to illness a&d advance* age. 


negativ . results. 

Tha scarce reported that tha Inte lligence Unit, 
Onklnad Police D« part nan t t reeontactedlMpfc on f/t/s* and 
interviewed hln extensiv ely r ecording fOtB. A photograph 
of rOW> was displayed toeaenV* who advised that ha in 
unable to furnish any information of salsa to this investi- 
gation, him was vanhle to identify the fersea in tha photo- 
graph and stated the only FOftft family ever known to his. in 

• - somen <ftEG«) 

<1 - m-6«%2) fokb) 
eago (lftt-S&m) (*tC.) 
100-IMll) POKD) 
An fa las (10l*2t»«) (INFO) (REG.) 

— t • s k^s a w r> i' # 

rraneisoo (109-HS73) 

(1 - 
J - San 
<1 - 






SF 140-SItTS 

rue/a f 

K*w Sonland «a* ooanrisadof two cowim of hit, ?Aff FORD, 
who died in an d hla it*t«f. LEK8XE fXMSfc* who Is also 

daeaasad* As far aafl ■ tmmwtomr* » TAU ro*P o«v«r 
•nrrisd «n<t hod Cfti IdVan *nd nltho nah WSH BIE rORD **r?-i»d, 
h« cannot voonil hoy aarriad taw. ■ ■sdvisod that na 
is not ablo to of for any aagfaatioan^ffTltivn to tracing 
rORD*» praasnoa and nativity in daw £aaland* 

/ - jona^HoB 

^ ■ ■ report* d that tha win Its af tha m- 

aontact wltH ^will ha furnisiiad to tha proper 
official* at tha ton Angola* Poiica D«r>*rtn«nt . 

Zn vi»w - o ( f^^# «i>©*« , San Francis c© faals that 
an intorviav withsj ■ would dnwale? no M*r iafematien 
mgardi&£ HJFD and^TnVrafara v will not approach nin« 

so further action Is hnlng taken in this regard 
at San Francisco* 


DIRECTOR. FBI (35-330971) 


^ ^ CHICAOO <100-3B03B-Oub B) 

Re Chicago letter to Director 3/10/03; Bulet to 
Chicago 3/12/03; Chicago lottor to Director 0/3/03, ooplee to 
Loo Aagelee and Baa Frauelece; Loo Aagoloo lottor to the 
Director 8/39/03, eoplec to flan Franc loco and Chicago; San 

fryn e i f gft l»Tt*M *© pi tog* 0/17703 9/1Q/93, CCpiOS tO 

Loo Aug* l*o sod Chicago. 

For tho lnfareation of tho Ban Diogo office, the 
following roouao of thie cotter io bo lag oot forth* 

Bo Chicago lottor to tho Bureau da tod 3/19/03 
pointed out to tho Bureau that WALLACE DODO fOHD, or ALLAH, 
ao ho io known in the NO I, wao loot aeon in about Oepteaber 
of 1933; that FOBS? a ooneon-lav wife, upon interview by Bureau 
Agento, otatod oho had loot ooen hie in tho on— r of 1033 
or 1933, at which tioo ho told her ho woo going to return to 
Bow Zealand. Chicago pointed out that all log tool loado 
within the United Otatoo had boon covered bat that loado 

■ttMBtlni ±a l«MUht* »nnn In Hm 9mm1 mil not k**n «mnd. 

Bo Bureau letter to Chicago dated 3/13/03 euggeoted 
action be taken to locate EDWARD DOffALEKN, Foloooi Prloon 
Buober 10000, who wao arreotod with FORD in 1930. The Bureau 
pointed out that lAOMLDBua wao a brunt nooo oooooiate of FQkD. 
The Bureau ooggeeted any other logical loado ohould be oot 

Bo Chicago lottor to the Bureau dated 0/3/03 oot out 
loado for Loo Angolea to review r ooo r do at tbo Loo Aagoloo 
Pol loo Departoont and tho Loo Aagoloo Sheriff *o office in an 
effort to obtain a fingerprint card for DflgALBBYBl and to aloo 
attoapt to locate hio fo r aa_ interview in aa effort ^locate 

* " (T^ee^ooKS^ ©ODD FOOD) 
3 - Baa Diego (Bool. 8} (BBOIBTXBSD) _ 
/-^ <1 - 100- IIWALLACB ZXH3D FOBD) 

/ 8> Chicago^ 

JBBioko , / 

<«> Cj f 


indexed ~ 

00259 ^ 

Prison and the San frtnelieo Polio* Dapartaent r oo o rd e for 
too mum reason as regards DONALDSON and to aloo review 
autanoblle reglatrations to determine If FORD registered a oar 
in California during tha pesre 193B-1930, it bains noted 
FORD aaa driving a oar in California in either 1938 or IP 33. 

Ito San Franc la co lattor to tba Director of 9/17/93, 
a copy of which in being anoloaod herewith for San Diego, 
aata forth information regarding arrests of EDVAJKD DONALDSON. 
Tha la t tar notad that too Moon Priooa fila revealed DONALDSON 
van born and lived hia enxlre life at San Diege, California; 
that ha wee dlooharsad froa Poleoa Priaoa on 9/7/34. San 

negative mm ragarda FORD. Tha lattar also aacloaad finger- 
print oarda on DONALDSON to tha Bureau. 

Be Loo Angelas lattar to the Bureau dated 3/29/93, 
a copy of which in being forwarded to aaa Diego, alao aat 
forth arreat and background data re DONALDSON, aba EDWARD 
DONAL80M, EDWARD MANX, SEWARD MXAK. This latter also raf loots 
that the Los A n g e las Police Dapartaent cauoed an investigation 
on POND to be c on ducted in Mew sealaad and nothing of pertinence 
was gained, set forth below la d e scriptive data re WALLACE 

He has utilised, or has been referred to, by the 
following asses * FRED T!G&& § ALLAG5 DON ro »m tt r> *ORD 
"The Qreet Muhdi." Offieee aheuld alao be aware yrw^mgn ^ 
also spelled WUHAWHAD. based oa information available, FORD 
is described as follows: 

Birth 2/85/91 at Portland, 


2/99/77. Mooes, accord ins 
to MO I teachings 

Height 9*9 3/9" - §• 3" 

Weight 123 to 149 lbs. 

•Is vine BMpe . ■ r ii ■ 


Beautiful even teeth) a tr night 

00 100-8S63S Bub B 

Tto Baa Dlogo Off loo la fiijimttd to rarlov 
erodit, orialaal sad otter approprlato rocordo la an of fort 
It la aotod ao was last hoard of ia Bsptoator, 

Yflflau> aa9S af^BB&QVO BAA IUUP X aVX^ iLcs- 

Baa Dlogo la also rooaoatod to iatorriow DOKAIJWOK, 
if looatod, rogardlag tto looatloa of VALLXX D. fOBD, his 
oo-dofoaaant oa a/lA/86 la Los Anil — » Callforala (Boo pago 
taroo of horn Aagolos lottor to Bureau dated «/»/«3) • It 
la aotod WALL XX D. fORD aad him partaer, EDWARD DOftALDBOtf, 
aero arrested la ham Aageles os 8/15/36 on ohmrgoo of Ylolmtion 
of tto State Poises Act* Apesreatlr tto tv© sea operatod a 
oafo la Loa Angolas at that tlao. 

Baa Diego la furttor requested to soareb Its 
iadioos regardlag WALLACE DODD IQSD aad allaooo used toy hla 
as sot forth above, it Is also requested appropriate 
orodlt aad orlalaal otooka to eade. 

This la tolas roqa s s tod as POKD was last soon la 

flepteator, 1B34. Tto possibility exists DOMALDBOH returned 
to Baa Dlogo aad tto possibility also oalsts that WORD say 
am goao to Baa EUago la IBS or 1BB3 or at a lator da to. 

Tto Bttroau*a attoatloa la directed to tto fast 
that Chloago originally latoadod to sot oat a load for Eev 
Bealand authorities is aa of fort to leoato ALLAH* Xt Is aotod 
that roforoaood Lo» Aageles lottor of 8/8B/B3 roflaotod tto 
Los Aagolos Polloo Doportsoat had already ooadastod this load 
eith tto Mow Bealand author It las. 

As aotod above, all la ado oatataadlag ia this 
sat tor, otter ttoa tto osss to lag sot forth for Baa Dlogo, 
have beta oevered. there appears to to ao aood to oot oat 
farthor loads for tto Bow goal aad authorities. It appears 
aov that tto oaly logloal loads aro osss to attoapt to 
looato aad iaterviee BOBALDBCBt. tJpoa tto rosalts of tto Baa 
Dlogo iaveetlgeUoa, Chloago sill, if tto rosalts offor ao 

ia this aattor.™ *™**s**«w * 


1 j j 




SAC, CHICAGO (100-35635 Sub B) 
SAC, SAN DIEGO (105-2018) (?) 


date: H/13/03 

Re Chicago letter to Bureau dated IO/18/63. 

San Diego Office indices were checked against 
all known aliases for both individuals and no pertinent 
inf ormation was located. 

On IO/S3/63 SAM pch'e eked 

or the Merchants Credit Associationo^SanDiego against 
the names and all known aliases of both FORD _and DONAL DSON 
with negative results. On the same date Si 
checked records of the San Diego Police Departme'rl 
San Diego County Sheriff's Office against the names and all 
known aliases without developing any pertinent information. 

On IO/31/63I |3ureau of Births and 

Deaths of the Department of Health, San Diego County, 
Civic Center, San Diego, checked both birth and death 
records against the names of DONALDSON and FORD with all 
known aliases of both men with negative results. 

The following informants, all reliable, conversant 
with natters relating to minor^y^rouiDs^nthe San Diego 
area were contacted by SA^B A on the dates 

indicated but were unable to f urnlsJ^KyxHrormatlon regarding 

10/28/63 ' 

10/30/63 ; 

/ 2 > - Chicago (REGISTERED) 
2 - San Diego 

1 y 

t <*■ _ — ■ 


SD 105-2018 

Detective^ P San Diego Police 

Department, who is a lifetime resident of San Diego and 
is thoroughly familiar with the Logan Heights section of 
San Diego which is predominantly populated with minority 
groups, was contacted on 10/23/63 and again on 10/28/63 
and advised that he had not been able to determine any 
information concerning DONALDSON or FORD. 

Intelligence Unit, San Diego Police 
Department, checlced the indices of the Intelligence Unit 
with negative results and advised that that unit had no 
pertinent Information on either FORD or DONALDSON. 

No further Investigation regarding FORD or 
DONALDSON is contemplated by the San Diego Division. 

DIRECTOR, FBI (25-330971) 


SAC, CHICAGO (1 00-35 G3S-3ub B) 



Be Chicago letter, copy to San Diego, 
10/18/63, and San Diego lattar to Chicago 11/13/63. 

Inclosed herewith for tha Bureau are 

fan T**>0s eaplM Af referenced Kan DiegO 1 •t'fc»r . 

Referenced Chicago latter which concerns Itself 
with efforts to locate WALLACE DODD PORD the Allah or God 
of the HOI, pointed out that the only logical lead left In this 
endeavor waa to have San Diego cover leads in an effort to 
locate BDWABD DONALDSON, who was arrested with PORD in 
1926. Chicago pointed out that if investigation in San Diego 
waa negative , this phase of the investigation would be closed. 

Aa can be noted in referenced San Diego letter 
all Investigative leads covered bp tn»t office aet with 
negative results* 

i<t«M>yj|^j>»i w ^ Chicago Is recGss&snding no 
further investigation be conducted at this time regarding 
WALLA CX D0OD PORD- DACB, the ease on FOKij is being 

3 - Bureau (Bncs. 2) (EM) 



In Reply, PUmte Refer to 
Fill No. 

Chicago, Illinois 
August 12, 1964 


The following organizations have not been designated 
pursuant to Executive Order 10450 and are characterized in 
later pages: 

Nation of Islas 

Fruit of Islam 

Muslim Girls Training 

Hub lis Mosque, Inc. 

Nation of Islas, Mosque #7, 

New York City 


fD-36 (ft«r, 12-13-56) 

F B I 



*rcmsmit the following in 


(Type in plain text or code) 

(Priority or Method of Mailing) 

TO : DIRECTOR, FBI (25-330971) 

FROM : SAC , CHICAGO (100-35635) 


Re Chicago airtel to Director, copies to Dallas, 
Houston, New York, Phoenix, San Antonio, 7/23/64; Buairtel 

i v *n* 

iu oal., tuicagD 7/31/64; tnicago ainei ana Linn, copies iu 

New York and Philadelphia, 7/23/64. 

8 - 

Bureau (Bnc. 13) (RM) 

1 - 100-441765 (MUSLIM MOSQUE. INC.) 
1 - 100- 9 
1 - 100= _(] 


A. - 



1 - 100- 
1 - 100- 
1 - 100- 

Dallas (Enc. 1) (105-525) (Info) (RM) 
Los Angeles (Bnc . 2) (In 
1 - 100- 

1 - 100- 

New York (Bnc. 3) (105-7809) (RM) 
1 - 100-152759 (MMI) 
1 - 105-8999 (MALCOLM LITTLE) 
Philadelphia (25-9S094) (Enc . 
1 - 100- 

(Copies continued on page 2) 








,M Per 

CG 100-35635 

54 - Chicago 

- 100-6989 (ELIJAH MUHAMMAD) 

- 100-41040 (MMI) 

- 100- 

(Coples continued on page 3) 

C<S 100-35635 



CG 100-35635 

Inclosed herewith for the Bureau, Boston, Dallas, Los 
Aftgeles, New York, and Philadelphia are 13, 4, 1, 3, and 2 
copies respective ly of a LHM setting f nr th Interviews of 

SiDdm m on 8/4/64. 

_ e door was answered oy 

o was advised of the irfpntuv nf th» agents 

they would like to talk with 

me cordial and in vited the agents in 
momentsfl^ (ken te red the room a n 

identified themselves to him 

like to talk to him in private* 

remained in the kitchen and dining area, 
interviewed in private in -the living room. It" 
doubtful the others could hear the conversation. 




CG 100-35635 

A t t entiflj^^irecte^o the 4 page typewritten document 
titled^ ^ He same to 

agents for copyin^bu^inaicate^ne^Pid hesitate to let same 
out of his p ossession adding he had typed it himself. 
He said he o4|^MB^wou^dbr^i^^^to the Office on 8/6/64 for 
copying. On I ptelephonically 
contacted SA^H^ stating he wanted to bring in the document. 
He did this during the afternoon of 8/5/64. He was most 
cordial at this time and even asked about the qualifications 
needed to become an agent. 

the interview both ^ land 

_____ were most cooperativeanafrlenaTL^T They 

exhibited no animosity and readily answered all questions 
asked of them with the exception of those about ELIJAH 
MUHAMMAD *s paternity suit They also stated ?.nd emphasized 
that they would be most willing to talk to the above agents 
anytime the agents so desired. 

The enclosure is be in 
basedon the desires of both 
■ ^to talk to the agents 

It - is also antir.lnated IIACB 


is confide] 
ind< _ 


0027 b 

CG 100-35635 

tli the 

UACB, Chicago is not a 
an active inves-^ igatj nn of 

As stated" 

;mphatically stated they would coop? 

Bureau in any way at any time. It is intended that the 
jroup in^^ollowed through reinterviews of both 

ks well as those sources close to 

MUHAliMAD-s Temple No. 2 who will be in a nositlnn to furnish 
data re NOI reaction to 

In the event lnforma 

FD-302 (Rev. I-2S-S0) 


not . 8/7/64 


iw did not 

have to make a statement, that any statement he did make could 
be used against him in court and that he had the right to legal 
counsel, voluntarily furnished the following: 


Chicago, Illinois 

- 1 la 

CG 100-32090 

Date dictated 


This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It Is the property of the FBI 
your agency; It and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency. 

and Is loaned to 



CG 100-32090 

FARD was a **a who tu dirsctsd by God similar to ths 
Christianas regards Jssus Christ, not as you would think 

EI fv? r ° ph6t : ? e had * elt ^UAH MUHAMMAD was selected 
* iv uw mi mow nge r * 


CG 100-32090 

Healao concluded that FARD 

reading where such Bight have been the case during World War 
II. In reading teachings of FARD, as. left behind by him, 
he noted FARD taught that the reward for bringing in the heads 
of four "devils" would be a button for one's coat lapel* It 
occurred to him that, at one time, it would have been possible 
for his to comply with such teachings and ^ Mlf*' th1,y K° out * m<1 

conclusion that possibly FARD was sacrificing 

for his 

own personal cause. He concluded that it is possible that 
FARD basically was a good man as he had tried in some ways to 
help the black people. 




CG 100=32090 

Regarding the appointment by FARD on ELIJAH MUHAMMAD 

aim ■vBsenger, he recalled that FAED hiaeelf wrote that he 
was the "Messenger of Allah" and ia books ha left behind when 
he disappeared, h e stated he was se n t over here bv the "twelve 

in of-Mecca , " 

FAwTh had said. "I 

has never seen FARD to his recollection? 

atltted he was 
There were no 
Bk He himself 

4-750 (Rev. 9-21-94) XXXXXX 




rage(s) witnneia entirely at tnis location in tne me. une or more 01 tne ionowing 
statements, where indicated, explain this deletion. 

Deletions were made pursuant to the exemptions indicated below with no segregable material 
available for release to you. 

Section 552 

Section 552a 

□ (b)(1) 



□ (d)(5) 

i_i y.v)^) 

i — i 


□ (b)(3) 


□ (k)(l) 



□ (k)(2) 



□ (k)(3) 



□ (k)(4) 

1 1 n.\/ a \ 

1—1 KV){H) 

i — i 


□ (k)(5) 

□ (b)(5) 



□ (k)(6) 

□ (b)(6) 

□ (k)(7) 

Information pertained only to a third party with no reference to the subject of your 


LJ information pertained only to a third party. The subject of your request is listed in the 
title only. 

Documents originated with another Government agency(ies). These documents were referred 
to that agency(ies) for review and direct response to you. 

Pages contain information furnished by another Government agency(ies). You will be 
advised by the FBI as to the reusability of this information following our consultation 
with the other agency(ies). 

_Page(s) withheld inasmuch as a final release determination has not been made. You will be 
advised as to the disposition at a later date. 

Pages were not considered for release as they are duplicative of 

For your information: -^Xf<[ ) AjpT^ /M^S^T Sr> s*>£ Q C~>s\-> ~TAF\F 

The following number is to be used for reference regarding these pages: 

too - 33^ SA- /a a 






FD-302 (R»t. 1-1S-4 0) 



Dat . 8/10/64 

not have to make a statement; anything he did say 
coald be used against him in a court of law, and that 
he had the right to legal counsel, voluntarily furnished 
the following informattn: 

He no longer believes that all white men are 
the devil and believes that Allah is th e supreme 
being. He feels that Mr. FARDj 
was a prophet or a messenger. 



Chicago, Illinois 


Fil. * CG 100.36076 

.Dot* dictated 

Thi* documant contain* nvllhai TBConunsntlaUon* n oncluslon* of lh» FBI. It i> the 
your agmucy; it and It* caaunta arc not to b* distributed outside your aij«ncy. 

BrOBflrtv of Ih* FRI and i* In 



4-T50 (Rev. 9-21-94) XXXXXX 




^ Page(s) withheld entirely at this location in the file. One or more of the following 
statements, where indicated, explain this deletion. 

Deletions were made pursuant to the exemptions indicated below with no segregable material 
available for release to you. 

Section 552 

□ (b)(1) 

□ (b)(2) 

□ (b)(3) 

Section 552a 



□ (d)(5) 



□ (j)(2) 


□ (k)(l) 



□ (k)(2) 



□ (k)(3) 



□ (k)(4) 



□ (k)(5) 



□ (k)(6) 

□ (k)(7) 


□ (b)(4) 

□ (b)(5) 

□ (b)(6) 

Information pertained only to a third party with no reference to the subject of your 

CD Information pertained only to a third party. The subject of your request is listed in the 
title only. 

□ Documents originated with another Government agency(ies). These documents were referred 
to that agency(ies) for review and direct response to you. 

Pages contain information furnished by another Government agency(ies). You will be 

advised by the FBI as to the releasability of this information following our consultation 
with the other agency(ies). 

Page(s) withheld inasmuch as a final release determination has not been made. You will be 

advised as to the disposition at a later date. 

Pages were not considered for release as they are duplicative of 

'XA For your information: f- f) A~if7~ f\A£: A^7>g» suCQ /A*-4J? 

Sl] The following number is to be used for reference regarding these pages: 

C-^/nn - /on 






1 APPEND! a 

NATION Q£ ISLAM, Formerly Referred to 
as the Muslim Cult of Islam , Aka . 
Muhrmrcad's Temples of Islpm 

In January, 1957, a source advised ELIJAH MUHAMMAD has 
described his organization on a nationwide basis as the "Nation 
of Islam" and "Muhammad's Temples of Islam." 

On May 8, 1964, a second source advised ELIJAH MUHAMMAD 
is the national leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI); Muhammad's 
Temple of Islam No. 2, 5335 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, 
Illinois, is the national headquarters of the NOI; and in mid-1960 

MUHAMMAD and other NOI officials, when referring to MUHAMMAD'S 
organization on a nationwide basis, commenced using either "Mosque" 
or "Temple" when mentioning one of "Muhammad's Temples of Islam." 

The NOI is an all-Negro organization which was originally 
organized in 1930 in Detroit, Michigan. MUHAMMAD claims to have 
been selected by Allah, the Supreme Being, to lead the so-called 
Negro race out of slavery in the wilderness of North America by 
establishing an independent black nation in the United States, 
Members following MUHAMMAD' s teachings and his interpretation Ox 
the "Koran" believe there is no such thing as a Negro; th; t the to- 
called Negroes are slaves of the white race, referred to as "white 
devils," in the United States; and that the white rnco, lv e^'jse oV 
its exploitation of the so-called Negroes, must and will be des- 
troyed in the approaching "War of Armageddon." 

In the past, officials and members of the NOI, including 
MUHAMMAD, have refused to register under the provisions of the 
Selective Service Acts and have declared that members owe no 
allegiance to the United States. 

On May 5, 1958, the first source advised MUHAMMAD had, 
upon advice of legal counsel, tempered his personal statements and 
instructions to his ministers concerning the principles of his 
organization in order to avoid possible prosecution by the United 
States Government; however, he did not indicate any fundamental 
changes in the teachings of his organization. 

On May 7, 1964, a third source advised MUHAMMAD had, 
early in Jul>, 1958, decided to de-emphasize the religious aspects 
of the teachings of Islam and to stress the economic benefits to 
be derived by those Negroes who joined the NOI. This policy change, 
according to MUHAMMAD, would help him acquire addit ion;a£j%q]| flcfrers 
and create more interest in his programs. ■«pg|gS3**fcJfi£ , Pk#llW <> 





On Hay 8, 1964, a source advised that the Fruit of 
Islam (FOI) is a group within the Nation of Islam (NOI) composed 
of male members of the NOI. The purpose of the FOI is to protect 
officials and property of the NOI, assure compliance of members 
with NOI teachings, and to prepare for the "War of Armageddon," 
Members of the FOI are required to participate in military drill 
and are afforded the opportunity to engage in judo training. 
The FOI is governed by a military system wherein the members 
are controlled by general orders similar to those issued by 
regular military organizations . 






On May 19, I960, a source advised that the Muslim Girls 
Training (MGT) is a group within the Nation of Islam (NOI) and is 
composed of all female members of the NOI. The MGT is similar in 
structure to the Fruit of Islam (FOI), which is composed of male 
members oi the NOI, in that the MGT has officers similar to 
military organizations to whom other female members are account- 
able. MGT members receive instructions in homemaking, hygiene, 
calisthenics, and other subjects such as Muslim history and the 
English language. There also exists a Junior MGT, which is 
composed of female members of the NOI who are between the ages 
of 15 and 13 and who are afforded military-type drill. 

Since 1957, various officers and "sisters" of the MGT 
have, at meetings of the MGT, used the term MGT so that it also 
means General Civilization Class. General Civilization Class 
refers to classes conducted within the MGT, 

The above refers to activities of the MGT at Muhammad's 
Temple of Islam No. 2,, 5335 South Greenwood, Chicago, Illinois. 

On May 7, 1964, another source advised that the MGT 
is a group within the NOI which is composed of all female 
members of the NOI. The MGT is similar in structure to the 
FOI, which is composed of male members of the NOI. In theory, 
the MGT exists in all Temples of the NOI and is patterned after 
the MGT at Muhammad's Temple of Islam No. 2, Chicago. General 
Civilization Class refers to the collective group of classes held 
within the MGT. 






The March 13, 1964 , edition of "The New York 
Times*, a dally newspaper published in New York, New York, 
contained an article on page 20 which Indicated that MALCOLM 
X (LITTLE), former national official of the Nation of 
xsjLam ^nux; ana minister oz nui mosque wi t new xorx, wao 
broke with the NOI on March 8, 1964, publicly announced in 
New York City on March 12, 1964, that he had formed the Muslim 
Mosque, Incorporated (MMI). The MMI, according to the 
article, would be a broadly based politically oriented black 
nationalist movement for Negroes only, financed by voluntary 
contributions. In this public statement MALCOLM X -urged 
Negroes to abandon the doctrine of non-violence when it is 
necessary to defend themselves in the civil rights struggle, 

« Y*i rf ho fil CA en(fOAB+a/l that VAfn>/\Ae 4> r\-*wm ««4#1a ixl hUc +r\ nicn+Ant 

their lives and property in times of emergencies ""in areas- — 

where the government is unable or unwilling to protect them. 

Incorporation papers of the MMI filed on March 16, 
1964, with the Business Section, Clerk of Courts, New York 
County, New York, New York, reflect that the MMI was 
incorporated under the Religious Corporation Law of the State 
of New York to work for the imparting of the Islamic Faith 
and Islamic Religion in accordance with "accept fed Islamic 
principals". The principal place of worship to be located 
in the Borough of Manhattan, New York, New York. 

During an appearance over XYW - Television, 

AImaIubiI film 4 j» **.m* Iu41 *y 1 QZ? A WtTO/WU Y _ J. „ .J. _ J .LI A. ■kL- 

ViO v , vuiW| VU A^U'Al f, J. i7Ut , UUAiViA " biakUU t UB b V Ut: 

MMI does not stand for integration, but for complete freedom, 
justice, and equality for Negroes. He stated that Islam was 
the religious philosophy of the MMI, while the political, 
economic and social philosophy was black nationalism. 

On May 15, 1964, a confidential source advised that the 
headquarters of the MMI are located in Suite 128, Hotel Theresa, 
2090 Seventh Avenue, New York City, where they were established 

on March 16, 1964, 


~ 27 ~ 00280 


1 ' 



On May 3, 1963, a source advised that the Ration 
of Islam (NOI) affiliate in New York City is known as 
Mosque #7, also known as Temple #7, and is located at 102 
West 116tb Street, New York City. Mosque 17 Is t part of 

+ llrtT k^./4>/4 Wot VT TTitl WTTDlllllin wt + tt I.a.4am.«+>k 0 4 » 

Chicago, Illinois. Mosque #7 follows the policies and 
programs as set forth by ELIJAH MUHAMMAD. 

The date Mosque #7 originated in New York City 
is not kuOWu, 


However, in connection with the origin of Mosque #7, 
It should be noted that in 1953, a second source advised that 
there was a temple of the NOI (known to source then as 
the Muslim Cult of Islam) in New York city located at 
135th Street and Seventh Avenue, as far back as 1947. 

This document contains neither recommendations nor 

the property of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is 
loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be 
distributed outside your agency. 




In Reply, Pilot Refer to 
Fib No. 

Chicago, Illinois 
August 12, 1964 



Reference memorandum of Special Agent 

c^ ^dated and captioned 

as above. -v "\ 

All sources (except any listed below) whose identities 
are concealed in referenced communication have furnished reliabli 
information in the past* 

This document contains neither recommendations 
nor conclusions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It 
-. £ the property of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is 
loaned %o your agency; it and Its contents are not to be 
distributed Outside your agency* 



TO : SAC, SAN FRANCISCO (100-51473) 

FROM : SAC, CHICAGO (100-35635) 




a. i_ « a x a 


The information set forth hereinafter was made 
available on the dates indicated byJB| & who has 

furnished reliable information in the""pas^^^™<£^ 

May 31, 1965 

^ K spoke the trouble 

they had been having wi ththeBoys . She stated^B ^ 
would be 17 in July of this year and he had graduated 
f rora Jue|^choo^|t^lans to go to college. She 
addedj ^^Hs them they have to be in by 

10:00^ Sne~aTnTea^BM^M^does not talk totheboys 
at all and if he wffiT^o say an^hyie tdfl Bhe tells 
asks her to tell him. ^HBBLcoW^uecT that 
tcomes over to the hous^^ndTolds his Daddy's 
5LIJAH MUHAmaAD) when heshouldb^home talking to 
children^JHB Hfc stated^ Bl would be 16 

in July M ^ would be 15 inDecemDef^another one would 
be 13 in February and there were also two younger ones. 

<j - aan rranui&cu (km ' 
(1 - 100- 
(1 - 100- 
1 - Atlanta (100- 
1 - Buffalo (105-468 
1 - Detroit (100- 
1 - Louisville (100- 
1 - New Haven (100- 
8 - Chicago 

( ^ i r\n cnon\ t 

(1 - — ~ - — 

(Info) (RM) 

Info)(RM) / c ° 
(Info) (RM) 
) (RM) 

CG 100-35635 

1 1 GC^ 


of Atlanta) 

was in contact with ELIJAH MUHAMMH^^HWFstated he was 
told he should get the material in. MUHAMMAD replied: 
I have studied that material from every angle. You 
know at one time I have not thought of many things, 
with the other party that I have not with you, and 
what would be the aftermath in the future. We are 
making history and I don't want anything to go down 
in history that the scholars and scientists of Islam 
can laugh at me and this would cause them to laugh 
at me. Because I am already out here with them and 
every wish I am battling with them and they have 
everything anyway. And this particular special thing 
would just only be in accord with our whole affair that 
I have here. And I gave them total history to put in 
the library in New York and they have everything in 
that. They want to make a book and I guess they are 
on it now. That has been 8 or 9 months ago and they 
want to put all of this in a book and have it so 
people can read it in the library. And this is what 
I have done, and I am writing every week to my followers 
in the world and they have it. And I have in their 
magazine once or twice and I would not care to doso. 

Nothing further of pertinence was developed 
from the above. 

June 1, 1965 


man apparently CASSIUH CLAY was on his way back over 
there. MUHAMMAD stated he wanted CLAY by his side 
until he was straight on one course or another. 

June 3, 1965 

stated she had recalle 

in speaking about taking medicine 
that "God himself" had had his 

- 2 - 


CG 100-35635 

tonsils taken out and had gone to the hospital when he 
had gotten food poisoning and she then felt they 
should take care of themselves and take the medicine 
as told to. 

June 3, 1965 

™ B(of Connecticut) 

tearfully told ELIjAH MuhAmmAD she had been out of the 
Mosque for 90 days since she was separated from her 

hum wniiu u ii u ww ii t 1J w v u ww £> w vuun w wuv miw-~*£mw 

on this date they would not let he r in. MUHAMMAD stated 
he would look into the matter with] 

June 4, 1965 

■ Bin San 

was in co^H^^^^^n^^^^^^mJHAMMAD and asked if there 
had been any word on his case. MUHAMMADsta ted he had 
been to busy to listen to the tape, BLreplied 
that his family and himself were starving to death. 
MUHAMMAD instructed 4fl feto keep going until he could 
find, a place yher e be could make progr ess. He instructed 
ito talk tofl ^and added he could 

J une 4, 196 5 

Brother Minister^! J of Detroit, 

told ELIJAH MUHAMMAD the date was open UUl Lhere for 
August 8 and MUHAMMAD told him to go ahead and take it. 

Balso added he had been asked to go to Buffalo 
^nthe^L3th. MUHAMMAD gave approval. 

No further details was given. 

June 5, 1965 

c AiimTi 

(3\ju in 

(muderS tor 

J_ l_ _ _ — — - ~_ 1 rTr _ i. T J II 

i-ue piu^raoi nut ijaius 

which appears on radio station WVON in Chicago) was in 
contact with ELIJAH MUHAMMAD and MUHAMMAD stated he had 

CG 100-35635 

number of questions he -would like to have SOUTH ask him 
on his program. MUHAMMAD stated he would prepare the 
questions and answers and have the two of them on the 
program and the public could them ask the questions and 
he could answer them later. MUHAMMAD stated he would 
contact SOUTH when he was ready. 

Cover Sheet for Informant Report o teriol 

FD-306 (key. 6-2-67 1 

• TO : 



SAC, NEW YORK (105-7809) 




Date received 


Received from fngrre_or symbol number] 

' ~ — — ■ — . ■ ■ 1 

R ece i v t*rf fry 

in person 

J by 1 elephone 

] by m ail 

: or a] J y 

If orally furnished and reduced to writing by Agent: 

by Ir.lom.anl 

Mass Meeting Held at Muhammad's 
Mosque, Brooklyn, ux, on I4/V/68 

Remark i; 

1 - NY 

! recording device 

'writler. by Informant 

Date of Report 

Date(s) of activity 

i. Intra 

iN-0Rt,'.:;':0M CONTAINED C^Sf 1 



meeting s 

Above individual was in attendance at instant 


n) - Chicago (10 0- 


^ 1 - Each individual mentioned herein (cover sheet and details onl 
1 - NY 105-7809 (NOI) (1+3) 


00287 "7, 

NY 105-7802 

Mass Meeting 
Muhammad's Mosque 
120 Kadi son Street 
Brooklyn, New York 

This was not like a regular Sunday afternoon 
meeting. This was a mass meeting of all the Mosques in 
New York City, held at the Brooklyn Mosque at 2:00 PM, 
Sunday afternoon, .About one thousand were present* About 
four hundred were visitors. MOHAMMAD ALI was the guest 
speaker. After MOHAMMAD spoke, Minister FARRAKHAN spoke. 
He stated that MARTIN LUTHER KING died because he had no 
vision. He was a brother and I'm not against him, but the 
Bible told him the white man is our enemy. I do not get mad 
at a white man because of what he does because I know It is 
his nature to be unrighteous. There was no need for Mr. KING 
to die if he had vision. 

The Brooklyn Mosque was so packed with visitors 
that mostly all of the Muslims were in a part of the oony 
Ballroom where speakers were put up so they could hear the 
speaker. After all visitors were dismissed, a meeting was 
held for Muslims only, but all could not attend for they were 
selling dinners in the Sony Ballroom and also MOHAMMAD ALI 
was there signing autcgraphs. Some brothers were there to 
keep everything orderly - aDhM 4X, EJ.vAKD 30a, THOMAS 26X, 
CURTIS 3X. Two brothers were on Minister Security - LEROY 22X 
and another brother. These brothers and a few others did 
not attend the mass meeting. 



Routing Slip 



[~2 Director 



[X SAC CHICAttO (E M) Tltle 

~2 A SAC 

[□ Supv. 

CZ Agi-ril ~ 

r~ se , 

□ IC 

z: cc 

□ Steno , 

C Clerk 

Date 5/13/68 
NY 105-7809 


AU IK-?-",';-!^ CONTAINED f>> 

HFPFir, 1" !if|, , aSIl£B 



I I Acknowledge 

□ Assign Reassign 

I j Bring file 
[22 Call me 
I 1 Correct 

Cj Deadline 

□ Deadline passed 
~2 Delinquent 
I Discontinue 

1 Expedite 

□ File 

[ I For information 

; Handle 
[ ' Initial & return 
f I Leads need attention 


[2j Open Cose 
I i Prepare lead cards 
E22 Prepare tickler 
□ Return assignment cord 
I ! Return file 
— " ._' Search ond return 
I j See me 

: Serial I 

jPost [ 
1 Send to 

Recharge Return 

j Submit new charge out 

j Submit report by 

! Type 

Return with explanation or notation as to a :&BU 

Office New Ynrk 1_ 



<1SA FPMB 1*1 CT*») 




SAC, CHICAGO (100-33,^^3, ) 


^/^ /71 



subject; V t\uLf\ce "£> T-m"? 

In conjunction with the Destruction Project, Volune 
vns reviewed for inl'ctvin tion prior Lo ll'ul. 

No serials were destroyed uhere: 

1. Original recording. 

2. Serial one of the file. 

3. Serials showing indexing, opening , cloKin,: , 

In re 1-A file, only one photo and/or ne^nciv^ 
\\as retained of photos prior to 19G1. 

Duplicate serials of reports, letters, LHMs , Airtelt 
teletypes and memos, prior to 1961, were destroyed. 

Channelizing menos prior to 19G1 \>ere destroyed r. nd 

serial number and original location is set forth below. 
Where serial number of original information v*as not shov.n, 
file of original location and the date information was fur- 
nished by the source is set forth. 

reassigning, etc. 


Original Location 





H£3£ li* IS li KOLA Z I fZJQ 








4-750 (Rev. 9-21-94) XXXXXX 





Page(s) withheld entirely at this location in the file. One or more of the following 
statements, where indicated, explain this deletion. 

Deletions were made pursuant to the exemptions indicated below with no segregable material 
available for release to you. 

Section 552 


□ (b)(2) 

□ (b)(3) 

Section 552a 



□ (d)(5) 



□ (j)(2) 



□ (k)(I) 


□ (k)(2) 



□ (k)(3) 



□ (k)(4) 



□ (k)(5) 



□ (k)(6) 

□ (k)(7) 

□ (b)(4) 

□ (b)(5) 

□ (b)(6) 

□ Information pertained only to a third party with no reference to the subject of your 

□ Information pertained only to a third party. The subject of your request is listed in the 
title only. 

□ Documents originated with another Government agency(ies). These documents were referred 
to that agency(ies) for review and direct response to you. 

Pages contain information furnished by another Government agency(ies). You will be 

advised by the FBI as to the releasability of this information following our consultation 
with the other agency(ies). 

Page(s) withheld inasmuch as a final release determination has not been made. You will be 

advised as to the disposition at a later date. 

Pages were not considered for release as they are duplicative of 

□ For your information: 

The following number is to be used for reference regarding these pages: 

r rr /^r-i — -?^/. jc-^—y^'N » ~ . r .... 







Routing Slip 

0-7 (Rev. 12-17-73) 


(CopiJeVig. I 

Offic ^Checked) 

\> • 

Hoy fieri 


Intii anaprflis 

Al i'Jsiln dn a 

Jfji-k son 




Kansas (;itj 


KnoxviH e 

B i rrnin ph am 

Las Wpas 

Bos ((in 

Little Rock 


Los Angeles 



Mcmpht s 

Chicago - 


M i 1 wau k pc 

t'l eve] and 


( *:••';■.;:*.; r;i a 


S ewark 



JS'rw Haven 


Xevv Orleans 

El pH.SU 

New York City 



Oklahoma City 





Portl and 



St. Louis 

Salt Lake City 

San Antonio 

San Diego 

San Fr.uu i«co 

San Juan 




Tamp a 

Washington pit 
Qu anti co 



- . ' Ji 



r~j Beirut 

rj Bern 

i Bonn 

[^j Brasilia 

1 j Buenos Aires 

j ! Caracas 

I ! Hong Kong 

1 j London 

I ; Madrid 

1 Manila 
L™ Mexico City 
I — 1 Ottawa 
' I Paris 

• Rome 


1 Tel Aviv 

1 — I Tokyo 





For m format ion 

Retention For nppropri ate 

optional ^ action [ 

Surep. by 

~ The enclosed is for your inform ation. If used in a future report, ^ coneea! all 
sources, ^ paraphrase contents. 

~ Enclosed are e'orrpciod papes from report of SA 

— " (inlet! 

nark : 

G.ici 0 o sLnulu i- ro;;,pTl v forward ion 
suitable for Jissei'.ination containing icrtin- 
un infonition frou file review re£fcr.Iir^ 
i,; 11 ace farad, founder of MO I . 

is possible attempt to infar nor. 
iii this co v.v.uricution to public source type 
uat; ; however, provide ulx: clearly portray- 
ir.- i c.ilu, s ij knooii, is ->ell as the current 





.j-o3d'y7 I 

,:■/ -«>«..>"/•.' 

II it 

~ FILE.P . 


00292 -) 



Chicago, Illinois 60604 
August <<3, 1974 

Jn Reply, PUost Refer Ui 
File Mo. 


The July 23, 1963, issue of the Los Angeles, California 
Herald -Examiner, a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles, 
California, contained the following newspaper articles: 

"Black Muslim Founder Exposed 
As A White" 

1f Dodd served time in Quentin as dope' peddler. 

"Black Muslims by the thousands pay homage to 
Wallace Farad, their "Prophet from Mecca," in the 
mistaken belief that as founder of the black supremacy 
cult he is one of their own. 

"It was Farad who composed the tenets of the 
Black Muslim faith. He is the "holy man and divine 
person" who must be remembered in one or more of the 
Black Muslims' seven daily prayers. 

"Yet Wallace Farad is, admittedly, an enterprising, 
racketeering fake. 

"He is not a Negro. He is a white man masquerading 
as a Negro. 

This document contains neither recommedations nor 
conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the 

contents are not to be distributed outside your 



"His true name is Wallace Dodd. 

"He was born in New Zealand, on February 26, 
1891. ' 

"His father was British - arriving In New Zealand 
via Australia on a sailing schooner. His mother was 
a Polynesian native. 

"Dodd's police "rap sheet" includes a conviction 
for bootlegging and a San Quentin Prison term for the 
sale of narcotics. 

"To the FBI he is No. 56062 - and a man of many 
aliases. The California Bureau of Identification and 
Investigation lists him as Wallace Ford, No. 1797924. 
At San Quentin, as Ford, he was No. 42314. With the 
Michigan State Police he is Wallace Farad, No. 98076. 

"Although the names and numbers vary, the finger- 
prints are always the same, be it Los Angeles, San 
Quentin, or Detroit, birthplace of the Black Muslim 
movement . 

"A huge doctored portrait of Dodd, alias Farad, 
adorns the wall behind the desk of Elijah Muhammad, 
present titular head of the Black Muslim cult. 

"Elijah Muhammad, (true name Elijah Poole, alias 
Gulan Bogans, 6 5 -year old native of Georgia) in 
referring to Farad as a holy man and a divine person, 
observes : 

"He is God himself. He is the one we have been 
looking forth for the past 2000 years to come. He is 
the one and his word bears witness to the fact; that 
he is the one." 

- 2 - 



1 1 1 


"Asked if he personally knew Farad, Elijah Muhammad 
said that he did. He volunteered that, although 
Farad"Yiad gone back, to Mecca, he was in constant 
touch with him spiritually , pending his return. 

"Indeed Elijah knows Farad. He first met him on 
a street comer in Detroit in 1931. 

"At that time Dodd, under the alias Ford (the 
names Far d and Farad came later), was a turban -wearing, 
door-to-door silk salesman) . 

"Abandons Family 

Zealand in 1913 and settled in Portland , Oregon. He 
married, but soon abandoned his wife and infant son. 

"He lingered in the Seattle area, under the name 
of Fred Dodd, for a few months before going to Los 
Angeles. There he opened a restaurant at 803 West 
Third St . under the name of Wallace D. Ford. 

"At 26, Dodd took as his common-law wife a 25- 
year-old waitress employe who on September 1, 1920, 
bore him a son, Wallace Dodd Ford. 

"On the son's birth certificate, Dodd listed 
himself as "white" and a native of New Zealand. 

"(In 1940 the boy's mother, aware of Dodd's 
identity and his role as founder of the Black 
Muslims, had her son's name changed legally from 
Wallace Dodd Ford to Wallace Max Ford. Two years 
later the youth drowned while in the service of the 
U.S. Coast Guard) . 

- 3 - 



"Muslim Founder Admits: 
•I'm a Fake' 

•Under the alias Wallace D. Ford, Dodd was 
arrested for bootlegging in January, 1926. Once 
more he identified himself for the record as a 
member of the white race. He drew a brief jail 

"On June 12, 1926, Dodd, under the alias of 
Ford, was sentenced to San Quentin Prison for the 
sale of narcotics over his restaurant counter. He 
drew a term of from six months to six years. 

"Released from San Quentin on May 27, 1929, 
he paused briefly in Los Angeles before walking out 
on his common-law wife and son. Dodd made his way 
to Chicago and then to Detroit to become a Bible- 
toting itinerant peddler of silks. 

"Dodd posed as a Negro and prided himself as 
something of a Biblical authority .and mathematician. 
He had a tremendous gift for gab and soon attracted 
a depression-following of Negroes. 

"Dodd had no difficulty in convincing his followers 
they were descendants of the original man, that their 
forebears were of Islam and that they were Allah's 
chosen people. 

"A Good Racket 

"Realizing he had a good thing going, Dodd began 
emphasizing Islam and black supremacy. Gradually he 
turned away from the Bible, eventually denouncing it 
outright through interpretations twisted to suit his 

- 4 - 

002 9 r> , 


purpose. He adopted the Korari as his cult's official 
religion text. He established a temple and conducted 

r~* 1 *a c c? ___fc c? 

"During this period he met Elijah Poole, whom he 
eventually ordained as minister of the Black Muslim 
faith under the name of Elijah Muhammad, "Apostle of 

"By now Dodd was passing himself off as The 
Savior, born in the Holv Citv of Mecca. He claimed 

, j - — - j ________ _____ ___ _____ 

to have arrived in America on July 4, 1930. 

"To excite interest among his followers and gain 
new adherents, Dodd published a crudely printed tract, 
the preface of which reads: 

"This book teaches the Lost Found Nation of 
Islam. A thorough knowledge of our miserable state 
of condition in a mathematical way, when we were 
found by our Savior, W. D. Fard." 

"The fly leaf reads: "By Prophet W. D. Fard." 

"The book poses such problems as these: 

'A sheep contains 14 square feet. One-tenth of 
a square inch contains 10,000 hairs. How many will 
the 14 square feet contain? $15.50 for the person who 
works this problem. (Qualified Members Only) . 

"Through contributions and expanding commercial 
endeavors, Including the sale of "official" note paper, 
Dodd had what constituted a tidy financial racket. 

- 5 - 



"Detroit Ousted 'Him 
For Human Sacrifice 

"A Sacrifice 

"But the potential dangerousness and the primitive 
instincts of some of his followers became evident on 
November 21, 1932, with an act of human sacrifice 
which rocked the populace of Detroit. 

"Cult member Robert Harris induced member 
John J. Smith to present himself as a human sacrifice 
so that he might become "The Saviour of the World" 
Harris plunged a knife into Smith's heart as he lay 
prone on an improvised altar. 

"To their dismay, police learned that two additional 
members were slated as volunteer victims of sacrifice. 
That marked the beginning of the end for Dodd. 

"He was arrested by Detroit police on May 25, 
1933, under the name of Wallace Don Fard, alias 
W. D. Fard, Prophet W. D. Fard, W. D. Foard, Wallace 
Farad,, Wall Farrad, Professor Ford, Farrad Mohammed 
and F. Mohammed Ali, founder of the Nation of Islam. 

"The official report cites Dodd as being "the 
leader of a Voo-Doo cult with the following of several 
thousand Negro men and women." 

"It states that Dodd admitted his teachings 
"were strictly a racket" and that he was "getting all 
the money out of it he could". 

"Dodd was ordered out of Detroit. 

. - 6 



"According to his former common-law wife, Dodd 
went from there to Chicago and became a traveling 
salesman for a mail order tailor. 

'Working his way through the Midwest, Dodd arrived 
in Los Angeles in the spring of 1934. 

"White Robes 

"He was driving a new car and was garbed in 
flowing white robes. 

"Dodd's attempt at a reconciliation with his wife 
failed. He remained for two weeks, visiting daily 
with his son 5 to whom he had been sending sizable 
sums of money from time to time. 

"Finally he sold his car and boarded a ship for 
New Zealand with the announcement he was going back 
to visit his relatives, including an uncle who had 
paid the fare for his trip to America in 1913. 

"Thus the revered holy man to whom Black Muslims 
pray and whose February 26 birthday marks the opening 
of each annual convention of the black supremacy cult, 
returned to the land of his brith - as close to Mecca 
as he has ever been. 

"Says Elijah Muhammad of Farad's prophesied 
return from Mecca: 

"He is just waiting for his proper time to 
deliver speeches." 

- 7 - 




Ijj response to the above newspaper article, the 
August 16, 1953 Issue of Muhammad Speaks, a newspaper 
published by the NOI contained the following newspaper 
article written by Elijah Muhhammad, leader of the NOI. 

"Beware of Phony Claims 

"I, Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah, told the 
Los Angeles "Herald-Examiner" Office on Monday, July 29, 
1963, that my followers and I will pay the Los Angeles 
"Herald-Examiner" Newspaper $100,000.00 (one hundred, 
thousand dollars) to prove the headline charge ("Black 
Muslim Founder Exposed As A White") made against us; 
that we are following one Wallace Dodd with many 
aliases including the name, Fard; that he is the man 
that I am representing to my people as being Master 
Fard Muhammad (Allah in Person) who appeared among us 
in Detroit, Michigan, in 1931 and Is the same person 
(Wallace Dodd) . 

"The Los Angeles "Herald -Examiner" also printed 
his prison history in San Quentin Federal Penitentiary 
on a charge of peddling dope, and that he admitted he 
was teaching us. 

"If he (Dodd) was teaching for money in those pani< 
days in Detroit, he did not get it from us. Mr. Dodd, 
undoubtedly, must have been teaching the white people 
if he received any money at all, because we did 
not have any. 

"Vfe did not pay Mr. Fard any money to teach us and 
there are many who will verify this statement who are 
yet alive. We could hardly pay the rent of a hall in 
those days. 


"Sometimes they (the Believers) would give Him 
(Master Fard Muhammad) gifts such as topcoats, over- 
coats, ties, shirts, or a few packages of hanker- 
chief's - but money was so scarce in those days that 
we just did not have any. Just about everyone who 
believes was on the "Relief" in Detroit including my- 

"Muhammad, Followers Will Pay $100,000 - 
If Paper Can Prove Charge! 

, "I would like the Los Angeles "Herald -Examiner" 
to prove that this man (Dodd) was my teacher by 
bringing him to this country at our expense. 

"Mr. Wallace Fard Muhammad, Whom Praises are 
due forever, the Finder and Life -Giver to we, the 
Lost Found Members of that Great Asiatic Black Nation 
from the Tribe of Shabazz, speaks 16 different 
j.angu«igc:* . ^.aii nx . waxxa.ce uuuu speatt 10 uiiiereai. 


"Mr. Wallace Fard Muhammad also writes 10 of the 
languages He speaks fluently. His native language is 
Arabic (Does Mr. Dodd speak Arabic'?) of which we have 
in His handwriting and it is the best writing or 
penmanship in the Arab world. 

"Let Mr. Dodd prove that he was among us; prove 
that he gave us our names. Let Mr. Dodd prove who 
was his secretary and where were the identification 
cards printed, of which we have with us today and 
did he write the Arabic on them himself? 

"If Mr. Dodd was The Mr. Wallace Fard Muhammad, 
whv did not the F.B.I . arrest him for this teaching of 

* - — - ■- - , r 

truth? Let this paper prove these things before, it 
headlines us as liars and worshippers of white devils. 


"I would like to ask the Herald -Examiner to give 
us a minute closeup of this fake (Mr. Dodd) who they 
would J, ike to make the public believe is our Saviour, 
Even the description of this man's height and weight 
does not correspond to Master Fard Muhammad's, (to 
Whom Praises are due forever) measurements. I know 
His height, His. weight, the size of clothes and shoes, 

"When Master Fard Muhammad left us, it was in 1934. 
Again, let Mr. Dodd prove that he and I were together 
and that the lessons that I am teaching to my followers 
are from him, and where were they given to me and did 
he ever examine me on what he gave me, and where? 

"There are many questions that I could ask this 
Mr, Dodd about, that would prove to the world that 
this man is a fake that the Los Angeles Herald- 
Examiner has published. We believe this by the rea- 
soning of such unfounded truth. 

"Let the Herald -Examiner Newspaper put us in 
contact with this Mr. Wallace Dodd. We will show the 
world that the entire statement is false; that this 
Mr. Wallace Dodd is not Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom 
Praises are due forever. 

"I have warned you against allowing the devils 
to trick you into believing their false propaganda 
which they are spreading all over the world. And 
especially among the so-called Negroes who have been 
the perfect model-slaves for 400 years and yet do not 
have freedom, justice, and equality from the slave 

- 10 - 



"And now these smart, scientific tricksters are 
trying to prevent them from em joying a permanent salva- 
tion that Allah, (God) under the name of Master Fard 

nui icuimicnu i-u Valium Qil i. j.aioco a j. c uuc, uau> va^< 

"We who believe in him are a living proof of this 
offier that we are now being blesses with, even though 
we are afflicted with persecution and death. 

"You have those whom the Prophets prophesied of in 

Washington and in Rome (the Catholics) to deceive the 

whole world 2nd especially the so-called Negroes. Look 

in your poison book, the Bible: Revelation 12:9- 15:4, 
8, 14- 14:11-20:10- and 21:8. 

The Nation of Islam (KOI) is an all-black 
nationwide organization headquartered at 
Muhammad's Temple 2, 7351 South Stony Island 
Avenue, Chicago t Illinois, under the guidance 
of Elijah Muhammad, self-styled "Messenger of 

A t 1 1 ll ' ' 1 ") *■ l ? .~ \ . — .111 *-* . — « 4- ^ j- 3 "I .n fe-a anu aixt^i^u ui vine u].hjuj.ii i,cu j-causjA 

of the blacU race in the United States. Its 
purpose is separation of the black man from 
the "devil" ( e race) through establish- 
ment of a blacl; nation. Followers are instructed 
to obey the laws of the lsnd if they do not 
conflict vvith KOI laws and not to carry weapons 
but are to defend KOI officials, their property, 
women and themselves if attacked at all costs 

»-» ii W J. ^ V*» v u. *^ \_ i( VH j^VUi) 14 « H J -L JL \JIU \. A H t £4 ^- 1". 'C J -J 

and use same on the attacker. 

- 11 * - 




f'SA FHMR 141 CFR) lOI.M.fl 



DIRECTOR, FBI (25-330971) 

date: 8/'^/ 74 



SAC, CHICAGO (157-5375) 



..;. : ,lu 


Re Legat Manilla letter to Director dated 7/1/74. 
Enclosed for the Bureau are 11 copies of an LHM 

pr>r»i"4 nnoH anrl f- A t-'"i si A r, r* nk^,,n 
wujji,ii/iii,u tin^a L.1LJ.CU CIO Glj'UVt;. 

A review of Chicago files indicate that the 
newspaper article enclosed in referenced letter is based 

OTl .Till V 9fi IQfi? nPticnflr.Dr a-i-t-i^lo -f — , T^c- A ,-, ~ ~ "I „ „ 
— j 7 — - w — "n-lu^^iji,. Qi Ulwie j_ l i j nn^ci O ; 

California Herald-Examiner. That newspaper article is 
set out in the enclosed LHM. Also set out is ELIJAH 
MUHAMMAD T s answer to that newspaper article. 

As the Bureau is aware, efforts were made in 
1963 to verify the birth and identity of WALLACE FARAD or 
WALLACE DODD, these attempts met with negative results. 

As it appears that the enclosed article in the 
Manila letter is based on these newspaper articles, UACB. 
Chicago conducting no further investigation in this matter 

C*»»- ib~*t fst i ,•' i .a. it K< 




nf,,\Lr»i., I'io.bLilN 



Received from 'h(j;;, or s;mbo: numl*:.-) 

k'-u tr! pf deiivr r, ft»,*... c Jk en; ;o-'<. / .\ 

li C< .■:!»»' !ur. i >•;■.• : ,iC ' ! ; : j >-i u i 

1o . 



Au;^,r ; i^l,;l 3/2/76 

I'litf d»«crij,tk--:i cf at-tivi ty or mh'.frioJ 

Anrn i -a I }fe£ Hi?, Convent i or. 

Da(e( s) of iici vity 


* iv;-ivi:-)VAi-, : . >,c;n.v, i. > }•>• .an Arrcni-u >m c .ly attfni!Ft> a meeting and nil) not active ly i-AraifSPArK. 
\iOi>,.\ti. oi; a^uriONAi'.Y actimtji;? wkrl nut discussed. 

1 1 r> >•.>:::. ;.t;or Dcrrr'^'J %'ti a ni-i"\ r-> , on dm* . 

IN ~ " ' ' 

1 - Los Angeles (l57-5f05) (info) 

Ji~ New Yoxk (157-5139) (Info) (KM) 

p-1)" Chicago £ / - < 7-At,-i,- io :-Jc.'-oy, qa*« «'-^.i< ?t;t i.;J 

HEREIN iSUf;^' ?!L 


Chicago, Illinois 
March 1, 1976 

"Tb:» knm-vil Hut, lira Convent? o;i -,cs held by Mv' r.-.vl's 
Tempi e 2, Chicago, on February 29., 1976. Attendance at lcmple 
2 was about 1,100. 

Nairn Akbar acted as Master of Ceremonies, 

Louis Farrarhan, National Spokesman, spoke on 
his travels to Jamaica, Honduras, Africa, Trinidad, and 
Barbados. He urged those listening to throw away the prejudice, 
color, racism, and hangups and come walk to the light. 

Minister Allah Easheeba from New York City was 
supposed to speak by satellite, but they could not get him 
thr ough, 

Nairn Akbar spoke on the struggle in the Nation of 

Islam for 4fi wars. Hp qai r 1 rhpv w^vp trirta\r rpsrhino npnnlp hv 
hookup in 80 major cities and 50 hookups in prison. 

A film on the Fruit of Islam was shown. It took 
about ten minutes. 

Angelo Shabazz, Minister of Prisons from Chicago 
spoke briefly stating he had been preaching in prisons and 
during the last 12 months had covered 180 prisons. 

A film was shown on the Muslim Women Development Class. 

Sister Ameenah Aquah (ph), who is over the women in 
prison program of the NOT spoke briefly, 

A film wa s th e n s h own on bu s i n e s s cnterpri ses o p :: r a l" 2 d 
by Muhammad's Temple 2. 

Dr. Abdul Salaam, President of Businesses, spoke on 
on creative evaluation . 



Minister Abdul from New York City, v;ho is Minister 
for Spanisji speaking people spoke on the history of the 
£ pa nisi, spesk'ng peep] c until Chic J; Minister V.v?. lace D. 
Muhammad tauaht them f. bout Islam. 

Nairn Akbar introduced Walla^D. Muhammad who spoke 
on the subject "Self Government in New World." In essence 
he stated - 

They are broke. Elijah Muhammad left them k\ million 
dollars in debt. He did this because if he had left a lot of 
money to them the "niggers" would have been taking vacations, 
etc., and come back with nothing. Elijah Muhammad did not leave 
$80,000,000. Elijah Muhammad did not know how to keep a business 
out of debt. 

Kevin 2X Dixon is going to take care of taxes for the 


Raymond Sharrieff has been removed as Chief Captain 
of the FOI and is the Captain of Justice. The Chief Captain is 
Elijah Muhammad II. 

If another Temple wants to be established in the' NOI , 
they will have to sign up for 1 to 5 years or 5 to 10 years. 

They are opening up a business in Trinidad, something 
like a shopping mall, 

"Bi kalian News" fell off but is now back up to 
500,000 copies weekly. 

If you are a Minister, you will remove yourself fiom 
the businesses. 

You don't have W.D. Fard or Elijah Muhammad. They 
are gone. Wallace is alive. 

They have gone to some black churches and are going 
into more. He hopes the churches will come with them.. 


They have bought lots at 73rd and Stoney Island 
to make playgrounds. If the FOI molests the Kids on 
the playground"., they will have to answer to hirn. 

He spoke briefly of the history of the struggle 
of the NOI in Detroit and Chicago. 

They went by satellite to the West Coast for a 
report from Los Angeles. 

Wallace, made no mention of threats on his life. 

There were no incidents observed. 

Wallace also stated that when they go to prisons 
teaching and giving classes and prisoners agree to follow, 
when the prisoners come out on parole, that in selected 
instances the parolees will be put in custody of the KOI. 

Up 11 a CP fll ?n r nTrn-no-rf-pH W . Fl . prj-rri va q flive find he 

had his phone number and can talk to him. 


Cev-r Sfia-.f 'rr ;nf»rincnt htpo.! cr»rio! 

rp-30; >:.. v. ■ i- iij-fi^i 

TO: SAC. Cfii. 

I'M -NO I 

57- 5^7 3*1 

Da1« prepared 


Dule receivt-d 

Heceivcd froir. 'nomr u. r si r.^njeri 


Method of delivery (c ; icr( appropriate blocks! 
■ 1.1 person ~T3^> telephone 


recording device f3£ written by Ir.foma.- 

If orally furnished and reduced to ".ruing by Agent: 


by Info man i _ 

Brief description of activity or material 

Annual Muslim Convention 



Date<sl of activity 

Date of Report 



File where original is located if no*, auacaed 



On 2/29/76, source orally advised: The National Secretarv or 
President is from Los Angeles, Wallace P. Muhammad stated: Raymond 
Sharrieff is in change of educati on . They are involved with Orthodox 
Moslems and the Christian Society too. They are going to coordinate 
with lav officials freely. W. ft. Fard was just a' man, as vns Pliiah 
Muhammad. There is no such thing as God on" Earth. He has met with 
groups with "Tarns On their head and they are iust dummies. He is 
teaching blacks how to understand themselves.* There were no incidents, 
Attendance at the Huditoriun approximate^ innn. Convent ion H i fpd 
by closed circuit to Auditorium' Theater , Arie Crown Theater, 
Lilla/Jd Theater. 

1 - Indianapolis (157-Minister Samuel) flnfo^ rRM) 
1 - Los Angeles f 1 57-ABTHJLKARRIEM) (Info) 7RM) 
in- Chu^g^^^^^^^^ 

ff) . "1 fl n - V> 6 R 


00309 1% 

February 29, 1P76 
Chicago, Illinois 

Or. February 2°, 197ft, the Muslims Annual 

Savior's nay Convention was held at Outlet Auditorium at 
50 East Co?frrcss, cr. closed circuit television. The 
following persons spoke. 

Louis ^arrakaTin Minister, Temple No. 7 New York 
National spokesman. His theme of speech, the getting 
together of P. lacks under Islam to net ahead in life. 

Another minister name unknown, introduced all 
other speakers hut was said to he the minister who spoke 
at different jails all over America. and that this television 
program was being carried to every major city in America 
and so different i_ah jaiis also. Me also showed a 
slide of different muslin business and children, that intro- 
duced the National Secretary anH President a Abdul Vrpan . who 
spoke about muslins joining up, with different organizations 
such, N.A.A.C.P., Push, and any other group that was sincere 
in helping or black, brothers and sisters that they had 
formed different croups three in all, to go out in the fields, 
who had been and listening to Elijah, now wp havp 
made teachers out of them. And wanted more mechanics, 
teachers, lawyers, etc. F.ven if you can't spell or write we 
want you, and you can't be refused you'll find a place 
believe me. 

Then a Puerto Rican Minister spoke from New York. 
Then Wallace D. Muhammad was introduced and spoke as follows. 
He gave muslim financial renort , saying that contT3Ty to 
popular belief, some of the papers had misprinted that we muslim 
were worth about 75 million dollars. This' is not true in 
fact as of Januarv of 1<">74 we were 9h million in debt, but 
we are coming out of today we're only 4*s million in rears. 
Thereafter or shortlv before his father took sick, there was 
wholesale mismanagement, in the whole system. So from now on 
there will he a snecial committee? tliats been sat up to handle 
them jan_ all ministers will not interfere, or they will no 
longer be ministers, that his father lost his health and lire 
trying to run them Hy himself. But they became so lar?e and 
confusing and none of the people we had, were'nt equipped 
to run them, so we bad to seek outside help, that he was pro 
the only person in the world, but his father taught him 
something, that his father planned it this way, not to leave a 

lot of money, so that these 1 oono^excuse, my express ior\j hut 

luuic J 1 ci J i u juj;);ci J | nuum a l l a a tvti ; niiiif, 111 ji^iii i f. v> wjl 

vacation and there would not he a dam thim; left when they came 
back that he had appointed his brother I-lijah, Jr., 
Muhammad Supreme Captain. That Wi 1 1 i am Fard was alive and that 
he had his telephone number and had and could talk to him any 
time he pLanned^v.-as alive and doinp fine plus petting 
around pretty cood. That we needed IS months to put the 
whole Muslim program on a payinp basis. Not to pet rich, 
we've not here for that but to get out of the red. He talked 
about Jacob Crafeted Devils, that ^filacks were the origiii&il 
man etc., and" di smissed the meeting. 

Observed on closed circuit television: 

Captain Raymond Sharreiff 
Min. Samuells (Indiana) 
Muhammad Ali 
Min. James Shabazz 


Cover Sheet for Informant Report toterlal 

FD-306 (Rev. 9-30-69) 

TO: SAC, CHICAGO 7157 -5378*1 <£> 

from sa 4M_ ■__■__• 

KM - NO I 

Date received 


Received from (name or s\mbol number) 

Dale prepared 

MAR 2 4 1976 

Method of delivery (check appropriate blocks) 

DC I in person | -^f by telephone [ | by mail ' | orally [ | recording device | x I written by Informant 

If orally furnished and reduced to writing by Agent: 




, to . 

' Authenticated 
by Informant _ 

Brief description of activity or material 

Annual Muslim Convention 

Hiite of Rrpnrt 


Datelfll of activity 


File where original is located if not attached 

A j| Hi - 


□ Information recorded on a card index by ,^-.._i f.nHat^ 


1 - Los Angeles _________ 

1 - New York [157-513P] flnfo" 
- Chicafy^^^^^^^^^ y 

1 - • 

InfoT fRM) 


HEREIN is y 


1 t 

February 29, 1976 
Chicago, Illinois 

On February 29, 1976, Savior's Day at the 
Auditorium 50 East Congress on closed circuit T.V. 

-^in. Louis Farrakann spoke saying the Rlack man 
must unite together under Islam thats the only way ve will 
pet ahead and on our feet. 

Another Min. told how many different places you 
could see todays meeting. Also in the jails. He also 
showed pictures of the Temple Business and children. Then 
the National Secretary and President Abdul Kream talked about 

nujj jjc j. y i uuiei f(j uu|>3 LIIOL aic Li yijsj' ljict iicijj ljic 

Black man set ahead so they don't do it just they way vou 
think but so good will come out of it. Also brothers and 
sisters that Elijah had taught how were teaching and how 
many more Bros, and sisters that are needed in all walks of 
life there is a place for everyone. Then a Puerto Rican Min. 
from N.Y. spoke. 

Next Wallace F). Muhammad sayine he would pive a 
financial report he s.m. said many people think we are 
rich this is not true in fact we have been in the red since 
1974, about 9h million today its only about Ah million 
behind. They got behind just before or after Elijah pot 
sick. Every was taking money for what they wanted to do with 
it. Now it will be different we have set up a committee that 
will put a stop to this. The Ministers win have nothir.r to do 
with this or they will not be ministers. He s.-^id that n li;ah ha 
runed his health and lost his life trying to build - do by him- 
self. But things cot so big that the people couldn't handle it, 
so now we have outside help that would know how to take care 
of things. He said Elijah had taught him not to leave a let 
of money around so that people would tale it. Also h« had 
made Elijah Jr., Supreme Captain also Eard wa? stM: alive ~nd 
could talk to him anytime and that Fard was doinr good. "hen 
he talked about Jacob making the devile and the original it nr. . 





'- At- fy 


00315 7% 




if j^?. 





"7 £j 




File No. K>0- 336 *3 ~ 

Date Received 

From _iy^ Q 

(Name of Contributor) 

(Address u 

To Be Returned 

•.•»—» • - - - 



unanimous decision voided the (jfortri.i dcht law. 1 he Fllieri'm 
(Gcunjia) Stjr had e < implanted that the "two \u»nhv citizens' "l 
Georgia would he railroaded in a "Netirophile locality" like ( Im aL 1 " 
The "worthy citi/ens" did at last engineer a change <■! venue, and .1 
benevolent Georgia cmin boon exonerated them. 



On a (\i\hv i>\y late in Maith Hjifi a vihhil; N^ni tn.iu Jamaica 
destined miiiii- years afte rw aid ti> tapmatc liund: nis nt thousand 
of Ins r.K si! hrcihun with his proud asscnion [ he was i "lull 
hloodcd t >Lit L titan,"' made an inconspicuous enttv mm Nctt \ ml 
Harlem. Marcus\ was nm prcposscssmj at liist ^laiue I! 
was shun anil sijuat. with a heavv head set it> ■--«-■ to his shoulde: 
He had been in correspondence with llu.Xcr I. \\ 'ashiiiL'tini 
problems nf common mtcicst to iliem and Washington, 
is saul. had upjed him to conic lo the I mud States. bm now \\ .is!' 
inm<tn was dead at I iiskiLjcc. and dartet was alone and. a!! be 
penniless in ,1 strange land. Previously. Iu had uoiked in I undo' 
for Luse Mohammed I fundi, half- Nc^m- and half I ^\ piian wtili 
and scholar. Garxcv must have dented sonic ot Ins "\liua tor tin 
Africans" philosophy ffm J tTcndi 

Ir is said that (iarvet had been denied .idmiUa:ni tu \\ ulinci 
Lollei'e in Jamaica because ul the darkness i.t h:s skm. ihe iinpressn .■ 
hcim; that only uppci -class and li^ht lined mn!attm-s were eliinbli 
The caste system <>t JainaiiM. with the li'.'ht sl.mned nudattucs at tb 
top <>f the heap. :iu ensed h:ni. and he resulted unit tu apulo.a/ 
fur his 1 ulur. hut tu idurv in it 

In Londun, luiucatT. he found H possible 1.. attend 1 lasses at t'1 
Lnivcrsitv "f London. \fter leat mu l ust M di.mim.-d I Hen 1 
cmpliiy. he worked his way around tlie world Itcrtwherc h. 
saw his people in subjection and poverty. He said: 

Bum in and ScaIHiid Millions 

I n.itl ( '}> inrruSljw r\ \>\ Hi h .kt-r 1 \\ .1- ! ijiil'I< 'ii. .uui then m\ donm- 
it I n c.ill it nl lumu .1 r.itt It.nkr il.iuiuil np.»ii 11 it.-. ... I .i^a! 
'W'Iktc is tlu l.lul. iii.itfs i;uurni!:mr : Where is In- '1111: .mil Ins 1.H1L' 
i!niii : \\ htrt- 1- In-- iuimJiiit. In- i<m:mii\. u ill !us .iii.h.i-s.iiinr. Ills iirnn. 
Ins n.nv, ti;s men nt lii<! .ilT.nrs- " I ^.uki nut tizkl lliem. I ilid.UCil "1 
u ill help In [ them." 

(,,n\n i.iiiii- In .nu tn I.ini.ui.i id i', 14. 1 'tu .in tin publication 
.it .1 p.ipci. .in.i the Nc;jli. 1 in pi . i\ <. incnr As- 
si.k 1.11 1. hi. tlu (Hii| ut" uliuli v. is in Altic.i. i.iy.uii/t it. 

it. .itm n. .H>»1 in.iki- it tin- .it U-mk-r «.! Nt^nns the \vi>rKl 
,mt." In diiitv ii'ik .1 -In.ii mpt-. Ni-n 1 i-rKj.- i-\p]<>rc 

tlu- jv.ssil .il;t :i - 1 \ p 1:1.! iv; tlu ■!!:■'. w-ui- i't li:s l.nii.ii. Inn 

iinim.h.ittK tin ..i.ii'Mv.! 1I11 !i,-!;r:v "I NtiM" U.i.krs smh as 
R<,!an Unss.i \] t..'l. v.'.. In.! s'Mti't.! |5..i.kt! "I- Wi-hinyt-.n 

.1; I tisLi-uci. .1-..! \\ . I . 15. Dm I'-".-. iit!V.:i-«;.il Nt-i" si niul 
L ,'l.,i- n! tin < ».... I )--. .. :?.!LV.i. lit rtivnuJ n- Juii.iiim. but 
.KuJul 1.. ■ ;ln 11 ..1:1 v. nil h.s .i.b.r-.i: -t- m i'u I111H.I Nt.ites. In 
i i Ik w is li.u I,. 

iniii \t,i;s jus-ul talnii d.i:\i\, .i- j'tLs^Kni-utiHT.i! <>! tlic 
I'liniisil I ii'j.i . .% i ii.cnl \ - — 1 : n ■ . ■ : 1 . i — vt.l liis <-!.•< jucnt call 

,,, ■■ I in ('.J u l mi.! S. nu-u-.l \Hh..-i- "t t!u- V !;r«i R.K'c." 
t)iu- nt tlu- .I'-i'i it* ■ ■ 1 1 s ; vi fi 1. i p 1 ! |>:i-i.-s v.i- to mi ..i-jinrjtf .1 
lil.n I Mi.;ii!4n:> I :u tin .v •' I" :,"-e n. turn-in.: r;u c 
U.nkis .'.ii.l Aniti., in \t-..;.,- -'h-: !■ 1 1 ! m, I .iml ..f ..permi: 
1 ..niiiu it 1.1I 1 1 1.11 w ,th i!-. \n -» .1-1 > > -'V mm. ( . irui t . .tit*, nde.! S,.jt.. s t |, tn': :-. :n.i -t: ' -is -Ik.iiU! ni.inh wits 
„n :i s , I \- r'- v !•::•. inui "i.l i:.-:- ayim -npivni.u-y. 

kti.:ni .-1 Nt ilun N ' ' -1.! :i. 1 iu« .is .i pr-.p.-e.! 

,, j, ,, ,., t . 1 ; ju 1 . : 1! ... , t - • ■! ■ i P.- -1 v. I.'U [IK n in.i I 'I n !. 

!., L ,, ^ I . ,„,; ||; h M ■ n.i I. t..I \.M!.U1- IC-lsl ills. 

\ s t .|i! v is 1-.... t!-t I - - . \:I L II1M. .ll.MIH-J 11 (..ibricl 

|'t,,ss t [\ .,!„.n,-. . -' ill . 11. !• • ! r-ilt-'! vi.l ilit •.-..\irivT «.t 
.1,, vI ... -,. . ,..,>, . '.1 1 - ■ , |': . ■ : ■■• . • I 11 H .1 Sj itis 1 .11 the 

:i ; . ■ 1 •••iti : mi". " 
,,. .xvil.ihiv ,.< ,-..! .tv/ if - 'i ■ ; I!.;'.- MTtr.-s -.hini-i!..i!s t.. ihc pi-.u'c 
Mll u n 1 !tl ril „ ,, r 1 • .'..i- m 1 'i "v '1 i--^i;: m 'v:mb- r. itul. in 
tlu ,.p-r.-..'i ..t ih- s| i\ ,1,1.1,'l 1-. -r;:\ 1 im-;''. Ncur.-t-s 

q ;i ,., I,,,,,.', t I | ,1 ■ i .-1--:: ,1-ti 1. .11 m.l in. k pi n.i. nt .itmii.ks 
uttt 'il.."r. i.. in p..\-ti .in.l .u!t!n>ni\. .ltul 11 ihnii-jhl 

I .( si n lit \ 

164 TJ^Sefje a City I 

that they would be much less dangerous if settled .u .1 s .,, t distance 
in Africa. From time to time slaveowners were assailed l,y .pialnis ot 
conscience or became convinced that the] of sl.ncrv «.b 
economically unsound, and released their bondsmen. I'suallv. the 
owners preferred that those freed lie sent as far away as pos M |,Ie. 

Thomas Jefferson in iKn indicated his belief m the desirabihtv >>: 
settling American Negroes 011 the coast of Africa, and in 1S14 uYon 
a letter to Governor Edward Cades of Illinois in which he discussc 
colonization of Negroes in the West Indies, and piitieiiLvFlv in tin 
"Negro republic of Santo Domingo. JclTcrson was com nu'ed thai 
members of the colored race c\cntual]v would drive all whin 
people from the Caribbean blinds. 

British foes of the slave traffic, such as William W'ilbtrbu ee 
I homas ( larksnn'and Ciramillc Sharp, took practical Meps ti. 
ward colonization in Africa, and it was m.unlv due to their clfm: 
that four hundred Negroes, principally soldiers and sailois uho ha., 
fought on the British side in the Rcvolution.irv War. ami si\n 
Europeans were settled on the Sierra I cone pcmiwil.i m I | u 

Europeans have been described as "mostlv u.-mtn of ah.mdom,: 
character." white prostitutes rounded tip in the slums Fni/lis' 
cities and deported by force- or gi\cn 1 1 In. ice between deport.: 
tton as mates for the Negro colonists and prison sememes. Son;: 
fugitive slaves who had sought refuge in London were inchidi. 
in the number, and these were joined later bv freed slaves frm: 
Canada and rhc West Indies. 

Paul CufTec. a New Fngland Negro sath.r who had attained son . 
wealth and had embraced the Quaker faith, was the first America:: 
to supplement theory with anion, hi is,,,- he sent, at his own e\ 
pense, thirty -eight Negro colonists t(1 Afrit a. ( mice's hit is In 
licved to have inspired the formation ,,f the American (oloiu/ 
tion Society in with Ncnrv ( In an^i I'r.uu is Scott Key - 

officers". This organization established settlements mIihIi were houri 
rogcthcr in the independent RtpisMie of in 1^4-. Jose- 
Jenkins Roberts, an ex-slave, arrived in the cnlnnv in assemhu,: 
and trained a force of nulitiameu. and was appointed governor 1 
1841. Upon the establishment of the republic. Roberts became 11 > 
firsr president. 

The colonization scheme was opposed bv various forces. N"t 


Bti.o\u> and ScattirHT Millions 165 

IV sl.ivtnwntrs were willing i<« put \uth their !>Uk dntuk 
tin- i <■.<.. u/.inun _n. s n..t ( lici' Nc^roi.- m 
-TtR V'ailfJ Suits m thi M . v o |, [|a ^l. l -1a l ' li:^-EJMIli: ptnUM 

iim tin- 1 1.1: i< .11. \l<.-t tKL- iikm ul" tnli.r uul- linnly 
tt -.. m tlu nitmnil lil'i <ii \ii,uk.i .iv am oth_r _ ;n/ui-. and 
L.ilk.l m.ns nuli-mtn-ii tnium^ tin ..u-h. .;:t i!k- N.-nh m 
,, lMt|l ,n t.i tlu- :i .111 \iiiiun-. \ nu;..tnv ot ilic 1 11. it: runt*.. • 
ri-l..iv. win- Ji. TiuiiniT, J vl.m^ :f. i!.--^ i:i i!r hi.hut. 

T Iti-IsUI^ !"1 f!U Ii '"'II HI' ,MUi!lu I- ik 1: :i r ■" ! ->' n,! " T I '' Lln 

lit llnn-h h.i.l tin-.l tlu 11- W.m Inh.m -! iu- m .m.l '!kil 

nu.J 1 11 i V : .it 1. m ... I Tut i. I i-hm.I.iiI. .m.i Inn Mi 
,.m.i. IK spit.- tlu ;j 11 \ .in.l s<LLiiiiii_L! uu-lTi-L-ni- 
\ tl u ; - t ;-i'( . '.:iii/.iiii.ii S"i :U\ . i:iti H-t in t i i ui/.iln.n 

„,,, P.-,. In o.^'Af "I Ni-.n k...k : •> '•■"!- up Hi. 

. .... • } - '.. i -it., t'i'ii. ' •. 1 -i ' •• ii/ 1' .: ■■•■.'} 

Nim \ .i!k\ in 1. ( L 'it:-i! \iiium. .in,! ll.rti. Mlltitl 

I J 1 ! 1 1 1 1 v . tiun.-i pf.j^TntiT tin- lii-i pn.iip. j.Mifiuv..! to 

11 .1. .m.S iu tn.l ijruimnh with 1 ipl'.i \t'tu in lntv> tu :it--- 
it Aim t u m Nit-iMC. I lu- I l.nti i.Mn'ii iv t iv.liti.-.! v nh ,h.-it- 

, w „ hiiIl^ in o.mitrv. Lilt only .1 lhi.-.l <.t lh.t:i 
1] il 1 -1 1 l .1 ju t rti.i:tLnt 11 m. L iu <.-. 

Mil < ml \\'.:r h.'.lnil .ill fini-ji .1! ':<>n <n" l^'i 1 "ini.k r.iri. <n ot 
i.r .1 iiiik. \l.t ! 1-. I iiu-l'i h.i.l LiitLn.niK.! t 1 it.- <■! -Lii,h:y_. 

_-.lni.-ii n> I.ikvn.i. !■■;< link ..t ; '> • il .u ii..n in ,in n f.-n nl n.illy 

s t.LKcn. \ li-'jui.! pit-i t- .inn.tiL. j r wlnu- i.f 1 Ik m tIkj 

L-Lt [ iiii'-ln ui'iiKI 1u\.- h.n! .ill llif Niui' 1 ^ oi.t I,u ' 

MlIIA ll.l.l ill- lutll (HllllllU.i 1" '.IU- 

i'liL- Aii-oK. in J ..|..!ii/.!ii..n So.-ii-n i-ilil'iuro! n- niturh .m- 
nviiA in is.,-. .mi>1 .!ii:i..i;:u l ,! tint ;t li.t.l ,li-p.iu lu ,1 .Ini aii; 
:! «.ni- lnnniti-,1 .m-1 l'"H\ -n lii c.iirynu: iK-.irly 

<„,.. M i K .in .-..I. .11:-'- I ki 1 1 .nii'"y- iIh-l- iiun-.l^i w! .il... i:t 

uli:K apj.K.x.t.:.:.-!. In.! Lc-in l'n^! on , . .-i.'- : . .n th.u 

v ,,, I . \ ii .ii,.t:t\ o! 1 lut l ltiitKlri-,1 .in.! !"it\ -tour 

1 fiit.l ilu-m-ilw-s kv k: ;- ::k I !h M-vi.Tv v. n 1 ihr oti!> 
l- stn.Ki.;. .-olnrusi- 1.. \n,.i. 1 Hl- M St :n < •-'•-vAUion 
.-ii-tv in" .^1 In. I i.-ioi.!. .1 tht- "M.iivh.iL! in- \t"ru.r" i-nlonv. 
,it-!i' m.nnt.iuuJ 1^ mJi pi 11,!^ -u -.- r.niii i 1 -^. v tioi 11 w .1- m- 
rpor.ttu! in Mnutnrc 0] I 1U11.1 M.nyl.uiJ 

1 66 1^^- Skfk a City J 

County. 1 he Maryland State Colonization Society had transported 
i,i : i colonists while the I'nitcd States Government had returned 
to their name land f.,77: Africans uho had been sinui;<jtcd into 
America, depositing them in Liberia. 

The bark Azot, ehartered bv the Liberia Lxodus Association, 
set sail from Charleston, South Carolina, on April 1S7S, with 
two hundred and fifrv passengers bound for the Negro republic 
Their destination was liopora, near .Monrovia, the capital citv 
Bopora had been founded bv a freedman from Charleston, whose 
reported success story "as in the tradition later to be made famous 
by Horatio Alger. Coming to Liberia penniless, this colonist, it 
was said, had soon acquired a llonrishmi; plantation hrm^iii" hmi 
a clear income of three thousand dollars each \ ear. I he I.ibcrian 
Congress had granted the head of each emigrant faniilv aboard 
the Azor a free grant of twente li\c acres of land with the privilege 
of occupying as much more as he desired at tiUv cents per acre. 

Negroes had good reason to oct out of the South .is the Democrat- 
returned to power. Some of the fteedmen. who saw ominous, por 
tents of a return to slavcrv just as onerous as that of ante-bellum 
days, answered the call of "Pap" Singleton, and headed for Kansas 
Others, sick of it all. thought of Africa feeling some nosulei 
urge for that hot, rich land n itli us copper sun. luscious fruit- 
and bright t'tecn vegetation. 

Before long charges of swindling were beini; brought against 
some of the emigration societies, and no doubi some of them were 
justified. The fees were not excessive- could nor he, for the pro 
spcctivc emigrants would have found it impossible To raise lan'i 
amounts. The Fini<, r r.uion Socictv of JCileiL'h lollcctcd from cat!' 
of seven hundred Ncijro families j .n era^ini; si\ people to the famih 
the sum of twentx -hve dollars. It m js expected that further ;nJ 
would be forthcomint: from benevolent societies formed for the 
purpose of aiding emigrants. Atlanta ntu spapcrs cotnplained i;i 
January iR'ji that two thousand Ncltocs from Texas and Missis 
sippi, induced bv the L'nited States and (nn^ii National I'mno.]- 
tion Steamship Companv to set out for Savannah anil thence r 
Liberia, xvere stranded in the cuv. It was in the midst of a c>l.l 
snap, and the municipality was forced to feeil and shelter the hum/tv 
and shivering emiLjrants. No arrangements had been made in .\: 

Bi l <>\] [) AND Sl ATTI RI D Mil I loss 167 

itit:i for tr.insj>nrT.uion to Savannah nr htvonil, ami nianv of the 
[i^jKxrivc t'l.lniiists loudly eric! tlnv had luen swindled, 
nut eaeh one h.ui paid Midi .1 Mii.ill mmii .m. I most nt Hit.- \i<tmis 

eie penniless, it « as iinpnssililc to interest am lau\i.r m takiivj 
ic matter ti> (.mm. 

I'.ishnji II \|. Turner ot the African \K-th. ..lis! ! ( hurth. 

ho heen foitiiu^Mnm-il bv President l.nuohi .is tin first Ne^m 
:i.ip!.ii!i in the 1'iuted Suit's Annv, l»n. .hiil- tommied that sturc- 
.itum of .1 l.iryc* niiiiiluT ot Negroes in Atrie.i uould he the best 

1111 Klh.ite Stejl I11U.U1I ■ 1 1 i T II III <lt his priipll s tlollillls .itrcr re- 

.tion and ku klu\ !mii had dispkk ed tin mihtarv administrators 
id \ .11 petitioners." 

I'i!sli-*j> I iiniiT ea n le i<> ( hu.ii;ii 111 i^vi t" <>!'-i.r\f ( 

nit rii in D.n. .it 1 \\'< H l.i \ ( 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1! 1 ;.in 1 \ j .1 >-:! !• .11. I L 1 1 he made 

spilth .hit i -c .u inc i : 1 M l' i it 1 1 iii to I ilnii.i. and u .is opposed hy 
rederu k i )(iii'jt.isv. 

I he Niu ^ 01 I. /'r L >> .iKmtm'iI 1 .11 April r 1 Si^i 

"Mnu lor tin: Niyrn" is In 11114 re «l'"t'l in tin' South. Nu eooil (. in 
■list- ol ihis i-hiilt num. Nothing is s.iu! <.f the fevers .mil f.mnne to he 
,it on \tne.m slmiLs. Dmigl.s,' i .ill to iiji in Ameriea and light 
.i\ :i lii.irtr iiurt" th.m I iirnti '> in r.> run .iu .i\ to an unknown land. 
;i h i 1 1 .in Ni l] rocs hi in 1 hi i i 'i 1 u A 1 1 it rn am. 

1 he Colored 1 ini'ji.n ii m and ( 1 .1 1111 a ici. 1! ( .< tuiii Tiieerint; 
. (' ii'-^.i. I 1. 11111 ss,. i-. m \lav ivn:, p.isvfil .1 resolution rojuot- 
i' ( ..n;.'fi -s f .ippropi i iii- .<:.>>, .1 ,. mi .0 I. r the pui pw-L- of f(lk 

11/iiiL' Nt^ri'ts ik s 1 1 trii: 1,, ,j U it t lit- I mud States. Ihshop Turner 
.is named .is "the Ii.ii!ki^ spun 111 the tuo\ 1 im nr." ihis tune. 
i«fur. t oh iin/iiiL' si in mis .ittraeted hut fami inttTesl. N'euToCS 
ss.itistuif in tlu- Smith usu.ilh" jirtftrrt d to trv i!it- portion of the 
nitiil Si.itt-s north ot \l.isiiii and Dixon's hue lather th.m .1 foreign 
int. I he call o( Aliaa heeame dimmer and dimmer. 

Manns (iarvev \t.i- determined to re.i\\:ikcn the 1 1 v of "Africa 
>r the \" .in.l to Imil it f.irther :\nA more eh.illeti^iniilv 
Kin :in\ one else t\tr hail. Oner he L;ot his lll.u k Stir su-.uiiship 
nc pimi". his task wiiuhl lie sunjiht ieil. I he shijis. maimul hv al!- 
• cyro iriM s, \wmlil take to Atriean shores ear^oes ot repatriated 

Sefk a City 


Negroes and machinery with which to huild the homeland into 
a sclf-sutlicicnt empire. lhcv*d il t urn w iili the eyntie natural pnul 
Ucts nt the tahulotislv in. li Dark ( 'ontincnt uurv. iii.ihe.Mnv. 
mhher, spite;, jjulj :uu1 hron/c art nhjects wihi^Ih i, v I1iinv t - eVafts 
men. lint .ill this, took a hit ot m<>nev tor pump pruning. 

Garvcy wimlJ nut permit white pmple m buy sunk in his en 

tcrpriscs. And rather tli.m seek capital li uealthv Neumcs, o: 

whom ilicrc were few, lie- appealed in iIr- ih.hha i". . r small imcsi 
mcnts. These responded so uiiliiM.Mn.iilv in- found a jilou 
nicnr on his hands. His s^luntieati' >n <U tin- eulur U.n k, .is e\iilcint. 
dv his demands for a Hmrse as will as a White II,,tiM. Ii] u ;, nurses, it cetera, lustetcd nit i me uatu nah-aie leelniL' and n 
vived ihe "Hack-to All ica" tno\ cuii nt <>n .1 s ( j'e tu\er 1 li 1 1< ■( t ! \ 
approached 1>\ other evangels uf ilu u!t a. 

Can cv cstahhshcJ the .W-,,/ It',;.'./ .1^ a 1 1. .1 i-. L ..vj.m fur (1. 
LNI.V I hr wceldc f\f!Hiial!v att.mud a * n> iil.itiwi ..J 

> iii ul. 11 1. .n 


'Ihe first international lommti'Ti ot tlie Inucisal Ne^r.i In 
pro\cment Association, held in New 1 oil ( itv on August 1, !.,.-.. 
was climawd liv a hiijjc puUhc n iter mu m Ma.hsnn (iaiiiir 
The dcleu'iTes, "'nprcscniatn cs < .f Wntms m all parts nf ihe woil.!. 
pruelaimed their dctcrn:in.iti< 'ti to 1 lei t "a w 01 Id Icadi r and a 
leader r»f the United States and a pi<.\ i^ioiial[ u! Ahua 
and also demanded "a eonstmni"n and Ml of rights in the nation 
rhc Ncirro." 

It must nut he supposed. hu\uur. t (iarvev's course was a" 
smuoili sailing. Negroes (Torn the Smith did imt net alonL' :mv O 
well with West Indians in J l.irlent. Ihe Si mi in. 1 tu 1 s Mac cm.i: i 
hv tlu- islander's air ol supcri< u 11 \ . hi- pride m his status as a linn 
sulijeet, and his propensity tor "'talking 1 .ji.o.l ::>jht.'" f lie isl.mdi : 
on their part, made im Imru^ ahoitt e\pres'ini: their disdain fur t' 
crude ourl.mdcrs. ( Jar\ cv inert .ised his ap hv assailim: tiin'r 
toes and all Negroes ^ ith e\ en .1 small amount <d white- Mood 
their veins. He had trnmeouslv supposed that the West hid 
e.istc s\stem. rcjiihircd hv l^liun^ of sktn. with NYurocs jus; 
shatlc darker than white at the apc\ and its (lie favored posn , ■■ 
was an issue in the United States too. 

American Negroes in Harlem soon duhhed (ianev's follow 1;- 

Bri.OVTT) AMI Si:ATllRKI> Mil I K>N\ lf>() 

liiinluv t'luMis," .m.l lu-^.m L'linpnsin;; billies almm the 
.lL'li- t"-.\t ni'.i iiM >\ tiiK [it ■■nt h ;iv 

H'f:. ti 1 uit the iithi r u.ii . 
I'.i h i \ i. ,'l .) in.ur^'i. 
( jr. j.' 7771 ~i it .i iwinkiy 
. I'. I i . :•' ! ■» 'Ml. ■>. 

Ot i!k !■, .nk r !iiihh1i' ilic sU| i !.u II in;u -. -mi; 

f i' . ■-■ . Ci.jr: , 1 is .1 Lu. tlMU 

'I'":. i!\ >;:■• i»!k> tit n:iit.l\\-' — 

l\ )\ Jin i. f«r t / ( J/J 

.V-.H r;^' .-/-, f. u t.'^. .'l Yrv.' 

\ji.irii!u .ill ll; d.iiui,'' ■<,-<. a,- "t dl^ "'.'i'i-'U a- ! S.ui 
.,m I Ik- N.oi'l Ii.i.! ti..; tu'i.ik.! i!h- U.-iri.! a 

,.| |Mi\.u!t.i llit--u. !!••-..! i!h- •! •: '.. t. :V-n. .i:v.l 

inUtni !IIim,!c,! tlu- \i;.-r.. M.1.U: -ti']. (.irn.'s .ill: xim v..,;J 
.iintin;:> "I .1 l.iiijit I'iMuk i:i (lu Aim m !.in<? ii.j^_1;t pmve 

. ililu^ut- .is I'.ij)" STTuTttT 7 ^!^ kU .-n InTTTT^ ■ j ilu 

iMii/Lj,),,-;,'. nil;,;r p.mtiu >'l ;'n 1 _; «.i-> !-\ ! MlJu^.lTl. 
.!T it ia .]■■ -.M,n L i|i:n-; t. . ( hull, ,1? • .nr. 1 .■ I Iil 1 l /:■■(■; 1 . l 1 jil.lCL' 

Wi 'I i ' 

(;,iru\'s MiiijH iiiiu- l-ji-ix rij^oj .mJ imnoj .i^.niM limi a 
i.t miliiiii:: '.I hk inn.--. t)n I)..- !. " ;'h the J*.:ifwl 

, t'.!|>i.!is .•! n in.! !'■■.: u-. ^iwnn tlu i |-.i- !ii ii j I ::n.ri .in iTolit 
-r Mm tniv .in.! i ..j<u n\ !..r K i.!i:-ii:;.'. !-«t: jv.n \ s 
:i vi. ■ .!>. r.\-w ■ .iii.l li - .-i u \ "' .i u : i: n i< > Vru i .1-. .1 «•> •!mi.-:i 
: t l u- : i i-i N. :■ < > . -n. h \. 1 ' i i . l.p K. . n- 

,.|ph .i-i.l I It m. IU r H"i!i. »..! "1 i la V. -Ii-.-'k i-i!c 

:t1i tlu i ■ >:i I' n i\ i- j i't- 'u .-i l hi- i :i 

<■! ,m ... ;it\ m,i '^njMi^u' Ni- m 1 un : K .111 

ilK.i-.-' « t )i mi. i.: ;V. i;itiu:~ 1:i.i1l.1 .it (■.uwx k iW- Wi ■- 
l-i.l Kp.J.i m \\ I'. > fi tii.! !''; ''-i, ••■» M il'iii 

i!;m i '! -..! 1' ' ' • • I \l \ .<>•"...-• • ••••••IvV. 

•t. .ma un;-. i". •• I' i..n K '.a. t-n-Ui. 

-! 1,. t \ i ..-i.l i m' : - •■ IV '. n : 

^.il. it; : ..', : ml . . . * -i ^ i-:. - - p: ■ 'iimitiL' 

". cr. Imi nni! I till ilim. i l->\t! '•" p' 'i tip. t iw v!r\ i;mrv. nvl 

[ 7 o Tm^^ i k a Cm 

garish display . . . a sheer opportunist anil a demagogic charlatan ' 
As w ith many another spell! under wIupm effectiveness rests upon 
the skill of his oral delivery, (iarvcy's pronomu cmcnts always 
sounded much hitter than thev read. Ills recipe fur persona] succc--- 
\v:is a vcrv orthodox nnt-. expressed m this adhn >niu< >n to his tol 

"Ask Rockefeller v. here he came from, ask ( amebic where lu 
car tit from, ask Nenrv Ford where he came from, and tluv will tel 
von that tluv came from the lowly places of life, iSuv starred » m 
the dollar and ilicn made the ten dollars and then the thmisan.: 
dollars and, after, the niilhons. 

"M.m, tin not lieu and remain idle, lmt liotmw :i dollar or hcL' 
dollar and start your career todav. Huy a liandtul of ncu sp.ipcrs an : 
sell them, Imv a few heads of c.ilihiL'c's .mil start to heuum- a tin: 
chant, Imv a feu oranges from the dollar and later on von will I., 
buvim; barrels \Vh . ' tale a dollar and linc-t in hananas and ^ 
them at a protit. Do not eat up all voiir capita! am! \ out profit ..- 
the first dav. l et everv dav he like the dav hefore, and then \ on u 
find how (juicklv vnu are ascend int: the ladder ot eomnieu c. to 1 
+ prohahlv one of its captains.' 

It was not hard for sir h an astute economist and sociologist a- 
[)u Hois to point out serious defects m the various ovarii/ at ions s,.- 
lip as adjuncts of the L'NIA. such as the Ahuan ("ommmiin. 
League, the lilat k Star Steamship Line, and the N.'e«jro I'actorn 
Corporation. I)u Hois pointed out. accurately enough, that th 
onlv concrete achie\cnicnt of the latter, or^im/ation was visihle ir: 
a few L;roccrv stores, a lanndrv or two, anil a piintini; press. All 
these enterprise's soon jailed. 

The Hlack Star Line was eijuallv unsuccessful. 1 lie Yjrmmr 
bought for 5 [40.000 am! rcchrMutcd the licJiih k })<iu^Lts\ w 
impounded for dihi aftet three unprofitable jaips to die West hid ; 
and sold under the aiutioneer'- hammer for Si/-:;. 1 he An'<<>: 
Mjfi". formerly an o t can L'oiisi: y.u lit. ran up a repair hill ot S^". 

or SSo,r>oo-far more than its orimnal cost ot $'m. 1. Its tilti:; 

fate is shrouded in m\ stei y -supposition bem^ that it w as c;r 
wrecked or sei/ed for deht 111 (nha. I lie .S7\j. !\ .m/e made m v , ■ 
excursion trips up the Hudson to the accompaniment of ioc.ii ! ' 

Biiomd ami Sc.vmuH) Mn i ms> ni 

re, tin." ilsi i!t iriL! jirnpn^.inil.i hvini; the print ip.i! hint-fit iiterum". 
I he palpable r .1 1 1 1 1 1 <.- . ii ( ,.u \ t -y's " raniin seheniesj );u l .i^ 
eel mi flit i iii lii i st.iMii ( i] 1 1 ,|], ,n ci v u hi i! I >l t n i li inm ,] bv Ins 
i it ti in;: uc. In .iiMit inn, he tn.i.!e si nut mi .ni:i"in. refett in t s \\ hit li 
:>ulJ imtu-.iu- :it k.w k 1 1 ■ h m.kil eitunisunem of t 1 ic Ku Klu\ 
!.in\ .iiLMmitm iIi.h Hit' I iim-il States -.h < n j he in. kit- '"a whht 

lll\ U'lllMll." ( ,.ll \ l \ 's JlnlIlT. < if (.'( mi st, \t as ill II \t!' ri it s should 

ill mil tm Atnea .md the uhite nun t" run tin emmm- js 

t'\ pleased, hilt tills i!|stl!K'Ili'Il U IS Inn tllH' In] Si il It ]lL f"1l W^nH'S, 

hi h.iit (H t .isinii iii [(.'sent am snrt nf approval <it the 
One nl ( ,. in tv s In-t n;.)]nr Ji teats was adumiisii n J m ( Ineaijo, 
.e nt his Tnu ers nt sttenmh- 1 he issue ni West lndi.m v 1 1 mis L nitcd 
.Ut s N t ;:rn w .is pi .u t:i all\ iinii t \istuu in ( liu mo. m.J ikt re uere 
in \ tni'! 1 - tii'in llu- Si n it h uhn \i i 1 1 un ■w iiil; limit and ninre li.l ,11 llll- jlliillli.i'J I \ll .id ]S|. nf tlu'tll, I'.v 

;n I \1 A nielli! it I ship in tlie eii\" vnd To -„,mi, uhilc 
.nuhes Nourished in I ,ri St. I.miis, SprmiMkhl, Mounds, \Ifon, 
urn, and other lliimns loeaht its. \\" ill i.un II. Wallaee. later ;i s.t.ite 
latnr. r.ue up a tinning h.iherv business In liea.l the (Ihie^ijo 

When lvnhirt S. \l.hntt. publisher an,! editor of the Dt f.nJcv. 
<\i up tin eudm b i;:.ntist C.mtv .md his ot uan i/at urn. the man 
mi I -i r n nt'.i m a- not a link- perturbed. Abbott u as easilv his 
the art ot unit toe md in rniij] and- tumble debate. 
When ( l.iniv Imii^ht the ilil.ipiil.itt .1 Y.jnramh and advertised 
.is the first \ t«t! o! the I'.i u k Star I .me. the Dch'n icr nriile ,t 
stif t'onip.n is. ,n in a ■■hip pm eh istd bv a pi edt vessi u <,f 
irvtv. "( IirI Sin;'" ot k.insh. u hos t jifins tor stiinvj up an inde- 
niKnt l.m:',!"iii in \trua had font .iur\-sniiie said hei atise of 
: Lini.ti:' misin ot the lirnish,! the itniure, others alle-oni.' 
it ""f hit 1 S.mi" \t is a 1 1 .in.! v. lin had eolketed huue Minis s, .klv 
r lus own e n j n \ i ; : t ; 1 1 ( i ai\ t \ held to the latter \ lew point, and 
.at a hlnl suit .i:\ntw M'hoit ■leiii.m.lini' .1 intllioti .ioifirs ;is totn- 
nsatioti. for uiiniL't !" h's ehuarttr *] hoiii;!i he umi ;i 
totA .mil tinalK \ auar.iid one eetit. (Iar\t\ \i as ohh.jeti in 
\' tht i i nirt expense--. 

Mefore ihe east u is .hai.le.l (ill\t\ :lnnoiinctal his intention of 

They Seek a City 


invading Chicago. It was October lyio. less than four months after 
the race riot which had gone so far toward disillusioning rcfugct - 
from Dixie with the New Canaan. It seemed .1 _|>mpiu<iiis tunc f< i 
Garvcv to appear with hi*- IS.hL u>- \trica appeal-.. Once again tin 
Mack Ishmacls were \ cai "tiiiv.i toward a "hcttcr place" sonuuhcn 
Garvcv rented the l'iohth Regiment Armory and tr<nn its platloin 
denounced Abbott more \ ii_'oroiish than he! ore. At ihc close ot tin 
meet ino he was arrested for selling; stuck in the k Star Stcainsh : 
Line in violation of the Illinois Hint Sky 1 aw . winch governed tl 
sale of stock certilicates and shares, (kirvcv later ckiuned that tl . 
arrest had hcen cni>inccrcd hv Ahhoit. who. he s.iid, h.ut ai ranged :.. 
have a Nc^ro detective in the guise ot a ptospcime investor ins-: 
upon purchasing stock from none othir thin the leader of tin 
L NI A, 111 order to iiu 1 11 1 1 111.11 e linn. Kdeind on f ■ > :_L ( 1.1 r\ cv 
parted from ihe citv. mu r to return. " \hhoii has alw i\ s thiou ! 
rivalry and" jealousv been opposed to nu." viid (..incv later, "a: 1 : 
especially through mv not hcmi; h"in in \nscnei and mv eimci-: 
of his dangerous newspaper policy o! alw a\ s advising the race : 
lighten its skin ami straighten out its hair w Inch u as k'ukv. 

Trotihle continued to hound (i.mtv. In n)iz he vu\ indicted ■•■ 
a charge of using the mails to defrauil in connection with the s 
of stock in the Black Star Steamship lane. He conducted his own ,u 
fensc, having no confidence in Negio .ittonuv s and s L ormng to tr 
p!o\ a white one. After litigation lasting a year, he was sentenced ' 
five vearV imprisonment in the federal penitentiary at \tlanta (1' 
vev obtained hail, and hv appeals diLnc,d the execution ot scoter. ; 
until H):$. In the meantinie. he had formed tin lil.ul. ( r, -s Vo 
tion Company and bought the S S. (it>. :/■.'/•. v. huh Ik i 
named the Hunker /'. \\~.i>l\)i'V"H. in imniory of the gnat K < ' 
at Ttiskct:i.c who had expressed muic-t m ins l 1 rl \ plans. | .,ke 
predecessors, the ]i->ul\-r I 1 1 ir^..i: was d-gged hv ill h. 
Putting in nt a Cuban port, it was seized tor debt. Nearly tv.c;" 
years iater a World War II I ahem men h int ship w as n.inud : : 
the Satjc of TiiskcLite. and commanded hv 1 Negro ciptam. 1 I 
\Iul/ac. Ironically enough, the name of Uohut S. \ Cm. 
nemesis, was hestowed upon another. But. Carvcv would have '- 
totted, even though these ships might he manned and olhcered : ■. 
Negroes, tliev stilfdid not belong to them or u> the Negro race. W a 

Bri.OVin AMI Sr.ATTIjjj^ Mil. LION'S 173 

■.roin.iry fl.iiii!.u\.iiice, la- .hhiresse-ii hi-, follow lis in :m l Jitorial. 
I Shuuhl Die m Atlanta." puUishei! in the .We/" World: 

.<iul> for me id the uliir]\niul m the' of tlie storm, look for nit 
arming _\i>u. fr.r with ( iuj\ grace 1 sh.ill come ami I irinu with nit' the 
jntkss miliums «.f hl.iek sl.i\e% who ilini m Asm-rid and the 
est Imi i i-s . mi l the mi lli ons i n Afrit. 1 10 :ii J \ ou in the fi-jht for lilnnv. 
eJom, and lift. 

\fter seninij iwm vcai's nt his sentence. ( hm ev w .is parjoncel 
I ileporteJ in J.isn.m .1. Without 11% leader the I'Nl \ ilnmukrcJ 
mr inin . Ti . un l v, was rent h\ m4u^4-hs ,nul J.^l nsn i n' . . 1 nterprisini; 
.ani/eis an J local ItoJii'- '-u/iJ the • ijijn iiiumi \ to pr.Jinnte \ ori- 
. si lu nit's nl their < >w n. 

! wo \ t .1 1 s 1 n ,u ( v ;i \ «. \ - in. !i t t;;a nt dun appeal 1, 1 in ( Ihieano 
hue mm iiiiik.1 K. D I-:'.!-. rTpTTTTTl in tTTTe heen .m nr'_Mnizcr 
ihf I \l \ in I u%t S: I miiv. With ilu .i^mjiui of li Xeuro, 
;iu-r < lev 1 1. in,! u ho 1 l i 11 ne, 1 !■ 1 he .1 11.11 1\ l- <if Ahvv>inia, iiiiMiii/eil tin \h\-- Mii.i-i \1< ,\ t nit in, Since one (if its prin- 
,il .nnis ,ieei irJnvj tn its hu i .uiiie .m.l speakers- w as to facilitate 
return o| Negroes tn Alnc.i 1 %pecitu .ill\ to 1 "t li ii ifii.i ) . not a few 
he ei 'in erts I ,1 !.i v u] the tw < > nriMniAttiniis \v ere identical. 
)ti Sun,l i\ . June ;o. 1. Ki JJiiili. a-triile a white horse and clad w .is suppose,! m In the costume of .111 Ali\ ss|.m prince, 
e.irc.l on } v,t I hit t \ I111I1 Slice;." . .1 par.iilc of h i s {"oihnv- 
At I'rnnc \\niuc the pioie%%ion h.ihn) while RcKIiiil,' pro- 
ei! .m Niiieiii.m tl.i:\ poiiinl either liipior or v..i-olinc over it. 
set it .Hut. \ N'ii.To p- -hi 1 :i. mi r;i-!u.l up to remonstrate, and 
• shot ilou n h\ "in ot 1 fit \h\ s-:'i!,;n-." In the cii-niiiM riot a 

;te vuii'i rrrm i uim, %hop!.ii.pi.i « , n i.;ihj. 

ohee lan 1 [o1!ii,!l.! up Kedduvj. and m\ other leaders. 
Iiliiu: and \u::.i si : h-i , ; ; a in \ wuc li.iivje.i. ) 1,11.1% tried 
.iv e lunv-v !• 1 \ u is- n-.- mm mar, ir,oii .iUoh ihr idomiiuiu. Ucddin'j, 
s.iiei. had not o.iilnu .! Irs pi op !<■ .m da aetivities to ( liii n_^o. lin t 

\ 1 -l 1 1 , 1 -en! 1! otiui ■Ms-, hinJin;; out lil.itihs w hieh. when 
,1 1 nil . M1.11U pi o, Mu ■■ .1 :■ .! 11 1 - hip in the St ir { )i ,k r ot' J 'thinpi.i 

ulciinu the -:;mii! ,1- in '"I \1\- 1,1 \! i\ssnm." 
. signer t\pie%%Ci! hi- h.vahv t>i the "mother iniintrv," aiiel rc- 

174 Th^PBeek a City — 

nounccd the name of Negro, given him against his will hv a race 
other than his ow n. A subtle bait was embodied in the clause express- 
ing the new member's willingness to proceed to Ethiopia to fill anv 
position for which he might be qualified. Most of the positions 
represented as being open were important and lucrative ones. 

During the trial Redding comported himself with a great deal more 
dignity than his white confederate, and resolutely and unrepcni- 
antly addressed the court: 

My mission is marked in the Bible. 1 sen if they have captured me. 
some other leaders will rise up and lead the Ethiopian back to Afrie.i 
The Bible says, "So shall the King of Assyria lead away the Egyptian, 
prisoners and the Ethiopian captives, young and old ... to the shame 
of Egypt." The Ethiopians do nor belong here and should he taken hack 
to their own country. Their time was up in 1019. They came in 1619. The 
Bible has pointed out they were to appear in three hundred year-. 
The time is* up. The burning of the flag last SunJ.iv night by nic was a 
symbol that Abyssinians arc not wanted in this country. That was the 
sign the Bible spoke of. 

In 1925, as Garvcy paced up and down his newly occupied cell 
in Atlanta, a small Negro wearing a flaming red fez similar to those 
worn by Turks appeared in cmptv lots and on street corners of 
Chicago's South Side to proclaim a startling new doctrine. He wa<.' 
Noble Drew Ali (born Timothy Drew in North Carolina), Prophet 
of Islam, and founder of the .Moorish-American Science Temple. 
Little is known of Drew All's carlv history- lie is reputed to have 
been an expressman in New ark. New Jersey, where lie is said tn 
have founded the first Moorish-American Science Temple as carlv 
as 191 3. There is also some evidence to indicate that he had estab- 
lished branches of his cult in Pittsburgh and Detroit before he came 
to Chicago. 

Drcw's main contention was that the people commonlv known in 
America as Ncjrocs arc of Moorish descent ami thus Asiatics, fie 
also insisted that they were not black at all, but oliv e luted. Act m\ 
of his Divine Constitution J'lJ I)y-T.JH's reads: 

With us all members must declare their nationality and their PniiK 
Creed that thev ni3v know that they arc a part and partial [sic] of tin- 
said government and that they are not Negroes, Colored Folks, RUel 

Bu ovii) ani> Sc nil i^pMn i. ions 1 7 ^ 

[)lc, (ir I .thiopiaiis, 1 >L't ausc these names were tn\cn to sl.ues. t>v sln\e- 
Icrs, in 1771; and lasted until iM-; il 11 rinu the time of sl.ivt-rv. hut this 
new era of time mm, ami all nun must pmcljini their free 
c tu lie recognized In the tm\. eminent in which thev live and the- 
litis of (he earth, tins is the rijsnn whv Allah the (ircat (iuj of die 
erst- ordained Nnhlc Drew Ali, the prophet, to redeem his people 
:i their sinful Tin.- Moorish Americans are the descendants ol 

ancient MiLiliitts u ho inhabited the North Western and South 
-tern shores of Africa. 

rophct N'olilc Drew Ah did not immcdiatch' rallv mtnv disciple*, 
is hanncr. the Moorish star and ereseutt mi a field ot red. I'nr he 
iMed, and at IciiLMh was aide to set up permanent headquarters. 
nHjh semi literate, lie possessed .111 eliujiient tongue, a pcrsuasne 
ner. and a :iau\ e -dircw druss « hk h cnahlcd him to swa\ the poor 
null ttered pc iple w ! in ! Mi tn d to hum Most . 1! them remembered 
race riots ot h;i-;, all ot thtm had tvpiriinccd discnmin.ition 
other wrongs. Drew \h was otTcnm.: tlum pride of race and 
ntv. In ii,:- a Micri^sf 11! com tntioii ciu our a;.'cd Drew Ali to 
intl his proseK 1 i/in^ acmitics to other cities. It is ditlieult to just how mam' timplcs resulted, lint (IiosC in Pirrsl>ur»li, 
"1 >it, Philadelphia. Kansas Citv, (harkston iWcst Virginia). 
-iiiLT. ami N mini: Mow 11 a re fairK" well am hemic J ted. 
rew Ah had written and published his l\/n.m, a slmi jiatnphlet 
istirtL' of a curious ni'\tute of the Mohammedan holy hook of the 
■ name, the Christian Ihlde. the words of Marcus ( iarvev, and 
dotes ot the life oi Jesus- the whole hmmd together with the 
ihet\ iivm pronouncements and interpia. rations. Garvcv was 
LM/i'd at cverv mietmu as the John the Ripiisi of the movement, 
prophet licjan to do a piotitaMc business in various nosiriims 
charms he had concocted - anions them Old Moorish 1 TcahnL' 
Moorish PhhIht f!ath Compound, and Moorish I lerl> l ea for 
lan Ailments. 

ore and more "Asm us" flocked i< 1 llie star and c rc-ci 111 standard, 
c flaunted their fc//es mi ihe street and tremd llie while man 
uiiklis-;uised contempt M.inv of tlum jMo ted !■ 'i midal de- 
ins.; heards. Drew \h ami. ninccd tliat each devout Moorish- 
■rit an must carr\' a card he arm:,' his credentials and hi*, real (or 
tic) name. signed hv the prophet with his Ofun enough 

'7^ Thf^*? a City 

"slave" names were transformed info "real" nnes bv the simple addi 
rmn of "M" or "Rev," these being titles signifvini: Moorish diqnitx . 
The membership tan! ami button, when displayed to Furopcin^. 
would convince them that the bearer was enlightened and a membc: 
of an organization to be feared and respected. 

To the prophet this theory of new found independence had bcri 
a more or less purely ethical or point, and he had n- 
reckoned on its practical effect anion;; his zealous followers Alarn 
•jng reports of srrcer brawls. Threats, insults, and minor violence ccr 
tcring around Moorish Americans were brought to his notice. Mcr 
bers were accosting the white enemy on the streets, sfmw tin 
membership cards and buttons, and proclaiming in the name of tin 
prophcr. Noble Drw Ali, that they had been freed of ■ I'liropeu. 

Recalling; the downfall of (he militant Vbvssinians and coiucmp! 
inp the current difficulties of the ( iarvcv movement. Drew Ali ismi 
this ukase: 

I hereby warn all Moors that they must cease from all radical or am i- 
ing speeches while on their jobs, or in their homes, or on the streets. Nr, ; 
flashing your cards before Furopcans as rhis only causes confusion. \\\ 
did not conic to cause confusion, our wurk is to uplift the nation. 

The increase in ducs-pa\ iny members ( estimates have placed rh. 
peak as hiirh as ki.ikkp in Chicago alone) as well as the other rcu ic 1 
of temple leadership attracted a number of converts chlht to be i ;:' 
in < n the benefits. Drew \li, on the other hand, bcyan to be hi; 
percd by his lack of formal education as the business .itfairs of t' . 
cult became more complicated. He enlisted the aid of se\cral nn 
vi ho proved to be more cunning than scrupulous. 

Drew Ali's leadership was soon contested. In io;i; he became n: 
broiled in a ipiarrel with Sheik Claude Crcciie. small-time politic - 
and former burler of the philanthropist. Julius Rosin wild. Cine . : 
Drew arrived at his office to find that Crccne had moved all 
furniture outside and declared himself the errand sheik. A civil m ' 
ensued, each faction enlisnni: support from temples in other n: i- 
Greene w as shot anil stabbed to death in his offices at the I'nitv ( 1 
on the nittht rsf March is. ir>;i>. 

Drew Ali was arrested as he sat with his wife and a ijnjiip ot I 

>wers celebrating (authorities charc^thc murder of his rival. The 
roplict, from prison, issued .1 iiH^s.iJPt) his floek: 

To Mil JIl m,s (, ( .\[ I. ] 1 MI'I f Kl.AM 

I. y.M.r prophet. do lu-ril.y aiul nou „n, f x „ u .1 letter as a warning 
id appeal to vour good judicium tor tin present .md the future Thoueh 
•m-n..wjn tusi-dj to, wmmTTjIfse. 11 is .illT7[?h7~7nd it is well 
t Jil uho still lulim- in me and my fjilur, < md. I Imt redeemed all 
r you urn! you sll.lll he vnal, .ill of you. e v til mi. 1 ^ , „, 1„, Mond.u, 
l.u r... I.iforc the Jury. It \„ u ,,re u ith me. he th L re. Hold on 
id krrp f.nih. .md erre.u -ii.ll be your ro...r,l Remember n.v l.i«s ;m d 
vc ye one .mother Prefer nor a srr. .ne'er to v our l.roihir.' 1 ovc and 
nth am! my pe.u e i \ou .ill. 

1'i.ui from 

^ ouiJ'ropht t 

Noj:i i 1)k( u Ai i. 

I Ins pmu.l to 1, L Dun All's (i,,,,! proel.un.irion. Released 
i !>oih!. Ik- ilie.i mnk i im virions t 'urniM ukls .1 ku v. eels l.uer. 
'ie iheou is tlui Ik MUl Mw:!a, I r, mjuriis mllieud k\ the police 
lu, r hi - mi l" | -" m ' :l "'- .Mn.tlKi Ik- ,u upon hv 

( .iiiiK and l. t -.:u n s.. -.i y 1 1 ,. 1h.1t | K nmr n eo\ ered. ' 
Alter Dreu Al:\ ( !e.nh ,K- p,ophet\ .ittonuv attempted" imsuc- 
ssImIK to hoU the -i.-up i. v iiIki. T.uli .111 lon^ s tvcr .,l „f t | lc 
oplut s ,i„ t ,phs NinniMio.i ri u! i u . lTit „. is [|k- n-htful inheritor 

Dreu Ah\ !e,dei-l,,p t . u h fst it .] isht J .1 little temple of Ins own. 
-re tli.m one sought „, \ t , u | additional uei-hr to his el.iim hv pro- 
■miil; to la- the rmu .un.nion of the prophet. 

I he to||,,uin.j .jUoMti,,,,, from :i smm.ji l, v ;l ,i imi ster of the 
iie.liU! I emple ot Is'.mi outline eirt.iin priin.irv I.eliefs of the seer, 
mded 111 Detroit sunutinie lietme io;o hv ,i \ejro ped\ikr 

I he Asi.hh- 1>I k-1; in ns is the original mm, the ruler of the universe, 
tiirhr tied pi. nuts .,,ut of this p1.,m! ,-,nh Mam h rhe tmc rcli- 
n. A reliL'ion u hu h t in he pru ed hv nuthem.uies in ,i limit of time. 
I he Moslems hue the wisdom We're not afraid of the devil, this so- 
led white nun. W e f ill, riedir ,ip to then,. TIk v Ye .ifr.iid of you if 
1 u- trot the Truth, lu .t fell 'tin. ■White nun. vou'rv .1 do il. Von wcrc 
fled from the 01 k'iiliI M.u k man." He ll s.iv. "Yes. \ ( ,i,V L - ri^ht." He'll 
Mil it 'e.r.ise you yot the po-.UT. Just s.iv. "You're :i l,e.iM. vcukc got 
' third Mood." IK v.on't deny n. 'e.uise it's true. When thev 

'7^ Tuky Si i k a City 

were driven from the Holy City of Mecca, they lived in the caves 01 
Europe and mingled with the beasts. 

Christianity is the religion of the so-called white man. Have vc.u cu: 
noticed that the very things he tenches us that the devil docs is "the vcr. 
things he is doing- He is the devil! 

"I am \V. D. lard," the peddler told those whom he sought ti 
proselytize, "and I came from the Holy City of Mecca. Morc^abm 
myst'lt I will not tell you yet, for the'time has not yet tome. I m 
your brother. You have not yet seen me in mv royal robes." 

He proclaimed that his mission was to secure' -freedom, justm 
and equality" for his "uncle" living in the "wilderness of Noni. 
America, surrounded and rolled completely by the cave man." "11 
uncle of \V. I). Fard" became a symbolical term f.. r all Negroes . 
North America, while the white man was referred to^as^'a c.u 
man," a "satan," or "Caucasian devil." Sometimes he would he calk 
familiarly or contempt uouslv a "caw" or "emmon t a." 

Though Fard niaintained that he was racially identical to Nor 
American Negroes, he was said to have liccn horn in Mecca, the s. ■ 
of a wealthy member of the tribe of Koreish .if which the PiopN 
Mohammed was a member. He was reputed to been cducau 
in Fngland, or at the University of Southern California m I.os A , 
gclcs, to have been trained for a diplomatic career in the senue 
the Kingdom of Hejaz. lie has been described as li^'ht-colorcd, wi> ; 
an oriental cast of countenance. 

Fard at times in his apocryphal career used various other natm 
among them Walli Farrad, Professor Ford, Farrad M. .hammed. I 
Mohammed Ali, and even the God Allah. He peddled silks and ra 
coats from door to door in "Paradise Vallcv," the Neuro nciyhbi 
hood of Detroit. One of his converts said of him: 

"He has told us that the silks he carried were the same kind tl ■ 
our people used in their home country. Arabia, ami that he had ecu: x 
from there. So we all asked him to tell us about our own count n 
If we asked him to cat with us. he would cat whatever we had . 
the table, but after the meal he would be^in to talk 

" 'Now ili.n t eat this fond, h is poisi .n to \ ..u. The people in \ ■ 
own country do not cat it. Since thev cat the riL'ht kind of f..od r . 
have the best health all the time. If von would lite uw like i ; 

have the best hcallh all the time. If von would Ine just like i 
people in your home country, vou would never bi sick any mo: 
So we wanted him to tell us more about ourselves and about < 

Bn.ovn, Avi) S( \niHin Millions I?9 

home country and a l„.„, tte , mllli ,, L . )ri ., fril „, rh , lJmaUMh 

ntncs. an J pains. 

I'.m! hvpn to arrange nuennys ,n the homes ,,f t | 11(st ^ lllm „ n , 
Ljrcn n, lun, an,! hcforc ]„„., !,nl ,:uhcrcd .1 small hut devoted hand 

T <H,k !,,,,„,,, m ,„, ,„,, , n< , rt ,, rukm , hs , imiW . mu2 _ 

:.on extended to the ( hnsnan n .| tll(ll h Ia . s „ m 
mm the li.hlc. [„ h , v, ft7 Kuu,I „f Xjtif „ ; o[ Uw , , m , 
sec. II, lard dee hi red: 
-Me a ,,d I „,v p^ . . h:lvt . lr|( . it t|m mvMtTV 

<>r ircad. and , h„me. And uc have reversed nothing hut 
•■in! n m ,<, lmn , , r)l! , :uui nm (( . ijni iv A( )i ^ ^ 

Nluf t.y the- -.,ks that ,uh orated [hat kind of ( ,nd " ..f l ard", e,„Merts had rcc.mlv arrived f.on, rhe South and 
uTi- .m.-ned m j, !a „ hls t „ mcnn „ IK (lu] , lr Shirri ff 
nncHv, uil,s|» l -., ( ,i,,re!K (( flu-,rin.. I f, c pi^ha cvpkiin- ' 
I Ik- H,l,!e re!U , „ lt ,|,,u ,hc s, ln rises and sets. I hat „ not ,0 The 
m .rands ,,,11. All ,„ur l,ves > ,.„ ha, e Keen th,„U,^ ,!,,, the earth 
cut .n.aed. Srand and U,k touard ,he ,m and knou that it is the 
mil v,„i are standin- n„ u huh j, „, lllm , r - 

"l p r.. that day." ,.n s Sharnc,!. I a!u avs u ent to the Uaptist 
""ch. Atur I heard ilu h,™,,, ,>,,„, th , } ,, u , , W;JK 
■mind o.n.pletelv . W hen I «u,r home and heard rhar dinner m-,s 

MllV, I S.lld 

" 'I don't u ant r« . eat dinner. I jtist «.mt to l:o hack to the mcct- 
gs. I ««u,ldn t eat mv meak !,„, I ,„e, 1,.uk that m-ht and I «t„ C s 

every .neenrtL: atn r t!,.„. ju,t 1,, ,h,nk that the „m ,Lv c me never 
-cd at all and ,],,, th , t ,, nh w , |r , u ]s ^ ^ m((vjnii 

hat ehan^ed ever\ tlnn- for me." ' ~ 

The NV^ of I) t tr ;, u t ,, uU , t . t . nf)(im r , K . m jlls(iflL . nn()n f()r 

rcls .-,-.] irw the nhite man and his dvili ? .ui,.n \s the 

pression tightened ,ts .np. nnmi.ers „f Hunf were l.nd oif while 

lire nun ^ere retained In «. t Jur mstanees. Ne-roes ,,{ Ion" service 

re replaeed l.y white mu e-tners. -Hard t uu^.hun^ . naked and 

t r,f , r . assumed an nnnu-dr.te sinmiuanee fo> the "<,ri»in-il 

K k men ' When the, u e re nhl.-ed to apply f or piihhe .iss,\,a nce 

-?roes keenly felt the hnntdiatmn .itt.uhtd. If m.,s ,„., h,rd to 

nvmee rhetn that tin y * t ri . the ohjeets of speeial d^ rlnmut.on. 

rJ an*I h,s rapidly inereas,,^ hand «,f dtsc iples made eMnsulerthle 

i Bo Sfek a City 

hay in the Negro community. It has been estimated that eiyht thou 
sand Detroit Negroes joined the cult during its first four years. 

After l ard had succeeded in establishing permanent hcadipiartei - 
in the first J cmplc of Islam, he "registered" all tjic members, eivnv 
them "righteous" names to replace the "slave" names forced upon 
them by the "Caucasian dc\ si."" I n obtain Ins "original" or "rnju 
cnus" name, the applicant for memhership in the I 'einplc was n 
cjuired to write a letter to I aid \ later [o his successors) asking that 1., 
lit rid of liis "slave" name. While waiting for his "righteous" nan 
the acolyte was designated hv a simple "X," It was assumed i|, 
Fard (or his successor) knew the member's "riyhieovis" name ! 
virtue of rhc spirit of Allah within him. There were complication ^ 
however. At one time the prophet u.nt different surnames to thn 
brothers. When cont runted w ith I his discrepancy, i'ard explained th ■ 
he had divined that the three new imiiiUb were of different p 

The rapid growth of the first temple in Detroit was accompany ■ 
l>V the establishment of \arious subsidiarv organizations. ( hut , 
these u.u, the University of Islam, m which the children ot |)eti 
"Moslem" families were sent rather than tot lie public schools. \t t 1 
university thev were taii'-hr the so-called "knowledge of our ow 
as distinct from that of the "civilization of the ( '.nn .im.hi dull 
Courses were <;ivcn in "higher mathematics," a-troiiomv. and w ! 
was tinned "the general knowledge and endim' <<l the spook u\ il . 
rion." All this specialized knowledge was deemed neccssarv to co: 
bat the "rncknollorjv" learned hv the ''( "aucasi.m de\ lis" in tk 
schools. The "higher mathematics" consisted of a variety of "po 
lems" nsnallv embodying a symbolical meanitiL! and invoh 
astronomical sums containing a dizzying numlpcr of dibits. Sew 
of these problems were read at each incetinL.' <>f the cult as vi 1 ' 
in classes of the University of Islam. 

One problem reads 

"A lion, in a catrc, walks hack and forth sixty feet per mine"., 
seeking a way out of the c.i<jc. It took him nearly four centime- ' ■ 
find the door. Now, with modern equipment, he is walking tf - 
thousand feet per minute anil he has three thousand miles hv n- 
thousand miles to no yet. 

"How long will it take him to cover this territory of said tlm 

Beloved and ScattI 


uusand by rvvu thousand miles at the above walking ratc ; Ine 
ousaml two hundred eighty feet erjual one milt. He also has seven- 
cn million key;,, v hith lie turns at the rate of sixteen an J seventeen 
ic hundredths per minute. 

"Hum Ion- will it take him to turn the w hole seventeen million? 
xry minutes c<juals one hour. nventv-four hours equals one dav, 
tec hundred and sixty-five days equals one vear. 1 he above fit/nres 
> not iiu ludt nisrv lotks." 

A tub member has supplied a partial explanation ot" this problem 

• disclosing th.n the lion in the ea^e is the "original man." or Asi- 
ic, held in bondage for tour eenturies within a trap fabricated bv 
c "(.aueasim ilevil." I he seventeen million ke\ s represent a like 
imbcr of "Asi.nies" held in bondage in "the wilderness of North 
nenea- ' "Modern equipment," ri.ituralK. is the fc.iehin^s of Islam, 

• whali the '•ordinal man" pr<.»ress L s rapidly tow ard" ematuipa- 
n. "Rumv loeks" aie teeakitiant "Asuties" who h. !U ' nor vet ae> 
pted Islam. 

"What is the physieal standard of a devil against the ori-jinal.-" 
other problem imjuires. "How many mimes of brain docs an 
\pn.i] have- is the eviet pereemaye of triLkno!Io»y used hy 
" devil in the present so-failed spook i iv ili/ation : How* ]on» has 
- devil on the planet been tisini: trickm.lloLiv- Tell us how" and 
10 manufactured tlie devil." 
Here is another problem: 

"The total atoms cijual 10,000,000, 000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,- 
j.otM j,i h m >,f khi.oi >i',< « m 1. 001 i,t ic ■< 1. 001 i.ijiiii,! km 1,000,01 « '. I low many at- 
is arc there in North Anient a : " 

The untie ot \\ . 1). i a;d," states another problem, "lives in the 
Iderness of North Ameriea. surrounded and eomplcteiv robbed 
the eave man. He is working si\teen hours out of twenty-four 
urs for a very little pay. I fe has eight in his family to support, be- 
es other little bills to miet each month. On top of that, a cave man 
nc along .and sold lum an old touring ear. which travels downhill 
:hc rate of forty-eight tmlrs per hour. If it is to he show n bv aerual 
t a forte ot two bundled liftv pounds is required ro main- 
1 this rate on downhill speed, what horsepower must the engine 
iver ar the wheels 1 Hum time thousand pounds etptals 'one 
rscpow er." 


eek a City 

At one time the attendance officers of the Hoard ol I um ol 
Detroit attempted to break up the University of Islam and to compel 
its students to return to the public schools. I his precipitated violent 
resistance. Tearful ot race runs, the conns released with suspcndc.l 
sentence almost all of the rioters. 

More serious difficulties arose over the micslinn of human sacrifui 
It iS said that Fard taught that it was the duty of every Moslem in 
offer as sacrifices lour "Caucasian devils" in order that lie migh: 
return to his home in Mecca. On November ;i, lyi:. the people ..: 
- Detroit became acurelv conscious of the presence of the curt tlinuii;!. 
its first widely publicized human sacrifice. A prominent mcmbc: 
Robert Harris, renamed Robert . Karnem. erected an altar in h. 
home and invited his roomer. John J. Smith, to offer himself as 
human sacrifice he might !>c.>mc "the Savior of the world 
According to Harris. Smith agreed, and at the appointed hour tor fh 
sacrifice— <;:oo a.m.-- 1 buns plunged a knife into Smiih s heart. 
The nc\t dav the Detroit Times noted: 

An Asiatic trend among Negro dole recipients of the I'lmwood dv 
triet. noted at the time as~a passing whim, today came hack with horo - 
ro two women welfare workers on learning that the fanatical Rohc:' 
Harris had intended ihcm for human sacrifice as infidels. . H <rr 
stated to the police that each of these was a "no-good Christian." and th • 
thev would have been sacrificed if he knew where he could have foii-J 

In ioi; the Prophet of Islam had organized the Detroit tern; . 
so rhoroii-hlv that he himself was able to recede into the l.j. '-■ 
around, appearing verv sehlom to Ins followers during his ti:'. 
months' in Detroit, and' this mysterious aloofness fostered the he! .' 
that he was mdeed the "Supreme Ruler of the Universe" or, is 
had called himself, the Cod Allah. ( 

Nor all his followers, however, believed in Fard's divinity. • ' 
controversy- over this was one of the several causes of dissension - 
the movement. As a direct conscience of an internal dispute. 
Chicago branch of the Nation ..f Islam was established m the I.,--;" 

pan of i<;U °r earlv 1954. 

In ivu Fard left disappearing altogether so tar as r:\ 
authoritative record is concerned. Some of his Detro.t follow:- 

Timccliatcly identified him with tlAod Allah, chimin? that he 
nd rctumcJ to the limy (;„ v .vff^.j. Others continued to rc- 
arJ him Mmply as then prophet. A split „cnirral. and that f.icTion 
ivorjhle to the dcilu.itn.n ..f tht cult's founder awminl " I cmple 
cnple" as a name. se\crcd j!I connections with tht- parent <iro !m , 
«H-vcruu.illv m'i up ff^Wlfj-riffcTrTn ( hkamfnndcr 'l lij : ,h .\lo- 
ammcd whose "sLut" II.I1HC h:nl heen Rohcn >oo!c. In September 
,14: Hijah Mohammed ami other memhers of the f hit j Temple 
f Islam were collared |,y the FBI nnd charge d with c\ailin» the 
raft and influent im: others to do so as well as miint.-iimm.' seditions 
:bti>.ns unh flu- Japanese <M,vrrnnu nt . "I he latter indictment more 
' !es< petered out. 1 ht- tsianutLs-TVouM be hUlv to -1 a\ itate to- 
art! any nation o! coloud people cmeeud in u ith the 
. aiicasi.m devil. '' Ilmi jutmhii to remvt ration or' anv son antc- 
ircd tht- war uith Jap.m ( \ several \ cars. 

Temple people hue elated t hcm-clvcs poln iealh , economically, 
id soy, ally fn.jT, I..,,!, white ,, u 11 an, I it .;i iikmhcts of their nun 
a- I he economic emife--. n and uphc.n .1! attcndim-. the dip res- 
ell thc\ explained I»y .jcftur I lijah Mohammed's assert i..n that 
e white man's rule of the u 01 Id . u tuallv cm it- J in i,,t 4 . and that 
Huh is pri |wmi; to u,pe out tins '.pool. 1 ivili/atn.ti" uhuh has 
cn cvistiiii; on In ,1 1 n» eii time. 

So the Islamites' ictuMjU- register for the J raft in. heated no new 
idenev ( tilt memhers always liccn particularly virulent in 

fir denttnt latmns ot li n eh rid the New Deal In their opinion, 

f UP A and ill other a-ciua \i etc -uhile etTons 

the jiart ot u lute men to sue w h it is left of then dvinu civili- 
tion l.y L'lttmy "" Mail men ti! siL'n up with them and 

L'nen a numUr. I hey est hew soeia!-sccnnt\- nmnhcrs and re- 
f-easc mmilnrs as iii.i;n! 1 st 11 a-n-. of the "while devil's" aptitude 
tnek nolloft - 

"Roosei e!t." read- a put e • ■', t\ pi wnnni temple littrature. "cjave 
u a social set mm tmml.i! -a,; to hold tun and m,w he's ucmmj 
■d_\ to eall in tin se iiniiilur ;nd mte \ on .1 stamp. . . He's 
intj to put a stamp on lull, ihe mark ot the heaM. 1 on signed 
uith the dm! and Iu sj 1 \ l ^ vmi the filthy ctnml.s iiom his 
'!e like flic iuIi man <:a\c the man I.i/ariiv" 

i&4 I wet mxk a \jrrr 

Among the Negroes cnut^Jln the FRI dragnet and subscejucntlv 
convicted of conspiracy to thwart the selective-service law was 
Mrs. Mittic M. L. Cordon, leader of the 1 thiopian-Pat itic Move 
ment, an outgrowth of the Peace Movement of Lthiopia. 

The Peace Movement of Ethiopia was formed originally to help 
the Ethiopians in the Italo-Lthiopian war ol m,u~5-;' , >, hut wher 
the conflict was over, the members, who had in the- imantinu 
separated into warrinir factions, carried on a nationalistic and "Hack 
to-Africa" campaign. Tliough all the Chicago urbanizations direcil\ 
descended from the L NIA boasted a combined membership 
less than a thousand memhers. they united in i<;;<> to sponsor en 
thnsiast icallv a proposal h\ Senator 1 he o do re ( " I he Man") Hitl 
_nf Mississippi that Negroes desiring to go liack to Atrica shun!, 
he speeded on their \i av with federal assistance. 1 hrce hundn : 
Chicauo lobbyists representing renin nits of the (i.n vev !cl;so:- 
assembled a fleet of dilapidated trucks and headed for Washing"' 
to lend moral support to "The Man."" Most uf them never am\ ( 
for the rickety trucks biijaii breaking di .\\ n hefore thev h.ul lift tl 
Chicago eitv limits behind. 

Mrs. Gordon uas llrst summoned before federal authorities ■ - 
August Z). 1941, to answer to the charge of infhicni ing v«i" ' 
Negro men against rc^istcrini; for the draft. She denied tins .1 
leqation, and asserted that the principal object of her oryani/atu ' 
was to transport American Negroes to I.ihcn.1. Site said that a,' 
proximately 4.000,0011 people were afiiliatcd with the movemer-. 
since all of them had signed oil it ions endorsing the Ihlbo rcc: 
mendation. Abraham Lincoln and I hmnas Jefferson, she point, 
our, had favored similar action. She went on 

Those men knew the r« <> races couldn't live tojrcrhcr. And our r ... 
is dvinc out dvronph amalgamation. There arc mulartoes in r-. 
United States now. Whites should remain white ami blacks should r. 
main black. Africa is our country and that's where we want to pr> ■ 
the soil of Liberia. 

Mrs. Cordon produced a letter from J'dwm Barclay. Prmc 
of Liberia, in which he cautiously said the omntry "u it- 
welcome selected emigrants who were fitted for the pioneer y 
life." "The government should use the relief money now bu y 

1 iiriiiiViiiipibifiytflif 

:m. T'T * If ^r--S blacks to Li- 

. -am Alrv („, r J„„. | RT , t .i f f , n ^. rdi( . f r(i|K 

. cm. J Jv.., u? .,f „u- ,,f J.ij,. m ,f UT p c ,, r| „ arbo - 

- «,s )( „ rUli 1V several ,„(,,, ,,. lJtrs ,, hin „ , 
r^K «,,„, ni , n , H1(1 tr , u . m[rv u . h t|u . ^ 

^plv^r'''' 1 Jn ; l,l, . C l sought 

un u r , S ; HIli ,S !miUS M "'^ ht 1-v s^Jin ? -or 

" — ,n lr ,, lu , (!um ,, inim ^, H ,,, K , nt ., :t . ijVLTtk . . 

; u , u ,,u - "V"- ^,, 1 r„ K . -,, 1VV - ;ls n 

i ,lm,ur r!, t „„,K,, , lth , 

v „i, t . i : ui . , ,- ..„ Ml ,7 1 ,! nMv >«■ ""umiRTd. 

: ; ,n ; , ;; n ,, ,,,,, „ „, nm , s - H . ifciif a 

■■M-ro M,„ lltl ,, , Ih! k , l!n , TlK . Uivum . nr 

■J- -n Ruin, M,„ Limm t]R . u ,, ri ;^ 

i uii '''" U - K ' !n '' ' l n ' ;n ^ !w„, ,!,,„!, tll , Rip i 

th , /,v,,, w,,, ,,.,„., „, lw , 1Mll!!v ; ' 

,,R "v' n,, ;" H - -T'-,n, tlK . , ( , nnn , m uS 

1 86 Tiu^Sf.kk a City 

for one thousand studentsTo attend liis School of African— Phi- 
losophy. Hi' planned to a corps of diplomats, interpreter-., 
economics, and other specialists to lie ready lor service when 
Africa's hour should strike 

A dw uulliii'j hand of the faithful stuck with (iarvcy through 
thick .mil thin. On Ma\ Day iu^ a parade of the Ro\ .il Atrnan 
Lemons marched through Harkm. 1 here wire the titled dignitane 
of" tin- L' MA --the dukes .in J lords .iiu! kniyht commanders <.: 
the Distinguished Order of I'rhiopia and the knight commander 
of the Supreme Order of the Nile- 1 heir uniforms were resplendent, 
their heads hi-h and proud. Cut tin ptoctssion was only two hW I. 
hmx. a s^l comedown from the p.ilmy day s- A hugh hmousnv. 
carried m its scat a hle-si/c portrait of the ahsent Icadei. 
Harlemites assemhlcd along tin line of mart h to cheer the image o: 
the cocky little Jamaican. 

At the he.ul of the paiadc pram cd a richly caparisoned hois-. 
hearing the maiestii figure of a Negro arrayed m lurhai: 
splendor Reporters sought m >|ue-tioti him. Suit discovcud th./ 
the intern.-z.uion had to he through an interpreter, tor. 
was explained, the ruler was an African prime who nndersto. 
no Fnid'sh. 

"We arc showing the world Dr. Oarvcv isn't forgotten alt ho, i . 
he is manv miles .iw-.iv." the prime said gravely. 

Marcus' Oarvcv died in London in i,, 4 o. He was not an old man 
only fiftv three- hut unceasing faihne shut his release from V 
lama had' worn down lm spirit. Perhaps as he lav he thong! ' 
of a derisive jingle he had heard often during his sojourn in llarlcu 

When J vionlt-y-ckMCT dies, 
Don't TiecJ no urult-rtjkcT. 
Just i)n<>~ hint m the UjrU~m River— 
He'll flojt bji k to J jrnjicj. 

But Car\ev was mnci going hack to Jamaica. What was more 
he would never set foot on the hot, rich soil of Africa he !•:: 
sworn to wrest away from the white interlopers. Curiously cnoi; 
he had never foumi the time or the opportunity to visit the !.;-.: 
of his ancestors.